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Saturday, February 14, Valentines - WII FIT - WOO HOO

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Well, yesterday, I had computer issues so finally just shut down so I didn't get to finish logging in food and fitness and blog. I did it this morning.

I spent yesterday on my computer. I spent 2.17 hours on the wii. Part of it playing tennis / bowling and did the wii fit. OMGosh, the system measures your BMI, weight, does height. I could not believe how accurate the wii fit is. YUCK, but I am glad. I had to put a passcode on my info as I don't need my kids and anyone else seeing it. Yeah, the weight matched the weight on my WW scale. Well, time to be in total business. I went through all the beginning steps which takes awhile, then I did yoga (unlocked two), then I did aerobics, and unlocked a couple more. I did 35 minutes. I got a pretty good workout doing the step. It even tells you the shape you are in (age wise). I didn't like that one. Again, there is no fudging numbers, nothing. I do like the wii fit. I can see why it is so popular. I figure it is better than no exercise, and since it tracks dates of getting on and what you do will be good for me. Also, on days, due to being out of town, I can do other exercises.

I did really well with my eating. Oh, before I forget, one thing I noticed, you don't wear shoes on the wii, which kind of sucks due to my foot pain, but surprisingly, some of the pain went away while I was doing the yoga. My routine will be to do the deep breathing, then yoga, then aerobics. I also see Sparks has wii listed under cardio (low intensity) and (high intensity). I only logged 35 min of actual wii fit working out.

I bought Mario Kart too.... I love the tennis and bowling. I got a good deal on dance revolution so that is on it's way in the mail. It comes with the matt too, so I will be able to do dance on the wii. I love dance for exercise, and I think with the wii will help keep me more focused. We can even have game time.


Thursday, Feb 19, 2009 - So Cool - The wii - mild workout

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Wow, I got my wii plugged in. Didn't hook up the wii fit, just the wii. How cool, so much fun. I played bowling. I was sitting at first and realized that doesn't work. I was standing and played several games of bowl like I bowl at the bowling to laugh. I then tried the tennis. That even gets you moving more. Wow. I played for like thirty minutes and decided time to spark and go to bed. I felt a little winded after the tennis...not out of breath winded, but thirsty winded. I know my arms got a workout with the tennis. I really liked this.

Totally awesome. I really enjoyed the game! I can't wait to try the wii fit part and the racing game I got. My husband would not have let me get all of it yet, but he kind of liked it when we were at the store and he knew I really wanted it with everyone on sparks and everywhere else talking about it...tee hee... He such a sweetie sometimes (well most of the time).

Shyanne is beginning to act a little different, her attitude has been better, now if I can keep her momentum going with the attitude and doing what is right. She loved the way I cut her hair and styled it. It did come out really cute.

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MSCLVR123 2/13/2009 1:18AM

    You'll love the Wii fit. It's fabulous!

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Thursday, Feb 12 - BIG NO NO - NOT A BAD NO NO

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Well, we got our errand done and I only counted it as 30 min walking even though it was longer because it wasn't super fast. I did a big no no, I spent money. I bought myself a wii and wii fit and a game. Yeah, took my husband inside of Best Buy after purchasing the wii at Walmart, well he got to play it there, lol, addiction coming on, so he picked out a game and let me get the wii fit.

I am a little nervous about it, but looking forward to it. Had to come and blog about it. I haven't even taken it out of the box. Also, got some hair dye for myself and Shyanne. She wants me to do her hair.

Well, I will blog later about more of today. I do feel accomplished. I did get a lot done.

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BUSYBEE1000 2/13/2009 9:21AM

    You're going to love the Wii, it's a great supplement to your exercise. It's fun, gets you moving, and you can play & challenge the DH. I've gotten into the habit of doing 30 ellip minutes, then 30 wii minutes. BTW, I can now beat my teens at most of the games. Drives them nuts, hehehe.


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Thursday, Feb 12, 2009 - Updated Accomplishment...where I am at

Thursday, February 12, 2009

I've managed to add to the list.

Backroom cleaned
laundry started
dishwasher unloaded
breakfast/lunch cooked and cleaned up for hubby
drank my slim fast
drank my fiber water

Did all of this while wearing my MBT's and my feet are still ok. Have more to do, will update later with what I get done.

Ok, now I am off to run to walmart to pick up some packing stuff. Go for walk, come home and relax, play on computer. May start on taxes. We will see how I feel. I may go through paperwork, not sure. I will have to update or post a new blog once I get done with errands and walk.


Thurs. Feb 12, 2009 - Accomplishments Small

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Well, I have been up since about 6:30 AM. I've had a cup of coffee. I am getting ready to have my slim fast. I need to get started on my water. I just finished going online and entering my bills for bill pay through my bank. I am a little nervous as I have never used it before. I don't have enough money yet for my mortgage payment, but I scheduled it to go out and be there by the 20th. From what I read, it will go out same day, so I should have enough by then to go out. I hope I didn't mess myself up. The other option was to pay an additional $20 and call them and do a payment that way. I think it is ridiculous how some places charge so much just for you to pay your bill, but if I use Bill Pay, it will cost me nothing. I hope this works out. This is just a small accomplishment. I have some other things to get done, like doing our taxes, etc. This is all, as you might say, no exercise stuff. I need to get some physical exercise in today. I haven't decided how I am going to do that, but I know I need to get some in. It is not an option to not get some in.

I've set myself a goal, to do something small each day. I figure, if I do at least one thing or more, I am doing good. This is to get things done around the house, bills paid, etc. I know this is aside from weight loss, but I figure it ties into it as it will help with the depression and help to get me moving. We call this babysteps. Right now, everything feels so overwhelming and depresses me more, so to help get rid of the blocker, taking it one day at a time, and taking one thing at a time, I can remove the obstacle.

To weight loss, well, I was at 197.7, mid week I am now at 197...I know, not good, but at least it is moving the right direction and not the wrong direction. My weigh in is on Sunday, so when I do my weigh in, I will post it. Also, I leave Sunday for Oregon. I know I will be faced with motivation by myself in Oregon so I am really trying to put together a plan that I can follow through with and stick with the entire trip and be on track.

I can't even express how sick and tired of going I am, but also how thankful I am that we are going. We are desperately needing my husband's paycheck. I sure hope the plan from Obama helps the construction business here like they say so my husband as a job locally. Today, he missed work because of his back.

Well, I have to go now, and do something. I think I have convinced my husband to run some errands and go walking.


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