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Day Three of Mission: Bikini Body Wedding!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Okay,s o this morning, I forgot that Cye had to go to court today so he didn't have to wake up as early as usual, and I count on him waking me up before he leaves so I have time to work out. So when he woke me up and said "It's 7" my first thought was "well, now I won't work out today, I don't have enough time" then I thought "Weddingggggg" and thought "okay, we can fit in a few minutes." I was able to squeeze in about... 20 minutes of workout - 15 of the Gazelle and 5-7 minutes of lifts.... nicee. Maybe I will go for a walk with the dog later for some added calories - we'll see. I was proud though. It's so easy to not work out for a day, so I am glad I did... but after I got done working out and came up stairs - cye was still there.. he just said he was really proud of me and I could tell he meant it... especially after that kiss - wooooowhooo. lol. It was cute and the combo of getting to spend a few extra minutes with him and the workout made my day.. even after I made the bad breakfast choice. It's okay though... I can't be perfect and I am trying to accept that I will make food choice mistakes... but with the help of the Spark nutrition it makes me realzie how bad my choices really are and where all those extra cals are coming from - making me more aware of what food is entering my body. I am looking forward to keeping on doing what I am doing. =o] =o]

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MSBETH 4/1/2010 1:37PM

    Thanks Mom =o]

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ELLAREE57 3/31/2010 11:00PM

    good I see your using the tracking guide, KEEP IT UP! emoticon

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Day Two of Mission: Bikini Body Wedding!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Okay, so this morning Cye woke me up and said "It's for the wedding" just like I asked the other night! It made me so happy to hear him say that b/c he knows thats what's my motivation right now, until I can do it on my own. It made me get up and go right to the DVR to decide what I was gonna do. I chose "The Biggest Loser: Last Chance Workout".... WHOA.. it really is one heck of a workout. I felt like I was gonna throw up when it got close to the end!! It felt so good to make it through it though!! I am so proud of myself!! YAY Me for working out!!!n REALLLLLYYY working out... emoticon


Day One of Mission: Bikini Body Wedding!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Last night I told Cye to wake me up with him and all he needed to say is "It's for the Wedding" and that would work [to get me to get up so I could workout]. Then, this morning rolled around and he woke me up and just said "Babe, get up! C'mon" and I must admit, I was a bit disappointed he didn't say me motivational phrase, but at least he woke me up. It was really hard getting out of bed, and I must admit, I put my shoes on, he left and I went and laid back in bed for an additional 20 minutes, in my gym shoes and all - LOL... Then, suddenly I woke up and thought "it's for the wedding" got up, quit my complaining, turned on the tv and worked out on the Gazelle for 20 minutes. It's not much, but I figure it's a good start! It sure was tough, my leg were BURNIN'!! But I made at all the way through the 20 minutes, and I am glad I did. No, lmao, we are not technically engaged.. but we are talking about a Caribbean wedding in October of 2011 and all I want to do is feel BEAUTIFUL on my wedding day and wear some CUTE bathing suites! It will just make everything PERFECT if I follow through... So I just wanted to give some update... I know my last blog post was quite depressing. I am still there, but I am hoping to try my hardest to get out of this RUT!!!!


I need to realize...

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I need to start to realize that food is NOT my enemy.... Food nourishes me and keeps me alive... but I guess i have trained myself into thinking that food made me fat. No, I made ME fat by abusing food. I love eating. It fills a void. It makes me happy. I feel like I cannot love food and still achieve my dream weight - am I right in my thinking? I don't know. I mean... kind of. I can't continue to eat the way I do and expect to lose weight. It is soo soo hard though. Believe me, if I could be super dedicated and motivated I think I would be by now. I am so tired of just feeling so out of control. I need help. I am so lost. I don't know what to do. I see my life passing me by. I want children and I want a happy marriage. Not that big people can't have that.... but I feel like if I am not thinner it makes it so much harder to be happier. Cye won't want to stay with me.. and I won't be able to play with my children like I want to. I'm not even married and I don't even have children and I am already worried about this - am I damning my own future? God, I hope I can change. I need to. I cannot be this person. I cannot let myself be any more out of control. I wish somebody could say something - ANYTHING that would make me snap out of it. I am so lost.

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JPSTED 3/19/2010 2:31PM

    Well Beth, at least you are recognizing the problem in your 20's...i'm 47 years old and have been overweight all of my life...and i'm just now working on it...i'm just limiting my caloric intake to 1000-1500 calories although last night i had a snack of a cup of cashews and that added 786 calories which put me at 1700+ for the day...and i'm up 3 pounds...a minor setback...but i'm human and so are you...don't be too hard on yourself or get just need to get control on yourself...and because i have C.O.P.D. exercise is i wear 10 pound ankle weights around the house for the better part of the day...and i can feel it building my legs up already...and drink the 8-8oz glasses of water it's important to flush you i said enlist your boyfriend to my turn out to be a catalyst for some fun & games...which burns some real calories and it's a whole lot more emoticon

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MSBETH 3/18/2010 11:01AM

    That's great that you have lost some weight!!! Great job! It is so hard to do it the right way and stick to it. Thank you for the encouragement, I really need it... as I said in my blog, the only way I can describe it is that I feel so lost... I guess I am just going to start by figuring out what my daily intake should be and all that.... it's just so hard to get started.... Please let me know if you have any ideas or suggestions that could help me out!! Have a great day!

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JPSTED 3/18/2010 10:48AM

    hi msbeth...first of all relax...if Cye loves you he's not going sound like you are in a rut just like we all are here...i'm a boredom/emotional eater...was!!! and a drinker, come home from a bar and eat...i've gotten serious about this and when i started over this time i was 300lbs...a week before that i was i'm 290lbs and hopefully going to 250lbs by need to get into the mindset that you can't go over a certain amount of calories and stick to it...i've already had 2 days where i went over my caloric limit that i've set and you just have to stay on it...if you need someone to talk to let me know and we can exchange ideas and support...jpsted emoticon

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So.. we start...

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Okay... soo.. My mom told me to check this site out.. and i am.. since i just recently joined a gym near my house, i need some sort of tracking of my calories, or help with a diet.. so this time it will be successful.. I figure i will be more likely to stick with it seeing that i am paying money for my gym membership and there is NO way i am gonna get screwed out of my money each month for a year!! haha... so my family.. is well.. a big family, not only in numbers, but lets face it.. they are all bigger.. me included.. but i want to change it! I don't want to be unhappy for my entire life stuck in this (or god forbid even bigger) body! My main motivation is just becasue i want to look good.It really isnt even about being healthy right now. I just want to look GOOD... thats it. and i dont know if thats a bad motivation or not, but lets face it, motivation is motivation.. i guess i would like to be healthy..but.. im not as worried about that as i am worried about how much i wont want to step foot on a beach or even glance at a bathing suit this upcoming summer, if i look how i do now.. and i'm almost 21.. i dont want to look bad!! I'm young, i should look great.. but i dont... so... here we go... this is going to be VERY VERy tough for me... but i really want to try and do this.. then... this summer... probably next to be more realistic.. i will look great.. "Damnnnnn" hehe.... MUAH!-Beth


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