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Thursday, August 16, 2012

I am embarrassed to admit that I am setting myself up for personal diet failure. Worse than that, I am setting a terrible example for my children. Self obsessed for all the wrong reasons… there is no reason to be obsessed with how my body looks but rather how healthy my body is and the importance of reaching and maintaining a healthy weight. The main idea of healthy is to be, well, healthy.

I want to point out something that annoyed me today. I was watching Fox 25 news (MA) and they had a segment about “Eating like THE King”…books about Elvis and how he ate. I know that many love the king, and so sorry to offend, but he did get fat. Hollywood images are very skinny, I am convinced none of them eat, that they actually hook themselves up to nourishing IV’s so they don’t die. We are sold skinny all day, every day, BUT we are also sold food in immense portions with too much sugar, fat and overall yummy butter and oils. Even if we cook for ourselves and grill our food, we are smothering our food with dressings that Bobby Flay has shown us to make. What is my point about the books…here it is, the King ate poorly. He smothered food in chocolate and stuffed French toast with cream cheese. Pastry was at the top of his list and this book gives you recipes to actually eat like this at home. As the saying goes…eat like a King for breakfast, a Queen for lunch, and a pauper for dinner. We are fat because we think King means heavy carbs, sugars, and added fats…we forget that it means a healthy mix of everything.

Here it is, my goals that I am sharing with the spark community…
1.) I will set a healthy example for my children by NOT complaining about how fat my body is, eating a healthy and moderate diet, and maintaining a healthy exercise routine.
2.) Change the amount of lazy days I have and reduce the trips to Dunkin Donuts, McDonalds for breakfast, Chinese food lunches and Mall smoothies.
3.) Promote healthy play for my younger children by shutting off the TV, adding outdoor park time and nature walks just for fun.

Hopefully this will result in weight loss, I have caused a painful foot condition that is pleasantly caused by being overweight. My goal for myself and my body is to reach a healthy physique, I am done looking for a specific weight since I am convinced that there is no formula that truly can depict what is right for each of us.

Thanks for reading!

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GARDENQE2 8/16/2012 1:09PM

    It's great that you're working on fitness while your children are still small enough to learn from example.

Just remember to NEVER, NEVER say anything about your body that you don't want to hear them say about theirs. They're such immitators!

Kids will do anything if you convince them it's fun...take long walks/runs, play one-on-one soccer in the back yard, eat broccoli like a giant eats trees, bite an apple that's floating in a bowl of water.

As for the KIng...didn't he die before he was 40? Not a good health example!

Best wishes on your journey!!

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DEEJON123 8/16/2012 11:14AM

    WAY TO GO !!

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LJCANNON 8/16/2012 11:13AM

    emoticonYou have Great Goals, and with Spark People the Tools to help you achieve them!!
emoticonI think my FAVORITE Line in your Blog was about the "Nature Walks just for FUN"!! When you make it Fun, all of us would be more Active and Fit!!

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MAGGIEROSEBOWL 8/16/2012 11:04AM

    You are so right--we are sent mixed signals by the media. Those cooking shows promote all the heavy sauces and cooking methods with tons of calories and then they tell us to eat healthy and be skinny. I agree with you too about those Hollywood stars, they must never eat. I feel like I don't eat much and I know I weigh 30-40 lbs. more than almost everyone of those impossibly skinny women!

Good for you on your goals. Like you I started my journey to lose weight just to get healthy. But along the way I discovered all the things I had forgotten about that are part of living in a normal-sized world. I love buying clothes and dressing up. Once again I'm wearing make up and getting my hair colored! But I'm also enjoy having the energy to do so many things that I had given up long ago due to my inability to do much walking. And that is the best part.

So hang in there, you have time to set that good example for your kids. I'm afraid that ship has sailed for me. All 3 of my grown up boys struggle with weight problems, some of them are more successful than others in controlling it. They grew up eating lots of fast food, pizza and having all sorts of high caloried snacks always available. No wonder they all have weight problems. Good luck!

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Pain to track...well, everything

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Ok, sounds like a lame excuse, especially since I spend a good amount of time on my computer (and phone)...I have come to realize that there is no spark app for a blackberry...SAY WHAT?! Computer time is really limited, after all I have 2 little ones, 3 big ones and school. Time on the pc is focused on needs rather than wants. Regardless, I am frustrated. My weight goes down by 5, up by 5...frustrating. I want to cry :(

I will search for a blackberry app to track what I eat...I am sure that is my problem


I've never been tiny

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

I think that sometimes I have an unrealistic ideal of my body. I look at magazines, watch hollywood and read about body building fitness professionals. They all look great but at what cost? Are they really doing something all that different than me? I do not want to starve myself for thin, it seems pointless and I'd be very hungry. Not at all worth it to me. I can admit that I have eaten pretty awful the last few weeks and I know that it is out of frustration. I am just not losing. No matter how I tweek my diet, I am not losing. I exercise as often as possible, which is about 3xs a week...I have a job that demands me to move constantly...but I am NOT losing.

Once upon a time, I was a trainer and wrote nutritional maps for my clients to follow. I know that diet has a lot to do with weight loss and I know how to eat to thin down...BUT I AM NOT LOSING....

Seriously, my body hates me :( It is leaving me with cellulite thighs, chub hips and too much belly. Ideal??? I don't know. I want to be a combination of all that I see minus my gelly. I want firm arms without the wings...I want a firm belly than isn't smooshed by my pants, I want tight legs that do not look bumpy.

I know...keep at it, in time and patience. 3 1/2 months since I went back to the gym and my body just will not lose... sigh...another day.

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LINZ1990 7/3/2012 7:57AM

  You'll get there, don't give up! Maybe you could try switching up what kinds of exercise you do if you've been doing them for awhile? Your body could be too used to them.

Also, don't forget that Hollywood images (especially magazines) are notorious for photoshopping.

Good luck! Keep at it!

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We all fall down....

Monday, July 02, 2012

I really don't like when life takes the low road and is filled with unhappiness. It makes it difficult to want to do anything other than lay in bed.
My husband hates me and is always mad. Result, slamming doors and bickering between us...not fun.
Work is demanding and exhausting, tips are great but its a lot to try to get it all done.
My 3 big kids have resorted to summer fighting already. Thank you video games and laziness. They need a break from each other and we are only entering the 3rd week.
My nearly 2 year old (2 on July 5) is a peach with her 2 year old temper. She hurls projectiles, screams, hits...she spends an awful lot of time in her time out corner. Best part are the temper tantrums she throws IN the store. They are awesome.
THe baby, well she is fine. Sweet, happy... can't complain about her.
Me? Just tired, sad, frustrated. I feel I should quit working and just stay home to keep the peace. The money is needed seems to be making the family nuts. I haven't been able to focus on the big kids, I let my marriage slip on the back burner and I am not here to correct my little ones bad attitude. I am losing my happy. Its just slipping away and is currently on life support. Everytime I think of taking it off, something else happens that puts happy in danger. If happy dies, I will be devistated but will bury her next to the 1/2 eaten burrito that my daughter killed the other day...

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FOOTY372 7/2/2012 8:16AM

    Sounds like somethings gotta give sooner or later. I'm sure everything will work out how you want it to.

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WALIDGAZALA 7/2/2012 7:37AM

    Patience is worth and comes by believing in GOD

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No Exercise today

Monday, June 04, 2012

I know rest days are good, but they make me feel so lazy and sore., homework, food shopping, house work...more important then the gym today. Still, I can't help but feel quilty.

Question for all who read my blog, how long do you partake in cardio?

Personally, I love a good sweat session. I will press on for 45 minutes and 2 days a week I go for 90 minutes. I drink 4 water bottles in that time but feel so good after. I also lift weights, heavy (not a whimpy girl here). I would like to build my shoulders and triceps (looking for sexy here) and keep legs tight. A non jiggle butt would be nice too, but I want to keep my girlish figure. Lighter, yes...skinny, no! I don't seem to be losing so much as tightening up. I have about 5 days a week I can get to the gym.

Sooo...what are you all doing for workouts? What is the goal?


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