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Are you on a budget?

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Would you spend $5.00 for an item that only cost $1.00?
This is how I am looking at nutrition today.
I can eat that chocolate brownie, slice of apple pie, or
king-sized candy bar. But my budget of 1500 calories
a day would take a big hit. This might be just a morning
snack but it would leave me that much less to "spend"
on healthy choices. Just a few bad choices in one day
could break my nutrition "budget". It happens so easy
with a bit of distraction or stress.
Practice mindful eating when reaching for that
quick and easy snack. Consider your "budget" of
calories for the day and decide if that snack is worth it.
Thanks for stopping by and have a great day. HUGS!

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

RUBYCLAIRE 4/28/2012 8:21PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon

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FROSTY99 4/27/2012 9:16PM

    Great reminder.

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ELIZACG9 4/26/2012 5:45PM

    Thank you! emoticon

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TUNERVILLE 4/26/2012 8:20AM

    Love the analogy! I think I started using this method back when I was on WW, and I still do. It does help put things in perspective! You have a super great day now, ya hear?!

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GABY1948 4/26/2012 7:43AM

    emoticon way of looking at it! Thanks for such inspiration! emoticon

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OPALMOON 4/26/2012 7:29AM

    I often think of how many calories a food or drink item is going to 'cost' me!!

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WISLNDR 4/26/2012 4:49AM

    I love this, thanks a lot!!


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VICIOUS421 4/26/2012 2:25AM

    That is an Awesome Idea and I am going to start doing it!!!!!!!! Thank You!!!!!!!!

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MOTLEM 4/26/2012 12:13AM

    Excellent advice. emoticon emoticon

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TOTHEFUTURE1 4/25/2012 7:40PM

    Good thinking
from an email from KRYS
prove you are stronger than your excuses

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BLUE42DOWN 4/25/2012 6:52PM


Because I dealt with money issues before I focused on my eating, I came at it from a budget mindset. I also see it short term (day's budget) and long-term (if I'm over today, I can "pay it off" by this day by saving here and there).

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    Great advice. Thanks.

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ESYLVANTUTOR207 4/25/2012 1:06PM

    This blog made so much sense to me...LOVED IT! And yes, if we spend those calories on high calorie food, boy do we have a lot less healthy food to eat for the rest of the day. A good thing to remember when reaching for those "overpriced items." Well said.
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

Comment edited on: 4/25/2012 1:07:19 PM

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DAISY443 4/25/2012 11:33AM

    Great blog!

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_JODI404 4/25/2012 11:17AM

    Thank you, I like this view and will remember it!!

emoticon emoticon emoticon

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AUNTB63 4/25/2012 10:59AM

    I like the way you think.....I never looked at it as a budget, but I have considered the calorie count before eating that extra snack. Thanks for sharing. emoticon

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JUSTA123 4/25/2012 10:30AM

    What a good blog today budgets we all have to live on them. emoticon

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SLIMMERJESSE 4/25/2012 10:28AM

    Great perspective. I voted for this blog. Thanks.

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KO1215 4/25/2012 10:27AM

    Oops! I accidentally double posted! Have a nice day!

Comment edited on: 4/25/2012 10:28:24 AM

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KO1215 4/25/2012 10:26AM

    I like your thinking!

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    Absolutely! Great blog full of wisdom! Yes, I am on a budget! emoticon

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Grade School Concert

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I am keeping this short tonight and saving lots for tomorrow.
The grade school concert was very nice. The band played 5
patriotic selections, followed by the kindergarten class,
singing as only the little ones can-with enthusiasm! They
were so cute.
The late set of songs was performed by the entire elementary
school children, from first grade through 6th. They did suc
a wonderful jog and all those voices blended so well.
Time to call it a day. Have a wonderful night and thanks
for stopping by. HUGS!

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

DAISY443 4/25/2012 8:41AM

    Bet some of your gc were in that concert which makes it even more special! Hugs!

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WISLNDR 4/25/2012 5:18AM

    I love those little-kid concerts, so cute!

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OPALMOON 4/25/2012 5:02AM

    emoticon emoticon

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VICIOUS421 4/25/2012 12:45AM


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FLEMIDG 4/25/2012 12:16AM

    Sounds like fun. Glad you enjoyed yourself. Have a good night.

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The Curb

Monday, April 23, 2012

I think we all know what a curb is for. It keeps us on the path,
road or street and off the sidewalk. As our pastor explained
to us in his sermon yesterday, it keeps us from hitting the
buildings or people walking. We can avoid harm by being
watchful. Our little town has curbs in some areas but there
are also areas where curbs are absent. Sidewalks, too, now
that I think about it. Little towns are like that.
I appreciate the time, effort and money that it takes to make
a curb. They dress up the town and provide protection. They
keep the water from lapping at the front doors after a heavy
What protection do you use to provide a "curb" for yourself?
Do you declare some foods off-limits in an effort to maintain
healthy choices? Or do you allow yourself to "jump the curb"
in a evening-long snacking binge?
Only you know what it takes to "curb" yourself of a bad habit.
I drink a glass of water or a cup of tea and decide if I really
am hungry. It may be that I am bored, tired, stressed or any
one of a number of things that pushed me to make unhealthy
So, to stay on track, I will use the curb, (SP), as my guide. It will
help me stay on the path to success. I may jump the curb
from time to time but I know, in the end, it is there for me.
Thanks for stopping by and have a great day. HUGS!

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

VICIOUS421 4/24/2012 10:23PM

    Awesome Blog!!!!!!

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JUSTA123 4/24/2012 9:53AM

    There are days when there is only a dirt road , but if I look ahead a again see the sidewalk and curb up ahead! emoticon

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_JODI404 4/23/2012 10:58PM

    I'm with you, I use hot tea to curb unnecessary snacking. Beyond that, there are a few foods which I have had to totally ban from the house due to lack of control~ they are beyond curbed! emoticon emoticon

Hope you have a great week ahead!
emoticon emoticon emoticon

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OLDERDANDRT 4/23/2012 5:03PM

    Nice! How true! As LVMAMAW said, "Thank goodness for The Curb (SP)!!"

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LVMAMAW 4/23/2012 3:30PM

    Nice analogy! Thank goodness for The Curb (SP)!! emoticon

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DAISY443 4/23/2012 3:24PM

    Ahhh, sometimes I have to "curb" my impulses! Thanks for the reminder! Hugs!

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The Cowboy Boot Wedding

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Yesterday afternoon we attended a wedding for DH's cousin's
son. It was a beautiful service in a small but packed church. We
were seated farther back and off to the side. There were 5
side couples and all the girls were wearing cowboy boots. We
found out at the reception because our view let us see the
dresses from the waist up. They had worn them through
the entire ceremony, reception and dance. Even the bride
was wearing boots that only showed when she lifted her
skirt to go up and down the steps. That showed some
courage but this is definitely a new style of wedding. It
was refreshing.
The reception was wonderful with a delicious bbq pork
sandwich, cheesy hashbrown potatoes, macaroni salad,
green beans, fruit salad and cupcakes in 6 different flavors.
The sandwiches were huge with so much meat piled on.
Since the meal was served after 7:30, we were all very
hungry. I had a wonderful time and enjoyed every bite. I
had budgeted for that meal, knowing it would showcase
larger portions that I would have served. I went over my
calorie limit a little but I was fine with it.
Today we have the GC here and I am baking cinnamon
rolls with GD. I want her to have the opportunity to see
how it is done.
Have a wonderful afternoon and thanks for stopping by.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

CJSARGENT1 4/25/2012 12:22PM


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VICIOUS421 4/24/2012 10:22PM


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MOMMA_BEAR_69 4/23/2012 8:35PM

    What a great wedding!! So glad you had a super time!!

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MAMAWLINDALOU 4/23/2012 3:28PM

    emoticonSounds like fun I would have never thought of something like that. Glad you enjoyed it even if you did go over in calories, were allowed to ever once in a while. You have a Great Week.


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OLDERDANDRT 4/23/2012 2:02PM

    sounds like a cool wedding! My DD wore the most beautiful white ankle boots with her wedding gown 94 years ago)! Of course, you didn't see them unless she had to hold up her dress tail, but believe me, they were great! She did take them off at the reception for the bridal dance! hehe

Wish I could come watch (help) you make cinnamon rolls! Lucky GD you have there to have such a well-rounded, talented and smart Grandma!!! Having a great day and hope you are, too!


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WISLNDR 4/23/2012 6:32AM

    Wow, the wedding sounds like it was a fun one!

Have a great start to your week!

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MOTLEM 4/23/2012 3:40AM

    How very unusual, all wearing boots. Did you ask why? emoticon
I am drooling here reading about the bbq pork sandwich and the rest. emoticon
Oh goodness, and cinnamon rolls. emoticon
What a wonderful day you had.
I am just about to go cook a bacon sandwich for each of us. emoticon

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OPALMOON 4/22/2012 11:03PM

    emoticon emoticon

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MAKINANIMPACT 4/22/2012 9:11PM

    That sounded awesome! It's always fun when you go to something like that when the personalities go against the grain...

Glad you had a good time.



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PMFISH 4/22/2012 9:07PM

    Too fun! Making memories, that is what it is all about.

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DAISY443 4/22/2012 3:54PM

    Cute idea for a wedding. Nice to see couples who are willing to do "their way"! Hugs!

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AUNTB63 4/22/2012 3:39PM

    Like the wedding idea. A couple of years ago we went to a picnic wedding....that is the wedding itself was in the park and than picnic baskets were given to each table of people........everything was casual including the bride and groom...she in white jeans/top etc. and he in black and white.....They didn't want any one paying for their wedding so they did the best they could.....I thought it turned out great.
Have a great day and enjoy "teaching" how to make those (I'm sure yummy) cinnamon rolls. emoticon

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EVWINGS 4/22/2012 3:21PM

    I agree about the wedding. That is a neat idea. I believe with the economy we are going to see more imaginative weddings that have much smaller budgets. The food sounded like it reflected the bride's theme. It must have been nice for the attendants, too, as they didn't have too much of an added expensive. Great going for planning on the meal and not doing too bad with your calorie count. With that wisdom, I'm sure it will be taken care of throught the week.

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Plans for the day

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Up before sunrise to SPark and get organized. I have pared a few
tasks off the to-do list already. After getting DS up for breakfast
and off to work, I spent over 1/2 hour, digging out the deck furniture
from the storage shed, carrying it up to the deck and washing it
off. I could carry all the pieces except the bench rocker. Each
chair weighs about 30 pounds since they are made of metal
frames with wooden seats. The table probably weighs 50
pounds and is more bulky than anything. DS came home as
another waitress came in to work. She had mixed up her days
and since she drives 15 miles in to town, it made more sense
to let her stay. He helped me carry the bench rocker out of the
shed to the deck. Now we can sit outside in the evenings and
watch the sun set.
My non-scale victory is an empty clothes hamper-until DH gets
home. Our sheets are ready to be hung outside in the sunshine.
We had a few showers earlier this morning but the sun has
come out and it will be a beautiful day.
I want to get as much done as possible as we have a wedding
at 5 pm. Wish me luck as I continue to cross things off my list.
Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for stopping by. HUGS!

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

MOTLEM 4/21/2012 11:32PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon

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    Sounds like you already did a lot. Good job.

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LVMAMAW 4/21/2012 5:14PM

    Good luck! Sounds like you've got it on the run! emoticon

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OLDERDANDRT 4/21/2012 2:39PM

    I'd love to make a "to do" list, but I'm afraid it would be infinitely long!!! Doing my best! You're really getting stuff done!!! Way to go!!

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OPALMOON 4/21/2012 11:59AM

    You accomplished a lot! That's a great start to the weekend - enjoy the rest of it!

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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DAISY443 4/21/2012 11:23AM

    Love crossing things off the list! You are the expert at that! Hugs!

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WISLNDR 4/21/2012 11:08AM

    Just another day, right? Your to-do and done lists put me to shame! I was all excited that the kitchen is cleaned and it's time for a break but now I'm not so sure . . . . oh, wait, my laundry hamper is empty too, that counts!!

Time to knit!!

Enjoy your sunny day!

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