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My First Video Blog

Friday, July 03, 2009

This is my first video ever..I wanted to see if I could do it.I didn't plan it too well so I am rambling.But that's how I blog anyway. I don't know why I kept closing my eyes.I will do better next time.We had a time finding my tripod and my camera book. It was fun and I look silly and sound silly but what can I say. Oh It is ok to laugh as I did.
Want to thank everyone for the WHOTD greetings. I am feeling so much better today.

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JAZZID 1/25/2010 9:11PM

    This is great... Thanks for sharing... you were emoticon... you are a emoticon ~ Dee ~ emoticon

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USE2BWILD 10/3/2009 10:59PM

    Kudos!!! Great job!!! You look great and sound fine. You have a cute little accent. Good luck in your healthy program. Visit my page sometime and read my blogs if you feel like it. I am too shy to put pictures of my family and self but have other pretty cool pictures on my page. From, mcgee

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    Eleni, I love your first video blog! And, it was so nice of you to reference my video blog in yours. I think yours is even better than mine and I really enjoyed watching it! And, I also wanted to thank you for all the nice things you said about mine. So, thank you! I noticed you did another one in the kitchen, and I'm about to check that one out, too. And, what a small world that your sister lives in my county!


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FROMTHEHILLS 7/7/2009 5:54PM

  You said about your video blog. "If I didn't mess it up, maybe I will do another one". You did not mess it up. I loved it. Please do more. Brave souls like yourself will pave the way for others to try.

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MARI195 7/5/2009 1:02PM

    What a great way to share with people! Thank you for sharing with all of us here! ~~Marilyn/Scrappin' Hawk

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TILLIEBEE 7/5/2009 9:48AM

    This is a wonderful new way to be a SparkPerson! So nice to meet you!!!!!
Thank you for being a pioneer!!!!
I can't wait to see others videos and try one myself!!!!!
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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G-GIRL 7/5/2009 9:27AM

    What a great idea! Loved that you said it was something to amuse yourself, lol! I so understand that. :-)

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JUST_DUCKIE 7/5/2009 12:59AM

    I loved this video blog! I just love seeing and hearing you after so many months in the Nest!! I feel like I know you better - it's neat to be able to hear a voice and see mannerisms and all that. LOVELY! Thanks so much for sharing!

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LKWQUILTER 7/4/2009 7:18PM

    You did GREAT!!!!! You don't have too southern an accent to me. Remember, I am from south GA. lol ((HUGS))) Linda Kay

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BADMAMMAJAMMA1 7/4/2009 6:57PM

    Elleni, you are beautiful, I love seeing and hearing you!!

LOL fool around with the video more often!!


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KAT7457 7/4/2009 6:35PM

    hi, you did great with the video you have more guts than me to do that. I hate having my pics taken also.but you did great happy 4th. hugs Kat

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KASSIANDORA 7/4/2009 1:33PM

    Hey! Thanks for posting this! The video blogs are amazing and you have SPARKED my interest in doing something myself! Thank you so much! I loved your entry!

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DMLADKINS 7/4/2009 12:09PM

    You did a great job!! I am technologically challenged, but I think it would be fun to try. Did you use a regular video camera or the computer camera? Maybe you can do a how-to for computer dummies post. Thanks for sharing.

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KALATHIA 7/4/2009 11:17AM

    I think you did great! When it Spark first announced this feature, I wasn't very interested. Yours is the first one I've seen and now I'm thinking I might like to give it a try. Congratulations for being brave enough to try something new - in front of a WHOLE BUNCH OF PEOPLE! You're my hero!!!


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GRANNYOF05 7/4/2009 9:32AM

    I loved your Vidio Blog. I'm so not tech savy, that it would be
impossible for me to do this.
Even my cell phone scares me sometimes, with all the things
that it can do, and I don't know how to do them.
I always think, why do they have to give you a phone book
of instructions with even the simpleist things.

You did absolutely fabulous.


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MELISSAD68 7/4/2009 9:20AM

    Oh I just LOVE the video blog! It definitely makes a person that much more "real" to hear them talk and see them moving around and such. I really love that and might have to see if I can figure it out to try myself!


And btw...I love your's wonderful!

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MEMERE2*2 7/4/2009 7:59AM

  Accent, what accent?? lol!

What fun, Eleni! You've got me thinking about trying one of my own! Then you can tell this old Yankee if she has an accent, too!

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SUNNY332 7/4/2009 7:26AM

    What a great Video Blog, Eleni. I think you did an awesome job.

Love seeing you and you are just as beautiful as I had thought you would be.

Take care! Hugs, Sunny

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GRANDMA_NANNY 7/4/2009 1:50AM

    You are such an inspiration! I absolutely loved the video. It is wonderful to put a voice and actual person to a name. You are so correct on pictures. I look at them and try to connect, but didn't realize how different it was until I watched your video.

Thank you!

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CWAITES 7/3/2009 11:22PM

    What a great blog! You sounded great! It was really cool to see and hear you - like you were right in the room with me!

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BITEMENCO 7/3/2009 11:09PM

    I love your new blog style!! LOL.. I didn't know you could do video blogs .. you're a braver lady than I! It's really cool to not only see, but hear other sparkers. Yeah, you've got a bit of an accent, but then so does everyone "south of the border", and you should hear me when I get together with Mum... you'd never know I ever left England! LOL


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RURAL3 7/3/2009 8:05PM

    Hi Eleni
I thought this was great. It is so fun to see you and actually hear you. You do have an accent though. emoticon Of course I am from Chicago area so I certainly don't have one. I don't know if I will be as brave as you. We shall see with time. Have a great 4th. emoticon emoticon


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NEELOJ 7/3/2009 7:53PM

    Wow!! This was simply fantabulous!!!!
I am so proud of you for trying something new and doing a terrific job of doing it!!
You were not a bit silly! You make me want to do one but I don't know if I would have your courage to look right in the camera! ha ha
I would probably do my flowers!!! I think they are much prettier!!!! LOL

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COOLGIRL68 7/3/2009 6:49PM

    Eleni- That is too cool. I had no idea we could post video blogs. I am going to try to upload some photos of me to my Spark page. I know what you mean about relating to us to our pictures. Once i accomplish that feat, maybe I will try a video blog. Loved yours. It was great. Annette

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VEGEFARMER 7/3/2009 5:42PM

    OMG. this is fantastic, I love your video blog and you are very much as I had expected. Well done Eleni.

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BIRDLEGS29 7/3/2009 5:32PM

    emoticon Oh, this was fun! I have never seen a video blog so have nothing to compare yours with but I thought it was great. I was right, you are a very talented lady!


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SEAWILLOW 7/3/2009 5:28PM

    FANTASTIC! You have taken your blogs to a new level!

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FEISTYMAMA 7/3/2009 5:15PM

    I LOVE it!!! You're too cute!!! You do have a slight accent but it's not bad. My sister lives in Atlanta and I find myself asking her to repeat herself when I talk to her because I can't understand her.

You MUST do more. You don't sound or look silly at all!

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A better Day

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Today has been a much better day. Arthritis not hurting as bad and I can breathe better. I had my ICD check and the tech changed the settings back to same as what was on old one. I already feel better.The doc that put new one in changed settings to experiment and it made me feel worse. Tech also said swelling will go down.It doesn't bother me except by night time sometimes it is a little sore.
My blood work was good so I know where those numbers are.
And I counted my calories and even stayed within my range for first time in a very long time. So things are looking better.
My tomato plants are about gone.I still have a few ripening. But the okra, peppers,squash and cucumbers are loving the rain.I thought the cucumbers were goners but they are looking much better.
Well nothing else going on. This bird is actually a young one.The mom was feeding it on fence but I couldn't get camera fast enough.

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FEISTYMAMA 7/3/2009 5:08PM

    emoticon emoticon I'm so proud of you for staying within your calorie range!!! That's great. It's a step in the right direction. I need to follow your lead and jump back on!


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NIGHTSTAR777 7/3/2009 8:57AM

    I am glad you do have good day. I was there yesterday, just did not leave comments.
Thank you for your response. I am always lost in all names. It is difficult for me to remember. I am glad that your daughter will be better.

The picture hear just awesome. You are good hunter.

What are you doing July 4th? There is Fireworks in NYC but I am not sure we cam make it. Last year there were no spot to get in. This year it is on Hudson, maybe it will be better. I will try to take photos, but I am not sure. Last year it was not good, only heads around.

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SEAWILLOW 7/3/2009 8:54AM

    Congratulations for staying within your calorie range!

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SUNNY332 7/2/2009 6:37PM

    Awesome that you are having a good day. Thanks so much, my friend for the wonderful Birthday wishes.

Enjoy the weekend.

Hugs, Sunny

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BADMAMMAJAMMA1 7/2/2009 4:33PM

    I'm so glad to hear your having a better day. Make sure and do something nice for yourself today. Love yourself enough to take care of you.



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Feel Much Better Now

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

I was feeling really bad earlier today but meds have done their job. I dropped 9# of fluid that was making it hard to breathe. A couple of naps and some extra potassium and I was almost human.
Got the result on blood work.Everything was just barely normal.So I know to be sure and take extra potassium when I have a day like today.
I did go out on patio to see if I had anything blooming and I did. You can find them on my facebook set link.Only 4 pics. emoticon

But I did copy Neejo and have put a picture of me when young as my profile. I have 2 and will show other one next time.
I got a very nice message from Carol(Rural3) and have tried several times to see her blog and each time it says no member found.Just wanted Carol to know I appreciated her comment and welcome her to Grandma's team.
It has rained hard all day long. They said we got 7 inches of rain just today. Now it is just a heavy steady rain.Earlier it was storming.Bill said some streets were flooded when he headed home.
I have tried to get back on track today.Brought my scale back out and counted calories today. Hope I can behave tonight. But at least I am making a start again.
I did find some new fruit for me.One is a apple/pear.It tastes like a very mild pear.
And the other is a common one apricot but one I hadn't tried or if I did I forgot I did.
It was ok but not sweet enough for me.Also had a mild taste.
Ok That's it for me.
Another starting over day for me

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FEISTYMAMA 7/3/2009 5:06PM

    My e-mail alerts aren't working so I didn't know you posted. I had to sign up again. I wonder why that happens. Oh well.

I'm glad you're feeling better. 9 pounds worth of fluid, WOW!!!

I've never seen an apple/pear before. Sounds yummy. As for the apricot, I'm not a fan. Oddly enough I'd rather eat dried ones than fresh ones. I'm not a big fruit eater to begin with.

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WENDYSPARKS 7/2/2009 3:21PM

    Hi and nice to meet you! I am glad you are starting to feel better. Make sure to stay hydrated with your water! HUGS wendy emoticon emoticon emoticon

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MDMNINA 7/2/2009 2:53PM

    I love Apple/Pears. Have you tried Asian Pears? There are good too. An excellent source of fiber!

Glad you are feeling better!

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SEAWILLOW 7/1/2009 8:53PM

    Thank You for sharing a great blog!

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NIGHTSTAR777 7/1/2009 8:40PM

    Hi Eleni.
I just look at your pictures. What is the picture as strawberry? Is that really Strawberry?

In our country we have berry as this. It grows in the forest, very nice in taste. Berry is very small not like Strawberry. Sweet. A lot of vitamins. Now it can be groves in garden, cultivated. I very loved to collect berry in a forest. It took full day to get three litters basket. Then we put it in milk. Oh, my memory!

I love you are better now. I read blog on SP how DH got to the hospital because of low potassium. It really was so bad. Be very careful with potassium.

It is Summer. Really we need nap. I do take nap every time when I need it and nap is available for me. DH looks TV and fall asleep early. He get up very early. In Saturday he needs to take extra sleep. It is more powerful when it is rain outside. I wish I hear rein but there is only cars.

take care. NS
Are you OK with my name? I am OK with any.

BTW the fruits are like I do take in Costko. And the taste you say is the same. I love this taste

Comment edited on: 7/1/2009 8:43:04 PM

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Rainy Tuesday

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

It has been rainy and windy all day.Very dreary. Finally got the blood work done today.Bill came home and took me since weather was so bad.This rain really makes my bones hurt.If he goes with me I can get out close to door and he can park car.I don't have to walk as far. This is lazy weather too. My kitchen is a mess and it will soon be time to cook supper. I do not like housework. Never have and never will.It never gets done. emoticon
Not really much going on today.We need the rain but I still don't like it so dreary for several days at a time. The yard really likes it.
Ok I better head to the kitchen.It won't get done by itself. Have a nice evening
This is my nephew and the snook he caught. He actually caught it in the canal behind him

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NIGHTSTAR777 7/1/2009 5:07PM

    You are kidding! He took this fish from your ref. Do you see, it is frozen because it dies not move! W O W. This is great for dinner!

Hi Eleni. You are not alone. When our elder son come home he always complains: why there are so many dishes in sink? There is not possible to put water to the pot. I answer : Maybe there is no one who wish to dish wash. Would you like to do it? He never likes. When I ask Whose turn now to do it -no one answer: mine. So, you see, we are all the same. Well our younger is home now. He does everything by himself. He always was different.

Well DH calling. Have to go to kitchen emoticon

Let us know how blood test is.

Comment edited on: 7/1/2009 5:10:00 PM

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ROSEHIP:-) 7/1/2009 5:06PM

My kitchen counters always has stacks on it, 1/4 on table has my paper work, dining table is a catch all for everyone's "stuff" and the couch is full of the kids clothes to be folded. Oh yes let's not forget next to my chair has all the cookbooks and magazines I read.

At least when I need to, I can get it all put somewhere out of sight.

Hope you have a great 4th of July. Are you doing anything? We will go to our small towns parade.

Take care,

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SEAWILLOW 7/1/2009 2:18PM

    emoticon I don't like housework either!

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SUNSHINELADY5 6/30/2009 8:33PM

    anyone for a fish fry? i don't think anyone likes housework, except maybe my sister. emoticon it really looks and feels like a fall day here. 70 partly cloudy,really nice. it has been so hot and rainy lately it was like living in a jungle. the stormy weather was so hard on the ole arthritis. donna emoticon emoticon

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SUNNY332 6/30/2009 6:32PM

    That is one big emoticon. Is it good eating?

Glad you got your blood work done and had a chauffer take you there.

That Bill is one nice guy! Sunny

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FEISTYMAMA 6/30/2009 5:44PM

    Holy cow, that's some fish!! I'm actually happy it's a little dreary here. It's been too darn hot lately so it's been nice. The sun tries to peak through periodically so it's not gloomy all day.

I HATE housework too!! I'm lucky, my daughter is a big help. She vacuums, cleans the kids bathroom, does dishes occasionally (even though I have a dishwasher I don't use it daily), and sweeps. Any little bit helps.

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MDMNINA 6/30/2009 4:34PM

    I don't like housework either. I'm glad I'm not the only one who hates it!

Nice Snook!

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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I just had a reminder of how we all come from all over the world.And what we sometimes think is a very common thing may not be to one of our friends.I remember sometimes back I mentioned grits thinking everyone knew what they were.Well everyone didn't.
Now I have had 2 dear friends ask me about okra. Every region has foods that are just known by everyone.And in the south okra is one of those like the grits that is well known in the south.Like fried green tomatoes.
Here is a picture and article I got off the internet. I was also asked what it tasted like and that is a littlle harder to explain. My favorite way to eat it is fried but I do keep a bag of chopped frozen that I add to soup. Eating it boiled is not for everyone as it is slimey when cooked whole. Wow I don't know how to describe the taste. I think people either love it or hate it.

Okra has been around a long time. It probably originated in West Africa and, from there, it covered lands far and near. Most likely okra came to the Americas with the slaves. It is very popular in the southern states.
Okra plants have a strong central stem with large green leaves. At the junction of each leaf stem a blossom will emerge and produce the okra pods. Given good conditions, okra can grow to a height of six or seven feet. It is definitely a warm weather crop.
Okra pods should be harvested when they are young and tender. A pod no more than four inches long is ideal -- any longer and they become tough although there are some varieties now with pods that remain tender up to about six inches in length. If okra is hard to cut with a sharp knife, its too tough for cooking.
If you are buying your okra, look for small, green pods. If the pods have a lot of black and brown spots on them, pass them by. Best place to find okra is at farmers market where fresh produce is brought in every day.
Frozen okra is okay for stews and gumbo, but the breaded okra for frying is at best a poor substitute for the real thing.
Its not a lot of trouble to work with fresh okra. First thing when you get your okra home is to wash it in cool water. Dump it in a sink of cool water or large bowl. Swish it around to remove any debris. Drain it in a sieve.
You cut the stem end off all the pods. On the small pods, you can leave the small end or tail. The tail gets tough on larger pods.
Classic Fried Okra
Cut the okra pods into half-inch slices -- about two cups of slices for this recipe.
To a cup of buttermilk, add a half-teaspoon of garlic powder, a half-teaspoon of onion powder, a teaspoon of salt, and a half-teaspoon of black pepper.
Put about a half-cup of flour in a brown bag. Dip the okra slices, a few at a time, in the buttermilk, and then drop them in the flour bag. Shake until they are coated with the flour.
Fry in deep fat until golden brown.
Fried Okra Raven Style
• 2 cups okra slices
• 1 egg, well beaten
• Salt, black pepper and a touch of cayenne, to taste
• Yellow cornmeal
Beat the egg with the salt, pepper and cayenne in a large bowl. Add the okra slices and stir until all are coated with egg. Slowly add the cornmeal and mix until the slices start to stick together. Deep-fry the clumps of three or four slices until golden brown. Drain on paper towel or in a brown paper bag. (If you are cooking a large quantity, put the bag in a good-sized warm pot. That way you get the grease drained off and keep the okra warm all in one operation.
Boiled Okra
Boiled or "stewed" okra can be a delicate subject. When okra is boiled it gets mighty slick. Some folk just cant abide the texture, although the taste is great. I think a couple of tablespoons of vinegar might cut down on the slickness. Using whole baby pods about two inches long works best for boiling. Season with a little bacon grease and salt and pepper.
Pickled Okra
Lots of folk like their okra pickled. Its an easy process if you want to try it.
• 2 quarts of water
• 1 cup canning salt
• 1 quart apple cider vinegar
Boil this mix for ten minutes.
Pack baby okra in suitable canning jars. To each jar add a Jalapeño pepper, a clove of garlic, and a bit of fresh dill weed. Pour the hot brine over the okra and seal. Let it set a couple of weeks to come to full flavor.

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STILLFLYIN 6/30/2009 8:40PM

    I tried to think how I would describe the taste of okra and came up empty - other than tasty. In addition to the ways you mentioned, I like to add mix it with other vegetables like cauliflower and various frozen veggie mixes. Of course, I like it slimy, too.

Very good blog!


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BIRDLEGS29 6/30/2009 3:36PM

    As a Southerner bred and born, I am all too familiar with okra, grits and fried green tomatoes! Have to admit I am on the "haters" team with okra, don't like grits, but LOVE fried green tomatoes! The only thing better is a red juicy fresh picked tomatoe!


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KATIE233 6/30/2009 2:46PM

    thanks for the blog on okra, and the recipes.

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NIGHTSTAR777 6/30/2009 2:28PM

    Thank you. I read in your blog about okra and I was not able to find out what is it about. I looked at dic. It gave me an information. now I will ask in NY farm markets does they have okra. We have these markets around. Very often I look at products ans I have no idea what to do with it.

Thank you for this blog.

Eleni, am a leader or team Adventurers and Curious People . This team is from different countries. May I put this blog on the team forum or page? I am not sure how can I do it. I am not really good in it and I am a new in leadership. What I do like in this blog how good it done, how good information is.
There is post of one our member Christmas Songs. I think it is very interesting. Soddenly I got that in my country we do not remember any Christmas Carols. My sons even does not know they were around in the past.

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JENGCOSS 6/30/2009 11:34AM

    I have an okra question. I am growing okra and there are these...things...that look like okra but they opened up, started a bloom, then dried up. Was that a bloom that produces okra? What was that? lol

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