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Lost accident

Thursday, April 25, 2013

So.....I weighed in on normal weigh in.....and found myself at the same biggie. But then Sunday night I got REALLY sick....I mean, I thought I was dying sick.....I was in so much pain and had vomiting (sorry TMI).

Anyway.....when I weighed myself on Tuesday....I was 10lbs lighter. I know it's not going to stay....but it was a nice change for the scale. Hopefully I can keep some of it off.......we'll see what this Sunday brings (my official weigh in day).


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WORKNPROGRESS49 4/27/2013 9:54AM

    Sending "feel better" wishes to you emoticon emoticon emoticon

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SONYALATRECE 4/27/2013 1:10AM

    emoticon I hope it was a temporary bug. Sounds miserable nevertheless.
The weight can wait. Your wellness comes first.
Take care of yourself soror!


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It has been a year.....and I'm in the same place

Thursday, April 18, 2013 surprise it's been a year and I'm still in the same place....granted, I'm only 4lbs heavier than I was a year ago.....guess it could be worse.

But....I'm turning 35 in 48 days......and I'm not okay with it....or the weight.

I'd like to lose at least this 19lbs by my bday so I'm under 300. Lord willing I can do it. I've got to get myself motivated and back on track. I'm going to the Dr. tomorrow b/c I'm convinced something is wrong or my thyroid is out of wack again.... I've been working out and completely changed my eating but I've got to get it together for real....for the long haul. Tracking my food has always been hard but I've got to try it again.

Wish me luck.....and send up some prayers.


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WORKNPROGRESS49 4/27/2013 9:55AM

    emoticon emoticon

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SPARKLE1908 4/20/2013 8:39PM

    emoticon ...I wish you nothing but luck!!!!

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SONYALATRECE 4/20/2013 8:06PM

    You can do it by building consistency day by day.
My prayers are with you on your journey to better health.


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FLIPPINFIT08 4/20/2013 8:16AM

    Definitely sending prayers your way. You can do it and yes it is hard. I am 23 and it seems everytime I drop a little I gain a lot. Remember that this is not a quick fix and this quote: "I may not know how to lose 50 pounds but I know how to lose 1 pound 50 times." Also don't let the scale run your life and cause you to feel your journey isn't working. Take measurement, before and after pictures, and mix up your workout. I know you can do it! emoticon

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SASSYTHING52 4/18/2013 11:59PM

    dont feel bad i been here 6 years and lost 50 pounds gained some back lost again and now trying lose again

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SANDY1969 4/18/2013 4:42PM

    I haven't made much progress the past couple of years. I hope to change that. Im WORKING to change it. Get inspired, do it! WE CAN DO IT! I want to see the 200's SOON!

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THOMS1 4/18/2013 3:37PM

    It sounds like your not putting yourself first. Tracking nutrition, portion control and exercise as far as I am concerned is the only way. Iwish you success. and now it's time to get serious. You are only 35. I never got started until 4 years ago and I am 66 now. I will never get back those unhealthy years. I wish you success.

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CHALLENGEME4 4/18/2013 1:53PM

    I wish you lots of good can turn ths around
Keep in my that there are other victories besides what the scale me I have an ongoing battle with it myself

I WILL NEVER GIVE UP and Don'T you give up
do your best!!!!
and if your birthday comes and you have yet to lose 19lbs remember you have another year to lose twice that much.....ONE DAY AT A TIME emoticon

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ERIN_POSCH 4/18/2013 12:55PM

    sending prayers your way..... I'm having a similar experience with the 200 mark.... some times life gets in the way which is whats been blocking me for 18 months. 35 is still quite young -- of course that's coming from someone 53 -- don't rush life or the weight change it's not good for you. Focus, track and don't cut your calories to low or you will have more trouble later. let me know if you need a shoulder. emoticon

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ROSCOEKR 4/18/2013 12:36PM

    Good Luck

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What am I doing? clue

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

So I'm back....again....I've been all over the place.

I've been working out...and eating well....but of course, not tracking a thing. I think that is my downfall. So....I'm back to tracking. It worked for 16lbs and then I got comfortable and thought I knew what I was doing. I get so busy and forget to log on after each meal and post what I ate. So, I have a little notebook now that I'm going to force myself to at least write down what I eat and then come back at least each night and write down....the problem is, what if I over eat in that time? How am I going to know before it's too late, at the end of the day that I ate 200 calories more.

I've got to figure out a way to track along the way. I got a new phone last week so I'm going to download the app on my phone, I also have it on my tablet so that's a start.

Any-who....just wanted to say I'm back and back at it....again. *rolling my eyes*

I can at least say I'm not gaining too much weight....not a full pound....yet. *sigh*

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SONYALATRECE 4/4/2012 9:05PM

    I know you're frustrated right now, but you have solutions to get over the hurdle. Keep on striving one step a time & you'll find those pounds shedding before long.


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MMNICKS 4/4/2012 2:25PM


You are right, the tracking makes all the difference. I track in advance. When I tracked what I ate after I ate it I often found the foods I ate had more calories than I had expected. Staying on track for me is planning my meals and then sticking to my plan!!

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YICHE12 4/4/2012 1:12PM

    I've not been able to download the SP links on my android for some reason or another. However, my niece has an i-Phone and she downloaded the following site on her phone and she's very happy with it.


She keeps track of her food and exercises. I am going to try downloading the same site onto my own phone.

Good luck!

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DELHSI 4/4/2012 12:55PM

    Most journey's in life are not straight, clear, flat paths. They are bumpy, windy and sometimes hidden by trees/bushes and have detour signs. My point? That is how this whole weight loss process is - trying simply to stay on that path and figuring out how to do that when it doesn't seem all that clear or easy. It's a matter of figuring out how to get all of that food logged in, get in our exercise, our fruits and veggies and keep motivation. Then we think we get it down and we scootch off the path a little or something becomes a road block. As long as your always looking to get back on the path or fighting to stay on it then you are moving along. Don't get discouraged - you will get there!!
Personally for me, the SP app has made a huge difference. It's so easy to get on there and log in the food/exercise at anytime.

Great job blogging - it shows your desire is strong enough to make things happen.


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CHERRYCOKE452 4/4/2012 9:31AM

    We all get discouraged but you just need to recognize your mistake(s), pick your head back up & work at it like you've never worked before! I absolutely LOVE tracking my calories, especially after I realized exactly how many I was consuming! Close to 2000 a day with just mindless snacking! I've cut down to 1200 max and have lost 4.8 lbs in the last week and a half!

You can accomplish anything! I have total faith in you!!

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Not so bad for a Monday

Monday, March 26, 2012

So I lost that .6lbs that has been plaguing me the last few weeks. It's been 4 weeks and I started at 311....gained .6...and held on to it until this week now I'm back to's whatever though.....I'll be okay.....I feel like I'm back on the decline and now I'm 4lbs away from my first big goal....20lbs.

So, yesterday I think I pushed myself too hard b/c today my leg is on FIRE....oh boy it's killing me.....but....not so badly that I didn't get in my mile walk today. I did a 20 minute mile so I wasn't just strolling either. Now I'm about to go do a DEEP stretch.

Had a decent day. I found something I can eat everyday. I make this mixture of

diced tomatoes
black beans

Normally you add ranch dressing but I omitted that this time and added some 100 calorie pack guacamole. It was a great. I had some tonight with a turkey burger and realized I love this stuff....I can eat this with everything....with some fish....a burger....some chicken....anything. It's kinda like a black bean relish or black bean salad. The hubby says I'm going to have a gas problem with all those beans....but it's safe for me right now.....and I can handle that.....that's what Beano is for....LOL.

Any-who.....having a good day....can't complain. Tomorrow I'm going to get up and do some Dance Central before I go to work.....God willing b/c Lord knows I hate getting up early to workout.

Til next time......Toodles for now!

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SONYALATRECE 3/26/2012 9:14PM

    Tell your husband"For better...for worse..." Deal with it! Just kidding... emoticon
That mixture sounds like a plan I may have to try.
One step at a meal at a time...WINS THE RACE!

emoticon emoticon


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Feeling MUCH Better!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Well I'm feeling much better today. I think my PMDD was kicking in and hitting HARD. I have made up my mind to take this one day at a time and not worry so much about what the SP fitness tracker says when I put in my workout as long as I'm pushing myself past the "comfortable" feeling I know I'm doing something. I'll just make sure to track my food on here and stay within my calorie range. I think that will do it and keep me from being frustrated when the fitness tracker gives me 133 calories burned when I know I kicked my ass on Dance Central for an hour.

Any-who....this morning I got up and did two songs on Dance Central for my Kinect I did all three levels (Easy, Med, Hard) and got pretty good points and 5 stars (thats the most you can get if you're not familiar w/ DC). I also did some upper body work on the UFC Ultimate Fighter game on Kinect as well. I feel like I had a total body workout and I'm not paying SP fitness tracker any mind b/c I know I pushed my body to the limit. *rolling eyes at SP* lol

I also tried a new recipe for breakfast and I need to add to my tracker. I've done some laundry and thinking about dinner right now. I'm aiming for at least 3 days of activity this week and tracking food and water everyday.

Slow and Steady wins the race.......I need a tattoo that says that.

Toodles for Now

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SPARKLE1908 3/26/2012 11:28AM

    Good are doing wonderful, so yeah, don't worry about what the Spark Tracker says...your body knows better than a website!!!!

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PNICHOLS31 3/25/2012 3:06PM

    great job today!!! I don't suffer from PMDD, so I can't imagine what that must be like, but I HATE when TOM comes around for me!

And, if you want to look into it - I don't have one yet - but a BodyBugg or FitBit, or another monitor can track your calories burned much more closely. There might even be one that syncs with your Kinect! Look around, and then you'll have the option to manually enter an exact amount of calories burned.

You are well on your way to a healthy you!!

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DAZZEEDOO 3/25/2012 2:34PM

    Glad you're feeling positive about this journey.
I, too, sometimes think the SP activity/calorie counter doesn't measure as high as it should. Some of the Jilliam work outs I do only come out to be about 190 cals burned- but it sure feels like more to me. Like you I've decided to just keep going. Sometimes counting the minutes is good enough.

I'd like to see a picture of that tatoo when you get it emoticon

Continued Success!

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