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Monday, December 13, 2010

Ok Are you ready as I will be all over the place.
For this old Florida gal it is cold out there.My thermometer only says 42 but the wind makes it feel much colder.Even Roxie is ready to come back in real quick when I let her out in back yard.
Bill stopped by earlier today and brought all my cactus and orchids in house. He will cover a few in front. We are suppose to get a hard freeze in the 20's all around us and we are suppose to get a freeze. My crotons took months to come back after last year.The ones that survived. So I know I will lose some plants as it is just too much to try and cover everything. So he will try to cover 8 plants in front and everyone else is on their own. I doubt my plumerias will make it. I have one that was full of leaves and about 2 weeks ago for no reason all the leaves fell off. I just heard on TV that some areas will be in the teens tonight.Living right on gulf always makes us a little warmer which really doesn't make sense to me. Oh well I will be staying in tomorrow where it is nice and warm.
I had to go out today to get my hair cut and the wind was brutal. I hate being cold.
I sometimes.No I often wonder why my mind leads me into directions I don't want to go. I started the day off good with my eating but then I let comments made by a stranger cause me to eat when I shouldn't. I still have supper and night time and I am at 1300 cal already. I know I can't stay in my range so I am going to try to not go over 2000. What caused me to screw up.Something that Whoopi Goldburg said on The View. And it wasn't just the words it was the contempt in her voice and the look on her face. I have seen that look directed at me when out and about the small amount I am out. She was complaining loudly about mothers with strollers and fat people in carts at Disney Land. And she even had a point about how rude some are.Only she made it like all were. She also said something about 800# people who should be walking riding carts and almost running over people. I am one of those people who can not go to anything that doesn't have a cart for me.I try to be very polite and I know many others also do. But it just threw me for a loop.I am a big fan of Whoopi's and it bothered me.I am sure or I think others may have been surprised by what she said. But it touched close to home. I even started thinking about when I was thin and I feel good knowing I never did that to anyone. And Whoopi is not alone. I have gotten that look before and I try to ignore it and think about the kind strangers that ask if they can help me. But other times I have to fight back the tears . And you would think it would make me more determined to watch what I eat but it often has the opposite effect and I eat more.How stupid is that. I warned you I would be rambling.
I am so jealous of those of you that can control your eating so well.I am also very proud of you too. I just don't understand how I can do so good and then blow it over some silly thing or even for no reason that I am aware of. Ok enough with my whatever.
When Bill came home to bring some of plants in he brought me the cutest card.It is a 8x9 inch card and it is 3d.

I have several Christmas cactus. They will be in full bloom by Christmas.Right now they are full of buds.
This is 2 views of the big momma plant.
This is the next biggest
A smaller one
This is my smallest and it had white blooms when I got it but the one that has bloomed is a very pale pink

Bill finally got a hearing test today and he will have his "ears" on Thursday. Now he can't say he didn't hear me. We had no idea where to go and Angel told us she had a friend that worked at Costco's and did the hearing tests.Her friend is hearing impaired.We felt she would be honest and not try to push the most expensive ones. They are not cheap by any means. But he has needed them for a long time.
Ok I need to go get a shower and get the hairs off my neck from hair cut. I am going to let Bill be in charge of supper tonight.
Oh I did get Roxy a toy at hair dressers.She has a gift shop in her salon. I got Roxy one there last month and she hasn't destroyed it yet.I will save this one for her Christmas present
Ok I am back.I just jumped in shower to get the little hairs off.
Here is just one spot of plants Bill brought in. Plants are scattered all over this room. Ok I am finished. Stay warm.

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REXTINE1 12/14/2010 8:23PM

    Food provides comfort when you need it. There is even a recognized "comfort food" category. It's medicine when you are desperately tired, and it works when your feelings are hurt too. That's one reason to keep the "comfort food" items out of the house - they're too likely to take over.

I never was a great Opra fan.

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GIRLQUILTER1 12/14/2010 5:12PM

    emotional eating is such an issue with so many of us. I tell myself that if I eat those cookies I won't fit into the little cute clothes I just bought. That helps me some. Instead of losing weight and then giving myself a treat (milkshake) I know now to buy a cute little skirt or something. That helps. Plus I get OUT OF THE KITCHEN. I have the things I need (meat, vegs, fruit, yogurt, milk) and not much more in the frig. I am trying to keep it EMPTY. Drink more water. Hungry? Then hot water. Maybe iwth sugarfree, fatfree jello in it if I am good. Just get out of the kitchen.

I sew quilts and no food allowed in the sewing room. Once I am there, or in fall,spring, summer in the garden (can't eat with dirt on your hands) I am safe from caloires. Travleing is difficult for eating and the holidays too. I would love to make Cmas cookies and candy, but I NEED TO GET OUT OF THE KITCHEN. Thanks for reading and your writings too. Encouragement needed and gotten from you too.

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FEISTYMAMA 12/14/2010 2:35PM

    It is upsetting to hear comments like the one Whoopi made when it hits so close to home. She doesn't know what it's like. Like we really want to be obese? I lose respect for people lie that. UGH! It's not easy for many to lose the weight and keep it off. I myself am an emotional eater. Losing my parents at a young age was hard. I was depressed and my drug of choice was food. I tell myself it could've been worse. I know I have to get back on track and get this weight off. I know I will struggle the rest of my life with weight but it's a challenge I'm willing to accept.

Girl, you better get yourself some long underwear!! It was negative 12 with wind chill when I woke up this morning. It was so cold last night when I left work my feet went numb until my car heated up.

I hope your plants don't die!!

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SHIRLEYX 12/14/2010 10:30AM

    Too bad that you were upset by the tv. Hope that you and the plants can stay as warm as possible. We are in a blizzard and my hubby wants to go out Christmas shopping as it won't be very crowded as not many people want to drive in a blizzard. I have a beef/barley soup in the slow cooker for when we get home.

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MPARKER67 12/14/2010 10:29AM

    I understand how remarks can upset you. And yes, you would think it would make you not eat instead of the opposite. Unlike you, when I was thin, I probably gave a few of the looks. I can't take them back and try to remember what I was feeling when I gave them and forgive those who do it now since I can't undo what I did! Talk about rambling LOL.

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SUNNY332 12/14/2010 9:09AM

    I am not a Whoopie Fan and think she has done a great job of inserting her foot into her mouth a lot lately so hope you don't take anything she says too personally.

People are really good at judging others but if they had to walk a mile in their shoes, could they do it? Probably not...

We all have our own challenges so don't beat yourself up.

Love the card and the catus are amazing.

Hugs to you, my friend.


Comment edited on: 12/14/2010 9:10:34 AM

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EVER-EVOLVING 12/14/2010 12:41AM

    Whoopie was probably just talking in general terms about rude people, but she was being rude also; she probably didn't think about how she was being just as bad as the people she talked about. Anyway, sorry it made you feel so bad; emotional eating is soooo hard to get a handle on...I fight it every day, but a lot of times it wins! :(

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KATIE233 12/13/2010 11:12PM

    well it is -15 so far here in Lindsay Ontario Canada.probably when i go to bed it will be -19. we will see.we had some more snow today but not as much as saturday.glad you got your hair cut , i was feeling like a sheep dog with my hair before i got mine what did Bill decide to have for supper.ok take care and very big hugs to my friend. emoticon

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DIASTER 12/13/2010 9:17PM

  Whoopie did say the 900 # lady on the scooter beeped at her and said to get out of her way, don't you think she was just lamenting in general about how rude people have become? I do agree with her about generalized lack of manners, maybe it was the people at Disney were just upset about the crowds and the cold weather. Am just so sure she did not mean it to be hurtful.
Are all your orchards inside, this weather is dreadful, already tired of this cold , will take the 90's any day.
This is the year we are going to get hold of emotional eating, one day at a time. Cannot believe I lost and gained all that weight this year, Back to basics and back to page one. Keep Warm!!!!!

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DEEO12 12/13/2010 8:39PM

    Emotional eating is something that happens. We need to learn other ways to control it. It doesnt help that you are in colder weathers now too. I also understand when you say you get upset when others can stay on their eating plan. Because I look at those that can stay on an exercise plan and feel the same way. (proud of them though) But we are all different and we will get to our goals as long as we keep trying to be and eat healthier each day. With any exercise we can do. Even when we have our bad days. emoticon

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RMMARS 12/13/2010 7:47PM

  send whoopi a note. it will make you feel better to tell her not everyone is out to get her. focus on that sweet man and the good things. get back on that cart and ride, girl. we're all too sensitive, know how you feel.

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SEATURTLE86 12/13/2010 6:37PM

    Your Christmas cactus are BEAUTIFUL! I am sure they make your house very festive. It is cold here is the NW Florida panhandle where I live too. I like it cool, but NOT COLD! LOL
I saw Whoppi today on the View and could not understand why she would say such a thing. I couldn't believe she had no empathy for people who have to use the carts. Don't let her comments get you down. Most people, including me don't mind at all and I try to be helpful and at least stay out of the way of people with carts. If the cart helps you live a more fuller life then by all means go for it! Enjoy your life girl!
STAY WARM! BRRRR! emoticon emoticon

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TILLIEBEE 12/13/2010 6:18PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticonSorry you're temperatures are getting into the damaging range. I hope it doesn't affect your outside plants too badly.
We've got an icy cover over everything and it's bitter.
I'm staying in as much as possible.
It's hard to be a sensitive eater....I for sure understand how you feel about that random celebrity comment.

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2BFREE2LIVE 12/13/2010 5:58PM

    I understand how that would make you feel the way you do. I would have thought that Whoopie of all people would have more compassion for people after all she has been on the heavier side for a long time.
As far as the motorized carts, only the people that need them should use them and you are one who needs the cart. So try not to let her comments ruin a wonderful day for you.
Maybe someone was rude to her and she was trying to compensate be being rude to others. So don't let it bother you.

I do love all your wonderful flowers, and just to think you did not want to join the Garden team, what a loss that would have been.
So sweet of Bill to bring that way to cute card home for you, My Hubby stopped by at lunch but only gave me a kiss, but I liked that because he very seldom comes home for lunch----his excuse he forgot to shave this morning and sure enough that is why he came home, the last time he came home for lunch was about two weeks ago he had a dentist appointment and low and behold he left his partial soaking in the denture bath, goes to show even those men of ours are one of a kind.
How do you like your hair cut? I got mine done last week, I know what you mean about the little hairs on your neck.
Cheer up my friend, no pouting because SANTA CLAUSE IS COMING TO TOWN!!! Sandy emoticon

Comment edited on: 12/13/2010 5:59:16 PM

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NOMIS1 12/13/2010 5:48PM

    Don't let Whoppi get to you. She doesn't know you and your circumstances. Generalization is never a good thing.

Take care of yourself. You will get back on track soon.

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Short Blog

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Short because it has been a quiet day. Haven't done much.
Bill did play another game of upwards last night.Of course I won but he has gotten much better.I have to work harder to beat him now.
I did go over calories yesterday but I was expecting it.But still was below what I was getting. I was a little worried when I decided to make chili as it does have a lot of calories. But I am in good shape and have plenty left for snacking.
I did bag up leftover chili for Angel and put it in freezer so I couldn't get into it. I made it a little different this time.I used ground turkey as usual but I had a small steak that I cut into small pieces and added that.Turned out good.So I have had my chili fix for awhile.
Tomorrow night we will have to bring some of my plants in as it may get too cold to leave them out.Bill will cover some up and the rest will just be on their own.
All of a sudden Roxy has started shedding hair big time. I have her an appointment with a mobile groomer to come and give her a bath,clip her nails etc next week.
I wish you could see her and Bill wrestling on the floor.Roxy is winning.Now he is laying there and Roxy is laying on his arm.What a pair I have.I took a few pics with phone but don't know how they came out.Tried to email picture to myself and it isn't working.I have done it before.
Oh well.Hope you had a great weekend.

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REXTINE1 12/13/2010 3:06PM

    I hope Bill does get the plants in. Some of my weedelia have croaked where they were out in the open, just from the frost one morning, and the paper says FREEZE is coming. I hope it's wrong.

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FEISTYMAMA 12/13/2010 2:31PM

    Awe, Roxy loves her daddy, that's for sure. It looks like the wrestling match wore Bill out. emoticon

I'm eating some left over chili for lunch right now. It's so good when it's this cold outside. I'm BAD and make it with ground beef. I really need to switch to ground turkey and not tell my family.

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KATIE233 12/13/2010 1:49PM

    i wish i was there seeing the wrestling match. i got my hair cut too i wanted it trim before Coady dyes it this sunday for,s going to be reddish copper auburn colour. the hair dresser told me to leave it on the white areas longer at the front so it will be the same colour as the Eleni, what are you up too tonight shopping?take care and have a good supper.

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MDMNINA 12/13/2010 11:18AM

    Really cute pic!

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TILLIEBEE 12/13/2010 10:17AM

    emoticonToo cute!

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SHIRLEYX 12/13/2010 9:42AM

    Roxy and Bill look like they are having fun.

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SUNNY332 12/13/2010 9:07AM

    What a great photo. Looks like they are best buddies - for sure.

Have a Marvelous Monday.


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KATIE233 12/12/2010 11:02PM

    Hi there, your chili sounds good. did roxy tired Bill out or the other way.i went outside 3 times to shovel snow it sure was coming down in big flakes and packy. it was raining a bit too. so now i think it,s not doing nothing. the boys accross the street came over and help me shovel and made a snowman i gave them a carrot for the nose til squirrel see now i,m resting after cooking supper and did some gift wrapping. well take care til tomorrow.

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PATRICIAANN46 12/12/2010 9:24PM

  What buddies they are..........what a great addition she is to your family!!!
We had Chili today too. My husband made it........whenever we have a snow storm, he makes STORM CHILI. It was good!

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DEEO12 12/12/2010 8:44PM

    Shedding? Don't dogs shed just before summer?

Glad you have room for snacking tonight emoticon

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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Not much going on today. I got my nails done and we had lunch and then we got groceries.
I got most of groceries up but still have to cut up and bag a few veggies . I will do that tomorrow.
I made liver and onions tonight for me. First time I have made it in years. Since we ate out at lunch I am will go over tonight but not too badly. I have done well the last few days. 1,893 cal 1,662 cal 1,362 cal 1,776 cal. But will probably end up around 1900 tonight.I know it isn't as good as what most of you are doing but it is good for me.
It did not get as warm as it was suppose to.It is suppose to get real cold tomorrow night.I am bringing in all my christmas cactus tomorrow.I have 3 outside.2 small and one large one.They will be blooming soon.
We are watching the Tom cruise movie Knight and Day.Another stupid movie.I think Bill is going to play another game of Upwords later.That will be more exciting.
Well I need to get some sparking done.Couldn't get on the site earlier.Hope you are enjoying your weekend.

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FLORIDASUN 12/12/2010 6:15PM

    I really ENJOY liver and onions! emoticon Especially the way that DH makes them...he does them the firefighter way. Cuts the liver up in very small pieces, dreges it in spices and flour. Browns up the liver pieces so they have a nice coating. Then absolutely smoothers it in onions and cooks low and slow...yum!

I got to meet Rhonda from Oregon tonight. She was on a cruise with her family that debarked in Miami so they drove the 4.5-5 hours round trip to come see us and visit the gallery. Then we all went to Mel's Diner for an early dinner before they drove back over to Miami. Such a wonderful time...that makes TWO sparkies I've met in person. SO love it when that happens!

Hugs to you...did you beat Bill on Upwords...that's a FUN game and really gets the old grey matter moving around upstairs...yay! emoticon

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REXTINE1 12/12/2010 1:17PM

    According to the paper it will freeze in Pasco but not here. I think we may need to move farther south.

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SUNNY332 12/12/2010 1:04PM

    Hope you got to play the game with Bill.

There are a lot of "stupid movies" out right now.

Hugs, Sunny

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TILLIEBEE 12/12/2010 9:15AM

    Fantastic calorie counts this week! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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26M8J7 12/12/2010 4:42AM

    Love liver and onions too but have not had it in years. emoticon

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FEISTYMAMA 12/11/2010 11:07PM

    I think your calorie count is great!!!! I probably had close to that for dinner. I was bad!!!

I still can't believe you eat liver & onions. ICK!! emoticon

I never heard of that Tom Cruise movie but by the sounds of it, it isn't worth my time.

I hope you have a good night!

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DEEO12 12/11/2010 10:31PM

    I too love liver and onions! emoticon. You are doing great on your calories this week! emoticon emoticon

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KATIE233 12/11/2010 9:57PM

    hi Eleni, i love liver and lots of onions.i,m almost due for some.well glen and i did some christmas shopping. he got mine i picked out leathr belt and i finally found a full lengh apron.all in one store. so that was good. glen always gets me something i don,t know so we shall see.i got dad a heavy sweater with zipper all the way down and i got him a battery peeler i found it in Canadian tire hopefully he will like that.when got home we were hungry so got breaded fish in and taters and dad wanted tea buicutes so i put them that is it for now. i want to get my hair cut a bit before my neice dyes it next sunday.going be red copper take care and enjoy your game sounds like and hugs

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TRIGFROST 12/11/2010 9:48PM

    I like onions and liver once in a while myself...It is maybe snow for tomorrow here but not much...Have a good one...

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PATRICIAANN46 12/11/2010 9:20PM

  Hi Eleni..........
I am sparking in the middle of a snow storm. We could get 12" or more tonight and tomorrow and then the wind is supposed to pick up and the temps are going down!!!!! Florida sounds real good.
I managed to get all of my Christmas decorations out today and made a great roast with carrots, potatoes, green pepper, celery, and onions. I cooked it all afternoon and it fell off the bones. The house still smells good!!!
Have a great Sunday. emoticon

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OURELEE1 12/11/2010 7:49PM

  We love liver and onions. We eat it only once a year. But , so good. Enjoy it.

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Friday, December 10, 2010

It has been an uneventful day. I did exercise and calories are good so far.I wish I hadn't had regular popcorn as that limits me for rest of the night. But I should still be good.
Bill brought home some fruit cake.So good but so many calories.I small tiny sliver was 121 cal.I already have some hid in freezer now.I will go weigh some slices and put the rest of this away.
We will be out and about tomorrow.Want to get my nails done and get groceries.
We did play a game of upwords tonight and I won. Now we are watching the movie the Expendables.Too much testosterone and bloody for me.
Ok nothing much going on. Have a good weekend

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GETFITTER7 12/11/2010 12:51PM

    Sounds like a nice relaxing time at home. Good job on keeping your calorie range. Have a great weekend

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FEISTYMAMA 12/11/2010 9:34AM

    I'm still thinking about trying fruit cake. The kind I saw at Wal-Mart was made by Hostess and looked and felt disgusting.

MMMM, I love popcorn. We bought a popcorn tin and it tastes delicious! I've been good and have only gone in it a few times.

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SUNNY332 12/11/2010 9:29AM

    I do love fruitcake. My Dad used to buy one out of Texas every year for his
customers. It was a Cherry/Pecan Fruit Cake. I think it was from a placed called Collins but I need to ask him for sure. I loved it as it was primarily cherries and pecans - no so much on the "dried fruits".

Have a GREAT day. We are headed to St. Louis after church tomorrow to pick up Joshua.


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TILLIEBEE 12/11/2010 7:56AM

    Sorry you got a delicious fruitcake to have to hide away!
I did okay with calories until a bowl of Ben and Jerry's Chubby Hubby that I ate next to my chubby hubby on the couch watching Prince of Persia which also had too much battling.
Have a super Saturday!
emoticon emoticon

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26M8J7 12/11/2010 5:12AM

    My mother used to cook the best fruit cakes. Have a great weekend! emoticon

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2BFREE2LIVE 12/10/2010 10:45PM

    I love to play upwords, but Hubby usually wins that game, I beat him at scrabble though. Good on the calories, I love fruit cake but never buy it because I would eat the whole thing.
Have a wonderful weekend. Sandy

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REXTINE1 12/10/2010 9:47PM

    The BW has been buying fruitcakes - last year we never had one until after New Years, and then when we wanted to buy one there were none to be had. This year we have eaten two from Sweetbay and one from Publix. She also didn't buy a big one from Costco. The problem with the little ones from Sweetbay is that a fourth of the cake is 400+ calories, so a slice less than a half inch thick and about an inch and a half square is 100. They're death on wheels.

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EVER-EVOLVING 12/10/2010 9:35PM

    Have a great week end, we are expecting a snow storm here. :( Thinking I need to move south! Anyway, I'll get some shopping done tomorrow because I don't get out when the roads are slick.

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THINLIN07 12/10/2010 9:22PM

    Yes fruit cake is loaded with calories. I am fortunate and dont like it at all. Have a great weekend

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DIONNE1972 12/10/2010 9:17PM

    have a greatWeekend, Glad you had a good calorie day

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A Good Thursday

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Altho I got up very late today.I have been getting up earlier but not today.
I did well with my eating again yesterday.I was even in my range.At the high side but I am very happy with that.I had to guesstimate a couple of thing so I tried to go on the high side. I am looking good for today too.But it is still a long time til bedtime.
I just put a pan of sliced potatoes and a pan of cauliflower along with 4 carrots for supper.I will cook some talapia on stove when Bill gets home.Fish cooks very fast and these are thin filets.
I even did 23 minutes of sitting exercise. So I am doing good.
And I haven't gotten into any of the goodies I made.Oops.I lied.I had one ritz cracker. Trust me that is good.Most of everything is in freezer but I do have a few out on table. I may have a pretzel later or coated popcorn.Depends where I am on calories later.
I finally had to fill my salt shaker up again.It didn't last a full month but close.It lasted 25 days which is good for me.I was filling that shaker up about twice a week. So I have stayed doing good on the salt goal.Now to get all the others back
Here are some flowers brought home last night. I like fresh flowers in house.

Weather man said it is in the high 50's but it is about 52 here.It is going to warn up to the 70's then cool off again. Great weather.I know many of you are freezing with snow and even below freezing weather. I love my home state of Florida.
Ok I better go check on supper. Hope you had a good day.Stay warm by friends

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REXTINE1 12/10/2010 7:11PM

    I'm glad you are doing well. My thermometer reads differently from the predictions most of the time - warmer sometimes, but lately it has been a few degrees cooler than the predicted low by 7 or 8 in the morning.

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FEISTYMAMA 12/10/2010 2:42PM

    I hope you stayed in your calories yesterday. I'm going to start counting my calories again after the 1st of the year.

Dinner sounded good except for the fish. I can't eat fish. No matter how I've had it prepared, it always has a fishy taste.

It's going to be really cold here next week. I think it' supposed to be a HIGH of 15 degrees on Monday. BRRRR!! They thought we were going to get nailed with snow (up to a foot) but the storm went north. Thank goodness!!! I can handle 2" of snow vs. 12", that's for sure.

I hope you stay warm! Floridians aren't used to this cold weather. emoticon

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SHIRLEYX 12/10/2010 9:30AM

    emoticon good for you for staying in range.

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TILLIEBEE 12/10/2010 8:13AM

    emoticonGood week for both of us! emoticon

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GRAMMIE1959 12/10/2010 8:10AM


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KATIE233 12/9/2010 11:36PM

    hi Eleni, yes you are doing well eating hope it in up very good for the night. you did well with the salt shaker too. i think i fill ours maybe every 2 or 3 months. we have hardly any snow here only inch of it left but we are going to get more on weekend i think. when hardly no snow it is very cold. it is -15 at 11.30pm and little wind.i think the older i get the colder i get. it,s not like the summer i get hot flashes than.i can,t is roxy doing is she being good. well take care and have a super day. big hugs. emoticon emoticon

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MICKEY341 12/9/2010 11:09PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

Busy day...catch you tomorrow!

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26M8J7 12/9/2010 10:28PM

    You are doing so well. You are an inspiration! emoticon

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2BFREE2LIVE 12/9/2010 7:24PM

    emoticonon doing so well. Love the flowers, Hubby always gives me red and white, I think he knows they are my favorite.
Enjoy your dinner. Sandy

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SUNNY332 12/9/2010 6:57PM

    Good job. That Bill is so good about the flowers. He needs to teach a class . I will enroll DH.

Congrats on the exercise.

Hugs, Sunny

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REEDSKI 12/9/2010 6:24PM

    The flowers are pretty. You're doing great with your food choices. I wish you would cook for me! ha

I rarely have to fill my salt shaker. We don't shake salt on our food much I guess. That's funny. I never thought of that. Don't get me wrong I'm sure I get too much salt sometimes when/if I eat processed foods. I have really been working on limiting the salt, too!

Last night I cut up this huge sweet potato into chunks, rubbed olive oil on it and roasted it in the oven. I did sprinkle salt on the thick fry-like chunks. They were good. I probably need to eat more protein but I did have eggs for breakfast, a salt-free almond butter and raspberry jam on whole grain sandwich with a salad for lunch, and a fruit smoothie with added whey protein for snack. I did make sloppy joes for tonight so I'll be getting in my protein tonight.

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PATRICIAANN46 12/9/2010 6:16PM

  emoticon You are doing a great job!!! I am sitting here watching the snow pile up in our front yard. It is beautiful, but cold. It does put one in the Christmas Spirit though.
Love your flowers. Take care......

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MPARKER67 12/9/2010 5:50PM

    emoticon You stayed in your calorie count. I am bowling tonight so I will get exercise today.

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