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Thinking of Vlogging...

Monday, September 28, 2009

So I just got a webcam and I am thinking that I might start vlogging on SP maybe even youtube...

I'd thought of it before I got the cam...just not really sure how to go about it. What name to use...Where to film...What to film...
What angle...ya know!

any ideas? suggestions? emoticon

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LILSHINE 9/30/2009 1:37PM

    My daughter simply enjoys YouTube and it has truly encouraged and motivated her on her weight loss journey. So I say YouTube - visit... are you doing it as a weight loss journal? If so, visit YouTube and check out some of the other popular vlogs! Best to you on this pursuit!

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FRANCESCANAZ 9/29/2009 1:26PM

    Sounds complicated to me...but fun!

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MSPROVERBS31 9/28/2009 10:10PM

    cool on SP? that's so cool!

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CHR15A113N 9/28/2009 9:56PM

    I say go for it! I just started Video Blogging today. :)

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Preparing 4 my 8 Week Fall Challenge! Starts Labor Day!

Saturday, September 05, 2009

So I'm preparing for my 8 Weel Fall Challenges (with my FitTV & HMR Teams). They each have different names but have the same rules!
"Fall Into FITness" & "Harvest of Good Habits"
I came up with the names because they are both true for me! I need to fall into exercise (as bad habits fall away and I incorproate good habits!
My goals are listed below And I'll come back weekly to update. One other thing that I will try to do is a wellness institute 21 day program...something to helpme stay focused!

Follow me if you like!!!!! emoticon

My REAL goals:
1. Pack until the house is empty - 30 minutes a day !
2. Get in pool - 1x/day. (Morning or evening)!
3. Do a DVD, FitTV Show or Urban Rebounder - 1x/day!

09/07 09/12 Week 1: NOT FINSIHED YET
09/14 09/19 Week 2: NOT FINSIHED YET
09/21 09/26 Week 3: NOT FINSIHED YET
09/28 10/03 Week 4: NOT FINSIHED YET

1. Spend min. 2 hours studying, 5x/wk (with breaks in between)
2. Add Shimmy/All-Star Workout 2x per week
3. Drink water only daily (minus the Challenge Day Off Sunday!)

10/05 10/10 Week 5: NOT FINSIHED YET

10/12 10/17 Week 6: NOT FINSIHED YET
10/19 10/24 Week 7: NOT FINSIHED YET
10/26 10/31 Week 8: NOT FINSIHED YET

emoticonChallenge Outcome:

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SISTAMME 9/7/2009 12:05AM

    Hey, I'm looking forward to the Harvest of Good Habits challenge too. I hope we'll both see excellent results... we should do if we keep ourselves focused. I made a new shake today and LOVED it. I took 1 medium apple, 4 ice cubes, a little water, HMR 800 vanilla shake and a few shakes of cinnamon, nutmeg, and apple pie spice. I blended it together and YUM... it tasted like a creamy apple treat... almost like apple pie with real vanilla ice cream on top. I think I'll name the shake... Apple Pie A-la-mode :-) Have you tried anything new lately? I'm always looking for ways to spice up this HMR stuff


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MAKEITHAPPEN9 9/6/2009 11:28PM

  Make it Happen! Great Plan..

I myself am starting from today on my journey to becoming healthier..


Comment edited on: 9/6/2009 11:30:19 PM

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BABY_GIRL69 9/6/2009 6:00PM

    Make it happen Precious!! That's what I'm talking bout! I wanted to get myself in the position to join by this week my enthusiasm has flatlined. I hope to doing better by midweek so that I can join the second week.

Blessings & you keep inspiring us! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticonDee

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TERRI289 9/5/2009 8:20PM

    I love your enthusiam! Maybe I can try something similar. Thanks for the inspiration!! emoticon

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KIMISTRY1 9/5/2009 7:43PM

    This is a great plan!

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How would you Describe What High School Was Like For You?

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

In High School, I was smaller, healtier & involved in many activities!

Do you remember High School? What was it like for you? I recently entered a contest with, using my Prom Picture. They are promoting Glee a musical comedy television series that airs on Fox.

Although I'm hoping to win by having the most votes by Thursday by afternoon, this contest has given me another look at what my body looked like and the person that I was back then.

When my parents voted and left a comment he said, "You look so happy in this picture & have a nice smile in the picture".
These comments made me smile...and became a bit of motivation for me...why?
Well, I'm not always so happy now a days, I used to be involved in things at school and outside of school that reflected what I enjoyed in my heart...I don't do that so much anymore!

I've read articles on SP about stress and other factors outside of what we eat, and how they effect our weight. And yes, I need to be motivated again! I need to be happier again... And trust me everything as a teen wasn't perfect, but I sure could learn a few things from the me that was in H.S.!!!!!!

Here, look at the picture that my dad spoke of and let me I look happy?

If you matter what you looked like, post a picture of yourself from H.S. and blog it. What would the H.S. You say to the Now You?

Love you all SP !!!!!!!

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MSPROVERBS31 8/29/2009 2:12PM

    ENERGIZED4LIFE, ooooh okay! Got it! Sorry about that!

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ENERGIZED4LIFE 8/28/2009 9:22PM

    I was agreeing with CUSTOM about what it was like to HAVE a strict mom

Comment edited on: 8/28/2009 9:23:46 PM

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FRANCESCANAZ 8/28/2009 8:12AM

    Beautiful picture. The voting for round one was closed or I would have voted too.

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ENERGIZED4LIFE 8/27/2009 2:07PM

    In high school I was a bony little wall flower with NO Word in me. Custom my mom was strict too. Fell in love and went to prom with the first guy who came along.
That's enough of that emoticon

Comment edited on: 8/27/2009 2:07:53 PM

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MSPROVERBS31 8/27/2009 12:19PM

    This is a repeat thanks for some but I'll say it here!
Thanks for your votes!!! I appreciate it! If you voted on Wed. or on both Wed. & Thursday before 3:30pm PST...I truely appreciate it!
Thanks for your compliments on my picture! As well as the CONGRATS on achieving Spark Motivator award!!!

But I LOVE hearing about your journeys back down memory lane into high matter what the experience!

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PENNYROYALTY 8/27/2009 10:46AM

    you look great in that picture! hope you win the contest! As for me, i liked high school so much, i decided to stay there for the rest of my life, but on the other side of the teacher's desk. i adore it! teenagers remind me every single day of what it was like to be young and crazy!

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MS-CEE 8/27/2009 8:09AM

In high school, I was all into performing arts. I was in the choir, Madrigal Choir, and I loved-loved-loved to read. I was into acting, too

Any chance to shine, I was there!

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GLORILEE 8/27/2009 2:02AM

    In high school I was in Cross country, track and Field and did some Gymnastic. I was size 7-8 until my sophomore years than when my hips came out I was size 9-10 for a while. I ate terrible all thought my high school candy, cakes and cheese doodles everyday. THE BEST TIME EVER!!!

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BEAR128 8/26/2009 10:30PM

    I enjoyed HS especially when I no longer had to take a full load.

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BOLEBRON 8/26/2009 9:58PM

    You certainly and I will vote for you. Congratulations for being selected a Spark Motivator!

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CUSTOMBUILT55 8/26/2009 8:51PM

    High School for me was fine as far as I can remember!
Mom was strict, so that kinda' put a damper on things!

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CELLOPLAYER1 8/26/2009 7:58PM

    I enjoyed high school. I met my best friend Julie, in geometry class our sophmore year. We were both fairly new to the school. Our senior year we had every class together but orchestra.

I have gotten back to one of my favorite things from high school - playing my cello.
I am playing in a string quartet and a community orchestra and really enjoy it. The friends I have made have been supportive as I regain my health.

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GOING-STRONG 8/26/2009 6:54PM

    You do look happy! All the best to you as you continue your journey to Health, Fitness and Happiness! Hugs, Rhonda

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MSPROVERBS31 8/26/2009 6:49PM

    LUNARWOLF Thanks for commenting!
Have you ever watched the show Ruby? The emphasis that they place on her early years and her weight is interesting.

I don't know if I agree completely...but....

Also sorry about high school...

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JEN169 8/26/2009 6:42PM

    I didn't really like high school. I wasn't popular, and I was kind of heavy, and back then it wasn't nearly as acceptable as it is today. In some ways I think it's terrible how the younger heavy girls dress with their fat all hanging out everywhere, but in some ways I really admire them. It makes for a healthier self-image to embrace it.

I voted for you today, and I will try to vote for you tomorrow too.

I just watched 17Again yesterday. I love movies where people go forward or backward in time knowing what they know now. Like Peggy Sue Got Married, 13 Going On 30, and Big.

I would have fun going back to high school now, knowing all that I know now.

It is a great picture! You really do look very happy.

I LOVE your user name!

Peace and Prayers,


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LUNARWOLF 8/26/2009 6:29PM

  I quit high school, not that I didn't like school, the students... don't get me started.

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APOLOGY: Will You Take Some Time To HELP a SP Friend, With A Vote?

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

This is me at my senior prom in 1992.

SP friends, please forgive me, I misread/misunderstund one of our SP rules.
First I want to say thanks to those who have voted for me in the MyFox11 "Spread the GLEE Contest".

But it was brought to my attention that I went against one of the rules. So I apologize for the that misunderstanding. It was recommended that I post the contest by another SP member, & I was so excited that I didn't see where I couldn't.

But it did get me to think about something that's been on my mind! What was H.S. like for you and what could we apply to ooour lives from that time!

Well, again I want to apologize for offening anyone and to SP for misunderstanding the rules, by asking for votes on a contest!
Thanks again to those who did, I appreciate it.
And please note that I have replaced the blog in question with this apology one! I have also sent this same info via email to my team and the SP member who informed me of my mistake.

with SP love,

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

MSPROVERBS31 8/27/2009 12:12PM

Thanks sooo much for your votes!
BEAR128 - I liked the 1st one too...esp. because I'm like 300 votes away from winning & could use that blog to help me get people to vote again today by 3:30pm PST
But oh well, didn't want SP thinking I was going against the rules on purpose!

But I'm glad it got you to pull out your yearbook! I think that's great!

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BEAR128 8/26/2009 10:32PM

    I still like the original article, it made me pull out my year book and laugh.

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CUSTOMBUILT55 8/26/2009 8:53PM

    Much luv...I voted for you again today...Wednesday! lol

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JEN169 8/26/2009 6:34PM

    I voted for you! It is a great picture and I hope you win. I never went to a prom, so no prom memories. I was the fat kid! Let me know what happens!


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CATCHRISTA50 8/26/2009 5:33PM

    I hope you win too. I voted. Let us know what happends.

Report Inappropriate Comment
MSPROVERBS31 8/26/2009 5:10PM

    Thanks MOM2ACAT!
I think you're my 1st SP friend for the day!


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MOM2ACAT 8/26/2009 3:12PM

    I voted for you! Great photo, I hope you win!

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Retiring my old page to revise my plan!

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Waving bye-bye as I need to revise my whole plan. So I'm retiring my old page & putting it here so I can redo it all!

WELCOME TO MY PAGE!!! "Dear friend, I pray that you may enjoy good health and that all may go well with you, even as your soul is getting along well. " ~3 John 1:2 (NIV)

I'm here like many, in the pursuit of loosing weight, getting healthy & staying active! I have lost and gained weight while on SP, but hands down, I'm still here because I enjoy the motivation, inspiration, support and accountability.
SUMMER 2009:
Let's see, I would like to do a detox/cleansing sometime this summer...maybe in July (my b-day month)! I take so many medications that it would be a good thing I believe, although I don't know how affective it'll be since I still have to take the meds.

The summer pretty much consists of 2 full months so as June ends I'll prepare for a sunshining healthier July and August!

If anyone has suggestions on weight loss things that work for those with Hypothyroidism, Edema, and Congestive Heart Failure to name a few...please share!

So now my goals are to try to be at my Goal Weight of 130lbs by Easter of 2011 and not 2010! That's a BIG step for me. And being on SP is a great place to continue to see where I've been, how I'm doing and where I'm going!!! Because I am going forward, in God's time and in an uplifting more confident and healthy vessel! (04/17/09)

Thanks to all of you who stop by and leave a bit of love on my page! Sometimes it takes me a lil while to get back to you, so I want to say THANKS in advance. All the best for each and everyone of you!
"I praise Him because I am Fearfully and Wonderfully Made By GOD!"

Stay Positive While Living in God's Blessings,
Favor & Will!

~Rosalyn (Razi or MsProverbs31)
Member Since: 6/24/2007

SparkPoints: 13883

SparkAmerica Minutes: 6620

My Goals:
To be a healthier, stronger & balanced vessel of God!!!

July 1, 2007
SW: 195 lbs
GW: 135 -130 lbs
by April 24, 2011
Resurrection Sunday!!!
Today's weigh-in: 226.2, August 4, 2009

My Program:
Research For The Best Program
In progress:
Something that will work for Hypothyrodism, Edema, Cardiomyopathy, Congestive Heart Failure, Arthitis & a history of Hodgkin's Lymphoma, Anemia, Asthsma & More.

Having these medical issues makes it a bit harder for me to do what generally works for most and get results!

I think I found a program!!!!! Queen Afua and the City of Wellness. I'll keep you all updated. Actually starting in a week!

Personal Information:
Yes, I'm a Child of God and I'm glad that He wouldn't have it any other way!

I live in California.
I'm a Lioness who's B-day is
July 26th!
Check out my blogs for more info.!

Other Information:
"FitTV Is For Me" & "HMR Program Sparkers" are my Spark Teams. Come over, find out what it's all about & join us!!! I'd love to see you there!!!

My Community Journal:
"Here In A Year: Springing Forward In God's Time"

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

MSPROVERBS31 8/6/2009 12:38AM

    Thanks so much for your words, SP friends.
I'm glad to be an inspiration for anyone, as I am often inspired on SP!

You know I weighed in at 226.2 when I wrote this blog yesterday and just a day later I'm at 220 lbs & still have visable edema in my legs & feet! The edema causes me to gain and lose large amounts within a day or two...yet always holding on to painful (like my joints actually hurt because of the rapid weight gain) pounds, making it hard to truly LOSE real weight! Things can be painfully frustrating, so I'm glad to come on here and read your comments so far...what an uplifting blessing!!!!!

emoticon emoticon emoticon

Comment edited on: 8/6/2009 12:41:22 AM

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MOM2ACAT 8/5/2009 8:19PM

    I am glad you aren't letting medical issues stop you from reaching your goals.
I can't do what I use to be able to do because of health problems, but I try not to get discouraged, I just focus on what I CAN do. You are a great inspiration to me to keep on trying and to never give up.

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BABY_GIRL69 8/5/2009 8:15PM

    Well my friend we all have do what is necessary for us to get to our healthier life. The one where we make & meet our goals! I'm here for you as always & what a courageous thing to do!
emoticon emoticon
emoticon emoticon
Blessings emoticonDee

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IMADAREDEVIL 8/5/2009 11:34AM

    This is a good idea, and then you can look back and see how far you've come. Good for you!

Report Inappropriate Comment
KAYLADIVA777 8/5/2009 2:39AM

    HI!! emoticon

Saw your blog in one of the huddle rooms. Just wanted to say that you will no doubt reach your goal because of your persistence and perserverance. Keep doing your thing!!!!

Karla emoticon

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