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Starting over...again

Monday, January 05, 2009

I guess 2008 was not a total loss as far as weight loss went. I overall lost 17 pounds and only gained back 12 so I am still 5 pounds lighter than I was at this time last year. At this rate, it will take over 10 years to reach my goal but I am going to strive to stay positive and hopefully loose and maintain my weight loss goals this year. Any support that anyone wants to share will be appreciated. Wish me's to 2009.

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PURPLEJROSE 1/6/2009 12:11AM

  At least you have a great attitude and are not giving up. You go girl!!

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Moving in the slow lane

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Four weeks have gone by and I am happy to say that I have lost almost 12lbs. Unfortunately most of that weight was lost in the first two weeks as expected. I did let myself get a little off track but I did add exercise into my daily routine during that time. Now I am back on track and exercising which hopefully will bring me back to my personal speed limit of 2lbs a week.
I am also quite surprised on how much drinking the 64oz of water makes. The past almost 1 week I have not kept up the pace of getting my 8 cups of water and I do believe that it was a part of my slower weight loss.
I am on track to still loose another 48lbs by October so to those of you that have been cheering me on...thanks.

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MJMORRIS2003 3/26/2008 10:48PM

    Keep up the good work. I'm having the same trouble with my water. I HATE drinking water!! I feel like I'm going to float away, not to mention all the trips to the bathroom. I'm trying, but I'm not hitting my 8 glasses everyday. Congrats on your weight loss, that's awesome. Keep DRINKING!

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"Eating out is hard to do"

Friday, March 14, 2008

I love, love, love going out to eat but now that I am dieting, I find it rather difficult. Actually, I think now that I am dieting, I am realizing where I may have put on most of my weight.
When I cook at home, the process starts when I grocery shop. I read the labels of every comparable item and choose that item that is the most calorie friendly vs my old routine of buying what looked good and was the least expensive. Then once home and when I begin cooking, I immediately cut off the nutrition labels to add to my food tracker or write them down for later. When it is finally time to eat, I know how much is one portion and how much I can afford to eat. Without fail, I am almost always satisfied.
When I go out to eat, I try to plan what I am going to choose before I leave by trying to find the nutritional information on line. Unfortunately, other than fast food restaurants, not many places release this information. So instead, I am searching for somewhere that may have a comparable item and use that as my base but in checking several websites, a single item can vary a lot from place to place, so my research ends up being only a hopefully good guess. Check it out. For instance the fish sandwiches at the different fast food restaurants, you'll be shocked.
Also, you think if I just get a salad, I will be doing better than eating than other items on the menu...wrong! Some salads are much more caloric and sometimes not as satisfying then getting a grilled chicken breast with a side of rice and veggies. I wish the restaurants would become more diet friendly and release their nutritional information. It doe not mean that it would keep me away from the items that are high in calories but instead would allow me to better figure out the portion I can have.
If anyone out there is reading my blog knows of any great items at restaurants that they really enjoy that have a reasonable amount of calories, please share your secrets with me!

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MJMORRIS2003 3/25/2008 1:40PM

    I so understand what you are saying. I find the same thing. We are always searching online before going out to eat. We've actually been doing Subway quit a bit lately. That way I know my calories. I fell of the wagon over Easter. I'm trying to get back on track. I get so mad at myself when that happens. Good Luck. Keep up the good work.

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HOBELMAN69 3/15/2008 4:40PM

    Well, Applebees has a section of their menu that has Weight Watcher's points listed with their meals. Not a huge selection of that but it's a start. If you're not on weight watchers you can figure 1 point is worth (approximately) 50 calories. This varies but that's a general rule of thumb. But you're right, it seems the fast food restaurants have become MUCH more diet friendly than a regular restaurant. What you should do is when you're going to the restaurant's websites, if they don't have nutritional information available send them an email and either ask for it or complain that you won't go there if you don't know what you're eating! The squeeky wheel gets the oil!

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MSDOLES 3/14/2008 3:49PM

    Like you, I love to eat out and making the right decisions can be hard. My favorite restaurant is TGIFridays. I always go for the Jack Daniels Chicken. Its delicious and comes with mashed potatoes and veggies. I'll usually get a salad or soup before my meal so that I'll only eat half of my entree and take the rest home so that I can have it for lunch the next day!

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Almost 10....

Friday, March 14, 2008

I woke up this morning as with every morning and headed straight to the bathroom. After doing my normal morning bathroom business, I weighed myself "185.4."
As exciting as it was to be almost 10lbs lighter, I am not quite there. I am overall pleased being that I just began this journey only 2 1/2 weeks ago. I have had weaknesses everyday somewhere whether it has been eating a gooey Reese's peanut butter egg or some chips and salsa at the mexican restaurant. The food tracker definitely has been my saving grace, as soon as I realize what I have ingested into my body, I correct it not with purging it out or becoming anorexic for the remainder of the day, but by planning what I am going to eat now rather that when I am really hungry later and lose track of my goals.
I am amazed that the 9.6 lbs to date have been lost without the aid of medications, miracle teas, and without sacrificing the foods that I love. Hopefully I have learned how to balance and portion my meals and the lifestyle change will stick.
Also, the weather in St. Louis has been nice this week and I have finally been able to get outside and walk. Hopefully spring is here to stay.


Being honest

Thursday, March 06, 2008

I just wrote this message to SP friend but I actually liked the advice that I gave to her so I copied it to give to myself also:

"Being honest with yourself is definitely almost harder than trying to lose the weight itself. For instance, it had taken me a long time to realize how big I was truly getting. I knew that my clothes were not fitting the same and I was starting to buy larger sizes but I also liked to blame it on the dryer shrinking my clothes. I'd see a heavier person around me and think, I am not that big when in all actuality I was probably bigger. It is hard to look and see our own weaknesses and see the things that we don't want to see but knowing where your weakness is, is by far a huge step in the right direction. I finally realized mine when I had to get on the scale at the Dr's. office and I was 15lbs heavier than I thought. That is why I am putting myself 100% out there and not hiding my weight, my goals, my progress, or even what I am putting into my body. (the picture took a little longer since I usually am checking in from work while on hold with insurance companies and it was on my home computer.) I have taken a huge step already and the rest will come. I need to stick to it and stay positive. I have lost 7 lbs to date. I need to be proud of what I have achieved so far."

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MJMORRIS2003 3/7/2008 9:55AM

    This is soooo true. Thank you for being so honest. I can relate so much. It's true, you can see everyone else's faults, but it's hard to face your own. Also thank you for your comment on my site. It was nice to hear.

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