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September 2010 Progress Report

Monday, September 13, 2010

I haven't been giving my health my all this past summer. I haven't been tracking my nutrition, nor being consistent with working out. My scale has gone up even more since July. I have remeasured myself, and am now tracking what I'm eating. Not only that but also, looking at those totals and re-evaluating what I could be doing better. Saw my doctor and tweaked my medication so I no longer take medication which adds weight. My blood lipid results came today, its been much worse before but will improve even more after dropping 20 lbs! For some reason, my blood pressure was high the day I went to my doctor, this is never the case with me! So now, thanks to the nutrition tracker, I'm watching my sodium intake as well.

I have finally found my motivation. So far, my sodium intake is very good. I will add (or just be more consistent) with interval or fat burning workouts to help rid my body of extra fat. New goal - I will not consume calories after 8pm 5x/week. That will save me lots of calories! I will continue with strength training 3x/week for now and running training 3x/week as well. I am also going to start drinking water before I leave for work to ensure I will get in at least 8 glasses daily.

I'm excited to be at my perfect weight!

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PAMINHALF 9/13/2010 11:27PM

  So glad you found your motivation - you will do it this time.

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JCORYCMA 9/13/2010 9:08PM

    Great plan! emoticon I'm rooting for you!

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I hate shin splints!

Friday, July 30, 2010

OK, I can't deny it any longer, I must stop my running to heal this shin splint! I've been battling it all summer. It began this past spring when I put my last year's running shoes on and started hitting the bike trails. I purchased new moderate supportive running shoes thinking that with an occasional icing and 1-3x/day stretching, I would be pain free. No so much...

Today, headed to another biking trail with my chocolate lab, Macy. Ran about a mile and a half and could no longer run. Ended up walking (hated it) the mile and a half back AND it started raining on us:( I was all set for lower body workout when I got back but had to bail out on that also. Iced the heck out my shin.

OK, I'm ready to get serious to heal this thing. I will NOT run until it has healed. I will take IB around the clock CONSISTENTLY. I will ice 3x/dy. I will stretch 3x/dy. I will find some lower impact cardio to do instead, maybe get out my hip hop abs again.

I'm going to give it one week!


Where I'm at physically - July 2010

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I have to admit - last summer I was able to reach my initial weight goal AND change my body shape with a combination of weight training 6 days/wk, with low weights (like up to 5 LBS), cardio(combination of Hip Hop Abs, running, plyometrics and interval training) 6 days/wk, and 1200-1400 cal diet. I was so good with visioning myself at this weight. Then on Labor Day, I noticed a pain in my right hip while running. But kept running thinking it'd work itself out. As the day went on, the pain became worse whenever I bared weight on my right leg to the point I was limping. It was obvious I wasn't running until it was better. 8 weeks later, I'm finally walking without pain. However, it's now October...too cold for this girl to run outside.

So last winter, physical activity took a back seat to everything else. I just let go of it. Last summer, I lost 10 lbs. Last winter, gained back 15! I'm at my highest weight yet.

I joined the local fitness center in March thinking it would ease me back into physical activity for the summer. That was disappointing due to various reasons beyond my control. When the weather began getting lukewarm (I live in Iowa and we had an extremely SNOWY winter...), I began to run again. Right away, shin splints. Obviously my running shoes were no longer going to support me.

Here it is, the end of July, my weight hasn't budged; still fighting shin splints in my right leg, new supportive running shoes, daily stretching and icing. For healing, I can be more consistent with the ibuprofen I suppose. Running or cycling hasn't been consistent because I don't want to make the pain worse and flooding has made our AWESOME bike trails challenging as well.

Now my action plan is as follows: I will do easy runs/cycling 4-6x/wk; weight training 6/wk; scratch the interval training and plyometrics as they are too high impact for now. Keep calories to 1200-1400/dy; track exercise and diet, post pics of me weighing less on my bathroom mirror; and when my camera is working (or I purchase a new one) I will start taking pics of me in a bikini (scary thought but oh well...). And I will think about posting them:(

My affirmation..."I'm feeling GREAT now that I weigh 120#"