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New Laptop

Saturday, December 20, 2008

I am using my new laptop to write this.It is an Aspire one.Just a small one.I can't get outlook to work yet but I can get here.It will take a while to get use to it.
I also got my statue today.I have named her Dilalah and the elf she is holding tinkerbell. I will post a picture tomorrow.Thanks Debbie.We found her at Earth scapes.
My daughter Rebekah and grand daughter Felicia came and did the housework that Angel usually does tonight.Angel has been sick.I was pleased as this is first time in a long time that Rebekah offered to help. She just passed her CNA class last night and we are very proud of her.She can now get a job as a CNA and has4 months to take state test..
Almost all the kids will be here plus 2 of my siblings.It will be a packed house tomorrow.
My 2 christmas cauctus are full of blooms.Bill brought them in.That plant knows when it is Christmas as it blooms just at right time. I started out years ago with one small plant and know have 2 large ones from original plant.
Ok I am going to have to get a mouse for this.LOL emoticon

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MYINNERBOUDICA 12/21/2008 7:27AM

    Enjoy the new lap top! I have one and I feel really luxurious sitting in bed while posting messages!

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FEISTYMAMA 12/20/2008 10:48PM

    I can't wait to see Dilalah & Tinkerbell!

Congrats to your daughter for passing the class! I'm sure she'll do fine on the state exam. Is Angel OK? I hope she feels better soon!!

Enjoy the time with your family tomorrow!

emoticon emoticon

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VEGEFARMER 12/20/2008 9:42PM

    Awesome, enjoy your lap top. they do take time to get used too. I remember aftere i gave my mum my desk top and all I had then was this lap top, i wondered for a short time if just maybe I'd gone cuckoo giving the desk top awayMust say though this is the best now that I am used to it. LOL
Sounds like you are in for a lovely & lively Christmas. Enjoy & I am looking forward to seeing the pics tomorrow.
Bye for now./

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Friday, December 19, 2008

Well I lost the 3# I gained last week. It probably has a lot to do with the fact I was a big dummy and took wrong meds last night. First time I ever did that. Thankfully it was not a double dose of blood pressure meds. And some were same I was suppose to take but 3 were diuretics.So I was peeing all night.I will take extra potassium today. I still can't believe I did it.Worried hubby but I was sure it was not going to hurt me. Just will skip those pills this morning and I will be back on track.
It is a beautiful day here in Florida and weather is suppose to stay that way.Some of you are having really cold and snowy days.It does make it seem more like Christmas but I will keep my warm weather.
We are having the whole family here Sunday.I have already warned hubby he better not disappear on me tomorrow. My daughter may not be able to come clean so he will have to do what she usually does. He is real thrilled. LOL
My brother is heading back to Arizona today.It would have been nice if he could have been here but he wanted to get home and I don't blame him.
Nothing going on here.I am enjoying getting my Christmas cards.I hang them in living room and enjoy them so much.I have 30 so far. One from New Zealand and one from Australia.Now that is super kewl. Even hubby thought that was nice.Thanks Rozie and Karyn.
I did put a surprise up there to see who spots it first.I printed out a picture of Joy's new dog and wrote Joy's baby on it.Joy is my oldest daughter
Ok Everyone have a great day and enjoy weekend coming up.

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FEISTYMAMA 12/20/2008 10:50PM

    Are you back to normal now after taking the wrong meds the other day?

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Quiet Day

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Not much going on. I wrapped some boxes of candy for male members of the family. Other than that I just took it easy. I am going to go make my meds up since I have the card table up.It usually takes me a couple of hours to do meds.I hate doing them so I do for at least 3 weeks when I do them.
Bill is at Brianna's soccer game so I could fix something I like for supper. I had some chicken livers squash and eggplant.All things he hates. First chicken livers I have had in a year.
I seem to be hungry all the time but calories are good so far.But we all know how fast I can add to them after supper. Tomorrow is my weigh in. I don't expect a gain but don't really expect a loss either.Will just have to wait and see.

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MYINNERBOUDICA 12/19/2008 12:48PM

    I've had a really hungry week. Last night, as I was eating my dinner, I had a sudden urge to eat a chicken pot pie. Now, I have to tell you that I haven't eaten a chicken pot pie for going on 20 years so it's a little odd to suddenly crave one. I didn't end up eating anything extra. If I'm feeling "peckish" at night, I just brush my teeth so I'm less likely to want to eat anything.


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VEGEFARMER 12/18/2008 11:50PM

    Hi Eleni, geez I am having a terrible day, picking , picking and more picking of all sorts of food. I am about to go add them up, Looks I might have to go for a very very very long walk soon. LOL.
I must tell u this. An old friend whom I have not seen in over 20 years came into our shop yesterday, we both took a double take of each other & she said KARYN......? I said yes it is, scratching my head as to who she was & then it came to me Bev. She looks so different as to when I last saw her, but her voice & face is the same. She asked me if i was still karyn or had I changed my name as everyone else she knew from that era had. I said No I am still Karyn & then she said her name was now Brianna, isn't that amazing.
Ah well that is my story for the day.
Heck I caouldn't eat a supper like that. LOL. Never.
Take care, be good, chat later.

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FEISTYMAMA 12/18/2008 7:36PM

    If you're hungry, try drinking more water. I also will chew gum as well.

I have to tell you, you eat some interesting things. I would never eat liver!! emoticon My co-workers tell me ALL the time that I'm a picky eater though.

Today was my weigh in day and I'm down 4 ounces I think it was. It is what it is. Come January it's back to business.

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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A new vistor.This guy is smaller than other one that runs outside

I just lost my blog after I was almost finished. @%%^&&**&^%^$#$@@$^%*&
Anyway. I couldn't decide what to tell hubby to get me so I chose both. I will help him with the cost since I chose both. I knew whichever one I chose I would later wish I had chosen the other.Besides.I never spend anything on myself and I am due plus I am worth it.
The memorial for my sister Mary's husband(We found out they secretly got married a few weeks ago) was very nice.It was held at the club house at mobile home park where they live.It was packed. We learned a few things about Frank that we didn't know.He was born in Italy and came to America when he was 13.He could not speak English and was thrown into school. He eventually quit school but still managed to become an electrician and made a good living. Very much a success story. I did not know him well but I knew the most important thing.He loved my sister very much and was very good to her. They truly were best friends.
The tin of popcorn is almost gone. So I have been a bad girl. I will stick to the 100 cal bags I have. I still have 2 days to finish losing what I gained last week.

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VEGEFARMER 12/18/2008 12:18AM

    Well I'll be. That squirrel is sooooooooooo cute. We don't have squirrels here.
Just as well I guess, I'd have more little critters to feed.
Sounds like you are going to be very spoiled this Christmas, as am I.
My present is my plane tickets to Australia in February and I already have the ticket so it is no surprise but the best presey I could of had.
pleased to hear that the rest of the popcorn is bagged up. LOL
Glad that the memorial service was nice.
We have one to go to tommorow, because of work & our shop, My darling is going fr both of us & after work we will both go visit & have a few drinks. We went & said our goodbyes to him last night, sat around the coffin with his wife talking about the good times.
Ah well must away for now.
Take care & be a good girl tomorrow. O.K. ?

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FEISTYMAMA 12/17/2008 7:11PM

    You're so cute!! I got a little chuckle when you called yourself a bad girl because the popcorn is almost gone. I've been a bad girl too. I've been eating mint M&M's and my husband just brought home peanut M&M's. These are things I don't normally eat, so I'm allowing myself. If I deprive myself of my sweets, I will fall off the wagon and not get back on. Moderation.

Are getting a laptop & a fairy statue for Christmas? I know all the presents I'm getting for Christmas. My husband and I shop for each other together so we know for a fact we're getting things we want. He bought me my treadmill already and has bought me quite a bit of other things as well. I thought it was going to be a small Christmas but we've been lucky and my kids will be VERY happy, and so will I. emoticon

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Better today

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Knee is much better today.Still hurts but nothing like yesterday.Thanks for all the kind words. Pain is just something I deal with a lot in some form.Just try to make it thru and be thankful it isn't worse.Plus it feels soooooo good when pain eases up. LOL
I even slept decent last night.Woke up several times but was able to get back to sleep .
My sweetie was in charge of doing a good deed today and called me to straighten out his booboo.. We picked up a box of choco covered pretzels and nuts for his chiropractors office and our heart doc. He signed the cards last night. He put wrong card on heart docs. I had to call and aks Bambi ( Yes her name really is Bambi) to add my name to card. So you see he isn't always perfect. And speaking of Bambi Bill didn't realize that was her real name.He thought it was a nickname I gave her. Yea I give people funny names sometimes.Sometimes I tell them and sometimes I am naughty and don't dare call them by name I pegged them with.
Maybe that is why the girls loved it when Bill told them to call me trouble.They did the other day. I thought it was hilarious. My heart doc already told Bill I had a weird sense of humor. What can I say. I am what I am
We bought a bunch of those big tins with the 3 kinds of popcorn for each family and one for me. I looked at calories and there are much more calories than mini packs we use.I looked after I ate a bunch last night.It is still better than a lot of other Christmas goodies.But I am going to bag some up so I don't eat out of tin. I like to mix them up.So I will put a cup of each one in a baggie and that way I can track calories. As we know we should never eat out of a bag or big container.Or at least I can't because I don't stop. I never buy reg bag of chips.I get 1 small snack bag that ranges from 140 to 160 calories and that is my chips for the week.
Bill keeps asking me what I want for Christmas and I couldn't make up my mind.I was thinking about one of those small laptops but I also wanted a fairy statue for outside where I can see it from my computer. Vegefarmer is one that got me wanting the yard statue. I finally decided on statue so he will be on the hunt to find one. Plus I get something else this way. I will think more about little laptop.I have a really old laptop so I may have him get a router and see how it works. Or not. It is hard to tell someone what you want. I am blessed in that I have most things I need and don't know what I want. That is why I like gift certificates at book stores or Kmart.
Ok gotta go bag popcorn and it will soon be time for grandma's nap

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VEGEFARMER 12/17/2008 2:27AM

    It's good to hear that your feeling a little bit better today.
It's funny how names stick eh? ( like trouble) LOL
You are so good to divide the goodies up into smaller portions, I so like that idea.
Now as far as lap tops go they are awesome.
When my mum was up here 18months ago at easter, I gave her my desk computer, monitor & printer to take home so she could stay in touch with all her kids via emails etc. I have only had my laptop since then & I love it. We have jusy gone wireless so I can use it all around the house.
I have been out walking with our boys girlfriend and now that Ive read my mail & friends blog it is time to spend some time with ,m,y darling whilst we wait on dinner to be cooked.
Take care. Karyn

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FEISTYMAMA 12/16/2008 6:34PM

    I'm glad to hear your knee is feeling better. I myself was in pain today and ended up leaving work early.

It's smart to put the popcorn in individual bags. When I eat crackers, mini rice cakes, chips, etc...I always count the serving size into a bowl or napkin then close the bag/box. I'll lose track if I just eat right out of the bag/box.

I LOVE my laptop!! We have a desktop as well but with 3 people always wanting the computer it made sense to get a laptop. My husband bought it for me for Mother's Day. I'm glad because our computer crashed and we had to get it fixed. If I didn't have my laptop I'd be without a computer for a week. YIKES!! I can take my laptop anywhere in the house and log on. It's come in handy in the kitchen, that's for sure. It's nice to be able to bring it with me on vacations as well.

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