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Rainy but good day

Monday, February 01, 2010


I tore him up last night.The best I have done with calories in weeks. I am looking to do the same tonight.

It is another rainy day here in Florida. Temp is a little cooler but not bad.

Did not sleep well during the night so I never got up til almost noon. By the time I found some info on web that Bill needed in order to bowl in Bradenton later this month it was time to go get my hair cut. I usually don't go out in weather like this but I cancelled my appointment last week so I knew she'd kill me if I did it again.
I told her all about Spark again and she is going to check it out along with her sister. I hope she follows thru.
I need to scoot to back room and get my exercises done.A little is better than none.
I think I will have Bill bring home a rotisserie chicken for supper. Easy and no mess.
I need some more cucumbers too.I keep getting some that are like they have been partially frozen. I am not sure if it is my fridge or grocery store.

Ok I better go.I am doing much better thanks to all of you not letting me give up. I am afraid to quit or you guys will form a posse and come after me. emoticon

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ERGLOSTBY 2/5/2010 2:26PM

  Great job! Do you live near Bradenton?

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KATIE233 2/2/2010 12:41PM

    hi Elen, wtg on getting the demon.i find cucumbers spoil to fast so i change to green zuchinni. i put it into my salad just like a cucumber.have a wonderful day. emoticon

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SEAWILLOW 2/2/2010 4:55AM

    Way to go!!! You are succeeding! I will have to drag out the hounds if you start missing! emoticon ( closest pup I could get, lol)

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NEWSTART127 2/2/2010 12:25AM

    You better believe it! Hawk posse!
Way to go on having a great day! Doesn't that feel emoticon

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TSISQUAUSDI 2/1/2010 10:05PM

    Don't worry, Eleni, it should be warmer and drier tomorrow!

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SUNNY332 2/1/2010 7:22PM

    Sweet, Eleni and great work battling the food demon yesterday.

If you quit, I am headed down there to kick some butt! OK?

Hang in there and know we all love you too.

Hugs, Sunny

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LOSINIT52 2/1/2010 7:12PM

    Good for you Eleni!
I think there's something about a new month that makes us want to start fresh. Maybe you should reset your counter for the month.
Love your Grannie kicking up her heels on your background. WooHoo!
We can do this!

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FEISTYMAMA 2/1/2010 6:57PM

    You know if you quit we WOULD form a posse and stop by your house! emoticon

Are your cucumbers in a refrigerated case at the grocery store? Mine aren't but I know my refrigerator freezes things. I've had ice chunks on my romaine lettuce and I didn't buy it that way.

Don't you feel better with a hair cut? I haven't had my hair cut since December of 2008! I think I'm well over due.

Good luck with the Food Demon tonight. I know you can do it!!!

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SHOAPIE 2/1/2010 6:29PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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EVER-EVOLVING 2/1/2010 6:18PM

    So glad you did so well. Snow is still on the ground; no school. It'll probably take a week of sunshine for it all to melt. Love your new background.

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MDMNINA 2/1/2010 6:13PM

    You will not quit! I would haunt you!!

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KAT7457 2/1/2010 5:52PM

    keep up the good job. you can do it. i love your pics. they are great. hugs

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RURAL3 2/1/2010 5:03PM

    emoticon emoticon You slayed the dragon last night. emoticon Keep on dancing. emoticon

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MPARKER67 2/1/2010 4:36PM

    emoticonMuch better mood today!

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BORROWEDANGEL1 2/1/2010 4:32PM

    YIPPY!!! I knew you would get the best of that dang demon.. He's all blue, and it must be from where you socked him a good one with that POW driver from those boxing gloves.. emoticon

Your hair is always so pretty! I wear my hair short most times, but it has grown out and is looking a bit bad now. I thought it would warm up so that my head wouldn't feel so cold when I do get it cut, but guess I'll wait a while longer. emoticon

I have been getting cucumbers from walmart that taste like they are old, but they look very nice on the outside.. I think they taste like Mom use to say 'woody taste or musky taste'..I threw the last ones out cause I couldn't stand them..things cost so much, then it's no good when you try to eat it..infuriates me at times.

Rotisserie chicken sounds good..I got one the other day that had been Rosemary and garlic flavor, it was sooooo good..

and YES you got it right, if you don't show up, we'll send out a posse to find out what's happened to you.. we need you with us, to keep us in line.. 'ssssshh don't tell anyone that we get out of hand at times'... hahaha..

Love those little cartoons you are using today.. and your wallpaper too.. dancing granny, she's cute..
emoticon to my favorite lady in Florida.

emoticon Pat

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LKWQUILTER 2/1/2010 4:29PM

    You have remarkable will-power Eleni. Congratulations on beating that awful food demon. I think I need you to slay my food demon as he is really trying to get to me lately. lol

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TILLIEBEE 2/1/2010 4:28PM

    You're right.
emoticon emoticon

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I Wasn't Going To Blog But.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

It just wouldn't be me would it. Good or bad I seem to always end up here. I will warn you that I am in a rambling mood.
Ok here goes. I haven't even finished responding to comments made on my blog yesterday.But I know if I don't get this done I won't do it. I really did not and do not want to blog today.
My Food Demon beat the crap out of me again. Why??? I wish I knew. I told Bill he needed to make a trip to Home Depot today.He asked me what for.I told him he needed to pick up some chains and locks.He have me a puzzled look and asked what the heck was I talking about.I told him he needed to put chains and locks on cabinets,fridge and freezer so I can't get in them. He wasn't too sure if I was serious or not as I have had him build me some crazy stuff. emoticon I am getting real close to being serious about locking stuff up.
On the good side the scale was way down which only made me more aggravated at what I ate last night. It is bad enough to over eat but I don't even get to overeat with the good stuff.
I was not going to exercise either but what the heck.We can do almost anything for 10 minutes. The first time I heard that was on the Fly Lady web page when she was talking about decluttering a house or even doing house work. Now it is on spark and in Spark book. So I did go to the exercise room.Certainly was not enthused about it. Did 18 minutes. Not near what I usually do but I did get my butt in there.Will see how the day goes and maybe I will go back later. I keep a log since I started going back there on Jan 2 and I have only missed one day.
I also see I didn't write in my gratitude journal yesterday. So I will try to think of something for yesterday and then for today. I have also only missed one day of writing something in it. Some days I don't have enough room and some days I struggle to fill out 4 lines. I once told you I was moody.There's proof.
I had a good lunch for less than 300 calories. 264 to be exact. I had some of my soup that I used my immersion blender to make it more of a smooth soup and a salad. I do love my newest immersion blender.It is so much better than the one I had. This thing has power to spare. I kept the other one as it was almost new but never use it. The old one is Hamilton Beach and this one is Cruisinart.
Ok I am wandering.
I keep thinking of a couple of sayings I am always throwing at my kids and I need to throw them at myself
Talks cheap and bull sh*t walks.Action speaks louder than words. I am talking the talk but my progress shows I am not walking the walk.Not all the way.
So I am going to work on walking the walk better. If you guys can do it surely I can do it too.Maybe not as quick but I have been stuck for weeks that have turned into months.Enough is enough.
I haven't been able to crochet since I burnt my thumb.Don't grab the side of a stove top grill with your thumb.It will cook it quick.Thanks to years of working around fire I knew what to do. Put it under water faucet. Cold water is ten times better than ice.
Ok I feel better.Well somewhat better. I warned you I would be rambling. It's now almost time for a nap. When you get to be an old fart like me naps are very important.
Bill just checked the temp and it is 58 but sure feels cooler out there.I know that's a heat wave to you dear friends who are freezing your booty betootys off.
Ok Enough from me.Have a good day.

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MDMNINA 2/1/2010 3:00PM

    Ramble away, Sweetie! Your ramblings make more sense then a lot of people's structure!

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MPARKER67 2/1/2010 9:40AM

    Eleni, we are making progress even when we are maintaining or having small gains. We are recognizing what we did wrong and how to do it better.
I so understand just wanting to give up. But then the food demon wins forever and I don't think that is what you want.
Now I have to go to Pat's page and let her know how much I lover her story to you!
(In your gratitude journal, you could be greatful for a friend so willing to leave you such a silly story!) emoticon

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SUNNY332 2/1/2010 8:22AM

    Bless your heart. Sorry the food demon won this round. He may be winning some battles but he will not win the WAR. I have confidence that you will come back and do that very thing.

Do whatever you need to do this week to take back the lead from the food demon.
You can do it.

Best Wishes and good luck for a GREAT week.


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BORROWEDANGEL1 2/1/2010 1:31AM

    What are we going to do with you, Ladybug.. You are playing with that yo-yo in the kitchen again - and I know you must be tired of the darn thing by now.. ((HUGS)) soooo here's a silly little story I'm going to tell you..

It starts like this - You know it's so dang hard to know that there is something in the kitchen with Dinah, but your mama told you to choose just one, but oh no you old dirty food demon you, you made Eleni choose to many, and now she's saying ini-mini minee moe, you old food demon you really have to go, so O-U-T spells out you old dirty food demon you, but Mama told me to stay out of the kitchen with Dinah, but I huffed and I puffed and I said 'what big eyes you have demon' and now it's your turn to hop scotch and pick up the sticks, maybe even put the pigs in a basket, while being jack be nimble jack be quick, or your London Bridge will be falling down, and the old lady in the shoe will eat no more lean while her husband eat no more fat, and he'll keep her in a pumkin shell, then Eleni will stick in her thumb and pull back a nub and cry wee wee wee all the way back to the living room without any peas porge hot, nine days old..

Well that has ended my story, and I know you must be saying 'that woman has lost her ever lovin mind.. Well maybe, but I hope I made you laugh. They say that laughter doesn't have any calories.. but it does work the muscles, and that's my story and I'm stickn' to it..

You know what...yup emoticon

Love ya Ladybug,
emoticon Pat

p.s. I know it was the silliest thing anyone has seen on here,, but that's ok.. anything to make you smile and laugh to forget the stressful days and nights.. :)

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WHOAMOMMA 1/31/2010 5:10PM

    I loved reading your blog. Bill sounds like Bob "OK I'll go but what do you really need it for??" Great on getting in the exercise even though your MIND wasn't in it.

Hang in there.

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KAT7457 1/31/2010 4:38PM

    I just love reading your blogs. here in MN 58 degrees would be heaven to us now. its still cold here and ice and snow. i would take 58 any time.

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GRANNYS5 1/31/2010 4:00PM

    I'm glad you put that blog out there today, it makes me realize what I can and should do!

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FEISTYMAMA 1/31/2010 2:40PM

    If you lock the cabinets, fridge, & freezer you'll resort to hiding things elsewhere. At least I would.

Great job on getting some exercising done. I haven't exercised since Thursday. I need to get my butt in the basement and walk for a bit.

I had soup for lunch too. I've been craving potatoes so I made potato soup. We're headed out to the store in a few minutes to get more potatoes. Just the thought of eating something other than potatoes earlier made me sick. Oh the joys of having an alien growing inside you!

I hope you feel better after your nap.

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Rainy Dreary Day

Saturday, January 30, 2010

It is dark,dreary and raining.Good time for a nap which I will shortly go take.
I have good and bad news. I did great beating my Food Demon last night but weigh in was not good.
I had a 3.5# gain which I know is fluid. Knowing it is fluid doesn't help a lot. It was very hard to force myself to go exercise but I did. It just doesn't seem like I am making much headway.


No news here.I am heading to go take a nap.I didn't sleep well last night so I am tired.
Hope you are having a good weekend

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EVER-EVOLVING 1/31/2010 11:45AM

    I'll take the rain over what we have: a foot of snow! Good that you know the gain is fluid...keep up the good work! My computer is acting up, and I'm having trouble posting...

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SEAWILLOW 1/31/2010 8:50AM

    Do not let your battles be fought on a scale! You are doing fantastic!

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CEB2007 1/31/2010 8:30AM

    It was a rainy dreary day here too, puddles everywhere. Hopefully the sun will shine today and dry things up a bit. It was supposed to be 32 this morning but I haven't been out of the house.

Take heart with the weight. If you keep doing what you were doing, and the exercise helped, the scale will catch up soon.

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RURAL3 1/30/2010 10:29PM

    It's been a good day here. Long but good. I am just signing in. I think I will just do a little and go to bed. I am tired too. I know your fluid issues are very frustrating for you. But know that you are doing everything right and try not to let that beat you. Just keep up the good work. You are doing great. emoticon emoticon

Comment edited on: 1/30/2010 10:29:34 PM

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MICKEY341 1/30/2010 8:58PM

    I hope you woke refreshed from your nap. I didn't take a nap, don't think 3.5 hrs would be considered a nap? Huh?
Take care of that fluid retention! Don't let it get ahead of you!!!
Good for you beating the Demon! Shows you are in control!
We have ice and snow! Again!
Take care of yourself!!!

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KAT7457 1/30/2010 8:12PM

    I think today is a blaw for everyone I am tried also nap sounds good also. hope you feel refreshed when you wake up. hope sunday is better for you?? have a good night. hugs its still very cold in MN i w=am so waiting for spring i can just think of all the pretty yards filled with flowers and they swell so sweet watching the squirrels and birds. i think of that often. hoep you feel better later.

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LOSINIT52 1/30/2010 5:50PM

    Hope you wake refreshed!
Don't let that scale rule your emotions, and glad you're being good.
I'm doing better too.
Have a good weekend.

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2BFREE2LIVE 1/30/2010 5:47PM

    Scoot over, I will bring my own pillow, it is rainy here today too. Rest is needed sometimes so your body can repair itself.
So have a good nap. Sandy

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BORROWEDANGEL1 1/30/2010 5:19PM

    I was on my way to your blog when I noticed that you had been to mine. :) I hope you had a good nap. Dreary days always make me sleepy. It's still dark and gloomy here, too.

I'm glad you beat the food demon last night.. I'm sure you'll get that fluid moving once the dark clouds move out and you can start to take photos of the little creatures that come into your yard.. Spring is not to far off. We have thousands of Robins in our yard this year.. They are eatin' the bugs like there is no tomorrow..The blue birds are even getting ready. Some of our trees are putting on their buds, so it won't be long now..

Keep doing your exercise, you'll get that fluid going, and you'll be down again soon.

emoticon - Pat

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MDMNINA 1/30/2010 4:01PM

    Have a good nap. That's what rainy days are for!

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SMB19191405 1/30/2010 3:25PM

    We all understand about the battle with the weight. You are right to keep going - it is just temporary. Promise! You'll see results next week. Stay strong and don't let the rain and gloom get you down.

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    I'm sorry you are up in fluid. Being horizontal helps with that, so I'm really glad you are resting and taking a nap. It does the body good. Sleep is good on rainy days, so I hope you wake up feeling better. Take care!!! emoticon We have at least 9" of snow on the ground "and counting." Snow is not supposed to stop until 4 a.m.

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FEISTYMAMA 1/30/2010 2:46PM

    Of course the exercise is doing good. You're plugging along and doing great with your exercise!!!

Way to go on beating the Food Demon too!!

A nap does sound good. It's too noisy here right now for a nap but maybe I'll get a short one in later.

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SUNNY332 1/30/2010 2:29PM

    Sounds like taking a nap is definitely on the agenda.

The one thing to remember Eleni is that all exercise does the body some good so keep it up and even if you do not loose the #'s, your muscles are benefiting.

Keep you chin up & your face to the emoticon. It is all good!

Hugs, Sunny

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Thanks for these inspirational Blog

Friday, January 29, 2010

I donít know if I will blog later or not but I wanted to post some links that totally turned me around this morning.
After I failed to beat My food Demon last night I got up in a totally feel sorry for myself and ready to just give up.I was so tired of trying failing starting over etc etc etc.And dealing with the health problems on top of all that. Then I checked my emails and after reading these 3 blogs I am no longer in that mood. The first one reminded me that it came be done.The second reminded me I am not alone in how I feel some days.And the last just made me smile from ear to ear. There is no way I can give up now. My mood completely changed and I headed to do my exercises. Thank you dear ladies as those blogs hit the spot.I have to pass them along. Goes to show how much a simple blog might effect someone.I love blogs.
Thanks to all my fantastic sparkers who keep me going.I truly would give up if it were not for all your comments on my blog and page and just reminding me I can do it.I just love all of you so much.

Ok Here's hoping I do this right
inspiration in spades

and to show we often think so much alike

And to make you smile

Ok I have to finish grocery list as we are going to go get groceries after I get my nails done. It is going to be a good day

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SMB19191405 1/30/2010 3:22PM

    Thanks for sharing! I enjoyed all the blogs also.

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CEB2007 1/30/2010 1:52PM

    Hello Pretty Lady. Thanks so much for the comments on my blog. You and Alice kinda focused my thinking. I have decided to skip February and maybe go back in March to the paid class. The free class is at the senior center and it is more about friends, fun and fellowship. We're not painting masterpieces but we have fun -- and that's important too. Thanks again for stopping by.

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KATIE233 1/30/2010 12:52PM

    hi Eleni, oh well so the devil beat you last night i hope you locked him up in a room that he can,t get away and try it again. hahaha try again tonight we all have those nights i do!! emoticon emoticonwe got to eat more fruit and veggies and forget that bad guy. my problem is at night about 11pm til 2am while watching tv. sometimes i get into a chocolate bar or hand full of chips and of course diet pop. i know it,s all bad but you know it,s hard to give up comfort food.i guess we better start again tonight. best of luck my friend. let,s beat that missable bad devil lets bury him for good! emoticon emoticon emoticonlet,s have some green tea together. take care my friend and have a wonderful day and night!

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BORROWEDANGEL1 1/30/2010 1:21AM

    Hey Ladybug, those were great blogs. Loved the song, made me smile, and giggle a bit.

Thanks for the comment on my live feed. I'm happy with my weight loss this week.. I worked hard to get that 4 pounds off this fluffy body of mine. LOL.

I gave in and had myself 3 slices of pizza..I WILL NOT do that again for a long long time. It tasted good, but I felt stuffed and miserable and light headed from to much salt or carbs, oh he*L to much EVERYTHING on the darn thing.. I didn't go over calories but was in the middle range today.. I feel yucky though.. I learned that No pizza is worth feeling this way ever again..

I need to get comfortable with writing blogs, but I really don't know much to talk about, or maybe it's just that I think nobody would be interested in my blogs..I'll have to think on it and decide later..

Well I've jabbered enough for tonight..I am really up late because I felt so stuffed, and couldn't sleep.

Hope you have a good weekend. It's cold again and rainy weather.. YUCK!!

emoticon -Pat

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DMLADKINS 1/29/2010 10:11PM

    I am thrilled that you liked my sillyness enough to share the link, and doubly thrilled that it helped pull you out of your mood.
emoticon emoticon

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WHOAMOMMA 1/29/2010 7:40PM

    Thanks for sharing. Cried through the first one and felt with Angi. Of course laughed with Dee.

This to shall pass of course and it is great to have this site to help find the support to help us through it.

Take care emoticon

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FEISTYMAMA 1/29/2010 6:53PM

    So, what did you have done with your nails today? That should've made you feel better.

You know we wouldn't let you quit!

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KAT7457 1/29/2010 6:05PM

    thanks for sharing the blogs. remember you can do it!!!

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LOSINIT52 1/29/2010 3:30PM

    Thanks Eleni
I did enjoy these blogs and as usual appreciate your support.
I am feeling better as the day goes on. I think really I was just disappointed in myself because I know that I can do better and shouldn't let anything get in my way.
Thanks again my friend. Your support really does mean a lot.

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SEAWILLOW 1/29/2010 2:20PM

    You are worth your very best effort!!!The blogs are awesome especially like the singing!!!

Comment edited on: 1/29/2010 2:30:58 PM

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MICKEY341 1/29/2010 1:58PM

    Eleni, what would we do without you? I was having a really bad day...just came on to read some blogs, didn't plan on doing anything elae. When I opened up your, I thought I would read the ones you sent out!!! Boy, I don't feel like I did!!! Thanks, thanks, thanks!!! You are one of a kind. Love ya...

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EVER-EVOLVING 1/29/2010 1:57PM

    Love you too, Ms. Eleni! I subscribed to your blogs because they are so motivational. I also love your video blogs...the one where you showed how you weighed your food, counted the calories, etc. is a favorite of mine. Keep up the great work, and I look forward to your daily blogs!

Be glad you live in Fla., we are expecting a big snow storm!

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    Thank you for honoring my blog in your blog. I am just having one of those weeks and needed to get something out of my system. LOL

Who does your nails, and what do you have done? Are there going to be pictures of them later??

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RURAL3 1/29/2010 1:31PM

    thanks Eleni

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2BFREE2LIVE 1/29/2010 1:12PM

    Thank you Ms. Eleni, for always making me smile.
I hope you have lots of fruits on that list because I know you have all your veggies written down.
Have a wonderful day. Sandy emoticon

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MPARKER67 1/29/2010 12:59PM

    emoticon emoticon
I am glad you found what you needed.

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Not much going on

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Not much going on around here. I did get all my exercises done.Plus made a huge pot of veggie soup for coming week.
Looks like I may go over my calories just a little tonight. I am staying ahead of my Food Demon but he is creeping up. I did beat him last night tho.
18 8.

Can't think of anything to talk about. I am doing ok. Just need to beat my Food Demon more often. That will come.
Have a good night all.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

MPARKER67 1/29/2010 10:04AM

    Somedays it is okay not to have much to say. We are in the teens or below this week. It is almost February and after that it should get a little better. Veggie soup would be good in this cold!

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SUNNY332 1/29/2010 9:51AM

    Add a little exercise to your agenda on days you go over a little.

All in all, I thing you are doing well.

Hugs, Sunny

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RURAL3 1/28/2010 11:11PM

    It is so cold here. -12 and not going to warm up much tomorrow. I believe it will be -2. I think I will go upstairs to my heated mattress pad and read before I doze off. emoticon

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EVER-EVOLVING 1/28/2010 9:43PM

    I love vegetable soup; it's my favorite! I love your cartoon icons. Have a great night; we are expecting up to a foot of snow by Saturday :( Bummer.

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KAT7457 1/28/2010 9:34PM

    love your background and little figures. pot of homemade soup sounds yummy. enjoy it.

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FEISTYMAMA 1/28/2010 8:02PM

    MMMM, veggie soup sounds yummy. I splurged and had potato soup at lunch. It was delicious!

You're doing great with your exercises!! I'm headed to the basement to get my exercise in.

Have a great night!


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BORROWEDANGEL1 1/28/2010 7:56PM

    emoticon emoticon Enjoy your tv, while you emoticon jab that little food emoticon!!!

emoticon Pat

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