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Thurs, Sept 16, Perfect Nutrition - A YOUZZER Day

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Well, yesterday, I had a perfect day of nutrition for as perfect as I can get. Now, you probably wondering what I mean by perfect day. For the daily report that you run at end of day, well I met every single one of those. The one I never met before "Folate" I've been meeting it too! I began tracking Niacin and put 0-300. I think 500 mg is what they have for supplement pills, but I was curious as to how much naturally I am doing and getting. I am getting some, not no 500, but with the new eating, I am getting some. Ok, next thing, Protein, well I was well in range. Carbs, made it into range, Fiber, that was a little tough, but I got it there. Folate in range, Fat is in range and healthy fat, meaning mega 3 Fat. Let me tell ya, some things I have learned is that if you cut out fat, you are harming your body. You heard me right, you literally are harming your body. What is important is to make sure the fat you do have is the RIGHT FAT. If you have the right FAT, it is helps burn belly fat, body fat, heart healthy, gives protection to your heart. What are healthy fats? MEGA 3 - Fish Fish Fish - Olive Oil, sunflower Oil, Coconut Oil...Yes, coconut oil. DO NOT ELIMINATE these from your diet. Get rid of TRANS FATS, LARD, GREASE, the bad FATS. Ok, Sodium...keep it 500-2300. Do NOT go over 2300. Going above 2300 causes HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE. You want off those darn meds or don't want to take those meds, then get that sodium off. Yeah, and another thing, sodium sneaks up on you! Yep. By accident, I logged 4 almond milks, all that I had...but only 2...but my sodium was over 700 and nothing to eat yet. Hmmm...Ok, 4 almond milks will put you up into the 700's....I was not aware that Almond Milk had sodium. It isn't a lot, so don't get me wrong, but pay attention, it can sneak up on you. I was good, below it yesterday, barely, but below...bottom line, be in that range. I had a few high days, meaning I went over by 20 or 30 and a couple of grously high more days like that if I can help it. Even when you do everything from scratch, don't add salt, it is amazing how much sodium you are still getting. Almond Milk is GOOD For you...but not too much... Remember "Moderation". I am going for another day of what I call perfect nutrition...a YOUZZER Day.

Break down:

Oatmeal Squares - Quaker Cinnamon, 1 serving
Almond Milk 8 oz, 1 serving

All Heart Healthy and Cinnamon is a belly fat burner...Add cinnamon to oatmeal. Almond milk is low cal, low sodium, good for you and substitute for dairy.

Almonds, 10 almond
Lettuce, red leaf (salad), 2 leaf outer
Broccoli, fresh, 0.25 cup, chopped or diced
Cider Vinegar, 0.5 tbsp
Balsamic Vinegar, 1 tbsp
Olive Oil, 1 1tsp
Kelloggs Special K Protein Shake, 1 serving

Needed the protein...and it was last one I had in frig so did the Kelloggs shake.


Ham, extra lean, (5% fat), 2 slice (6-1/4" x 4" x 1/16")
Beans, pinto, 0.5 cup

Ham gave me some additional protein, the problem with ham is sodium, but I was under for the day...barely, but under so I was ok, plus I made sure to have more than my 8 waters, after 10, I stopped counting.

Snacks - throughout the day different times feeling hungry and to get my numbers in for each category...

Protein - Whey Protein, 0.5 serving (this is 26 g of protein) full serving is 52g
Almond Milk 8 oz, 2 serving
Blueberry 100% Juice - Wyman's 8 fl oz, 1 serving (with 100% juice, poor your 8 oz into to glasses (4 oz each glass) and fill with water rest of way), this is so you don't get a rush of insulin going. You get a small dose, but still getting your carb/fruit. Blueberries have lots of antioxident (sp?)
Fish Oil Pills EPA 360mg DHA 240mg, 1 serving 1000mg gel pill
Special K Protein Water, 1 serving this gave me a little extra protein, but gave me the 5 g of fiber that I needed to get me at 25.
Chai Spiced (homebought), 1 serving This has been my treat...but I am working on eliminating it or reducing it to just a couple of times a week (new goal)
Sunflower Kernals Roasted & Salted (1/4 c), 0.5 serving great for your heart, protein, and would prefer to use nonroasted and unsalted but when I purchased this is all they had.

Overall #'s
Calories: 1,416 (sparks range 1200-1500) (Dr Range: 1200-1500 but ok w/me doing 800-1300) (DietSolution Range 2200). I am ignoring the calories to some extent..meaning I am not doing any particular range, but staying under 2200, and glad it is there so I can see if I am losing pounds, inches, both, belly fat.
Fat: 42 (this is healthy mega 3 fats for most of it to all of it)
Carbs: 163 (good carbs)...never let yourself go below 120 g of carbs
Protein: 77 (range 60+ and I am definitely above 60)
Folate: 145 (Min. 100...YAY...did it)
Cholesterol: 109 (0-300 for low cholesterol)...when you do healthy fats, you will have some cholesterol...but it is the GOOD cholesterol that raises our HDL)
Fiber: 25 (WE NEED FIBER)
Sodium: 2298 (2300 is the max intake)...I am very close...too close...but happy because I am in range.)
Niacin: 44 (just seeing how much natural I am getting)

With all of this said, my goal is to burn 500+ in calories a day, and ok for 1-2 days off a week...and I can burn it or part of it or more, but I get 2 days that I can call it rest.

Some things I am including in my diet, or change of eating is what I am hearing are belly fat burners: Avocados, Peanut Butter, nuts, seeds (all heart healthy for you too) so even if it does nothing for your belly, it will do good for heart.

broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, kale, and cabbage contain
special phytonutrients Yes...these are good for your body period...and ok, you notice my salad has broccoli. Last week I had brussel sprouts....

Omletts...eggs...choose free range eggs....I do eggbeaters do to heart, but am occasionally throwing in egg hardboiled into salad and just 1 to give me protein and provide same thing.

Dark Chocolate: Yep, you heard me right, is is loaded with antioxidants (nearly 8 times the number found in strawberries). I have one of those bite size dark choc. I figure those be good to add once in awhile...not several...just one or two in a day, and saving those for cheat day..I haven't figured out the cheat day exactly yet.

Oatmeal: Yep...this is another belly fat burner - it is packed with fiber

Don't forget: Green Tea...Yep drink your green tea, no sugar, and definitely NO sugar Substitutes unless it is Stevia.


Remember YOUZZER is about YOU (ME) the ZZ is the zing zing for to have the appropriate nutrition (balance...which is hard) this is needed for E = Energy and lastly, but very important, R = Rest. YOUZZER is the equation to balance, but within that equation, got to figure out the balance in ZZ.

I am down another pound today, so that puts me back to 195, which is me slowly getting there

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RUTHIEBEAR 9/17/2010 5:47PM

    Sounds like you are doing great!

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RYANDEJONGHE 9/17/2010 2:40AM

    That is great! Sounds like a very healthy day. Way to go!

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GOODHEALTH4EVER 9/16/2010 8:32PM



Comment edited on: 9/16/2010 8:37:44 PM

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MOMOF6BOYS 9/16/2010 7:45PM

    You are doing FANTASTIC!!! Keep going :)

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1BEARWIFE 9/16/2010 7:32PM

    Hoorah for YOU!!!! emoticon

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Tues. Sept 14, 2010 - McDonald's Out the Window

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

YUCK...that is right. Well, started out pretty well today. I ended ok, feel it could have been a little better. We went for our walk and I burned 821 calories walking. The goal was to reach 500+, but I did throw a jog into it too. We stopped by Walmart to get dog food, cat food, and decided to do McDonald's so I would not have to cook when we got home because it was after 8:00 PM I have not eaten at McDonald's since before heart attack. Well, as some of you know, I quit smoking. Well to my benefit, due to my anxiety, I can't smoke...sometimes I want to have one, but can't and won't, too afraid. Well, I ordered a small reg hamburger and split fry with hubby...OMGosh, we tossed part of the fries...too greasy and salty...yuck yuck yuck. The hamburger was like greasy too, had hard time getting it down and now I feel like yuck. I went home, had a plum and drank a glass of blueberry juice to get the taste out. I tell ya, it is McDonald's out the window. All I could picture as I was eating it, was it going into my arteries of my heart and clogging and it was a vivid picture and makes me want to go throw up. I won't but I am drinking water, going to drink some tea, and maybe do some more dance....I WON'T be Doing McDonald's again....If I do, it will be parfait only. Good thing I burned 821 calories...even though I only ate 500 (little less) at MCDee's...YUCK YUCK YUCK. Funny part was, it was first time of having any kind of really bad food, and boy was it bad....really bad...funny how my body, taste buds are like so sensitive and can tell is adjusting to healthy foods. Even the cake, or candy bar is better than that hamburger or fry...

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ASH72461 9/16/2010 4:15AM

you have really changed your eating habits
that is awesome
the few times i do stop at any fast food place
i order my fries without salt due to high blood pressure
the one good thing about that is that they don't have much time to be in the grease
and no salt on everything is worth the waiting time emoticon emoticon

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MAIA2011 9/15/2010 8:24PM

    Hey there! Until this weekend with my brother I was really off fast food for most of the year. I still can't seem to shake the love of fat like butter and oil and cheese but we'll see. Glad to hear that you are walking. My plantar fasciitis is preventing me from walking and running so I have been starting back on the stationary cycle again. Take care!


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RUTHIEBEAR 9/15/2010 4:47PM

    I have not done fast food in over 2 years and honestly do not even want it anymore. It sounds like your body is giving you the same message. emoticon

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LUNADRAGON 9/15/2010 12:33PM

    I agree, stay away from the drive thru there. The key is to make a healthy choice. Before you are faced with the decision again, think about what you CAN have from somewhere that would be healthy - fruit smoothy, even a small ice cream cone to hold you til you get home. Then, remember those decisions. Make a list if you have to. Spark people has listed some healthier choices - Buy some healthy snacks you can keep in the car. Go to the grocery and buy from their salad bar. Make a plan, have a back up plan for those quick "I HAVE to eat moments!" You can do this. Take care of your heart!

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1BEARWIFE 9/15/2010 12:09PM

    What a Change is RIGHT! After a while, nothing really "gets it" like good food. You are doing great on all fronts. Keep it up, Girl!!

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250STRONG 9/15/2010 9:41AM

    WOOHOO!! What a change!

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RYANDEJONGHE 9/15/2010 5:04AM

    That is an awesome report. Your body has done a great change...and your mind too. You are clearly a new person, living a healthier and hopefully happier life. Congrats!

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Monday, Sept 13, 2010 Help Continuation/Update GRRR

Monday, September 13, 2010

Ok, My goal is to burn 500 calories a day beginning today. I was at about 300, but now I am at 500. I did 30 minutes on my treadmill. Wow, still full from my breakfast. Had late lunch, that stuffed me, and went for a bike ride, goal was to see if I can get to 250+ and did that in 30 min. Got back on my treadmill because my heart rate was still up, then got off and danced to keep it up and then after total of an hour (so grand total of 90 min), I burned 633 + 107 on treadmill this morning. I remembered to use my HRM so I can have accurate calories. I thought this might help make me a little hungry....ha ha on me, but I did make sure to get my snack + half banana so I did get my protein up, but not where it should be. Ok, I got a few good suggestions, but if I have the maltomeal, need to have my bread or I be way too low on carbs. My carbs are low too. I am full of gas which really sucks which I think makes me feel full. Veggies make my gassy big time, and most food does since heart attack. I will keep trying. If I get enough protein, then I lack on my is just really frustrating, and when I get all my numbers perfect, which is very hard to do, I GAIN big time and my calories are high, even though healthy calories. My calories are higher than recommended by doctor, so I am going to try my best to get my numbers with low cals.... I know it is all about balance. One thing is I am doing as much organic (less processed) to get my protein/numbers. Soy is not good for you, so that doesn't work for protein anymore, but was good for my heart in that regards... ok, so fish it is.... I try... but I have hard time with meat. I can't have much in eggs....grrr...I am going to add some eggs, organic, but not a lot. I compared the oatmeal to my malt-o-meal, well no folate with oatmeal....there were some trade offs, so I am going to try to do the maltomeal for awhile, rotating with the oatmeal. Tomorrow, think we are having beans. Beans will be good for protein and since pinto, should be good with folate.

Balance Balance Balance....Hope I find a good balance soon to make my scale move down!

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MOMOF6BOYS 9/14/2010 2:04PM

    Way to go on your determination!!! Keep it up :)

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1BEARWIFE 9/14/2010 1:13PM

    "Balance" can be an evil word to comprehend!

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RONIE11 9/14/2010 12:19PM

    I'm working on balance now to.. I am only worrying about Protein.Fat,and Carbs..the balance is easier... if I was to worry over ever nutrient I'd go crazy... you could always up your folate with veggies those are low low low in calories.. Or if thats not good then try over the counter supliments.... I get my potasium and folate that way..

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BARBARAROSE54 9/14/2010 12:04PM

    emoticon emoticon

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SINCEKINDER 9/14/2010 10:03AM

    It's hard to balance everything and especially when you have more limitations regarding health. I'm proud of you for really trying. Keep it up.

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MOMFAN 9/14/2010 2:22AM


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Monday, Sept 13, 2010 HELP! See my Tracker for Today

Monday, September 13, 2010

OK, on with the water I go, got 3 more to go. I got on my scale this morning, that pound gone is back plus 2. WOW, but I did notice that I was puffy (water) and my sodium was a little high for yesterday. Ok, Today, got on my treadmill and did 30 minutes. FOLATE, something I ALWAYS LACK to having like zero. I found out that Malt-O-Meal Cereal, 1 cup serving gives me my minimum. Ok, so this morning had bowl of Malt-O-Meal. This like sits in my gutt and makes me FULL, fuller than oatmeal....yep and I had a slice of oat 9 grain San Juan Bread. Lunch, not that hungry and actually practically dinner time. Made a small salad. I made up my own Balsamic Vinegar Dressing so it is really healthy, low cal, low fat, and down right good for me. I am full from my salad and my chai tea. I did not have one all weekend, been several days, and since I had to go walk Safeway Store 2 times around, up and down the isles, grocery shopping, I picked up my hubby one and me one. Well his is coffee. If you look at what I am planning for dinner, well, I am not even hungry nor is my husband....grrr....either be late dinner or I will be removing it all from my spark tracker and putting on there for tomorrow. I did have a Yogart with my salad at lunch. Where I say HELP is it seems almost impossible to get my numbers where there should be. I am usually TOO LOW. I can't eat anymore right now, and have serious doubts about dinner tonight.

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THEHEALTHY3 9/13/2010 10:30PM

    Getting food just right is the hardest part. Looks like the bread in the morning along with cereal is just too many carbs, even though the cereal sits with you, try to get a little more AM protein. If you like to do salads as a meal, add some beans or nuts to it and less lettuce, it's just bulk with out a lot of nutrition anyway. Beans and nuts will help get your calorie count up and have way more nutrition than lettuce. Keep at it, track daily and you'll be able to find just the right combinations so your numbers are good and you're neither starving or stuffed. It does get easier.

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DETERMINED_ME 9/13/2010 10:12PM

    Try eating smaller items each time you eat. Or try to keep your meals higher calories but nutritious...Getting the vitamins, fiber, & protein etc. from those meals. I know this is difficult for you, but you can do it. ((hugs))

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1BEARWIFE 9/13/2010 10:10PM

    Did you know that eating TOO LITTLE will cause you to retain weight? Yep. It is true. If you don't eat enough, your body goes into starvation mode, meaning it will cling to every little bit of food and fat it can for survival. Good luck with all this. After a while, it gets easier. emoticon

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Friday, Sept 10, 2010 - Good Day, Pound Gone, Inches Going Away

Saturday, September 11, 2010

I did good!!!! I am down 1 pound. I got my Folate number today for first time in 2 years...Wow...and I walked with my wonderful husband and I burned 333 calories. I did a jog for a short time. My heart rate reached 146, then had to slow down and bring the heart rate down. It felt so good too, to jog / dance and get my heart rate up to 146. Baby steps for me. But I just know that things are going to start to happen...the pounds are going to start to come off of me. I noticed, I have lost some inches. My pants, that I was afraid to even try on, but I put them on today and was thrilled. My scale had me down 1 pound from weigh in on Wed. I know it is nothing...but it didn't go up more...but the biggest cue was my clothes. I can't even begin to explain how the walk/jog getting heart up to 146 felt so good.

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RUTHIEBEAR 9/13/2010 4:49PM

    emoticon Just do not overdo too soon. We want you around for along time!

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KRZYKAT3 9/12/2010 5:43PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon

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FARM-CHICK 9/12/2010 2:07PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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250STRONG 9/12/2010 10:24AM

    Well done! Try carrying a pound of butter or ground beef around for a day - it does make a difference.

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MOMFAN 9/11/2010 10:33PM


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DBELLE39 9/11/2010 7:53PM

    1# is definitely something to shout about!!! emoticon You are doing great, keep up the great momentum.

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BARBARAROSE54 9/11/2010 5:18PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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GOODHEALTH4EVER 9/11/2010 5:03PM


emoticon emoticon RETT

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1BEARWIFE 9/11/2010 12:02PM

    You Rock, Woman!!! I love it when the clothes actually show the difference!

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CJSFITGOAL 9/11/2010 11:10AM

    Great job Nadine! I am so impressed by how hard you are working to get healthy. Wonderful job on kicking the 1 lb to the curb! emoticon emoticon

Keep it up lady!!

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_KRITTER_ 9/11/2010 8:30AM

    1 lb isn't nothing! That's fantastic! Congrats on losing the inches too! :)

emoticon emoticon emoticon

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