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Rainy Tuesday

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

It is a little rainy outside. So far only a slight drizzle but hopefully it will give us some real rain. It is so dry here.
I am tired today.Still having fluid problems and that makes me tired with weight going up and down.
I am loving the new fridge.Have it and freezer part almost organized.It makes it much easier when I am cooking to reach stuff I need from fridge as I sit on a stool to cook and now everything I use a lot is easy to reach.
I am still working on new DVD recorders.. The one back here will now record and I can play back but only when I manually start the record. I can input all info for timer record but it won't accept the ok button when I touch it. But I am making progress.Wish some of you computer guru's lived near me.LOL
I started recording the sit and be fit program on a disk in living room but can't get it to play in back room where I do exercises. I finalized the disk and that is suppose to make it play but it won't play back there. When I put it in the dvd player in back it says do not recognise disk.But I am making progress.

The new DVD is a winner. It is a seated exercise that is related to Tai-chi,Chi-Gung and Chinese Yoga emoticon This guy doesn't have much personality but really nice instructions on exactly when to breathe in or out. I skip the leg part which is a small part of DVD.90% is arms and upper body.
So I am hanging in there.My eating is all over the place so I am working on it

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GRANDMA_NANNY 3/18/2009 10:45AM

    As far as the DVD, some DVD players are real picky, especially if they are a little old. (That is only about 2 years in electronics terms.) They will not play a homemade DVD. To find out if it is the DVD or player you might ask someone else to try it in their player just to see what happens. Good Luck.

A new fridge.... sounds great. Mine is such a mess, I need to clean it out. I am glad it makes it easier for you.

Happy that the new DVD is working for you. Keep it up. Hopefully you will be feeling its effects in a positive way real soon.


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VEGEFARMER 3/17/2009 11:43PM

    Raining here today also. Very much needed tho.
When my guru son comes to visit I have a list of to do's for him. LOL
Good on you for even attempting to organise the recorders.

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NEWSTART127 3/17/2009 10:56PM

    Sounds like you're making some progress on the electronics stuff!
I hate trying to figure all that out! I need a guru, too!
Glad the newest DVD is a winner! Feel better! Stay warm and dry!

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FEISTYMAMA 3/17/2009 7:54PM

    It reached a high of 74 degrees here today. I hope the rain didn't bring you down!

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Monday, March 16, 2009

Not sure how I like the new change in our spark page.Something new for me to learn.
Have to read again and see who sees what and where.
I am waiting for the new fridge to get here that Bill bought yesterday.It is suppose to be here between noon and 2. Don't you just love it.The time is perfect for me but they called at 7:45 this morning.They were suppose to only call Bill.Well they called him and the house.
I took everything out of freezer and packed it in my little freezer last night.Just barely got it in there.Then took everything out that didn't have to be in there like water and soda. Rest of stuff is in containers I can just lift out while they swap over. We decided to not keep old fridge so Angel is coming to get it.She wants it for an extra in her garage. Bill almost got a new stove while he was at it but didn't.I wish he had and I would have them both today.My stove top doesn't work well.One element only works when it wants.
I got 60 minutes of exercise in today.My sit and be fit,Richard and one of new DVD's I got.
Still can't get new DVD recorder to work right out here.I know it is something simple I am overlooking. I just get real frustrated and then I quit and go back to it later. I will get it sooner or later and it looks like it will be later.LOL

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GRANDMA_NANNY 3/18/2009 10:52AM

    Yeah, I am not sure about the Spark Page changes either. Mine was taking so much room on the page I went in and deleted a lot of what it shows. I thought that part was little distracting.

Great job on the exercise! You are my role model!

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NEWSTART127 3/16/2009 11:55PM

    Congrats on the new fridge! Did you get one with the french doors and double bottom freezer drawers?

And WAY TO GO on the 60 mintues of exercise! Was the newest DVD a winner?

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FEISTYMAMA 3/16/2009 10:04PM

    Way to go for exercising for an hour!! That's great!

You sure don't waste any time!! I'll bet you get that new stove soon too! My appliances are just over 2 years old so I won't be getting any new ones any time soon.

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ROZOZ68 3/16/2009 6:13PM

    Dear Eleni, it is all coming together for you! I am so happy for you. Also an hour of exercise! WooHOO!! GO Girlfriend GO!!
Have a great day.

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VEGEFARMER 3/16/2009 2:59PM

    Geez, you sure didn't waste anytime. it was only yesterday & I was reading in your blog about maybe looking for a new freezer. lol. way 2 go.
Well done on the excercise, that is so kewl, 1 hour is awesome.

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Sunny Sunday

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Did not get up early this morning. I went to bed at 11:30 and was back up by 12:30 and stayed up til 4:30.I don't know which is worse.Waking up every hour or being awake for hours.They both stink.
Bill has almost got the new steps finished.They are nice. I was able to walk up them with little problems.I even sat up on deck in sunshine for awhile while he was working on a rail..It isn't fancy looking but he made a rail from top of steps over to pool step so I have something to hold onto all the way. What a big difference it made making steps closer to each other. Now he has to get pool cleared up up and solar panels hooked back up. He tries so hard to make things easier for me.I don't know what I did to deserve him but I am one very blessed woman to have him.
I called the store where we got the new DVD recorder I like so much and they had 1.I asked if he could hold it for us and he agreed. Bill stopped his work and went and got it. He had been looking all week for one and couldn't find it anywhere.I couldn't even get it from web site. So I will hook it up in awhile.
He also picked up a couple more of pillows we bought.I had him throw away all our old pillows.
I did not take the extra diuretic yesterday and fluid is back.Not as bad but not good.I was up 8# this morning.Hopefully it will go back down.I may have to increase meds which stinks.
My last new DVD came and it is good.It is a chair exercise based on Tai Chi.The guy is a little strange looking but the narrator is excellent at say exactly when to breathe in and out on each new move. I will add it to the exercises I have been doing.
Ok Thats it for now We are suppose to go look at refrigerators later today.I have been wanting one with freezer drawer in bottom.The one I really want has 2 freezer drawers but those run around $3ooo.Way too much. But it would make it so much easier for me to have crisper stuff up higher.I don't know if we will get one but knowing me we will.I am not good at just looking once we decide to get something.LOL

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VEGEFARMER 3/16/2009 1:00AM

    Thumbs up to your darling Bill. What a guy.
Hope you can get the fluid under control to make life easier for you.

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NEWSTART127 3/15/2009 10:19PM

    Just catching up on a few of your blogs... I have been so MIA this past week.
I hope that you're able to get the fluid under control soon - and the pain so that you can get a good night's sleep!

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ROZOZ68 3/15/2009 2:48PM

    Hi Eleni, You are soooo blessed with a husband like Bill. I am happy for you that he is making your life easier and more convenient.
Have a great day and I hope you get that fridge! It will make your life easier. I can't believe they cost so much in the US...especially with the economic climate today.

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FEISTYMAMA 3/15/2009 11:01AM

    I'm the same way when I decide I want something. I keep talking about it and before you know it, I have it. Have fun shopping!

Bill is such a sweetie! Of course you deserve him my dear!!!

I hope you can get the fluid under control! emoticon

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Saturday, March 14, 2009

This is the purple cauliflower.Like the bright yellow I tried it tastes the same.Bill thought color made it un appetizing looking. I thought it was ok but now worth twice the cost of regular.The only reason I can see for using colored ones would be to make a colorful platter for a special diner.
I went to bed real early last night for me.I still woke up every hour but ended up getting more sleep overall.
I never said what my weight was when I had the fluid problem but I am down almost 15 # in 2 days.That was all fluid and much of it in my lungs. So I will cut back on meds and hope it doesn't happen again for awhile.
Angel and Brianna came to do a little house work for me.She tries to come once a week but can't always do that. They put the new mattress cover and foam on bed. Anything they do is a help. After supper she went and got her friends new baby.It has been a long time since I held a tiny one.There is nothing like a 2 week old baby.They just sleep and smell so good. This one only weighs 6# now so you can see she was tiny.Her name is Haven which is a nice name.I like different names.
I got 2 of the 3 new tapes I ordered and tried them out. Not good.They are suppose to be sitting tapes.The one is sitting for about 5 minutes and the all standing. The moves that a very fit and ripped young lady does are way too fast and vigorous has an old lady behind her trying to keep up.The poor woman looks miserable. So that one is a complete dud.The other also is a no go but not as bad.She does do some light weights that aren't bad.
The third one came yesterday afternoon and I will check it out in a few minutes.It is suppose to be Tai chi in a chair for the seniors.We will see, It looks like my sit and be fit and good old Richard are still my best. I will tape some of sit and be fit on DVD in the next few weeks like I did the on the old vcr. We are still trying to find another DVD recorder like we bought but no luck so far.The web refers you to the stores and they don't have any.
Well I better go exercise or I won't do it.Hubby has a lot of honey-does and I may need to supervise. emoticon

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VEGEFARMER 3/15/2009 3:53AM

    HI eleni, purplw cauliflower does nothing for me either. So pleased that you have got that fluid downj, gee that sure was a lot eh?
Tapes sound like a real let down ..... what a shame.
What is honey does?????
off to the spa now. Take care.

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HOME-BODY 3/14/2009 3:59PM

    I had to look twice in the bowl to see what that was. I've never heard of purple cauliflower. How interesting is that!! I'm glad you got your meds. under . 15 pounds of fluid is unbelieveable my friend. I'm glad you have that all figured out now. Have yourself a wonderful day!!

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FEISTYMAMA 3/14/2009 10:28AM

    The purple stuff doesn't even look like cauliflower. I asked my husband if he'd eat purple cauliflower and he said no. It's a mind thing. I don't know that I would eat it ether. Very interesting....

Wow, 15 pounds of fluid! That's crazy!!!

I don't like buying exercise DVD's unless I've used them before. I try to check them out at the library first before I buy them. I've bought quite a few VCR ones years ago that were horrible! I hope the other one is better.

Have a great day! The sun is shining and looks warmer than it really is. Right now it's 32 degrees but should warm up to about 45 or so. By Wednesday we're supposed to be in the 50's! Of course I'll be working but Spring is on it's way!!

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Friday, March 13, 2009

I am sure you have all heard the expression Don't count your chickens before they hatch. Well when I went to bed last night at 11:30 I was feeling good about my day. I had exercised and keep calories in range. And if I could have gone to sleep and stayed asleep it would have been a winner for sure.***** But**** Only dozed off for a few minutes when knee woke me up.It was hurting so bad I was back up by 12:30 and stayed up til 2:30.Well you only get one guess as to what I did.Yep I ate.It could have been much worse but thankfully the cheese is still in freezer.(Parmeson is going there next) How about grapes and tuna fish as a combo for stomach. I just figure out it was an extra 300 calories that I didn't need.But that is still better than the past weeks where I ate 1000 if not more at night. So even tho I didn't do as good as I wanted it wasn't a total disaster.

I finally got a dvd player to work in back room where I exercise. I had a vcr/dvd combo back there and have never been able to get the dvd part to work.I fooled with it several times this week.I had just a dvd player we used in living room and after several trys and walking away from frustration I got it to work.That was awesome.Now I can watch my vcr exercise tapes and the new dvd's that just came in mail yesterday.I ordered 3 new sitting tapes.I have no idea if I will be able to do them but I will find out in a few minutes.
The new DVD recorder in living room is so awesome.Bill went to 5 different stores trying to find another.No luck yet.I even went on internet and the company that makes them didn't have them.The store where we got it is suppose to get more in but no one knew when. What makes it nice is it has 160GB of memory and I need no disks to record.
Well I better go check out those new DVD's.

It is a little overcast this morning but birds are singing away.

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DETERMINEDANGI 3/15/2009 10:37AM

    Amazon sells DVD recorders.

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VEGEFARMER 3/14/2009 6:16AM

    Hope it all turns out ok Eleni

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FEISTYMAMA 3/14/2009 1:46AM

    I don't think 300 extra calories is that bad considering what you ate. Grapes & tuna (gross combo by the way emoticon) is much better than a candy bar!! It could've been much worse!

How are your new DVD's?

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