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Friday, April 13, 2012 - Happy Dance

Friday, April 13, 2012

Happy Dance is right. Today, my husband had court. Again, no proof of anything. Bio mom has tried just about everything including interfering with my husband's son's education. Well, let's just say it did not go well for her. He was up against her attorney and the state. Well, basically it stayed the same for us except now we get an additional month for step son. Instead of waiting until July 1, and lose the credit, we now have until Aug 1. The entire amount she owes us will come out of the arrears meaning the support payment we would normally pay, would not be taken, but removed from the debt she owes us; however, while she is on TANF the state can have it and we don't get anything from arrears; however, right now, we pay the lesser...$27 since we have a kid and she does. However, in August now, we will pay full amount unless she is off of TANF, then we pay nothing. She cannot leave the state. They tried to get us to pay for baby too, and even medical, all of that was completely denied. Since they failed, the state made it clear that they will now seek for paternity and go after the babies daddy. Well, it is what they should have done in the first place. They said they need to put daughter and baby on their own grant which means the mother cannot be on TANF any more.

The only thing she got was 90 days to try to provide this so called proof that my husband owes her when in fact we've already proven that we owe nothing, but since nothing to worry about, she can have the 90 days to seek whatever it is. We do not go back to court unless she finds proof then they will set a date and the judgement will be adjusted accordingly. Basically, the judgement will stand as is and another reason why it starts in August.

I love it when someone tries to burn / hurt / lie to someone repeatedly and it catches up to them and burns them instead.

Yes, you can say a big stress was lifted. It felt so good to hold fast, to know we were honest, kept good documentation, and thank you Edna for teaching me so much. Edna, you were a blessing to me in so many ways. I think of you often and I know you are in heaven with the Lord. I am honored that I received your help and teachings and was able to care for you and your mother. I do miss you bunches, even today.

Yesterday, I had my first dance practice for the 9 - 1 - 1 dance. It was a lot of fun. Wow, and I have a performance coming up soon too.

Oh, we went for a walk after court to the boardwalk. My husband's phone rang. Looks like he got work in couple of weeks! Woot Woot! We may be going 6 hours away from home for work, but he be working and I will be going with him. No way am I staying home while he go. Nope nope...we will travel together.

I have had several say it looks like I have gone done some since last time they see me. I don't think so. I am still same weight as last weigh in. Maybe my fat is readjusting. I have heart failure clinic on Monday and TOM officially left!

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GOODHEALTH4EVER 4/14/2012 4:41PM



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WENDYWITKOSKI 4/13/2012 11:54PM

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BLONDWUNN 4/13/2012 10:15PM

    What a grueling experience to go through with the court business. Looks as though they know what she's up. So glad it went well for you today. We're doing the happy dance with you!

And just maybe you look smaller because your muscles are firmer. Hey, that counts for something!!

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So many emotions

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I have been doing so good. And today was a busy day. My beautiful daughter, hubby, baby and I spent the day together. So sad that she moving away yet his job wants him to stau and offered him more but it was not enough to stay but he did tell them what he wouls stay foe. They said no and they are leaving. I know they are doing what is best for there family. I will miss them so much. I will miss my daughter more than she could ever know. I will miss laila and samara. I am sad and hapy. We got hm and state sent papers to dan and asking even more money and we got none. His ex is being a real which. When we had kids...they did not enforce crap with her and now they are trying to help her and go after us while grasping at straws. I miss my other daughter who is already in Az. My step kids havd hurt me to the core. I have 911 dance on thurs. I am overwelmed. Yes I am blessed but at sme time it all is so hard. I just want to hide away. I try to not let my heart break as it is already so broken but it is hard and heart is breaking even if I not want it to. I have my sisters confirmation tomorrow too...filing of court stuff. Wow just so much. I may be ratttling on but need to type to get some sanity.

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KRZYKAT3 4/17/2012 11:00AM

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GOPINTOS 4/12/2012 6:23PM

    Awe hugs to you for sure.

We have children who do not live close, so as a result we don't see them and the grandkids nearly as often as we would like. But like you mentioned, they need to do what they need to do in order to provide for their families. We just cherish our time together. The internet and skype or yahoo webcam make it a little bit nicer :)

We have one in Kansas, one close to KC, one in ND. The one in KC just mentioned Sunday that California may be in their 3 year plan. First I had heard of it.

My brother and his wife couldnt wait to be grandparents, then when their daughter married, he was Air force and they went to Italy. Had two babies while there. They are back in the states now, but SC.

Anyways, I know that doesnt make your pain less, but I can relate and hope your heart finds some comfort in knowing that you raised them to be strong and independent and to stand on their own two legs, and to face their challenges head on and to know what they need to do & why, and they are willing and able to get it done :)

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ORCHIDLADY56 4/12/2012 4:23PM

Wishing you better days ahead, Nadine.

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SHANSHE 4/12/2012 12:26PM

    Emotions are hard to deal with sometimes, but I found it best if we just FEEL them... it's easier to move on that way...

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GOODHEALTH4EVER 4/11/2012 7:34PM


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1COUNTRY_GAL 4/11/2012 3:59PM

    Sorry they have to move,maybe someday you could go visit them.Sometimes changes aren't always so bad.There may be a silver lining there through the clouds.(((((((((HUGS)))))) Hang I there,you have much that is positive,you shall see! emoticonDiana

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WENDYWITKOSKI 4/11/2012 8:15AM


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Monday, April 9, 2012 - Blessed on Easter!

Monday, April 09, 2012

I was very blessed this Easter. It was one of the most fabulous Easters in my entire life.

Here is my wonderful husband and I dressed for Easter. We took a drive down to the boardwalk and went to the new coffee shop and I got to get a Frapp...This was a treat! Ok, off we went to my daughters.

The birthday cake for my grand daughter turning 4.

Beautiful Birthday girl!

Laila and her birthday cake which was made by my daughter's best friend, Kimmy.

And here is her little sister, my pride and joy, my beautiful grand daughter. She looks identical to both my daughters newborn baby pictures.

Me and my new grand baby!

Grandpa and grandbaby

The other grandma and Laila!

Opening presents

Other grandma with baby

My daughter helping her step daughter and such a good mommy.

Kimmy bringing out the cake...she is so talented.

Ok, I have so many more pics, but this is just a few. We had a nice time. On our way to the party, we stop and Walmart to get birthday gift, one of the trainers walk out of the store. He gets to see me dressed up for first time and meet my husband all dressed up...It was really cool. The store was a madhouse too.

I am home, it is Monday, I am helping my husband put together his response to file with the courts. He calls the DSHS, gives the case manager the is the old old one that we once owed on but long paid it off. He asked if he could have a copy of the entire payment history etc. Yep, in fact she is giving them all. She said, you paid it all off. Without the case # there is no way for her to find it which is why his ex is having difficulty finding records, and only to find out that every penny was paid. We pick it all up tomorrow, file it and go spend the day with my daughter.

Other than doing paperwork, etc...I been in my bed and I have had zero exercise and am wiped out.... I tell ya, doing this court crap is exhausting. But with this case history, I know she will not get granted a stay or 90 day continuance, and I know that the judgment will stand as is, and as for the rest, we will see on Friday. I think this will finally come to an end and I don't think Judge will be too happy about what the ex tried to pull.

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LADY51 4/10/2012 10:04AM

    Your grandbabies are beautiful. I have a granddaughter turning four today.:) The pic of you and your husband looks so good.

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BLONDWUNN 4/9/2012 11:59PM

    WONDERFUL photos. Hard times come, yes, and I'm so happy to see you so thankful for your MANY blessings! They really make life worthwhile.

Your photos are OUTSTANDING - full of love (and YOU look great too!).

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VALKYRIA- 4/9/2012 11:00PM

    You have such a beautiful family! And you look great.

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1COUNTRY_GAL 4/9/2012 9:51PM

    WHo is that beautiful women in that pretty dress and that Handsome man all dressed up? You both look amazing! What a blessed Easter you had.Happy Birthday Princess Lala,she is a darling princess and baby is beautiful too! Looking forward to when the court stuff is done you both will be so relieved to have it in your past,sooner than later! emoticon emoticon

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    You and hubby look great all dressed up! And your day looks really great too!

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Saturday, Apr. 7, 2012 - Uplifting Stress

Saturday, April 07, 2012

Wow, Friday started out so so stressful. In fact, it was affecting me more than usual. I was a bundle of nerves. We go walking into the court room. We listen to several cases ahead. I am doing good and the commissioner appears to be fair and in a good mood. The ex hasn't showed up but we know she is there because or boyfriend peaks his head into the court room. 2pm comes along, she finally comes in. I can hardly stand being in there. She brought the step daughter and baby too which is so inappropriate. I asked my hubby if he was ok with me stepping out. He was. I was in hallway, afraid, so praying to the Lord and asking for help from my spirit friends. I am having heart burn and difficulty breathing. This is not good. I am meditating to them and it all goes away. I see to police officers suddenly come out and one comes out of the room. My heart stops briefly, but I relax and all seems to be ok.

Finally, my husband comes walking out of the room, walks towards me and smiles and as we walk away, he tells me what happened. Big relief and smiles. In fact, I am glad I left because I might have burst out laughing over her stupidity.

First of all, she goes without her attorney. She used restraining order (blank) to get in front of commissioner. He was like is there a restraining order involved or what? What is it you want. She proceeds to bring on tears and start to tell story of her grandmother being sick. He stops her and says, "I don't want to hear this story. I want to know why it is that you are here." She asks to take her daughter and baby out of state. He asks her how long? She says a month. He asks about her school? Oh, she is taking the semester off due to baby but is enrolling next semester to get her GED. My husband responds, "No, your honor, she has only been in school, maybe 20 days and I have filed the proof with Judge xxx, it is on Linx. The commissioner begins to look up things on the computer. He proceeds with "you are not even following the orders. I can't do anything with this case. Only the judge can and you have court next Friday. Of course there was a little more said.

We never know what his ex is up too, but order stands as is and step daughter cannot leave the state without her father's permission for any reason until she turns 18. We already know that the mother is trying to get her to another state and get on assistance to try to override the judges orders and involve another state and their laws. Plus, the baby has a father and there needs to be a parenting plan put into place, etc... Mother thinks we should be supporting her, her daughter, and now the baby and with what, we have NO MONEY and already losing everything.

Oh, and her atty emailed me paperwork that she was filing yesterday. We already got the response ready and papers found to prove all was paid....Yep yep...I found the proof! :-) My husband and I were up going through stuff until 12:30 AM.

At least we are prepared. Oh, and we came home to stepson totally bent out of shape and found out that he was planning on just taking off on us to go with her to another state and was going out to party before leaving, but when he found out that she not get to go, he was super down and not wanting to talk to us and just left the house to go party...I asked him where he was going. He did answer but was very vague.

We got home from court yesterday and WALKED TWO MILES on the boardwalk and it was so STRESS RELIEVING! Stress was UPLIFTED and I got exercise done!

Today has been rather lazy.

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WENDYWITKOSKI 4/7/2012 11:02PM

    It sounds like you are doing great in court. And getting some exercise. Way to go!

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1COUNTRY_GAL 4/7/2012 5:29PM

    I am glad you left courtroom to wait until it was all over,what a shame that people do this especially to you with your heart condition.I am glad you do things for stress relief and Way To Go on the 2 miles,wish I could have tried to walk 2 miles with you.Maybe someday we can just meet to walk,I need that for my heart and confidence,if you can do it,I should be able to as well.Try to let the stress go,life is full of stress and we have to learn ways to handle without hurting our hearts and causing further damage.I am sorry about your step son,he is such a nice young man.Hope he will be okay and follow in a positive way,he has a hopeful promising future ahead of him.The hardest part is allowing these young adults to make there own decisions whether they are right or wrong,we have to hope that we have educated them enough to make smart intelligent positive decisions.I believe he will and Hope and pray he does! Have a great Lazy day,you have earned it. emoticon emoticon

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Thursday, April 5, 2012 - My Stress is Beyond...HELP!

Thursday, April 05, 2012

First of all, I have been so on track with my eating like big time on track, like never before. I am so proud of myself. I've been exercising, I've been following a plan. I got to go visit my beautiful twin daughter, one I love so darn much and I got to hold my beautiful grandbaby and wow, she loves her grandma. She looks identical to my twins. My daughter said, mom, she looks just like auntie Roo...Yep and you....and she brought out their newborn picture and show me and yep they she looks like her grandma...She is adorable and she is such a good baby too. I spent the entire day. She text me a picture she took. It was adorable pic too.

I was supposed to go workout tonight, but the person meeting me had to cancel and I still was going to go but stuff happened. Wow, major major stress hit me and then I got emotional. The ex is at it again, she is like trying to take us on emergency in front of commissioner (my hubby) and requesting a restraining order and wanting to take step daughter and her baby out of state and claiming grandmother only has 3 days to live which we know is a crock. We've been hearing this for 4 years. She has to make up some story for restraining order.

Originally she called to see if he could be there today but he could not because I had vehicle and card and the other car had no gas, and he has not been properly served, and we have trial next Friday. She is asking for reconsideration, and judge already told her NO so asking commissioner to change the decision.

Anyways, I am so stressed over this crap...last time she made up accusations and had big cps investigation and we got cleared, but have no clue what she is accusing of as we have not seen any paperwork yet and asked to appear in court tomorrow at 2pm. She even took step daughter and baby. It makes more sense when sd said she was going to get child support, lots of it until she was 18 (meaning her dad) she slipped up...but then I said, no, you get child support until baby is 18 by baby's dad. She hesitated and said no, just until I am 18, well oh then you right yeah. I knew they were up to something, and we have trial next she is trying to change the judges decision by going around judge to commissioner.

She has atty too and atty has not been involved nor knows what is going on. Judge told attorney that he was suppose to be properly served and gave new court date last time when she not show up for court because baby was being born. day went from great to STRESS URGENCY! My poor heart don't need this. My hubby asked me to go get him a beer, promised me that he would give me 4 days of no drinking what's so ever, and me time. I started to cry and walked over to him and gave him hug and said, you know how much that means to me and how much I miss us together with him not drinking at all. Not that he does anything wrong, but I can't drink and when they get intoxicated they are not as much fun... and just go to sleep. It is just a special special treat...I got a solid year and wow, I want it again, so I will take 4 days. He offered it. Originally, started 3 days, but said no I give you 4 days, and maybe a week. Wow. I can hold him too it too. He never makes a promise to me that he not keep.

We are going to spend Tuesday with my daughter and baby and next Saturday with Her, Chris, Laila and then they leave for AZ. I am going to miss them all so very much!!!! She said to me, "Mom, and you guys have to come visit...please...this is really hard on me too."

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1COUNTRY_GAL 4/6/2012 1:44AM

    I am sorry for the stress you have been just served,HUGS,HUGS emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

Comment edited on: 4/6/2012 1:45:23 AM

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