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Nothing like a LOOOONG vacation....

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Well, after injuring my ankle in November, I got extremely frustrated with the whole, start exercising and get sick or injured routine! I got mad and just gave up! After thinking things over for the last 6 weeks, I've come to the realization that due to my previous injury to my right ankle, that I may NEVER be able to run a 5k. And, while I don't like that option, I think that it's one I will have to accept. I will at least begin walking routinely again, and if I am able to run, then that is great! But, it's better to walk and burn calories than to hurt my ankle again and sit and do nothing. So, I got back outside this Sunday and walked 1.5 miles.

I'm trying to rethink my "all or nothing" attitude toward health and weight loss. This mindset seems to cause me to quit once the slightest setback happens. One of my resolutions for the New Year is to go a little easier on myself...and just try not to obsess over what the scale says or how many calories I ate. One other thing I learned over my little "vacation" is that my body responds very well to low-carb eating. Not, no-carb, but low carbs...I was skeptical at first, but it really did work. So, I will also be adding healthier, low-carb meals to my daily eating habits. Instead of snacking on sweets, I'm snacking on nuts, berries (raspberries are my favorite), Greek style yogurt, string cheese, and the like.

I appreciate all the motivation I receive from you all, my SparkFriends. I hope to make this year a healthier one in many ways! Best of luck to you all in your New Year's plans!

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MINIUM 1/3/2012 3:52PM

    It's good to see you back after your vacation! ;-)
I love low-carb eating too! Isn't it amazing how much we can eat that way? I find it so much more satisfying than junk food.
Have a brilliant new year!

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2 out of 3 ain't bad...

Monday, November 14, 2011

To quote the old song by Meatloaf, 2 out of 3 ain't bad...The good: (1) I did run a little yesterday, and (2) tried a new recipe that the whole family liked. The bad: the injury to my right leg from last Friday is still keeping me from running the entire time I am scheduled. I thought it was better and tried to run on it yesterday evening, but after 3 minutes I felt that stabbing pain in my outer right calf about halfway between my knee and ankle. Hubby says go to an ortho and let them check it out as this is the ankle that I broke years back (1993), and still injure fairly recently due to its weakness.

On the good side, I did finish my 2.2 miles, just not running. I'm going to rest the leg up for a day or two and try again. I was really hoping to be able to run my entire 1st 5K scheduled in January, but this leg thing makes it seem like that won't be possible. I am depressed about that!


My crock pot (slow cooker) recipe yesterday was a hit...i found it on the SP site and also another frugal living website that I check out from time to time. Here it is:

Bacon Ranch Slow Cooker Chicken

4 boneless, skinless chicken breasts
2 Tbsp. bacon bits
1 pkg. Ranch dressing dry seasoning mix
8 oz. low fat (or fat free) sour cream
1 can cream of chicken soup (I used the 99% fat free)

Rinse chicken and add to crock pot. Combine all other ingredients in a mixing bowl, and pour over chicken. Cook on low for 4-5 hours until chicken shreds easily with a fork.

Shred chicken in crock pot.

I added some cooked elbow macaroni. You could also eat as is, or serve over brown rice. I added a nice salad on the side. The kids devoured it!

Wishing everyone a happy, relaxed Monday!

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AUDREYASM 11/15/2011 3:31PM

    I'm so sorry you got hurt!! Don't push yourself too hard until your doctor gives you the okay, even if you feel like you can! I pulled something in my foot and as soon as the pain subsided I got off the crutches even though the doctor told me to wait a month. It was a bad move, my foot took nearly a year to heal completely!!

The recipe sounds great!!

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MINIUM 11/15/2011 4:15AM

    I'm so sorry about that injury of yours. Have you scheduled an appointment with the doctor yet?
Congratulations for that recipe - it sounds yummy!
Have a great day!

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Two steps forward...

Monday, November 07, 2011

So, I've gotten my body to a point that it's never been to before...this past Saturday I ran Week 4 Day 1 of the C25K program. My body ran for 5 minutes straight...not just once, but twice in 20 minutes' time! I was so surprised that I felt like crying. Before I ran that afternoon I asked my dear, sweet, super-suportive husband if I should just repeat Week 3 Day 3, and he asked me, "why?" I answered that I was afraid that I couldn't run for 5 minutes. He said, of course, "you CAN do it, you've been running 3 minutes, now it's time to add to it. You are ready!" I set out on my walk/run path, and even at the very last minute as I was stretching, I was unsure of which track on my iPod I was going to choose.

As I picked the Week 4 Day 1 track, I tried to tell myself that I could run 5 minutes, and if not, I could stop, walk, then start back until I could do the entire time. Well, I finished the first 3 minute running (jogging!) interval, then finished the first 5 minute one! I wanted to scream at the top of my lungs! I hurt and I was out of breath, but I did it. Then, I repeated it! I felt great! Then my legs began to ache...they ached the remainder of the evening. I took a hot bath, some Advil, and went to bed. I gave my body a day of rest yesterday, Sunday, and will pick back up on the exercise today!

Unfortuneately, I didn't make such great choices with my food over the weekend...we ordered pizza (my favorite!) on Friday night, and I had waaaaay too much! I told my hubby I was "carb loading" for my 5 minute run on Saturday! LOL! I snuck little candy bars out of the kids' Halloween bags off and on during the weekend, had homemade biscuits on Saturday morning, bratwurst on Saturday night, pancakes on Sunday morning...oh, and I made key lime pie too! Had to try 1 slice of that too on Saturday night!

My goal(s) this week...(1) eat more fruits and veggies, less junk, (2) drink 8 glasses of H2O every day, (3) continue to exercise, and (4) be thankful every day for one thing and post it as my status for the day.

Hope everyone has a wonderful, blessed week!

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MINIUM 11/8/2011 2:56AM

    Wonderful!!! I'm so pleased! Your hubby is right : you CAN do it!
Great goals too - you're right to focus on the future rather than the past. And your plans sound good. I love your status idea! (might borrow it I think if you don't mind...)
Have a great day, fellow-runner! emoticon

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CLAIREINPARIS 11/7/2011 4:55PM

    Woohoo! You did it! You did Week 4 Day 1... You are doing a great job and I am so happy for you! And I LOVE your goals for this week!
I understand about struggling with food even though you are doing great on the workout front! I am working on that too! But we can do it!
I am so happy to read too that you have such a supportive husband! That's wonderful!

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DOROTHYLEE61 11/7/2011 9:47AM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon

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The week 3 curse...

Monday, October 31, 2011

Never fails, this time it was just a few days late. I was all ready to run my last day of the week 3 C25k program last Friday, and WHAM! I come down with a horrible head cold! UGH! I start popping the Vitamin C, and postpone my run until Saturday. Saturday gets here and I'm just not feeling it...I attempt the run, but just can't breathe, so I run as much as I can and walk the rest. I gave myself a day of rest on Sunday, and today will get back to my ST program (Jari Love).

Tomorrow, I plan on giving week 3 day 3 a try again. Hoping I can still run my 3 minute intervals, and graduate to week 4 this week. I've never made it to week 4, so I'm looking forward to seeing if I can actually do it.

Lesson for the day...keep getting back on the horse!!

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MINIUM 10/31/2011 4:05PM

    You can (ans will) do it! Remember what they say: take baby-steps! Keep trying and you'll get there. Take your time, listen to your body and you'll manage.
Way to go!

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CLAIREINPARIS 10/31/2011 3:31PM

    Excellent lesson for the day! You can do it, don't be discouraged! I am sure you'll finish week 3 and do week 4 too!
emoticon emoticon emoticon

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Self doubt is a powerful thing...

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Well, I'm on week #3 of the 9-week Couch to 5K program. In the past I've made it this far, but something has always happened to keep me from completing week 3's scheduled runs. The first time it was bronchitis and the last time it was a broken big toe. My first run of week #3 was on Monday, and I ran after was nice and cool outside, about 65 degrees. It was my first time to attempt to run 3-minute intervals, and I was wondering if I could do it. Not only could I do it, but had energy left at the end of my 30 minutes, and felt like I could do it again!

On my "off day" on Tuesday (no running, just strength training), those little thoughts began to sneak into my won't be able to do it a second time, that little scratch in your throat means you're getting sick so you better not run, this takes time away from my family so you don't need to be so selfish, and finally...why are you even trying this? You'll never be able to run for 30 minutes at a time, so quit wasting your time.

By the time Wednesday rolled around, I was almost scared to run...afraid that Monday afternoon was some kind of fluke, and that I couldn't repeat it. I decided to go for my run/walk immediately after I got home from work. This would allow the kids some free time to play outside in the beautiful Fall weather before supper, baths, etc. I got all my gear on, my iPod ready, and went out the door. Low and behold, I DID do it again!! And, once again, had energy to spare! So, here I am today with just ONE MORE DAY of Week #3. Then it's on to Week that's scary!!

Lesson learned this week: push through the negative thoughts in your head, everyone has them, but they may be different thoughts. Fight your own demons, and then enjoy the satisfaction that comes with overcoming your own weaknesses!

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CHRISTIEHURST 10/27/2011 7:08PM

    emoticon It's great when we can take those terrible thoughts we allow ourselves to have and put them in their place. You are doing awesome! Keep up the great work!!

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CLAIREINPARIS 10/27/2011 4:40PM

    emoticon You did it! YAY! So inspiring! And I am sure you are going to ROCK Week #4! Keep us posted! :)

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STRIVER57 10/27/2011 3:02PM

    if i could, you certainly can. and i did. i kept reminding myself, it's all mental. it's my mind that thinks i can't do it, not my body.
i still remember when anything more than 30 seconds of running felt ... impossible.

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1FEISTYMAMA 10/27/2011 12:15PM

    The mind games are definitely much more difficult to overcome than the physical ones. GOOD FOR YOU!!!!

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MINIUM 10/27/2011 10:33AM

    Brilliant!!! Way to go! I'm so happy that you reached your goals and more!!!
Have you thought about creating your own visual motivator, with quotes and pictures that would inspire you?
Keep up the good work!

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