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Being a Mother is a lifelong job

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Being a mother never ends no matter how old your children get.Unfortunately the older they are the more serious the problems.And you can only do so much. Like I told my oldest daughter last night.When they are little we can kiss away the booboo's.But when they are grown we can't do that.
It has been very stressful here since last night.I won't get into details and Joanne please do not call me and ask what is going on. I really don't want to rehash everything.
But my daughters boyfriend did hurt her and her and her dog came here until a short while ago. I usually stay out of my children's domestic problems but sometimes you have to speak up. I talked to her boyfriend today( He was expecting to hear from me) and he has given me his word that no matter what he will not harm my daughter again. They were both to blame and I told both of them that there is never a reason for either of them to hit each other. I told him if he has to leave or lock himself in a room then that is what he needs to do.And if she is trying to get in room then he needs to climb out window and leave. I have lectured them both and told them they either need to make changes or part ways.He is going to called me in a few days and let me know how things are going. Every time they have had bad fights there is always alcohol or jealousy involved. Sorry but drinking never really does anything good for people. The problems are still there later and chances are you have done or said something you wouldn't have.
I hope they can work it out but I don't expect it. The mental abuse they inflict on each other is worse than the physical that happened last night. He is a big guy and he could have hurt her really bad and he didn't.
But it has been stressful for Bill and I but you have to do what you have to do.We can't solve our childrens problems but we must be there for them no matter what is going on in our lives.
Here are a couple of pics of her dog Miller.He is a good dog but needs some training bad.Too big and rough for me. But boy what a mug he has"> emoticon

Ok Hopefully I will have a nice quiet night tonight.
PS To my sister Joanne I will call you in a few days.I am fine so don't worry about me.

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COOLGIRL68 8/7/2009 1:14AM

    You are an absolutely wonderful and caring mother. God bless you and your family. My thoughts are with you. Annette

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2BFREE2LIVE 8/7/2009 12:12AM

    Times like this are hard on everyone involved. Please get some rest and try not to worry, things will work them selves out one way or the other and worrying about them will not help. Your a wonderful mother.

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CRAFTYC 8/6/2009 11:44PM

    I wish peace for you.

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KAT7457 8/6/2009 11:03PM

    I do hope your daughter and her b/f get things strenghten out, i seen it with my kids and its hard not to get involved sometimes and sometimes mom has to keep mouth shut at least i will they ever grow up..

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RURAL3 8/6/2009 10:37PM

    I feel your pain Eleni. I have been there too. You want to help and you also want to slap them silly. There is nothing you can really do but be there to listen and not say too much. They have made their choices, usually not the ones we would make. But we are older now and have learned plenty. And you are right, when alcohol or jealousy are involved nothing ever comes out pretty.

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FEISTYMAMA 8/6/2009 9:33PM

    I'm sorry to hear about all the problems. It so easy to say just walk away but it's not so easy when you're living that situation. I hope they make the right decisions and that nobody gets hurt.

By the way, the puppy is a cutie.


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    I am sorry that your family is having to go through this right now. My mom reminded me today (as she was helping me move stuff) that you are a mom forever.
You have my thoughts. I hope you have a quiet night and that things work out whatever way is best for all involved.

That dog looks like it could be a handful lol

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LOSINIT52 8/6/2009 5:25PM

    emoticon Hope things work out ok.
I'm thinking of you.

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MDMNINA 8/6/2009 5:13PM

    Yes, Motherhood is a lifelong job! I hope everything works out well. But always know that you did your very best!

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NIGHTSTAR777 8/6/2009 5:03PM

    Sorry Eleni you have to go through. I do understand it is so difficult when it is children. There is no words , just hope.
Hope tonight you will be OK.

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Rainy Day & Tomato Soup Recipe

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

It has been raining for about an hour now.I watched the black clouds coming toward the house from the gulf.Was a lot of thundering first but now just a steady rain and dark skies. Good sleeping weather Hard to not just go jump into the bed.
Here is recipe for Italian Tomato soup that was in my local newspaper.It is from a cookbook called The Too Many Tomatoes Cookbook by Brian Yavin.
I normally don't use a recipe for my soups but I do for a speciality kind.I made it exactly according to recipe the first time and yesterday I made it again but added a few more spices. Both times I did use my immersion blender to make it smoother. Hubby thought it would be better with a can of reg tomato soup thrown in.I refused as that defeats the whole purpose of making it from scratch.
Italian Style Tomato Soup
2Tablespoons olive oil
1 teaspoon dried oregano
2 cloves garlic,crushed
1/2 cup onion
1/2 cup potato
1/2 cup carrot
2 cups canned crushed tomatoes
3 cups,chicken,beef or vegetable broth
1 tablespoon red wine vinager
1 teaspoon sugar
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon fresh black pepper
Grated parmesan cheese for garnish
heat the oil,oregano and garlic in a pot over medium heat stirring until garlic starts to brown at the edges. Add the onion,carrot and potato until potato and onion begins to brown an carrot is softening.
Mix in the broth, tomatoes,sugar,salt,pepper and simmer uncovered for about 30 minutes or until roughly 1/4 of liquid has evaporated and veggies are completely tender, store hot with grated parmesan cheese.
Makes about 5 cups of soup

Ok I used chicken broth the first time and 2 cups chicken and 1 cup beef the 2nd time all chicken was better.
In the 2nd one I added 1 teaspoon thyme and 1/4 cup of chopped celery. I put veggies in blender and chopped fine both times. I also used less olive oil in second because of calories. My second pot came out to about 376 cal or 75 cal per cup. And I did use my immersion blender but it would have been ok with doing that. I did not use any parmesan cheese.I might try it next time.I just forgot to sprinkle any on the soup when I ate it.
I thought it was good.It will not taste like a canned soup.I thought it was an easy recipe. It would make a good base for a veggie soup too. What kind of tomatoes you use will certainly change the taste also.I only use Del monte Italian.
I may use something else other than olive oil next time.
Bill brought in my burnt pan last night and I soaked it overnight and I couldn't believe it but it came clean as could be.I thought I would have to throw it away.
Ok nothing much new.My eating is so up and down.Just can't get my act together.
Have a good day. emoticon

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MICKEY341 8/5/2009 10:31PM

    The soup sounds good, may make it tomorrow!
Thought we might get rain this PM, dark clouds and high winds, but it went away!
My eating is up and was UP! I must get it under control!
Have a good evening... emoticon

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NIGHTSTAR777 8/5/2009 6:58PM

    First: I hit wrong place and your comments on my blog had gone. Sorry, I did not want it , it is accidental.

Second, I do not see when you added broth. I like to try this recipe.

Third, what is "scratch"? I look at dic, and there is no good inf.

Last one, how did you soaked the pan? I very like yo know, I do not want to throw it away mine.

I am sorry, I do not read very easy, but I do like to try soup. I like soup all the time.

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FEISTYMAMA 8/5/2009 6:52PM

    The recipe for the soup looks yummy! My mouth was watering. I'll have to try it when it gets cold outside. We don't eat too much soup in the warmer months. I will occasionally eat it at work because they keep it so chilly there. One of these days I'm going to see my breath!

I love thunderstorms!!! It's the best when I can crawl into bed with a book and listen to the rain and thunder.

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LOSINIT52 8/5/2009 4:33PM

Thanks for sharing your soup recipe. I'll definitely try it. I like your idea of freezing it in individual serving portions. Takes some of the effort out of daily menu planning.

That rain will certainly help your garden. I enjoy a rainy day now and then. Just not when it rains weeks on end.

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SUNNY332 8/5/2009 2:33PM

    We have had rain every day this week and have thunderstorms in the forecast for this evening.

I thank you for the recipe which I will try soon. I love Tomato Soup and this one sounds delish!

So happy to hear you plan cleaned up well. I have thrown some out before that no amount of scrubbing would have helped.

Have a great day.


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HOME-BODY 8/5/2009 12:39PM

    It's a rainy day in our neighborhood as well. Thanks for sharing that receipe. I am definately going to make it today!! It's just a soup kind of day here today too!!

emoticon emoticon

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CEB2007 8/5/2009 12:21PM

    Sounds yummie and rainy days are perfect for soup. Thanks for sharing. Wish I was there to enjoy it with you.

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    that sounds yummy. I have never made soup from scratch. I should try that.

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PITTSD70 8/5/2009 11:44AM

    It is raining here too. I saw the bromeliads in your background picture - you must be a Floridian. I live in Clearwater.

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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Well yesterday ended on an interesting note.And a smelly one. I didn't feel like cooking supper so I called Bill to bring home a rotisserie chicken.I was going to use carcass to make some broth for soup today. All started out well. I put carcass in pot and put it on stove. I always cook it the night before and leave in fridge overnight so I can skim the grease off the top. Meanwhile I get a call from my daughter Angel. Not exactly a good call but I won't get into that. All of a sudden I smell something strange.Then I hear a strange sound.THEN I see smoke coming from kitchen. Yep.All the water boiled out and pot was burning contents. emoticon Bill took pot outside but boy did the house stink.I lit some candles and it helped some.Needless to say I didn't get my broth from leftover carcass. We laughed about it.
Today I made my weekly veggie soup. Always a big problem for me to stay out of it and eat too much.But I still had 7 bags to put in freezer. I also made 5 cups of Italian tomato soup.I usually do not use a recipe for soup unless it is something specific.I saw the recipe in newspaper and made it the other night.It was pretty good. So I made a small pot to put a couple of bags in freezer.
I was suppose to do a phone ICD check today.ICD is implantable cardiac device or pacemaker/defibrillator. It would not work so it must be the swelling that is still there.So I go in and see the tech on Thursday.
We finished the last repotting tonight.I had 2 pots with 2 different desert roses plants in them.They needed to be split up.The roots are so huge on the plants.I see a lot of them with roots sitting on the top but I have had such good luck by keeping the roots covered.Ok I think that gets it all in for now.Here is the nasty bug I got yesterday.Some people get a lot of these.Thankfully I only get one once in awhile.They are very creepy.

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FEISTYMAMA 8/5/2009 6:50PM

    I'm sorry, I can't help but laugh about the pot!! It's something that would happen to me. Every once in a while I'll be cooking pasta and it will boil over but I catch it. I'm sure the smell was pretty bad!

The bug looks like a grasshopper. What is it?

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LOSINIT52 8/5/2009 11:08AM

    Hope all goes well with your appointment on Thursday. How long have you had an ICD? Didn't know they could do phone checks on such things. Isn't technology wonderful? Stay well. emoticon emoticon
Sorry to hear about the stinky soup. Some days just go that way.
Interesting critter on your lattice. Looks like a cousin to the grasshopper. They have quite the appetites.
Have a great day today. Take care.

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NIGHTSTAR777 8/5/2009 10:40AM

    Good Morning Eleni.( in NYC it is 10:30am)
I always have problems with cooking. i am not patient, put fire too much, then do away from kitchen to my computed, and forget about cooking.
DH never uses this way. When our sons were little he used to cook for them, always good, never any mess. He has patience, very accurate. It is too bore fore me.

I love your photo. Bag is nice on photo, but I am agree wuth you it is good when they are far away from house.

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SUNNY332 8/5/2009 8:14AM

    Great photo. Sorry about your chicken soup but glad the house didn't burn down.

The Tomato soup sounds good. Please share the recipe with us - if you don't mind.

Keep us posted after your appointment with the Tech. Hope all is well with the implant.

Take care and have a great day. Hugs, Sunny

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COOLGIRL68 8/4/2009 10:49PM

    I love your photos and your stories. Good thing someone invented the zoom lens so you don't have to get too close to the creepy bugs. If it had been a picture of a spider, I would have screamed and left your page in a hurry. Or a picture of your pet snake. Did he leave your yard?

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Monday, August 03, 2009

Today has been quiet. The computer guy came and I think he did a good job.My fan was bad.He said he was surprised my computer was still running.He was very happy to answer any questions.He showed me how to open computer so I could clean it myself.He also got rid of a start up error I kept getting.Also had more Ram added but my machine didn't have room to add much more.He worked very quickly and effectively which was important as hourly cost could have gotten expensive. But so far I am a happy customer.
It was nice to not be playing in dirt today. emoticon Actually I haven't done much of anything today.Bill is bringing home rotisserie chicken for supper so I can make soup with leftovers tomorrow.
I am still not caught up with my sparking.Been playing too much bejeweled on facebook.
No pictures today as I am on little computer and don't have any on here.I have a good bug one for tomorrow,tho.
Hope you are all having a good start to the week. emoticon emoticon

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FEISTYMAMA 8/4/2009 8:41PM

    I'm addicted to Bejeweled on Facebook!! I was so upset tonight when I found out they took it down for technical problems. I hope it returns soon!! I'm also addicted to Farkle on Facebook. It's making me mad!!!

I'm glad your computer is working better now. It's nice to have somebody explain things to you.

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NEWSTART127 8/3/2009 11:36PM

    Glad you got your computer spruced up! Yay!

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NIGHTSTAR777 8/3/2009 8:23PM

    It is good your computer is fixed. I do not play on face book. Really I do not know what is it. I do have a few games on my desktop. it is not internet game so I can use it even I do not have internet.
see you tomorrow.
Good night.

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KYANN402 8/3/2009 7:00PM

    Those facebook games can consume you. I was "farming" on FarmTown but now I'm part of the a "Mafia" family. I get bored with a game pretty quickly, though, and give it up.

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CANBDONE 8/3/2009 6:58PM

    What? No nature pictures? I look forward to that bug...I LOVE your pictures. A quiet day here, too. Larry's sister came this weekend and helped me fix some tech things, taught me how to backwash the pool, filled the birdfeeder, etc. She's handy like her brother. I sent my diabetic/heart cookbooks with her for my mother-in-law. She has the same problems as my Sweetie.

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Sunday, August 02, 2009

Well I had a bad night with knees hurting but better today.
We are almost finished with all plants and flowers. I finished up today.Almost. After we cleaned all the mess up I noticed I should have re potted my gardenia but I was too tired.I will get it next time. I did get my Christmas cactus done.I spit the one up into several smaller ones. But biggest one I put in a bigger pot with Bill's help.He made a special trip to get me potting soil just for them.I have been using garden soil and it is different and I didn't want to take any chances with the Christmas cactus.I have had them for a long time.
I also filled a few pots just with soil for some smaller plants I have rooting.
I was about to throw away small container I had in kitchen window with red pepper seeds and it had 3 showing today so I put them in a small pot too. Just to see what happens.
I do have 2 pots in front that each have 2 desert roses in.They have to be split apart.We have two pots full of soil ready to do it but I am going to wait til I recoup from all I have done the last two days. Flowers plants and veggie plants all look good now.
Will have some plants to give away in future. Oh I also have to redo my impatients. I did the red ones.
So I am planted out for now emoticon
I do have several okra that I will soon be able to eat.So far I have only had 2.One at a time. The peppers are doing good too.They are only plants left from 1st garden. have a second started and will use what I learned from 1st on this one.
The okra started having blooms again and they are a very pretty bloom

And here are a couple of pics of a mockingbird that was sitting on fence.He has his feathers all fluffy.I have noticed several birds doing this and not sure why they do it.

Ok I have rambled enough.The dishwasher is calling me.Hope you are all having a great weekend.And thanks for all the wonderful comments you leave on my blog and page.I sometimes get behind responding but know I do appreciate you all.

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FEISTYMAMA 8/4/2009 8:38PM

    The okra bloom is pretty. I didn't know they bloomed. emoticon The guys at work told me I need to repot my 2 plants. I have a violet and another plant that I inherited when my co-worker was let go. I have a cast off pot from another co-worker, I just need to bring in potting soil. I asked one of the guys if he'd repot them for me. I don't want to get dirty in my work clothes. I know I'd make a mess.

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RURAL3 8/3/2009 10:06PM

    I think he is just trying to be vain because you are taking his picture but then what do I know

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COOLGIRL68 8/3/2009 3:55PM

    Eleni- I always learn something when I stop by your page. I love the photos of the okra and your fluffy mockingbird. Maybe he just wants to be stylish.

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NEWSTART127 8/3/2009 12:41AM

    Ditto to what Terri said! I love all your photos! Those okra blooms are beautiful!

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CANBDONE 8/2/2009 10:33PM

    I love your passion for flora and make your part of the world beautiful!

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KYANN402 8/2/2009 7:44PM

    Yum, I love okra. My next door neighbor has a big garden and he's keeping me in tomatoes, bell peppers, green beans, corn and blackberries! He's 88. His wife died last year. He won't let me give him anything in return. He says stopping over to visit with him is all he wants. He supplies all the neighbors with fresh veggies.

Reading how busy you've been, I feel a little guilty. I need to split my irises and daylilies.

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SEAWILLOW 8/2/2009 5:39PM

    You are really an inspiration to got me thinking about showing some pics of my yard too!

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MICKEY341 8/2/2009 3:59PM

    Sorry you had a bad night. But I know that you are glad to get your gardening finished. It really is a never ending job, but the results are well worth it!
Your okra plant looks good! My neighbor had okra this year and it did really well. I did not plant any vegetables this year, may try some this fall.
I just watched your video...I envy you for having a pool! Would love to have one, just don't have the space in the yard. When we were well, we spent a lot of time at the lake. However, we have not been up there this summer at all, our daughter and her family have enjoyed it (and have done all the yard work! Now they know what Ted has done all these years!)
Enjoy all your posts...

Comment edited on: 8/2/2009 4:01:24 PM

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