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January 2013

Thursday, January 03, 2013

Its been awhile since I blogged on here although I up date my personal one on a regular basis.

So here at Sparkpeople I have been working on my health for nearly a year.
February will be my first anniversary.

I've changed my eating habits and exercise (I didn't really before)
So far I have lost 6 kilograms, that's 13.2 lbs.

Its a new year I don't want to make new year resolutions but concentrate onmy goals.
One I have made every year is to keep the weight off I lose. Funny I always managed that because I never lost anything.

So as part of my goals for this year it will be a reality - to keep the 6 kgs off and I want to lose more.

Winter saw me hide in side and not doing any outside exercise and I didn't find anything to replace it.
But seeing how far I have come already I am determined to keep reaching new goals and from what I have done I know making small ones will help me achieve them.

This year I want to lose 13 pounds which is just under another 6 kgs. It is a challenge one of the spark teams I am on are doing.

Being part of a team helps to be accountable and so able to achieve. Tracking food and fitness also makes me accountable but also helps me to see where I have fallen short but be encouraged by what I achieve.

When I reach this target I will be well over half my desired weight loss.

2013 is going to see me sparking

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ROSINVN 1/4/2013 10:51PM


I always enjoy reading your comments and I just went and read your blog too. Thank you for taking the time to post as your wisdom shines through. I agree with the comment of your realistic outlook as you are taking the lifestyle approach which in the end is sustainable. May the end of 2013 bring rejoicing in the successful completion of your goals.

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BEULAH45 1/3/2013 4:58PM

I am encouraged by your realistic outlook on weight loss and exercise. I believe we will reach or exceed our goals this year, as we help one another on this journey.

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Jogging along...

Monday, May 14, 2012

I belong to a forum where one of the members has trained over the last year and is now running some half marathons. My eldest daughter does too.
I would often think "wouldn't it be nice to go out for a jog"...and if I tried about 30 seconds later I would be huffing and puffing and stop/stagger along for a bit then give up.

One of the reasons for joining Sparkepeople for me, was to loose weight and gain fitness and a trimmer, healthier me.
I didn't think about the jogging.

But I have been working on some of the goals and two weeks ago completed the 5k Walk Your Way on 5/6/2012. I am now working on the 5K Your Way Walk/Jog Plan and today completed day 6 which was Walk for 4 minutes, then jog for 1 minute. Repeat 5 more times. (Total workout time: 30 minutes) and I also walked for 5 minutes either side as a warm up and cool down type thing.

It was raining off and on and I had struggled with what I would do if I needed to get out and exercise and it was raining but I found it was OK. In fact it was fun. I kept thinking "when I get home I am going to have a lovely hot shower".
I did and gave myself a pedicure as well.

I just love what Sparkpeople is doing to me and my motivation.

I don't know if I will be running any marathons but I may well be doing a bit of jogging in the future!!

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BEULAH45 1/2/2013 10:24PM

    Very inspirational!! Not a runner or jogger, but am open to the possibility, especially after reading your post.

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VERYVEGANGIRL 5/17/2012 9:35PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

Well done !!!!

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PEARL10 5/14/2012 2:57AM

    Good for you chick!

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Where I started from

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Even though I really don't like the size I have become I have decided to post a photo taken at my nieces wedding of me. (Jan 6 2012)
It shows how big I have become and it will be a reminder as I lose the weight and gain the fitness that this is how far I have come from.

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MUMSEY5 4/10/2012 4:58PM

    Thank you
I am itching to have another photo Wearing the same outfit soon to see what the difference is. Already lost just over 3 kg's

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ZANNBEE 4/10/2012 11:01AM

    I think you look beautiful in this pic. Good for you for wanting to be fit.

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Q8PRINCESS 3/28/2012 10:38PM

    You'll be able to take your grandchildren outside and play with them! My great Uncle was really fit. No one could ever keep up with him.

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MUMSEY5 3/6/2012 2:59PM

    BAMAJAM, Hi and thank you. emoticon
I have two of my children married and between them three grandchildren and one due in May. I would have liked more children but I miscarried two and I just got a bit old to really have more (Last miscarriage was at 40) I'm just lovely being a nana and the energy I need I am hoping I will find by losing the weight and exercising and Sparkpeople has got me on the track to do so.
Love al about the sight and the gaining of online friends as well

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BAMAJAM 3/6/2012 2:52PM

  Hi Mumsey---and as mother of five, you have earned that title!
I recall a joke by Bill Cosby. He said you do not earn the title "parent" until you've had more than
I have three grown sons- always wanted a bunch of kids,ha.
Well, I want to say I love your pictures too! (especially your smile)-- I know life can feel more "comfortable" with less weight, so I keep "sparkin' with Sparkpeople"... What nice folks are found here. Have a blessed day!

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MUMSEY5 3/1/2012 2:27PM

    Thank you Jesse and Macilinn. I do just want to be leaner and fit.

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MACILINN 3/1/2012 1:28AM

    YOu look like a really nice and beautiful women, I hope as you become more fit and fab that you know you are perfect just as you are now, you are only going to get more lean and healthy. You will feel better too! Great pic!

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SLIMMERJESSE 3/1/2012 12:25AM

    Wishing you the success in your journey.

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Three steps forward and one step back

Friday, February 24, 2012

Today has been a day of non stop activity and I have not had time to do any exercises. But I know not to punish myself over it.
Each new day is a new start and although tomorrow seems busy too all morning, the afternoon will be free to do the things I want, which will be to get out and walk and get my exercises done.
With this new programme I am keen to succeed and make it work. I know I can it just means small beginnings and learning, watching and changing the things I do for good choices.
Its one of those classic three steps forward and one step back but each time the overall affect is getting closer to the goal.
And the goal isn't to just loose weight it is to gain control of what I do to my body so I can love myself making it healthy, fit and something I am proud of... why?... because I have done it myself.

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MUMSEY5 3/29/2012 4:09PM

    Dusty I am glad I have encouraged you. I have been doing this plan for just over a month now and I am seeing differences even though some times I just can't get the things done. Sometimes I over eat, sometimes I don't get to walk or do my exercise but I do all I can when I can and it is working. We are not failures, babysteps will get us there in the end

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DUSTY57 3/29/2012 7:06AM

    I liked this post, Mumsey. Hits home. I have finally come to the conclusion that I-and only I-can make this happen. Only I can love myself enough to make it happen. It doesn't seem so hard or stressful this time. I don't have any other reason to do this other than I want and NEED to get healthy. Your post really rings true for me! Good luck on your journey...and thank you for sharing your thoughts:) Dawn

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MUMSEY5 2/25/2012 7:39PM

    Yes it does, thank you for the change in thought DS Girl emoticon

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DEEPSOUTHGAL 2/25/2012 3:23PM

    I read an article on sp the other day that said instead of feeling guilty about a misstep switch it around and you can still come out ahead if you put your head down and push on.
"one step back and three steps forward"
Doesn't that sound a lot more positive emoticon

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The choices we make

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Well I have been following the programme and I must admit I don't eat well or exercise much. But instead of being down on myself, like I would have been in the past I can now see what I am eating, the good and the bad and make good choices to improve. I am not going to be hard on myself but spend the rest of this week discovering more about this website and putting some basic plans that are achievable in place.

I think in the past I have tried to diet on my own and in my own thinking, into losing a couple of kilos and then just fall back and forget.

The wonderful thing about this site is that everything I eat and the limited exercise I do is tracked for me so I can see the good and the bad it is for my body.

I am actually getting excited to see what I can do and it all seems more like I will succeed.

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SSIMON74 5/1/2012 2:58PM

    This is excellent! I joined over a year ago and didn't log in for almost 12 months... but now I've been on it for awhile! I hope you are staying focused.

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BOBBIENORTHERN1 4/24/2012 7:32PM

  I know exactly what you mean because sparkpeople really is an exciting place to be. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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