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Repositioning Myself & Starting SPS Bootcamp!

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Someone on the Swimsuit Bootcamp Team posted the question: Bootcamp Goals? Well, here's my answer:

"My goal is to keep up with the daily workout schedule. I just want to focus on that. I will try to do the optional challenges.

But as far as other goal...I'll just be happy with what comes from keeping up with the Workout Plan!"

So in preparation for that, I looked at the video yesterday...well, maybe half of it. And I'll do it sometime tonight! I also looked for my tape measurer but havn't found it, and I don't really want to print another one out...but, maybe I'll have to. This way I can see if I loose inches. I didn't weigh myself before eating 2 eggs and 2 mushrooms for breakfast, so I'll have to go with a 1 day in weight .

I'll put all of my stats up later. Maybe I'll do both the beginning and ending stats on the same Blog.

Okay, well that's enough for me right now. I'll be back again.

Oh I had a great time at church today and I also watched a good deal of TD Jake's Reposition Yourself DVD this morning too...everything is always in line when we look toward Christ. Let me just say that I can feel a move coming on into the right direction!

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CAROLYN0107 5/4/2008 11:21PM

    Congratulations on joining the Swimsuit Bootcamp. I've joined into another challenge that starts May 11th. We should see resluts!

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The Day Before my May Challenges (FitTV & Swimsuit Bootcamp)

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Coming out of the shade...
So I'm looking to motivate myself back into moving a lil bit every day. Trying to lose the pounds before going to Puerto Rico is not happening, since that's only 18 days away! I'm okay with not losing the pounds right now. So one thing I'll focus on is to just keep moving in May! Not how many pounds I can get rid of. And let me say that this will be a challenge because my body is not being so pain free friendsly lately!

So, what does this all mean? Well, I will try to move everyday in the month of May! Something that should help me do this are the 2 challenges that I will focus on: FitTV Team & SP's Official Swimsuit Bootcamp Team.

I hope to keep track of this month's journey in my blogs as much as possible. I'm excited!!! I need to be, it's one of the only things keeping me on track to getting and staying healthy! And let me say that I'm not always on the track, but I'm heading in the right direction.

Lots of changes happening in my life so I'll see where God is leading me. The challenges start Sunday the 4th & Monday the 5th. An optional day 1 challenge is
"to update your SparkPage or Blog with your starting stats--with "before" pics, your goals for the month, what you hope to accomplish, or other measurements. This way, when you complete the Bootcamp you'll have visual (or similar) proof of where you started and the progress you've made. "
So I'll see how that goes. I'll start a bit today, just to keep me going.

Enjoy your first workout!

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COLEMANSR 5/5/2008 10:07AM

    Much success on your new Quest.

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CAROLYN0107 5/4/2008 9:53AM

    Thanks for blogging. I see that you have signed up for two May challenges.

I too have joined a challenge but mine starts on May 11th. I've joined the Women's Health Challenge that is put on through the US Government. I joined through my Walking with Leslie Sansone SP Team. This challenge goes from May 11th through the end of July (I think) and we as a team are supposed to virtually walk across America!

Have a good day.

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My Tummy Hurts

Friday, April 04, 2008

I just finished eating some Basmati riceall dolled up and a baked chicken breast from my belly hurts real bad :o(

I'm going to lay down now (so I can feel good enough to wash some clothes and make some spaghetti for my BF).

I just wanted to write it down so I can remember that it wasn't a good combo. :oP

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DUMPLES19 4/7/2008 11:55PM

    It's so smart of you to keep track like you know NEVER to eat that combination again! You are doing amazing, and your profile pic...bringing sexy back!!! You look great:-)

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Interesting Midnight Changes My Focus To Just Me...

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Well, my midnight hour was not so good emotionally. But as I listened to a few Mary J songs I think that I just need to focus solely on me. It's a hard thing when I mostly put others before me. It seems a bit selfish...but sometimes the people you're thinking about and are concerned with, are not so concerned with you.

So it seems that at this time what's best for my health is maybe to just keep God first and me second and then when I get to everyone else that'll be just fine...
I don't know, just frustrated at this late night hour and feeling like emotions are tossing me back and forth. *(I'm also in the middle/end of my menstral cycle, so my hormones might be a bit more sensative at this time.)

Maybe I'll feel better in the morning or my the afternoon...I have my Well-Fit class @2 so perhaps the gym will help me feel better.


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M3NOMOFAT 3/31/2008 11:34PM

    After Ms Mary J opens up the dialogue, meditate on the WORD of GOD!

I am more than a conqueror through CHRIST JESUS who loved me and gave himself for me. Rom 8:37

Greater is HE that is in me than HE that is in the world. 1Jn 4:4

If GOD be for me, who can be against me. Rom 8:31

Being confident of this very thing, HE which has begun a good work in me shall perform it until the day of JESUS CHRIST. Phil1:6

The LORD will perfect that which concerneth me, Thy mercy oh LORD endureth forever, forsake not the work of thine own hands. Psalm 138:8

Do your thing Queen! To GOD be the glory...

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BCURRY 3/26/2008 8:59AM

    Women tend to have to lead a selfless life and at times it begins to take it's toll. But reflection and reconsidering priorities to create the right balance is the correct approach. I am sure that after your workout things will become crystal clear. Enjoy your workout

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Gaining Weight, Will I Ever Reach My Goals???

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Hi all!
Okay, so it's 2 months post 2 operations and I've been walking more (wheelchair less) and doing some Zumba movement. YEA, but I've noticed one weight keeps going up! I mean, I got down to 160 and was holding it down, sometimes up to 162, but holding the pounds down still! And the last few times I checked the scale it was so high that I refused to record it. Well, today I decided to record it, are you ready...

My weight is back up to a whomping 169.3 lbs. Before I can take another breath I'll be in the 170's then the 180's and then back to the 190's, which is close to the 200's that I've never seen, but the thought of made me want to work on getting the pounds down.

I can say that my body fat is going down, this morning it was at 39.3%, which is good for me, since I stayed in the mid 40's and my body water is up to 43.2%. Okay so that's good...but still...geez I'm trying to LOOSE the weight not gain it like some might.

And you know, I just feel myself getting fatter and then I want to eat more...I even made some Ghirardelli Triple Chocolate Brownies last night... and it's been awhile since I'd done that. They didn't turn out like they usually do though. I put in a little too much water, so they're a bit cake like. Well, I guess I was thinking about the water I should have been drinking instead of adding to my brownies that I didn't need to begin with. I still had a small piece for breakfast though (for shame)... I tell ya, all this exercise is giving me a sweet tooth!

I know I should look at this as set backs happen, move forward, and maybe even check my measurements. But it took me a good week or so before I could even change my ticker to go backwards. For all to see that I was back up again.

So, okay, I really needed to get that out. I do hope that once I start my 10 week Well-Fit Program w/the Cancer Center & the local Athletic Club, next Monday that I can get my pounds to come down and get me to my goals. But I didn't lose the last time I did the program, I'm telling myself. However, I'm at a different place now (& have SP's support) & I don't have those 21 nasty fibroids inside me, so maybe things will work out this time! Because at this rate, I won't be meeting any of my "lose weight by the special date" goals.

*Reminder "Lose weight by the special date goals":
1) Get into my pink & cream dress suit for my boyfriend's b-day (April 13th).
2) Weigh 155 lbs (& stay there or less) by the time I travel to my niece's H.S. graduation in Puerto Rico (May 23rd).
3) Get down to 130-140 lbs by my b-day (July 26th) & wear a bikini to the beach.

I don't know, I might need to change my goals up because they are looking pretty impossible right now....

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PALINDROMA 3/20/2008 7:18PM

    glad to hear you're doing well after your surgery... my mom went through one of those procedures and i know they can be rough! my suggestion would be concentrate on full recovery, oftentimes it takes a lot longer than we'd think for our bodies to get back to normal after something as invasive as surgery... so your body might be in "heal mode" and holding on to those calories to help repair itself. keep doing what you're doing and i'm sure you'll make your goals : )

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MSPROVERBS31 3/19/2008 9:06PM

    SIUGIRL97 thx for the reminder that I should NOT deprive myself.
BCURRY thx for reminding me that I CAN win & to stay focused.
THank you both for responding with your support!

Comment edited on: 3/19/2008 9:05:08 PM

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BCURRY 3/19/2008 6:44PM

You have to really be strong now because it sounds like your body is fighting to get back to it's old weight. I hate it when that happens, it's as if the body has it's own mind. I know for me once I lose several pounds I subconsciously sabotage myself. I am getting better at recognizing when that happens but sometimes it still doesn't matter, I gain anyway. So just stay focused on your plan because you can win at this game!!! That's what I'm doing and will take up any challenge to get me closer. You can do it!!

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SIUGIRL97 3/19/2008 12:10PM

    Its hard when you gain pounds when you are doing all the 'right' things.

It took time to put the weight on, it will take time to take it off.

Little pieces of brownie and little treats here and there are what make us human. If you forbid yourself another brownie ever again, you'll just end up back where you started plus 35#. (I speak from experience.) The best thing you can do is bake the brownies, take the smallest piece and then take the rest of it to work and put it in a breakroom or area away from your desk where someone else will devour it. Whenever I want a treat I don't deprive, I have it, figure out the calories, spend the extra time in the gym and move on. Food isn't a reward or punishment. I spent too many years thinking it was.

I hope you make your goals.


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