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Thursday, June 17, 2010

For me a big key to success would be writing down all the food I eat. Even if I am not calculating the calories or anything. I know it works, why does it seem that I have such a hard time doing it? I try not to label foods goor or bad. They are just more or less healthy choices.
Even after all these years I tend to have this all or nothing attitude when it comes to journaling and food choices. Once it's written in black and white, there are all my sins written for everyone to see. Perhaps this ties in with my bad habit of binge eating or secret eating. Nobody likes a villian.
I guess now that I have typed this out perhaps now I know the reason for not wanting to journal. So I can't from it hide anymore.
Now what can I do about it?

emoticon emoticon



Thursday, June 10, 2010

I always go to the gym on Monday, Wednesday & Friday. I happily pack my bag, listen to my radio the whole way there. I am still happy when I'm putting on my running shoes. I like my gym, I like my instructor, I like my cardio routines, they're stimulating. What I don't like is every two months the instructor likes to do a cardiovascular measure called the 100 challenge. We have 30 minutes of painful, strength sapping, sweat dripping cardio routine that would change even the most seasoned exerciser into a puddle of a blubbering mass of muscles. It goes like this:


We are timed for 30 minutes, we don't stop, we do round after round. The first round is OK, the second or third time through I am starting to wonder if there are hidden cameras and we might just show up on America's funniest home videos, the fourth & fifth time through I'm starting to wonder if I'll be able to peel my body off the ground after the 5th burpee. By the 6th and 7th go through, I am having an out of body experience, I am going through the actions, I feel nothing, I see everyone elses sweat streaked face, redder than all get out all doing the same hard @ss routine as me. What I am trying to say is, it's tough! So tough that if I knew that the instructor was planning it for that day I wouldn't have showed up to class. Someone even left the class when they found out that's what we were going to do.

I like exercising, working-out and challenging myself but I do not like the 100 challenge. Yes my cardio vascular improved from the last time I did the challenge but I knew it would because I work really hard when I exercise.
So all this complaining really gets me no where but in the mean time I'll keep working to the max so that when the next 100 challenge shows up I'll be able to do even more than the last time.
Cheers to improving my cardio ... now where's my pain reliever!


Manic Monday

Monday, March 15, 2010

Today is my fun day...I don't have to "run" day. Ok, Ok, enuf of that!! But I really do love Monday, It's like I get a free pass or something. All the sins of the weekend are past and I have a whole new seven days to start fresh over again.

So what am I gonna do with my seven days....??? Hmm, well posture is getting better, not right now but the girls are out there whenever I am walking around. I like the fact that perhaps I may look an inch or two skinnier just by holding my shoulders back.

Water, water, water. Need I say more. What is it with water? I love it! It's refreshing and usually cold. But somedays it seems like a stretch to get it all in. Then I wonder if I am hydrating myself enough after working out. What's the rule again? 1/2c or 1/4c for every 15 minutes of exercise. So is that moderate exercise or high....???? I won't ask myself so many questions, I better go and getta drink and go pee again!! He he!!


Putting the "f"in Friday

Friday, February 19, 2010

"F" in Friday, eh? This week seems to be a write off. My Wenesday workout was a gastromic disaster and my 5km run planned for Thurdsay was skipped, I did a few turns with a shopping cart through Wal-Mart instead. Of course, then it's bedtime for Brian and my Survivor was on last night. I could have went downstairs and sat on the recumbent bike...but I guess I really didn't want to.
It's the third month of my excercising, it's been going as planned, so why do I feel so let down? The scale is not February!! Not up or down. I suppose thats OK but this is like a plateau but I know that I don't do well in these plateau situations. Blah! I've been following thru on my goal of working out 5 or 6 times a week. December I worked 27/31 days, January was the same, February I'm on track too. I think I am changing up my routine enough for my body to be "confused" metabolically. I have so much vaiance in my exercise routines there is no way I should be retaining. Is this all muscles??? I have my doubts.
I'm counting calories but I'm not trying to be the the queen of health. Just someone who makes responsible decisions for her body. Like last night I took Brian to McDonalds, I had a diet coke and I waited until I got home to have Lean Cuisine Panini. Not a perfect meal but a healthier alternative to McDonalds.
I will go to my workout tonight...I will work hard and sweat. I will get a good nights sleep and be healthy...

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UNVGEE1 2/19/2010 5:25PM

    Remember you may not lose pounds, but you could be losing inches. McDonald's is not a bad place, they do have salads just select a low fat dressing then you can enjoy a small meal with your son. By the way the fruit parfait is good also.

I'm very proud of you. You set a goal and you're sticking to it. emoticon

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GLYPNIRSGIRL 2/19/2010 5:24PM

    Who knows what it is?

You are doing the right things and the results are not showing up on the scale. Sometimes that happens. It does not mean that change is not occurring, just that the scale is not moving.

I find that if I do not drink 10 cups of water per day, the scale does not move for me. I also need to get 8 hours of sleep or no weight loss occurs. This does not compute for me. But I know based on my personal experience, that it is true for me. You may look through and see if you are doing something differently than you were when you were losing weight. Examples: changes in medication, difference in sleep, change in amount of fiber, change in bowel habits, drinking more diet sodas. There are so many variables that affect our bodies, it is sometimes impossible to know exactly what is causing there to not be a loss now.

Sometimes, I think, our bodies just go, "Hey wait a minute, I can't change that quickly. I need time to adjust." And once the adjustment period has passed, then you start losing weight again.

Great job keeping on track despite the stall in the results. That is the hard time to keep doing the right thing, but the results WILL COME.


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NOVELIC 2/19/2010 5:20PM

    I feel like you read my mind. I've been being very careful since the first of January and have only lost about five pounds. Walking a lot of miles, watching what I eat, journalling all the food and exercise. One thing I haven't done is any strength training. Not ready for the gym, just want to get some weight off first. But maybe that's not a good strategy? I'm going to be 44 soon. Is my metabolism that messed up? Probably not. But it feels like it. Good post. Thanks for writing.

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Sunday, February 07, 2010

Friday's class left feeling the pain, no not pain rather I should call it personal and phyical growth all weekend long. It resonates thru me!! Pop a couple advil and get on with it. I did the super sculpt dvd with lots more squats, I kind of forgot about how many they want ya to do. Woohoo, bring it!

Nothing says loving yourself like a 2000 calorie breakfast, a 6 beer for lunch and popcorn for supper!! Whew it's a good thing I went in the tub last night to burn off all those calories.
I read the bog from Cranky fitness, they recommend a book called "Fattitudes, by Jeffrey Wilbert and Norean Wilbert, and if anyone else is struggling to overcome self-sabotaging behavior, then this might be the book that will shed some light as to why you do what you do" I think I should get this book. I'll see if anyone here has read about it.

Anyways, time to spend some quality time with my big screen and cheechas!


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