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Looking Ahead SUMMER 2009, What's in Store for July & August

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Looking Ahead SUMMER 2009:

Let's see, I would like to do a detox/cleansing sometime this summer...maybe in July (my b-day month)! I take so many medications that it would be a good thing I believe, although I don't know how affective it'll be since I still have to take the meds.

The summer pretty much consists of 2 full months so as June ends I'll prepare for a sunshining healthier July and August!

If anyone has suggestions on weight loss things that work for those with Hypothyroidism, Edema, and Congestive Heart Failure to name a few...please share!


I Gave Myself a SparkGoodie & a Pep Talk!

Monday, June 29, 2009

WOW did you know that SP now has Vlog access now!!! WOW, it's so nice to see the progression of this site over the years!

Well, here's what I wrote (with a few extra sentences) to myself when I laid out 100 SparkPoints to give myself a Sparkin Rose Petal Foot Bath. And whosoever (you know I read th Bible with this word, right) reads this blog, take out time to not only give your friends Goodies, but give them to yourself as well! :

Okay, so you didn't accomplish as much as you wanted this month...but you're doing real well for all the medication (over 11 different meds) that you still have to take after coming out of your 2 month hospital stay! So you definitely deserve a top of the line pedi pampering session! Dont be sooo hard on yourself!

Rosalyn, you need to do more for yourself! Take care of you and you'll still have time to do all that you do for others... & maybe even more!

July is your 35th B-day month, so give yourself the gift of health!
FOCUS on YOU. FOCUS on taking care of the VESSEL GOD gave YOU!!!!

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BABY_GIRL69 6/30/2009 6:10PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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    MRSPROV (w/ your King James lingo self)... you were in the hospital for 2 months and filled with meds and only now I'm finding out about this! Woe is me! I'[m so sorry that I haven't been keeping up... I've not been reading blogs and keeping up with teammates as I should ... so sorry.. but yes, you deserve the virtual pampering but have you been getting some real pampering too... you more than just "deserve" it : )

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PLAYFULLKITTY 6/30/2009 4:02AM

    I totally believe in positive self talk :) way to go!

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Aveda was My Pamper Place for the Day!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Aveda was My Pamper Place for the Day!
As I left Khalana Café, I took a double take into the Aveda store,
Certainly there was something in here that would aid my stress!

Sure enough, I set down for a free shoulder & neck message,
I spent a good hour or so in here,
just smelling the different oils and sprays.

People were walking by in thePlaza, looking in at me
Relaxed, full of peace,
A few decided to come in and take some home too.

Soon I came home with a brown aveda bag,
In it Chakra #7, an electric diffuser and
the sweet smelling oil bottle of Madagascar.

I've always wanted to go to Madagascar
for vacation.
Today it cost me less than a night's stay
on the island off the coast of Afrika.
Today I brought Madagascar home with me,
a little less stressed,
looking forward to a brighter day of a looser chest,
I am relaxed!

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JUSTFOXXY 6/29/2009 7:14PM

    I understand, I UNDERSTAND!!

This past Friday while out running errands I decided to take some me time and get a mani-pedi. I've always wanted to do this, but never had time or never took the time. Well this past Friday, I did. And if it takes for me to do it on a whim, then I will do it again.

Next time, I'm going to pop in at the nearest Aveda salon.

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CUSTOMBUILT55 6/28/2009 6:14PM

    Hey MSPROVERBS, I see you are doing great and adventurous as usual! Great!
Baby_Girl and I must fall under the same aroma....old and new school! I work with a young lady who gets' massages all the time, and she has been trying to get me done up! I guess I will real soon. GOD knows every inch of my body needsto be wrapped in something! Maybe I will be lucky enough to get one of those "eye candies" to massage me, which will make it worth while!LOL

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BABY_GIRL69 6/27/2009 2:02PM

    Sweetie you need to mail me some of that! LOL I am often given free massages & wraps but never do anything with it but give them away to someone else. I am so old & new school at the same time it aint even funny! I have never had a pedicure but I say that I will within the next year & get a full body deep tissue massage. My shoulder aches & I know I can't stop working it out. So I am about to go & do some emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon So I can float to islands with you. . . . emoticon emoticon

Blessings emoticonDee

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WAHZOE 6/27/2009 6:44AM

  Wish we had somewhere like that here!

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MSMAKEOVER 6/27/2009 2:18AM

    I'm glad you are feeling surely deserve to be pampered....enjoy your Madagascar and the rest of your weekend...

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With A Little Push From My SPfriend Baby_Girl69, I'm Blogging Today!

Friday, June 19, 2009

With A Little Push From My SPfriend Baby_Girl69, I'm Blogging Today!
So I've been a lil MIA the last 2weeks. Mostly because I finished teaching two weeks ago & then I had to present our church's Annual Youth Day...I'm the Youth Director (who had no help until the day before).

So I've been pretty TIRED!!!!! And yet, BLESSED!

I don't really know how much I'm weighing nor do I care...just want to stay on a healthier note!
I'm working on taking 1 or 2 independent courses this summer & working on DECLUTTERING my place!

Well, I hope my SPfriends don't forget about me & I'll try to be more visual more often!
Oh and I have my Urban my boyfriend seems to love it more than me!
Almost everytime he comes over he JUMPS right on! :oD I can't blame him though, it is pretty fun!

I hope all is well with most & thank you all for your comments and goodies!!! I have the greatest Sparkfriends!!!!

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MSMAKEOVER 6/19/2009 11:44PM

    Welcome back...always good to see you around...enjoy your weekend... emoticon emoticon

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Learning More About What Works For ME

Monday, June 01, 2009

So I'm finding out what works for me a little more each week. One thing that more research lead me to, which confirmed what I already felt and expressed from time to time, was that no matter how healthy I eat my low thyroid makes it difficult to lose weight at he pace an average person would! Okay, that was probably a run on sentence, but it was one thought!

I'm also learning that some fruit and veggies are not too helpful for those with hypothyroidism...go figure! So I recently stopped the 4 Day Diet modules (although I am incorporating some of it), to take one day at a time.

I also purchased an Urban Rebounder from HSN! I'm really excited about it. I did some research into rebound exercises and low thyroid & I found out some good news, I think it might be a great step in the right least it feels that way! I also read that swimming, walking and rebounding are 3 of the best workouts for those with low thyroid & fatigue.

I am also trying to be more in the mode of loving me. Knowing that I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me (Thanks JOIJA for the reminder)! Not only is this one of my mom's fav scriptures but it was mentioned in yesterday's afternoon Mission Service & then I read my sparkpage today and was reminded by JOIJA that "...all things are possible."

She wrote, "It can be so difficult to stay motivated, but with God's help (in Him you can do all things!), anything is possible!!! He gives me the strength to get through every workout and to turn down that 3rd pc of pizza! Let Him help you, and you'll be to your goal in no time! " This is great advice to anyone that believes in God & in need of a boost!
My Sparkfriends, you all are always full of awesomeness!

Well, so, I'm learning more about what works for me. Unfortunately, until I can increase my workout time & find out what foods do and don't work with my medical issues, I won't be following any particular plan. Now this doesn't mean that I won't continue adding a healthier lifestyle, I just have a different path to go than I thought!

Praise God, I'm growing!

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MSPROVERBS31 9/30/2009 1:17PM

    IT turns out that I DON'T really know what works for me...It's like this season in my life, I can't seem to fit in the mold of others in a typical weight loss.

But then again I'm not typical and am unique in ALL of my reasons for weight gain. Not emotional, not genetic...MEDICAL side effects is what I could say to best describe it!

Oh well! I still stay on SP and enjoy the motivation and the friendships!

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HEATHER39 6/5/2009 1:23AM


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    Wohoo!!!! it's good to see you are finding what works for you :)

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MSMAKEOVER 6/2/2009 12:29AM

    AMEN....I was wondering how you were doing. I'm glad you posted a blog. I too am still trying to figure out what works for me and what doesn't. I too stopped The 4 Day Diet (my cals were just to low for the amount of time I workout..and heck just in general!). I decided that that diet just was not for me. I did better on my own by eating with the SP calorie range, getting my water, fruits, veggies, etc.

Congrats on getting the Urban Rebounder and figuring out what works for you. I love feels so good and relieves lots of stress. I hope you find something that you really enjoy. Hang in there il will all fall into place.

Best wishes my Friend. You have my support. emoticon emoticon emoticon

I'm very proud of you... emoticon

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LEE907 6/1/2009 7:52PM

Your not alone, I have the same problem as you. I've been on synthroid for years. Your right, it's hard to lose weight because of the problem. Walking definitely & the trampoline do make you feel better. I don't swim, but I would say that it would be a good exercise.
I'm not sure what herbs to stay away from, but I do know SOY is one of the proteins to omit.
I read peanut butter is not good, it makes you feel sluggish. I eat it & I do get somewhat sluggish. But you know, I don't let anything stop me. Once I get going I feel better.
Good luck /w/ everything. I hope you get the thyroid under control


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