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Dropping a team

Monday, January 12, 2009

I am sad to say I am dropping out of the "Done Being the Fat Girl" spark team.I had to drop one and this is the one I chose for now. I will be checking the team from time to time but since you have to be a member to post I won't be posting. But some of the members will hear from me from time to time.
I need to be able to fully support my teams and I needed to make a change.Good luck and have a blessed and happy and healthy new year. emoticon emoticon

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VEGEFARMER 1/13/2009 2:01AM

    It sure is hard to keep up with all the teams your in eh?
I am looking at dropping a couple cos it is too hard to keep up with them as well as work full time.
You can always go back later if you want to eh?

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ROZOZ68 1/12/2009 11:15PM

    Thanks for staying with Grandmas!! I would really miss you!!


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FEISTYMAMA 1/12/2009 7:58PM

    It's so hard to keep up with the team's isn't it? I may drop one as well.

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Monday, January 12, 2009

I have been so focused on catching up with my teams etc I just realized I haven't blogged.. emoticon
I see I am going to have to drop another team.I hate to do it but I want to be an active member on my teams and it is just too hard to keep up. I don't see how anyone can do it with a lot of teams.I spend hours just trying to read posts,respond to different people,answer my comments and email people. I am also on myspace now where I blog mainly for my grand children.and one of my daughters plus a couple friends. I love Spark and all my new friends but I don't want to do things half way. So now I have to decide which team or teams to eliminate.
I did good with eating until late at night. But that is my archillis heel and I have to continue to try to over come it. But overall eating was good.I have adjusted my day eating because of night time.Calorie are calories.I can cut back some during the day without being hungry all the time.As I said.I am not going to walk around being hungry constantly. I don't believe you have to in order to lose. I am losing and I do not starve myself.
I have just come up with a plan for my crock pot.If you have read my blog ofyen you know I also have a terible habit of constantly getting into crock pot broth. So I have just put a pot on for supper.I am going to move the crock pot into another room where I am not so tempted to get into it.Maybe even a bedroom.I know from experience it will not go dry.But with it sitting in kitchen it is too easy to keep tasting.Will let you know if it helps. Sometimes it takes drastic action.LOL
Ok I have to do some research on foods that have fiber

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FEISTYMAMA 1/12/2009 7:58PM

    I LOVE cooking in my crockpot. I never got in the habit of opening the crock pot until the food is done. I know I'd be like you and sampling. It's so hard not to!

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Busy Sunday

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Here is my tattoo.The half where the butterfly is was my first and the flowers and little butterfies were added later.I was in my forties when I did this. No one ever sees it as I don't wear the t-back tanktops anymore.But maybe by summer time I might.

I have been busy doing odds and end things today.Finally found my tablecloths.I accused Bill of hiding them.He doesn't like tablecloths and I do.And ofcourse I win. But got tables etc back to normal.They have been sitting empty.But now I have pictures back on some etc.
I also cleaned out some saucers and bowls so I had room for the new ones I got. I will give them to Angel.

I finished making a thing to hang from my walker with pockets.I had one that was an old towel I held in place with safty pins. LOL This one looks much better.
Tonight is every man for himself so I am having cooked cabbage with shrimp in it.
I finally put up all the soup and tomato sauce.
I guess thats it for now.Need to go to my buddies blogs and my teams.
Looks like rain is head this way but it is warm.

Ps Robin I counted them. 30 small cans tomato sauce,17 italian soup,11 southwestern soup,4 french onion to cook with , 3 tomato for Bill and 1 chicken noodle for Bill. Should last a few days LOL

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VEGEFARMER 1/12/2009 1:19AM

    kewl tattoo Eleni.
It was 27 c here today. We have been having a lot of nice days lately and very very humid.
not at all soup weather. LOL
I love table cloths as well, just seems to make it all seem homely, maybe its because i grew up with them always on the tab le.

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FEISTYMAMA 1/11/2009 4:27PM

    Sounds like you're stocking up for a huge snowstorm!! You're smart to get it when it's on sale like that. That's one thing I don't normally do but I should start! Thanks for the idea.

I like your tattoo! It's very feminine. Hopefully you'll show it off this summer!

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PS to Saturday

Saturday, January 10, 2009

My fun for the day was to go to K-Mart and ride around in electric cart.But it ended up having extra exercise included.We went to K-Mart and there were no electric carts.So I used my walker and did a lot of walking(for me).Had to sit down several times but made it.
Then we went to local Boys Ranch Thrift store and they have no electric carts so I used my walker again. Got some new soup bowls and some cute bowls to put my salad in. But again that was extra walking.
Now I have to thin out what bowls I have so I can use new ones.
We also made a couple trips to Walgreens and Publix.I didn't go in there.But they had tomato sauce and Healthy request soups real cheap.I have enough for weeks.LOLNow I am going to catch up on my spark pals and rest.

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HALLUCINATING 1/11/2009 2:26PM

    Great job! Every bit you do helps and it sounds like you did a lot of walking. It isn't the first one to the finish line, its that you made it there that counts. I was laughing about your soup and tomato sauce because I always stock up on canned beans when they are on sale. My DDs called me the bean queen forever LOL emoticon

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MDMNINA 1/11/2009 12:11PM

    I think shopping can be considered an aerobic exercise for you! Good for you.

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ROZOZ68 1/10/2009 11:49PM

    You did good and you made it! Those stores are BIG and you get lots of walking in. My dad used to walk in wallmart so he could use a shopping cart to balance himself on.

You are probably sleeping now...

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FEISTYMAMA 1/10/2009 8:39PM

    You got your exercise in for today!! It sounds like you're going to be sore tomorrow though.

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Good weigh in and Bill's tattoo

Saturday, January 10, 2009

I was down 3# this morning which gets me within 1# of pre holiday so I am very happy.
I went with Bill to get his tattoo yesterday.Just in case he cried,whined or passed out.He was a macho man and did none. emoticon We were there a long time as lady was really slow even starting.
He loves it.There are a couple spots I am not happy with but it is fresh and will look better in a few weeks. The original eagle and anchor is 46 years old.She touched it up and added the flag he wanted. Made me want to get mine touched up.When I added to mine the woman put some red spots I don't like.But since I take a lot of blood thinners so more tattoo for me. I will get Bill to take a pic of mine and I will show you mine tomorrow.
As a treat for being a good boy I took him out for supper.He has been so good about us not going to restaurants. I picked the place tho.There is a local diner close to where we were and I thought my chances of finding something that wouldn't be tons of calories would be there.And I was right. I also didn't think the food would be too great but I was surprised. It was excellent. I had a cup of cabbage soup that was really good Then stuffed Talapia with steamed veggies. But just to punish Bill I took a pair of my new chop sticks in and used them. A few people gave me funny looks but we thought it was funny. I was surprised the waitress didn't ask why I was using them.I would have.LOL.
Yes my chop sticks came.I am testing them to see which I like.I am going to keep one set in purse for few times we eat out. Bill just loves that idea.Naught!!! But he is a good sport.The things I put him thru.
The one set that has spoon and fork on one in are real shiny and I didn't think I would be able to use them But the best test is banana slices and I did ok. I am getting better with them all but it still is slower than fork or spoon.
Well I have a lot of emails and blogs to check out

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ROZOZ68 1/10/2009 10:30PM

    Just read this! So happy for you losing 3#!! emoticon

I like the tatoo also!

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FEISTYMAMA 1/10/2009 12:50PM

    3 pound loss, that's GREAT!!! emoticon

I'm laughing just trying to picture you using your chopsticks at the diner. I can only image the looks people were giving you!! I'm not a fast eater (usually the last one done) but I think it would be fun to do the chopstick thing in public. Hee, hee, hee.

Bill's tattoo looks good. When it's all healed you should post another picture. I miss the smell of a new tattoo! MMMMMMM.

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