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Feelin miserable yet again

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

It is TRULY TRULY tough to learn a job while suffering from a cold that leaves you with a HALF a brain! Today so many times I was either half sleeping at my desk or sneezing at my desk or coughing at my desk, or just NOT MAKING SENSE AT MY DESK!
Not good, not fun, just......well......think of really bad things (spiders, working overtime without pay, deployments, really painful ouchies), just not good.
It's tough, especially since I'm coming in as the offices only prior Lead Travel Counselor and yet when a customer goes on and on about his double charge on his ticket the most I can do is yawn and go "Uh huh" I had one customer droning on and on for 15 minutes about why she cannot take her flight tomorrow because she was never told about it and how it's not fair and I actually almost fell asleep, amazingly.
This is SO not me! ME, the one who leaps tall buildings and saves mankind from missed flights and ticketing errors! Me, who solves the DTS issue with one quick punch of a key in just a single instant and restore happy feelings to all involved.
I know I can attribute part of this to allergies. My hubby (thebellsoldier) and I believe this is due to our sleeping recently with our window open on Friday night. We have an oak tree outside and I'm SERIOUSLY allergic to oak. Anytime I'm around something I'm really allergic to I tend to come up with a serious cold right afterwards.
So lesson learned, no matter how hot our bedroom is NO OPENING THE WINDOWS! Now, it's time to find a good acupuncturist.

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PACKY62 3/4/2010 2:35PM

    sorry i have not checked in on you for a while. i have taken over a large team and it has consumed me.
sorry to here about your algeries, my wife is very nurotic and she is seeing a accupuncturest now, i will start on monday and try it my self. they have offices in baltimore county and BEL AIR. i will have to get to you tomorrow.
hope harford county is working for you, i work over in white hall as a estimator and project manger for a plumbing company.
hope you feel beter.

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SWEETNSKINNY 3/3/2010 11:51PM

    aww im so sorry..feel better SOON!

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KADULAC 3/3/2010 8:13PM

    I am so sorry to hear that. I hope you feel better soon and get back to leaping those tall buildings again. emoticon

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    I feel for you. Get to feeling better soon.

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Off day

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Today I woke up feeling miserable. Last night I went to bed feeling miserable. It seems my son who loves to share kisses and hugs also shared his cold with me.
So this morning, I managed to get my son and I ready to go but completely forgot to get some milk in a container for some cereal at work, my peppermint tea that I love to drink when I'm sick, my sudefed, and even my airborne that I drink non stop. By the time I got to my son's daycare/preschool I realized my error.
So in a moment of weakness and also of desperation I stopped at the gas station which is also a Burger King. I went in hoping to maybe get a breakfast sandwich and some sudefed however yet again I was to be disappointed. The gas station had no sudefed, just Tylenol Cold and also they had no breakfast foods at all. Not even MILK!
So instead I purchased a small pack of Tylenol Cold and headed on over for my grease filled and artery choking Burger King breakfast. Good news is my coworker this morning had one of those mornings that many of us have. She woke up, looked at herself in the mirror and said she needed to lose weight. I told her I'm right on board with her at which point she looked at my Croissanwich like "uh huh". Ended up making me throw half of it away. It didn't taste all that good anyways.
Well then lunch. My other coworker (I have lots of coworkers now) treated us all to Papa Johns today. I love Papa Johns, in fact that is my favorite take out pizza. We didn't have those in Fairbanks so I missed it lots. So I ended up having 3 slices and some more soda to boot.
Yeah, I've been bad so far today. emoticon
Good news is tonight is our veggie night. We have two of those a week now. Tonight we're having Eggplant Pomodoro along with some penne pasta and some fresh artisan bread. I figure I'll limit the bread somewhat and yes I will end the day with a bit too many calories but I don't do this everyday. Side note, if I have time tonight I'll post the recipe on SparkRecipes.
At this point, my goal today is not exactly to lose weight today, I just want to kick this cold!
That way, come tomorrow morning possibly I can start up again with my work outs with my Wii Active.

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MS5835 3/2/2010 7:06PM

    Hope you feel better. Tomorrow is a new day!

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NIELSENSLADY 3/2/2010 1:26PM

    Try to get well soon. Tomorrow is another day.

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I see a challenge ahead

Thursday, February 25, 2010

And oddly enough, it's not one I expected at work. I've almost completed my first week back at work and I've noticed something that makes me uneasy.
All the employees (and yes, I mean all!) at my new office eat prepackaged, processed food, non stop. Breakfast and lunch.
I've seen them eating hot pockets, chocolate donuts, and lots of lots of coffee with lots and lots of creamer for breakfast.
For lunch the most popular treat seems to be cup of noodle as many of my coworkers will heat up a cup in the microwave, then bring it back to their desk and work and eat. If it's not cup of noodle, then it's some other prepackaged meal like Stouffers, Budget Gourmet, Lean Cuisines, etc.
This is consumed with either a soda or another cup of coffee.
Oddly enough, it seems none of my coworkers actually bring in leftovers, homemade brown bag lunches, fruit, cut up vegetables, etc.
The preferred snack is a bag of chips snatched from the vending machine down the hallway.
Today I brought some snap peas in to snack on and one of my coworkers really asked me if I was going to really eat those.
Okay, in all fairness, my new office is much like a call center. Calls are streaming in almost non stop so it is difficult to eat cut up apples or veggies as a snack because fruits and veggies tend to either make your mouth water or are very crunchy.
Still though, I can see that this is going to be a challenge. Eating fruits, veggies, salads, pita bread with hummus, 100 calorie english muffins with a 2 tbsps of unsweetened peanut butter, etc all the while my neighbor is snacking on a bag of Cheetos and a Pepsi.
Tonight I actually took about 20 minutes and packed up some Cascadian Farms bars, wasabi peas(I love these because they're so spicy they make me drink TONS of water! Fills me up really fast!), pretzels, almonds, and even some Kashi Oatmeal & Dark Chocolate chip cookies for those times when I really have a chocolate craving. I'm thinking the days that I'm not on the phones I can actually bring in precut cucumbers or squash to munch on.
I seriously hope actually to not only face the challengeto keep eating healthy and succeed in my weight loss goals but maybe even inspire a few coworkers to actually eat healthier. You know, kind of start Spark Movement in the office.
It's certainly worth a try.

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SWEETNSKINNY 2/27/2010 1:21PM

    Love your ideas to keep your snacking healthy! You are awesome. I bet you will end up motivating your co-workers!

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Nah, I've mentioned to a few coworkers about exercise or eating healthy but I don't say much more than that.
I don't want to annoy anyone.
Yup, that's what I'm afraid of!!!!
Everyone yesterday kept telling me to have a donut. Over and over and over and over.
I DID NOT succumb though!

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NEWGIRL20101 2/27/2010 9:04AM

    I would think you may cause the others to change their ways in eating and be a very good example to you new office friends. Dont let them change your eating habits. emoticon emoticon

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DRAGONWOLF 2/26/2010 5:49PM

    Yes it is worth a try, just remember to let them ask and don't preach (not that you would but there are those that do) You can do this keep the pre-planning up so you are not tempted.
emoticon emoticon

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Trying to find my place

Monday, February 22, 2010

Today was my very first day at my new office. Of course, I had the butterflies, jitters and all of that. Still it helped to get there so early so I could begin making my new desk my new home.
The most senior agent was already there but not many other people. Cool. I needed some quiet time to collect my thoughts and calm my nerves. I even brought a cup of Coconut Chai, which is one of my husband and my favorites, to help calm me and hopefully help me focus and like I sometimes joke "find my zen".
One delightful thing that I've already noticed. First I can drop my son off at 7a and still get to work at a reasonable hour. That is one of the things that I actually HATE about working and having a child. It always feels like we have to move super fast just so I can get to work ON TIME.
Next, yes, the office is busy but it's almost a good busy! As I watched the light on the phone blink non stop I was overcome with the feeling that, "hey, once I'm fully trained I could REALLY help this office out....A LOT!"
They always say know your strengths. I know that I am one heck of a fast worker when I want to be, I'm awesome at customer service, I can constantly come up with innovative and creative ideas (I used to joke around that I was like MacGyver. Give me a hairbrush, a paperclip and a rubberband and I can make you an airplane), and most of the time I'm optimistic as all hell.
Right now I'm kind of uncertain about tomorrow though. I've been advised tomorrow I get on the phones. Oh boy, oh BOY!!

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DRAGONWOLF 2/23/2010 12:02PM

    Have a great day emoticon

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EDDIEPBELL 2/22/2010 10:12PM

  Happy, day you'll do good, Dad. P.S. say hi to Nick and Edward

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SUNSHINE634 2/22/2010 7:46PM

    Sounds great, you will do fine on the phones, Find your Zen.

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NEWGIRL20101 2/22/2010 7:37PM

    sounds like you have a very exciting day Congrads & good luck tomorrow .God Bless

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A Tasty Experiment

Friday, February 19, 2010

Recently husband, son and myself were all grocery shopping at our commissary. I noticed we had a coupon for Egglands Best which I very rarely buy since they're so expensive but I wanted to try something. The coupon I had would either make their Organic eggs almost the same price as the traditional NON organic eggs or I could take it up a notch and purchase the Organic eggs from non caged hens with the coupon which would make it about the same cost as just the Organic eggs.

So I took a chance and decided to make an experiment. I would buy those eggs that advertise Cage Free and Organic and see how they taste and look.
First experiment was last Sunday morning. Steak and Eggs. The steak was not very tasty as it had obviously been sitting in the reduced meats freezer for sometime and it was very richly marbled with fat (EWW) but the eggs we had over easy.
The egg white was about the same as traditional eggs other than it seemed to hold together better. However the yolk was a completely different story.
Normally the eggs I buy have pretty much pale yellow yolks, sometimes they might have a slight orangey tinge to them but otherwise yellow.
This yolks were almost like a Orange with a tad bit of yellow in them. Think of the color like a sunflower only a bit deeper. I wish I had taken a picture of it. (yeah, I'm weird like that, I take pictures of almost anything)
My husband said he noticed that the yolk tasted a bit richer. Like the difference between margarine and butter.
I have noticed a bigger difference now that I hardboiled a few. Once hardboiled these eggs, or more accurately the yolks take on this very rich flavor that reminds me almost of pate.
Maybe it's just a mind trick, but I have to say these eggs do SEEM to taste better.
Yet another thing to wonder about. Probably the true test would be to simply keep one of the egglands best hardboiled eggs with one of the traditional eggs, peel them both and then have a taste of each one to see which tastes better?
I don't know.
Now away from the taste testing, the organic cage free eggs are SUPPOSEDLY better for us since they have higher Omega 3 levels and all.
In fact here is a statement from the Egglands best website:
"Eggland's Best eggs contain 10 times more Vitamin E than ordinary eggs, four times more Vitamin D,115mg of Omega 3, shown to be beneficial to cardiac health, 25% less Saturated Fat, 75% more Vitamin B12, over 50% more Vitamin A, 15% more Riboflavin (Vitamin B2), 200 mcg of Lutein, shown to contribute to eye health, and 10% of the daily recommended intake of folic acid. In addition, one Eggland's Best large white egg contains just 175mg of Cholesterol compared to 215mg in an ordinary egg."
Now I don't believe everything I read, I prefer to take it in all with a grain of salt however that being said we did notice a difference in color, texture and taste, sooooo......

Next, I'm trying to find a grocery store that raises grass raised beef. I've tasted it in Montana (OH MY was it TASTY!) and would love to have a nice steak sometime. We eat red meat so rarely now that it's nice to have a steak once in a while with a nice baked potato. Mmmm yum!

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DRAGONWOLF 2/19/2010 10:58AM

    I am still looking for grass fed beef too. All the packages mention that they are grain fed as if that is something good. I like to try and get eggs from free range chickens or better yet the Hutteris ( bad spelling here) fresh from the farm.

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NIELSENSLADY 2/19/2010 10:51AM

    Yeah. I prefer meats from the West too and I'm from the South East. They are grass fed and the cuts seem much healthier.

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