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Mummy and Baby Day

Thursday, November 14, 2013

I am giving myself a laid back day today I have walked 8 miles in the past 2 days. I have also gotten the housework and washing up to date.

So today Matthew and I get a day to just play. These are the best days ever.

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ROSEPETAL80 11/14/2013 5:42AM

    Sounds wonderful! Enjoy!

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LEZASEDAI 11/14/2013 5:17AM

    Have fun today!!

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Back on track.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Feeling great. Love being a Mummy.

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LOUBUG1012 11/14/2013 3:53AM


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RAPUNZEL53 11/13/2013 6:38PM


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Diet Plans Vs. Other Plans

Friday, February 18, 2011

Unfortunately my other plans always get in the way of my diet plans. Since I started getting serious again about losing weight, Chris has been baking cookies every week, we had friends round for tea 2 weeks ago, we went to a friends last week, we've got friends around again tonight, and Wednesday marked the arrival of my cousin, her husband and their little girl who are staying at my parents for a week to visit us all. Their little girl is 20 months old, so I'm spending as much time with them as I possibly can cuz she is the most adorable little girl I've ever known.

I got some new scales so I can see if i've lost points of a pound instead of only being able to tell when I've lost a full pound or more, and I weigh the same this week as last week which is brilliant as I've not been good at all!

I'll try and get back on track with my exercise once they go back home :)

Katherine x

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DETERMINED_SOUL 2/21/2011 11:50AM

    Being flexible is an important part of this journey, that is why there is the whole maintaining part. I feel if you can maintain given tough situations you are doing great. emoticon

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KARENZIO 2/18/2011 11:34AM

    I think it's good to be flexible about things like that -- you don't want to be so rigid about your diet and exercise program that you can't have any fun. Have a great time with your family!

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That Chocolate Fix

Friday, February 11, 2011

I've found the perfect solution to getting the perfect chocolate fix without the worry of not being able to stop. All chocoholics know a little bit of chocolate on that healthy bar or biscuit really doesn't do it....

It's all come to light due to the fact Chris bought me a packet of mini-eggs on Monday by mistake. The mistake being he meant to pick up one packet...just for him and accidentally bought 2.
He passed me the packet on Monday night and I popped it into my work bag to take to work so that he couldn't also polish off my mini eggs. But I knew I didn't want to eat them all at once. Half the bag being 245 calories or there abouts...

So when I got to work I left them in my bag and didn't touch them. Then my friend/colleague was having a stressful time and needed some cheer me up chocolate so I opened the bag and passed her a few. The smell of the chocolate hit me in a wave as I opened the bag so I quickly locked them away in my desk drawer.

Then later on I took out just 2 mini eggs and locked them away again. That was all I ate on Monday. Throughout the course of this week I've eaten 7 mini eggs. 3 of them being just now. Straight after I've savoured the flavour of the 2 or 3 I've allowed myself, I drink a load of water to wash out my mouth, this stops me craving more of that delicious flavour we all know and love because I cannot taste it anymore, and I can't smell them because they're locked away.

Not only do I get to make them last...I get to have a proper bit of chocolate without too much worry of falling off the wagon.


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    great tip! i find that I drink a ton of water while eating chocolate. I like the trick of locking it in your drawer and eating it slowly through the week. good for you!

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KARENZIO 2/11/2011 12:05PM

    Hmmm, I've never thought to drink water to wash out my mouth after having a bit of a treat. Which is why just last night I ate two chocolate bars. *facepalm* I'll try it in the future. Thanks for the tip!

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DETERMINED_SOUL 2/11/2011 12:04PM

    Way to go!!! That is awesome for you to have figured that out. Now you know you CAN have what you love, just in MODERATION!

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Don't Give In...

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Well it's the first day since I started all this again that I've felt truly like being very lazy tonight, we've got to do our deliveries tonight and then while Chris cooks my dinner I've got to do my workout :). I don't mind the idea of the workout, it's having to do the deliveries first that's bugging me. I just want to get home and get it done and then sit and catch up on the mind numbing amount of recordings we have to keep up with.

I have unfortunately allowed Chris to do his usual and be very nice and let me drive while we do the deliveries so I can't understand what I'm whinging about to be honest. It's just one of those days where everything feels like such a huge effort that you wish you could crawl into bed and give up for the day.

I WILL do my workout, and then enjoy the evening. I'm about to finish now.. which is great, let's just hope the deliveries aren't too irritating tonight.

As for how negative people are around me lately I just want to bash all their heads together and tell them their agony aunt is giving up because it's taking its toll.

Katherine x

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DEPAULGIRL09 2/10/2011 11:25AM

    We all have days like that...tomorrow is a new day!

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KARENZIO 2/9/2011 5:52PM

    emoticon Hope tomorrow gets better!

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KASSIANDORA 2/9/2011 12:01PM

    Have fun during your workout!

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