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Friday, September 11, 2009

I am happy to say that Angel was feeling much better this morning,Getting the flu on top of heart problems made it rough.At least the flu part is much better. She sounded a lot better too.
29 0
I am still surprised each day I beat the Food Demon. I am looking forward to my weigh in tomorrow. I am so close to where I was a few months ago.I can't wait to get below that number.

Today was grocery day.I got some fresh fish and I am going to have the fried fish I have been wanting tomorrow. Getting the correct calorie count will be a challenge.I looked up fried cat fish on calorie king and it gave 4 oz as around 200 cal. So I will use that. I will try to plan my calories for the day so I don't go over.
It is getting cloudy and windy outside.We are suppose to get rain late today and more over the weekend. It is still hot here.It is 81 now but was much hotter earlier. The rain in the gulf is cooling the temp some.

The new bed is better but not sleeping as well as I hoped.But arms going dumb has been better.Hopefully as I get more use to the bed I will sleep better. Last night was bad but that was mostly hubby snoring.
Hope you all have a great weekend. I had a video I made at the causeway but I did not hold camera very steady and moved it around too much. Made me sick trying to watch it.Maybe I will make one this weekend. It has been awhile. I hear the thunder moving in so rain will be here soon.

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SUNNY332 9/12/2009 8:13AM

    Good Morning, Eleni. Have you used the Panco Bread Crumbs to roll your fish?
The last time I fried fish, I made it a little healthier by rolling it in the Panco and lightly sautéing in olive oil. It was great.

Can't wait to hear about your weigh in. Have a great day.

Hugs, Sunny

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IWILLREACHIT 9/12/2009 1:53AM

    Catfish!! Yum... emoticon set another plate!!

Hope that you can get a good nights sleep.
The rain should help.... emoticon

Take care, Lin

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FLORIDAFLUTIST 9/11/2009 10:02PM

    Mmm...I LOVE catfish! It is possibly my favorite fish. I hope you enjoy having it tomorrow!

We're getting a lot of rain over here in Central Florida, too. I guess we need it!

I'm so happy to hear that Angel is doing better. I know you must be incredibly relieved.

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FEISTYMAMA 9/11/2009 6:40PM

    I love a good thunderstorm, but thankful we don't have any in the near future. It's going to be a beautiful weekend. The temps are going to be in the high 70's. It'll be perfect at Alex's baseball game tomorrow morning. Even though I'll be in the sun, it'll be early and there should be a breeze coming off the little lake by the ball fields.

I use the calorie king website too. It's a very useful tool. I hope your weigh in goes well tomorrow. I know fluid likes to play tricks on you. You've done so well I'm sure it will show on the scale tomorrow.

Enjoy the storms rolling through. Perfect sleeping weather!


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Thursday, September 10, 2009

I am way behind on my emails again. that's not new.But will go ahead and get my daily blog done.
28 0
I did it again. I almost messed up last night. I went to get what I thought was 10 cal jello and happen to glance at box and it was 70 cal.One of us had grabbed the wrong ones. Whew That was close. I was running out of all my go to food tonight so my sweetie made sure I had some til we go to grocery store tomorrow afternoon.He stopped on way home and got me tomatoes,cucumbers and some 10 cal jello.
So I am set for tonight.
He is so good about eating whatever I fix that I have to fix something that he doesn't get much.One of those things is chili.So I made some with ground turkey tonight.Each cup was 160 cal. I had 4 cups but I had plenty of calories so it did not mess me up. I froze a bag with 2 cups and one with one cup.Better in freezer than fridge or I would be getting into it.
Since I couldn't or rather didn't want to get into the crackers I used my flatbread. I had some tomatoes and cucumber left over from lunch so I made a veggie wrap too. I am stuffed but at least I didn't get into buttered crackers which would not have been good for me. Just had a 10 cal jello just to get the chili taste out of mouth
Just talked to Angel.Heart is much better but she now has a very bad cold. I told her to go see someone tomorrow if it isn't better. The swine flu and reg flu have the same symptoms. She thinks she got at it the emergency room the other night as it was full of sick people. She was so worried that I would come up there but I knew better. She knows that when I was healthy I was always by her side 24.7 but can't do it now. I haven't had a cold in 2 years by being very careful.
The new bed is working out good so far.I am not sleeping great yet but better.
I did go in pool and swam 10 laps.Not a lot but it was something.
Well I have so many emails to take care of .Have a great evening.

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PAULA3420 9/11/2009 2:44PM

    Stopped by to thank you for your most recent comment on my blog about life being hard sometimes, and how counting our blessings gets us through.

And now, I know what I'm going to make for lunch and I'll be going to the grocery for ground turkey to make some Chili this weekend. Sounds GREAT!! I like your meal planning. You are helping me with the Food Demons creeping into our kitchen. I've got to talk to my DH about helping me get them out of here. We let them in when the kids were here visiting in August. Well, it will be October soon and they need to be gone long before the holidays start. Good for you Eleni. Keep up the GREAT JOB you are doing. emoticon Paula emoticon

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COOLGIRL68 9/10/2009 9:01PM

    Four solid weeks of kicking the Food Demon's booty. Great job.

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FEISTYMAMA 9/10/2009 7:51PM

    OK, I guess you did have a "Senior moment". There is much more now then there was a few minutes ago. :)

I sure hope Angel doesn't have the flu. My manager had some sort of virus last week. It wasn't the flu but it was bad. I sure hope I don't get it.

Yesterday may have been close, but you still did it!!! Way to go!!

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FEISTYMAMA 9/10/2009 7:33PM

    I LOVE it! Short and to the point. Great job again last night. You are proving to be Wonder Woman!!!

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A Quiet Day so far

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Finally a quiet day. I need it too. Angel is doing good.Meds making her tired but heart is being good. Maybe I can relax for a few days anyway.
I did beat the Food Demon yesterday but it was way too close for comfort. Last night was a bad night.I had a mini binge but thankfully I had enough extra calories saved for the end of the day.
27 0
Here are some photo's I took the other day when we went to check out the plant that refuses to bloom.

Have a good day

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RURAL3 9/10/2009 3:16PM

    I am so glad to hear your day was quiet for a change. You are right. You do need that. Try not to build up any pressure on yourself to beat that Demon. Just let it flow naturally. I know you can do this. You are getting stronger and it is getting weaker. Take Charge and GO!!! emoticon emoticon

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FEISTYMAMA 9/9/2009 7:42PM

    Good to hear Angel is doing well. Pretty scary.

You're getting good at beating the Food Demon. You may have been close last night BUT you didn't let him win. emoticon

I love your pictures!!! Keep em coming.

I hope you have a wonderful evening and restful night in your new bed.

Hugs from your cyber daughter.

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NEWSTART127 9/9/2009 7:08PM

    Glad Angel's doing okay today.
It must have been the moon. emoticon
I had a mini-binge last night too... and I did not have the calories to spend! emoticon
Oh well, back on track today!
emoticon emoticonTake that, Food Demon!

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End of a stressful day

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

I have been somewhat stressed since last night when Angel had to go to emergency room. They sent her home sometime after 1 am. Today she saw my doc who treats her cheaply as a favor to me.I told you he was a good guy.Anyway he gave her some meds that he thinks will work.She can not have another ablation done as it is now in the lower part of her heart and it feels it is too dangerous.At some point in time she will need a defib/pacemaker like me.She has the same type of arithymia as I do.Not the good kind.Some people can have it and be treated well with meds for a lifetime.Unfortunately Angel has the worse kind like I do.And like so many people she does not have good medical insurance like I do. One of my big peeves. People who are sick don't get the attention they need. But she is feeling better now.He also did a stress test and told her if it cuts up again to take another dose of med he gave her.He said it would make her somewhat listless and lethargic.If it is too bad she is to call him and he sees her again on Tuesday. She just called to let me know she was very sleepy and going to bed so I wouldn't worry if I called. She hasn't rested in a couple of days so she is tired anyway.
OK next
26 0
I made a mistake yesterday and put a 1 by the demon.One buddy spotted it and I edited it. The Demon is still losing.But I can the closest last night.For the first time I was on edge on the high side of my range. I don't want to ever get that close. Thank goodness for my pickles this afternoon.They do have a lot of salt but few calories. But they kept me from bingeing. i am very tired just from worrying as all you parents can relate too.Angel is 37 but still my little girl.
My calories are good and I have plenty of room for snacks later.
I think the new bed will work out good. Even stressed last night I sleep a little better.It will take a few days but I think at some point I may end up sleeping better than I have in years.
I am way behind in my emails and posts. Be patient with me.I played that stupid bejeweled game today just trying to not go nuts.i don't know why I play it as Robin and Angi clobber me with their scores. Someday maybe I can figure out their strategy
Ok Here is a picture of my knife strip.It is on cabinet right where I sit to cook.I have wanted one for a long time.And second picture is my one cup coffee pot and toaster.
And here is that stupid plant I have been checking on for now months.As you can see it still hasn't bloomed and the stem is leaning more.I think stalk will end up braking off before we ever see a bloom
I do have some bird pictures I took out there but will save them for tomorrow.
Ok Hopefully I will have a stress free evening. I can hope anyway.

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KATIE233 9/9/2009 3:00PM

    hi eleni, yes keep the demon far away. you are doing great. love your knives and the red toaster and coffee pot. interesting love the red. have a great day. emoticon

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TILLIEBEE 9/9/2009 8:26AM

Looks like we're on the same page with the caring for our children without good health insurance....or in our case....any! But you're doing it! To have a doc like that is wonderful. I hope she feels better soon! And glad you're sleeping some.
Your coffee maker is really neat!!!!! I love your red appliances, but I must admit, with my emotions lately, I'd be afraid to have the knives hanging in plain site!
emoticon emoticon

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COOLGIRL68 9/9/2009 1:23AM

    Thank goodness your Doc is willing to help Angel out. God Bless him. Take care of yourself.

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FEISTYMAMA 9/8/2009 9:04PM

    I'm sorry to hear about Angel. She's so young too!! Will she be getting a pacemaker sooner rather than later? Poor thing.

I think it's awful that people don't have healthcare (or poor healthcare coverage) and can't get the care they need to stay healthy. I'm fortunate to have decent coverage through my husband's job. If he ever lost his job I can get it through my work but it'll cost almost 3 times as much. It's ridiculous!

It's amazing with the stress that you are still controlling your eating. That's wonderful!!

I'd be terrified that a knife would fall on me. I'm funny about things like that.

You're right, that plant is going to break. I hope the darn thing blooms first! That plant must be male, it's a tease. emoticon

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    Thanks for the goodie, looks like you had a similarly stressful day. I think worrying about your child's health is twice as stressful as worrying about your own. And when they are thrown at you at the same time. . . ugh. Congrats on beating the food demon through all of this, I wish I had your strength. You are an amazingly determined woman.

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AMYLT82 9/8/2009 7:47PM

    I feel like I relate a lot to this article. I have a lot of problems with stress. I am blessed now that stress no longer causes me to have seizures. (It probably helps that I take 12 prescription pills and had a Vegus Nerve Stimulator surgically implanted to stop them + prescriptions to stop the side effects they cause and hypothyroidism and asthma), but I have had epilepsy with stress induced seizures since I was 12, so that means 33 years. Now my sister is sick with cirhosis and she doesn't have insurance. My doctors are the wrong kind to help my sister. I just feel like we are both in the same boat. I will pray for Angel. Remember God answers prayers. Your Friend, Amy emoticon

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A Bed Bath and Beyond Day

Monday, September 07, 2009

I have found another place I will have to stay away from.I can blame Bill as it was his idea to go there to look for sheets for the new bed that finally came today. He likes it as he has been asleep for 2 hours. I slept about 10 minutes but still felt rested so I am very hopefully for a good nights sleep tonight. For all the aggravation they gave us a free $100 pillow.
Back to store. While he went to look at sheets as I could care less what he got I was looking at magnetic knife holders as I have wanted one for a long time.I also wanted another small 8" skillet. I asked about a 4 cup red coffee maker but he didn't have one.He did have what I considered a very expensive 1 cup red coffee maker which I said no to.Well Bill comes back and I wanted to look at kitchen gadgets.I picked up a julienne peeler and a hamburger patty maker. I was thru.Then we spotted some small alarm clocks and got one for each of us.Then He spotted a metal grocery bag holder he liked and that went in the buggy. Then the best part was He and I repeat He spotted the red 1 cup coffee maker and said why don't you get that. Now I had looked at it and it was very expensive for just a cup of coffee. Oh it is pretty. So he talked me into it. I figured out that by him being with me I spent over $100 that I wouldn't have and we left with no sheets.The one thing we came for. emoticon
I had to try the coffee maker and it is sweet. I made myself a cup.But I can't afford to take him to the stores anymore.
We went to Applebee's and I used my handheld scale I bought.Bill is so cool about it.But Applebees doesn't have calorie count for anything.Our waiter was not too swift but did get manager when I asked if he knew how many calories are in the soup.The manager apologized and said he didn't have info.But offered to make a lower calorie one that is no longer on menu which was nice. But I got the portebello chicken sandwich with the marinara sauce on the side. I took sandwich apart and weighed everything.It came with 1 strawberry,3 chunks of apple and tiny piece of pineapple.I weighed everything. I just figured out the calories and did ok with everything but the wheat bun.The calorie count for a wheat bun goes from 100 to 220 calories.So I picked 170 for the bun.The total meal including 2 teaspoons of Bills tomato basil soup came to 370 calories which I thought was great. I did threaten to make Bill sit at another table tho.He pulled out 2 of the best looking pieces of bacon and a big onion ring. I stuck the menu up where I couldn't see his plate. But I was drooling for that bacon.But at the time I was thinking about going out for supper and I wanted calories for then. I have changed my mind and we are staying home.I will fix myself some shrimp which I can have a lot of instead.
Oh I did forgot something important
25 0

This is longest I have ever stayed in my calorie range. It is hard for me to believe.
Well thats it for now. Hope you all had a safe and happy holiday

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TURTLETRACK 9/9/2009 9:47AM

    I have trouble when we travel because Paul wants to stop in McDonalds or some place that does not have a lot of choices, but I have come up with a plan. I will take my small cooler and take lots of fresh fruit and some Special K Protein bars and that way I can have better handle on what I eat.
I will get to put that plan into action soon when we make a quick down to Florida to see our son and his wife. We will be bringing our boat with us and leaving it at the resort for later when we come for the winter.

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MDMNINA 9/8/2009 12:56PM

    And I am so proud of you! Wow, resisting both bacon and onion rings! Atta girl! Hope you get a great nights sleep on the new bed!

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RURAL3 9/8/2009 11:24AM

    when did that devil get 1? Did he type that in himself? emoticon

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TILLIEBEE 9/8/2009 7:58AM

    Great job on your Demon whooping.
emoticon emoticon

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2BFREE2LIVE 9/8/2009 2:21AM


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NEWSTART127 9/7/2009 10:34PM

    That BEYOND will get you every time!
Good luck for staying in your range and eating out!

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NEWSTART127 9/7/2009 10:33PM

    Ooooh, I hope you're on their mailing list so that you get the 20% off coupons they send all the time! I love BB&B! And if you aren't on their mailing list, sign up on their website! One of the things they don't tell you (usually) is that you can redeem multiple coupons at one time, and they take expired coupons... so save them all and when you go shopping there, use the 20% coupons on your bigger purchases! Congrats on getting a sweet red coffeemaker and good luck finding sheets you like!

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BIRDLEGS29 9/7/2009 6:03PM

    emoticon What a shopping trip, but I seem to recall that kind of thing often happens when you shop with Bill. I have a Bed, Bath and Beyond near where I now live and had to make myself a firm rule: stay OUT! I went in there to pick up a filter for my Brita pitcher and it cost me over $100. Too many things I really "needed".

A big emoticon on your 25 day record. Enjoy your new bed.


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FEISTYMAMA 9/7/2009 5:43PM

    Who-Hoo! Another day beating the Food Demon!!

Bed, Bath, & Beyond is a great store. The closest one is 30 minutes away (there's 2 depending what direction we go in, north or south). We hardly go to either town so we don't get there much. I actually worked at Bed, Bath, & Beyond for 1 day back in high school. I got hired on and before I started working there I got mono. When I was finally better, I started work. I was supposed to be a cashier and they had me training with the customer service desk. That was fine, but then they made me get a huge ladder and start to stock their gadget wall. I'm terrified of heights for one. When I needed more items to stock the wall I had to go find them. It was a horrible work experience so I called the next day and said I wouldn't be back. I' went in there about a year after I quit and the huge wall was gone. Anyway, I'm thinking about getting a hamburger patty maker. My daughter has a fundraiser and there is one in there I think I'm going to buy. We've left a store without buying what we intended to buy too.

My hubby can be a problem to take shopping too. Today we went to Best Buy for 2 things and he just had to buy our son a new Wii game. I'm surprised it wasn't worse than it was.

I hope you enjoy your new bed tonight. That pillow must some pillow to be worth so much money!!

I hope you have a great evening!

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KATIE233 9/7/2009 5:34PM

    nice you got the bed finally and a good pillow wtg on start on your toes with calaries emoticon

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