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Half-way There!!!!!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Ok so I am halfway through this challenge and although it is going a lot slower than I had hoped or desired, I am making some much larger pun intended. Since beginning the Bouncing Apple Blossoms Spring Challenge I have become a member at Anytime Fitness and go to the gym and work out at least 4 days a week, more if I have time. In addition to working out at Anytime Fitness, I was also invited to try out the Women's Power Work Out Group M, W, and F's. The group is a 1-hour power hour of Cardio, TRX, and Weights! After a month of the group, I am finally feeling like one of the girls and not alone. To top it off, the girls in the group support one another and push me to keep going, Literally.....One day I was beyond exhausted and they literally grabbed my arms and helped me finish the lap! I am so proud of who I am becoming, and I am seeing the change inside and outside. I just told my mom yesterday that my thighs are looking skinny!!!!!!! Have not said those words...EVER!

As far as my personal goal for the challenge it has not been as successful. I am proud to say I am not biting my nails...YAY!!! But I continue to pick at my cuticles, especially under stress. I am turning 26 by the end of this weeks challenge and I wanted to be 26pounds down by my 26th birthday. It is not gonna happen, and I could do one of two things. 1) Become defeated and throw in the towel or 2) Continue to push forward! I am taking the Number 2 because weightloss is not a race and I rather go through small challenges with the ultimate win when I can proudly say I lost and kept the weight off. Small ups and downs are my 'humbling' moments to get me to take a self-inventory on my progress, or lack there of.

I am proud of where I have come from in the last 6 months, and I can't wait to see what I look and feel like in the next 6 months! I hope you all are doing well and I welcome your advice!


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BLDANCY 4/19/2013 8:12PM

    I am turning 26 a month after the challenge! Happy early birthday to you emoticon

That is awesome that you have support and help. I need to find more workout buddies to help push me there are days when I go to the gym and just want to stop but I push myself through, it would be nice to have others doing the same. Keep up the good work

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OXYGEN9 4/19/2013 1:30PM

    You are doing great! Keep up the good work emoticon

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BLUENAINA 4/19/2013 5:47AM

    You have accomplished a lot. Keep up the awesom work!

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REESE103 4/18/2013 6:29PM

    MTGIRL2012, I LOVE your positive look on it all. You have accomplished a lot and imagine how much muscle and endurance you have gained (not just pounds lost) among your success! Keep up the great work, it is definitely motivating!

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KREESE116 4/17/2013 8:21PM

    That was an excellent blog! Thank you! It was very motivating. I love your positive outlook!! You are definitely doing wonderful things to keep yourself healthy and really succeed with this journey. Reading your blog really helped me come out from under the dark cloud of feeling like I have failed and brought me back to the sunshine. Even though this challenge is not going as I had planned, it is not as bad as it could be and I know that I can get back on track and keep going strong!

Thank you again and best of luck with your Power Work out! As far as your personal challenge...I have that horrible habit as well. I just cannot seem to stop! Best of luck with that as well! emoticon

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JULESJET 4/16/2013 7:30PM

    It sounds like you have found a great group of girls to work with! And you are doing awesome! Keep it up!

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CJJANISS 4/15/2013 12:39PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon

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Slimming into Spring....

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

I am so very excited to be changing my life in a positive way and the benefits are being noticed not only internally but externally. People around me are observing subtle changes and say, "You are seem so happy." I am happy because I feel like I have control over my life. My challenge for this spring challenge is to not only lose weight and inches, but also to allow my nails to grow strong and long so that when I go on the cruise with my family this May I can get my nails done. I can proudly say that I am no longer biting my nails however, continue pick at my nails and cuticles (UGH)! I haven't earned any points for my personal challenge, but I am not giving up!!


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FLIPPINFIT08 3/30/2013 9:05PM

    See that is what it is about not just inches or lb/kg but truly being happy and feeling like you control yourself ! Way to go!

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MTGIRL2012 3/28/2013 11:49AM

    Thanks Everyone!!! I was forced to stop biting my nails because I chipped my front tooth from years of Night Grinding and now cant afford to ruin anymore teeth so I am done biting...hahah.

YAY for being happy!!!!

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KREESE116 3/26/2013 11:29PM

    It's so great to hear that you are happy!!! That is what this whole journey is about! Glad to have you on the team! And I completely understand the nail issue. I have been a "biter" for YEARS! I just can't seem to stop. I do it when I'm bored, stressed, upset, etc. I have been getting pink and white powder (acrylics) for a while now just to keep me from biting, but they are such a pain to upkeep and i dont like what they do to my real nail. I had the acrylics on from October to just a week or so ago (I was too lazy to go get a fill so I ripped them off LOL). Needless to say I have been biting and picking since taking them off and my nails & cuticles look horrible! I wish you the best of luck with your personal challenge!! :)

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SPASTASTIC 3/26/2013 8:25PM

    I'm glad you're happy! =) Woooooo, go Bouncing Apple Blossoms!

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CJJANISS 3/26/2013 12:47PM


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A New Beginning...

Thursday, March 14, 2013

I have finally reached the point in my journey where I am really seeing a change in myself for the first time. Attempts to change my ways have taken place time and time again with no success because I was not really ready. I had some time to think about my journey and realized I had a tough time gathering my thoughts because like a lot of things it can be very cumbersome to verbalize what is actually going on. Because of my challenge with sharing my thoughts has been difficult, I have written a poem (disclaimer: as a music therapist I write songs a lot, so writing a poem that may eventually be written to music was much easier).

Like many of you may know, weight loss is more than just a physical transformation. Weight loss is physical, emotional, spiritual, etc. The main reason my weight loss journey has taken up till this point to really make sense is that while I was physically ready, I have been dealing with a lot of emotional baggage. My emotional baggage comes from not feeling beautiful a single day in my life. I knew I had a 'pretty' smile and that I made people laugh with my 'bubbly personality' but I never felt like people actually saw ME. Yes I grew up in a supportive family and my parents did a fabulous job loving me (and my other siblings), but no matter what, I always felt like the 'odd man out' because I was built a little different than my brothers and sister. I never understood why I had to be so heavy. I didn't really eat anything different from my brothers or sister. I was active (soccer, dance, horseback riding, and violin). As I got older I blamed my 'obesity' on not being told about the right foods as a child, and not being taught the proper portions of food at each meal. I can sit here and point fingers at everyone, but in reality the only person I didn't point fingers at was myself because how could I have done this to my body. It's the one thing I had control over and I gave away that control.

With that being said, years went by and life went on. I dealt with my ghosts and the criticism I faced from family members and friends. I became 'numb' to the pain I was feeling by using my best secret weapon, my SMILE. But you know what, I got tired of pretending to be happy and it wasn't until recently that I truly began to look inward and look deeper into the root of my weight issues. I discovered that before I can love anyone or anything, I have to love myself. By eating junk food, living a less than active lifestyle, and not dealing with my emotions appropriately my weight went out of control. At my heaviest, I weighed in at 240 pounds and that was August of 2009. In the last three years I have lost almost 30 pounds and I am not done yet. Has it taken me a long time to lose the weight? YES, but I also didn't put it on in a day. With each pound I have lost, I have gained insight into my inner beauty becoming aware of what my body is capable of becoming which brings me to today.

I am beginning to see that person I was always envisioned to be. I see a strong, athletic young woman that is blossoming before my eyes. I never want to go back to that day three years ago when I looked at a picture and saw how heavy I had become. How could I let it get that bad? I didn't care about my physical, emotional, or spiritual well-being. Like I mentioned above, I wrote a poem which better emobodies my emotions at this stage in my change to be ME.


Titled: A New Beginning...
~Elizabeth Stephanz (2013)

If you new me a year ago,
You would know that I was struggling to find myself
in a world of fog and haze.

So often than not,
I could not wait to get through that

My health was hovering over me,
Like a dark and stormy cloud on a sunny day;
I never knew when a new issue would arise,
So again, I retreated to my safe place
to do what I did best......pray.

Soon praying wasn't good enough,
So I decided that I must address the other stuff.

Some days were easy, while others felt like I was being

Again and again,
I tried again to pick up the pieces;
Of the things in my life that never did happen.

I made a promise to change my life on that day.
By joining a supportive health club and the way I ate,
And then putting it to practice to make it stay.

I can finally say that I am experiencing
Seeing who I am is such a beautiful blessing.

My new life has just begun,
And it will always continue because,
Living the healthy life is never done.

Watching me grow is something fun to do,
Because I finally truly love myself
As much as

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LJCANNON 3/15/2013 12:19AM

    emoticon Very Good Idea, and I like the Poem!! Blogging is an Awesome Way to get the Feelings out there where you can Deal With Them.
emoticon AND you get Spark Points!!

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Where do I want to go.......

Sunday, December 09, 2012

Where do I want to be in 10 weeks? I have no idea, do you? Setting goals for myself that are related to my health has not been a priority because I have spent my time and energy on getting set up at my new job. However, I know that in order to really make a big difference in my lifestyle, I know that I need to make changes to every aspect of my life. That means finding things that I enjoy. And on February 16th I will be performing a symphony concert for the first time in over 3 years. Although playing in an orchestra is not related to fitness it is related to my overall health. See I used to play violin serious discipline for 17yrs and then became haulted by graduate school. Now that I am a young professional I have decided to dust off my violin that I named, Clarice to experience the passion that I once experienced. I strongly believe that once we can truly find happiness in all aspects of our lives can we then really live each day to the best of our abilities.

You have the choice to make your life beautiful and bountiful.....what will you begin doing and want to accomplish in the next 10 weeks?

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BDERANGED 12/11/2012 7:00PM

    Good Luck you can do it emoticon

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JAB2294 12/10/2012 4:44PM

    What an encouraging post! You shared a lot of good, positive thoughts. I wish you the best with your symphony concert. That's very exciting! And of course, good luck with your weight loss over the next ten weeks! Hang in there and give it your best. You've got a team full of supporters with you!

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JJZN85 12/9/2012 1:07PM

    it seems that things are starting to fall into place for you. Hopefully playing the violin again will bring you as much joy and passion as it once has. the next step is getting on track and deciding what goals ot set to help you have a healthy lifestyle.

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RG_DFW 12/9/2012 11:13AM

    Good post...

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WORKNPROGRESS49 12/9/2012 11:00AM

    emoticon blog post

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T-minus 1 day!

Saturday, December 01, 2012

One day until I weigh in and take my measurements. I am actually looking forward to the weigh in tomorrow because I have been working really hard this week. I did allow myself to splurge yesterday because I know how necessary it is to enjoy foods and not completely get rid of them. However, I still tracked my food and ate appropriate portions. I am really getting used to my new lifestyle.

Also, I got into the Big Bend Community Orchestra where I am able to do something I love and burn calories in a different way!

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MTGIRL2012 12/4/2012 12:01PM

    Well my hard work has paid off...I lost 3.4 pounds this week!

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