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I said that I Would Clean up All Weekend...

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Well, I said that I would clean...declutter for the weekend.
Well, actually I would like to do something everyday. But today is not starting off as well as I thought.

I need to focus on one thing at a time. I have the contents of my bathroom under the sink cabnet, on top of my bedroom dresser. And I don't want to put it all back. I'm decluttering and reorganizing at the same time... How does one do that in a small place?

Well I did empty the trash, which gave me an opportunity to get in some exercise outside!!!

I just ordered a sandwich and salad from a loca deli, so I'll go to pick that up in just a bit. But I've been playing Lexulous (scrabble) online and watching t.v. mostly

Okay, the game's almost over so I'll leave and hopefully fight the urge to go to Panda Express, which I havn't ben to in months. I'll get back to cleaning soon!

** Okay I went to the deli ( and parked across the street instead of in their lot so I could get some more exercise in) and then to Ralphs to get dishwashing liquid and sponges...And I didn't stop at Panda Express. YAY me!

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BABY_GIRL69 1/10/2009 9:00PM

    Who is this De & why does she keep coming back?! I throw stuff out all the time & if I could only throw out my hubby's stuff, I think I could have a decent home. Oh well, just keep working at it. Get something in the mail, throw it out, get clear bins & stack away in closet areas and such. It CAN happen!


e emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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MOM2ACAT 1/10/2009 5:35PM

    I'm in the process of decluttering too. I tell myself when I start, that I only have to work on it for 20 minutes at a time, but a lot of times once I get going I'll keep at it much longer.

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My Fun Goals for 2009, I Might Keep Adding Throughout the year!

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Here Are Some Fun Goals That I Have for 2009, I'll Keep Adding Throughout the year as they come to me! So you are more than welcomed to add this as a blog that you like and check back from time to time. There might be one listed that you would like to reach too! Or one that may get you thinking of one that you want to set for yourself! Anywho, whenever setting some of your healthy goals, have fun with them. It might make reaching them all the more, well, FUN!


1) FIT INTO MY CALF-HIGH BOOTS AGAIN (I have 3 pair- black leather, & brown and caramel suede)!
* the zipper just won't go up all the way :o) Once it hits my calves, that's it!

2) WALK, maybe even Run (WOW) in the local Fall 2009 TEAM IN TRAINING, as a Cancer survivor!

3) FIND & WEAR MY CUTE BRAZILIAN JEANS (w/ the hand-painted design on one side) & wear them WELL!
* the last time they wouldn't go past my knees! hahaha maybe that's why I can't find them!

* I have way too many clothes! Some fit, some don't & some I don't even like (I'm sure). So I would like to put some on consignment, donate & sale others. I want to ultimately be able to put it all in the storage that I have & not have so much spilling over onto the side of the bed, the floor of the closet, and other places...

5) TO BE ABLE TO FIT INTO A BRA SIZE @ VICTORIA SECRETS (or any department store for that matter)!
* I measure around a 32- 34 chest, with my cup @ I's, J's & K's (who knew they went that high). And because my number is so small, it's hard to find my size in the stores. Most people with a high letter usually have a higher number...but not me. It's like I gain weight mostly in my breasts... Oh well!

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QUEEND1969 1/2/2009 1:16AM

    Happy 2009! It's your time to shine. SO SHINE BABY SHINE!
I read an article yesterday about making fun goals for 2009. Thanks for sharing yours.

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BABY_GIRL69 12/31/2008 5:56PM

    Victoria Secret ain't got nothing for us big thick boned breasted women! Stop playing & the ones I've purchased are most uncomfortable. Shoot for any bra that fits Sweetie, keep us on our toes your goals!

Happy New "YOU" & Blessings,

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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Today I Got My 10,000+ SP Throphy on the Last Day of the Year 2008

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

YAY to me! Today on the last day of the year, December 31, 2008, I recieved my Spark reward of a throphy cup for having at least 10,000 Spark points! What a way to end 2008 and begin 2009!
I'm so looking forward to continued blessings, even in the seemingly tough times!

No matter what may come my way, I know that God is all around and that I will accomplish His will for my life. So I might as well enjoy it! I'll see as it comes, what the year will bring.

All the best for my SparkFriends! May you also accomplish God's Will for your lives with joy & thanksgiving, giving Him all the glory in our healthier and more fit scuccesses!


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QUEEND1969 1/2/2009 1:17AM


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MS-CEE 1/1/2009 11:06AM

    Fantastic! This is something to work towards! I like it so much around here, I guess I'll get there one of these days, huh??

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MOM2ACAT 12/31/2008 7:25PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon

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BABY_GIRL69 12/31/2008 6:02PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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IRONIA1 12/31/2008 3:41PM

    Way to go! Congratulations! emoticon

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HODGESGAL 12/31/2008 3:23PM


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Reviewing Me with About 10 Days until the New Year

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Down to 11 days before the New Year, what change can I really make?
Here's where I'm starting. Let's see, I've gained several pounds, on the 17th I was 215, another breaking record. And now just 3 days later I'm at 210. This is without trying to lose. Trust me on that one, because I've been eating so many bite sized chocolate snacks and cinnamon rolls. And I now have a double chi, never saw that one coming! And my one "it sort of fits" bra, is getting too small in the cup area. Boy oh boy!

Well okay so I figure that since my weight fluctuates due to my meds, that I should really try to be a help instead of giving in and being a hindrance. Even though it's hard sometimes, I should try to focus on very small consistent steps (meaning whatever I can do that healthy I should do)! I know that I'm not blaming my meds or my medical conditions, and instead I am starting to realistically look at the impact that each has on my weight gain, fatigue & other symptoms. emoticon

So okay what am I excited about? Doing SP's Official New You Challenge in January!!! It will be a fun way to start the year off! I tried to get a friend of mine to join me...but she's not into the internet thing. So hopefully some of my team members or SP friends will be doing it & we can support one another!

One of the teams that I'm on has a lose 5 pounds by the 1st. Even though it started on the 1st, I signed on on the 17th (when I found out) for motivation. The funny thing is that I've gained & lost that much within those three days. So I'm not too sure what I should measure for that one. Who know with that record maybe I'll be at my 200 start off the year goal! Either way, it's still fun to be a part of the team!

Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying their holiday season.
Merry Blessed Christmas to all who celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ!!!

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MSPROVERBS31 12/31/2008 3:12PM

    Thanks for your support ladies!

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MOTOWNMOM 12/23/2008 4:33PM

    This is not an easy journey but making a comittment to yourself is a great start!! You can do it! Good luck!

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BABY_GIRL69 12/21/2008 12:14PM

    I definitely feel you on this one! Its normally around the 30th that we start to reminisce over the last year & exam how we can change our minds to face the New Year! You should definitely make sure your doctor knows of your daily habits to make this weight loss process easier. If there really is such a thing as that? Anyway, I pray that you & yours have an outrageously Blessed Christmas & New Year!! God bless you always!!

Dee emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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MSPROVERBS31 12/20/2008 4:16PM

    My mommie just told me something that I was thinking of... I need to call my doctor and have them do some more tests on my fluid retension. And tht I need to get rid of any and all sweets (juice, candy, you name it) and drink only tea & water.

Yes, the gain and loss within the short amount of times is not good. And does lend itself to the likelyhood that it's more of a post surgery medical problem than just what I'm eating.

So on Monday I must remember to call my cardiologist and let him know & see what I'll do next. Boy do I hate this part.

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Prior To SP's New You Bootcamp & Being A Butterfly In 2009!!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Yesterday I signed up for SP's NEW YOU BOOTCAMP, and I thought that that would be a great challenge for the 2 teams that I lead to start off the new year, with SP as a team.

I hope that they each want to do it, maybe someone in one of the teams will win a prize!!!

I'll put up a new post under our challenges forum and those who decide to do it can chat about the daily mini-challenges and workouts.

I'm excited about it because I can use some motivation and ideas.

*Oh, and I just got Jillian Michael's: 30 Day Shred from Netflix today. I watched the level one just to get an idea before I start and to see what equipment I'd need. & all I can say from looking at it is emoticon but I'll see about adding it.

*What else is going on for mom's birthday is tomorrow! I'm thinking about going back to school sometime next year. I'm looking at counseling (I like both college & grade school & love career & International) ... we'll see, I'm researching now...

Oh and lastly (is that even a word?), I've gained an even higher all time high, I now weigh 210 lbs. standing @ 5'6". Oh well, the year 2009 is surely to bring some greater changes & hopefully the need for less medication!!
I feel like I've been growing in this post-hospitalization cocoon for a long year, but I need to let God continue to work me into that beautiful butterfly through 2009!
I can do it! You can do yours! And we can be Healthy & Fit!!!

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HEATHER39 12/17/2008 5:42PM

    You can do it! emoticon

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BABY_GIRL69 12/17/2008 2:40PM

    You are already a butterfly Beautiful!! So don't let that stupid emoticon be the boss of you!! You are destined for greatness & I believe in 2009 the Victory Shall Be Mine!! Do you? Well then let's make it happen! You have been sick but yet you rise again & again to be the champion for all of us! Don't stop or change!!


ee emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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LEIKELA73 12/17/2008 1:48PM

    I understand your pain with gaining weight. I have been gaining since September. Oh sure, just a pound here and a pound there, but when your already overweight it just made me feel that much more lumpy. I have just made a commitment to myself to take small steps in improving my overall health and weight. Make small goals into habits. I know it is easier said than done, but knowing from prior experiences once it is a permanent habit it will be that much harder to break. So keep your faith up, pat yourself on the back for all you have accomplished so far, and try to break up your goals in smaller chunks. Remember that with God you can overcome all!

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