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Pushing through..

Monday, January 14, 2013

I love going to the gym. It's a stress releiver for me. I would love to go every day of the week but due to things going on, I can only go about 5 days per week so I try to make the most out of it then. I go for many reasons. To get out of the house, to be around other people, and to get fit. So there is more to it than just the exercise. That's why working out at home is really not for me. But my kids are forcing me to do that.

On a normal kid-free gym day, I like to do 30 min of elliptical and 30 min of the treadmill. Along with some type of weight training. I alternate arms, abs, and legs. Anyways... when I bring my kids (which is most of the time because child care isn't a option), I am forced to get in whatever I can. Today it was just 30 min of the elliptical. Which I know is better than nothing but doesn't feel that way to me anymore. I am trying to push through and get to the body that I want and at this pace, it will take much much longer.

My kids are forced to go to a play room with a look through window in the workout room. There are other kids there and sharing is not my two year olds best quality. Neither is my daughter being left in there without me. She does good for a while but then sees me and starts to cry. She is 1. Between the two of them, I am forced to get them together and take them home. It's frustrating.

Even more frustrating that no actual gyms in my area offer childcare. I want to have access to more machines and equipment but none of them have a place for my kids. Babysitters are not a option because I couldn't afford it on a daily basis as a stay at home mom. Oh well. I guess I just need to get over it. Luckily I do have the P.I.N.K dvd workouts so I can do that. I just miss all the other extras that the gym has to offer.


New Me..

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

I am so glad that I started this weight loss journey when I did. I did not wait until a new year to do it. I did it when reality hit me and didn't put it off one minute longer. I started back in August of 2012. I have had setbacks and slip ups since but I can still say that I am not the same person I was then and will never go back there.

Over the holidays, my husband was off for 19 days. This lead to alot of unhealthy eating on my part and caused me to gain 4 pounds back. Not as much as I had thought it would be by the end of it but still not a step forward. Instead of giving up and going back to my old ways, I instead kept my head high and moved forward. And today, almost one week from starting back on my healthy lifestyle, I have lost those 4 pounds and hope tomorrow at weigh in, I will be another pound lighter and a step closer to my weight loss goal.

I started back in the gym this week also, on Monday. So far, been everyday and got plans for tomorrow and Friday there too. Saturday and Sunday are up in the air. Simply because I am unsure of my husband's training schedule and have to revolve around when I have to go pick him up. He is in the field this week. By the way, I realized that I am really good at being alone and him away. Part of the Army lifestyle I guess.

School starts back next week and so does me going to Zumba twice a week. Looking forward to adding that into my routine. Something fun to look forward to on Tuesday/Thursday 8:30am.

I hope everyone else is having a great start to a great year. The past is the past. Let it go. :-)



Tuesday, December 18, 2012

I know it takes time. I know I am building muscle. It's still frustrating.

I worked out 6 days last week and both days so far of this week. Yet I am still up 4 pounds since last week's weigh in. Which means no weight loss at all in over 2 weeks and up 4 to add to it. Not happy about that.

I still have a long way to go and getting frustrated with the hurdle that I am now facing. I have got to STOP eating like crazy on the weekends and paying for it during the week. I know that's the reason why I am here writing this. It's not because I am not working out enough, it's because of my crazy eating habits on the weekends.


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NH_MOM 12/18/2012 7:58PM

    Don't forget that muscle will add some weight before you start to lose it again too. emoticon

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DESERTMOTH 12/18/2012 4:26PM

    I know how you feel. I have been starting and giving up for over two years now because I would work so hard and gain weight. Even if I told myself it was muscle it still felt crappy. I just joined SP so I am hoping to keep going even if I go backwards sometimes. I hope you keep going too. We deserve health regardless of the number on the scale.

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Feeling very blah..

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Not sure why... Maybe it's because my husband is away training for the week. I love having him around but the occasional time apart is good for us.

I worked out this morning. Second morning in a row and already got my clothes out and ready for tomorrow morning when I go again. It feels so good to get a work out in. I feel like I could stay there for hours at a time. I would if it weren't for so much to do and my kids don't enjoy going to the play room there so I am rushed to get in as much as I can before they have melt downs. I really wish they would create a gym near me with child care. That would be amazing.

We are having some pictures done on Saturday for my son turning 2 today and I want to get a few family pictures also. Not sure how I feel about having my picture taken. Still feel wayyy too big for that. I have to get over it and get it done because these are precious memories that I don't want to miss of my little family.

Hope everyone is having a good week. I have just a few days left of my semester and pretty excited about that!! One semester closer to being DONE with college. At least for now.


Slipped into size 16's

Monday, December 10, 2012

Yep. A few weeks ago I ordered a couple new and smaller pairs of jeans. They finally came into today and I nicely slipped into the size 16 without any struggle. I have lost 40 pounds and only down 1 pant size. That is CRAZY. I thought I would be a 14 by now. But oh well. I can definitely tell I am not far away from that size 14 jeans. And soon enough I WILL be a happy and healthy size 8.

It feels so good to wear smaller clothes. :-)

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LADYBUG546 12/10/2012 9:10PM


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TRYINGTOLOSE64 12/10/2012 8:56PM

    Congrats!! I'm still working on the size 8 myself. I did get into them once but then as soon as I washed them I couldn't get into them again and am still struggling to get there.

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JACKIE542 12/10/2012 8:50PM

    Congratulations! emoticon

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KERRIELYNN719 12/10/2012 8:48PM

    yay! When I went from a size 20 to 18...I was ecstatic....I can't wait to get to a size 16! Congrats on getting there!!

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NANCYPAT1 12/10/2012 8:42PM

    It does feel good when the numbers on the clothes start to get smaller instead of the pants getting too small. Congratulations.

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TULAA3 12/10/2012 8:42PM

    It's odd how weight loss isn't ever what you think it will be. You have a plateau and don't lose anything for weeks and then lose a bunch at a time. Lately I have been feeling slimmer and went down a pant size but the scale hasn't agreed. Weird, right?! I think as long as you are continuing to learn and be healthy, that's what matters.

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