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I got lucky!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Last night before bed all of the sudden I decided I was going to have a bowl of cereal and a corn dog and who knows how many chips ... emoticon wasnt hungry just stressed and wasnt teird ... I finally stoped myself from my madness and went to bed ... when the alarm when off I decided I better do my workout since I had already done a lot of damage ... and too my surprize I was down .4 on the scale emoticon ... I am on my best behavior today emoticon

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FRUITYFUL 2/23/2011 7:29PM

    That's good that you were able to stop yourself. Even better is that you were on your best behavior today. I bet the reason you still saw results is because you are exercising regularly and eating right the rest of the time. Way to get back on track the next morning too.


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Ten Pounds at a time

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Time to get this next 10lbs off! This week has so many time consuming stressful things for me to take care of... I sure wish I lost weight when I was stressed like some people I know emoticon Since I gain when I'm stressed I'm going to have to focus even harder this week on reaching my goal .. 9 lbs every 4 weeks is what I am shooting for and this month I have taken off 3 already so 6 more to go....10 pounds at a time ... before I know it I will have reached my goal! emoticon

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FRUITYFUL 2/22/2011 6:08PM

    Way to go Kristi! I've been trying to think of it the same way, as 10 lbs at a tie.

I have tracked my food for yesterday and today. I only ate 309 calories yesterday so I treated myself to a mcchicken and fries today. Actually my husband did since I'm in no condition to go anywhere. That will probably be my main meal for the day. If I can keep it down that is. The medicine I'm on makes me dizzy and tired and nauseated.

Keep up the good work! I will be back on track and hopefully exercising soon.

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KALISWALKER 2/22/2011 2:20PM

    What a great idea to think of 10 pounds at a time. I think I get lost in the big picture.

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MRSHONEYCOMB 2/22/2011 10:12AM

    Exersize Complete! emoticon

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Week 6

Monday, February 21, 2011

My exersize is complete for the day ... it's now time for breakfast and all I can think about is eating all day not a good sign emoticon

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JOYELYSE 2/24/2011 11:08PM

    I hate that! It's a miserable feeling. Those are my worst days. Hope you got through OK.

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KALISWALKER 2/21/2011 1:01PM

    I hope you found a distraction. Make it a great day!

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NEVERGIVEUP30 2/21/2011 11:31AM

    Hang in there!! YOU CAN LOSE WEIGHT TODAY if you choose, depending on the decisions you make!!



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Down -3 lbs

Saturday, February 19, 2011

I'm down 3 lbs for the week ... 230.0 is my offical weight ... only 100 lbs to go emoticon So if I shoot for 9lbs a month I will be there by the end of the year! Go TEAM Me!!! emoticon

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KALISWALKER 2/20/2011 3:16AM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon

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KARIRDH3 2/19/2011 9:20PM

    FANTASTIC!!!!! emoticon emoticon

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DAV128 2/19/2011 9:00PM

    Great Job. Good luck and stay focused.


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CLAYARTIST 2/19/2011 8:40PM

  you go girl...

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GRACEFULCHARM 2/19/2011 8:35PM

    Wow congrats! You must be so proud!!! emoticon

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MICHELE0008 2/19/2011 8:34PM

    Congrats on your loss! That's wonderful! Keep up the good work and keep on Sparking! emoticon

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I'm in it for the long haul....

Friday, February 18, 2011

I know I keep having set backs and I'm defiantly not losing as fast as I would like but, I'm going to keep at it ... my goal this year is too make mistakes and pick up where I left off .. that is where I failed last time .. thinking that when I didnt do something perfect that meant I could take weeks .. month.. and years to get back up and keep going... Not this time!!! emoticon I love this yoga stretch emoticon

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KALISWALKER 2/18/2011 6:58PM

    There is a Chinese proverb, fall down 7 times get up 8. You are on way.

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FRUITYFUL 2/18/2011 6:45PM

    I don't just like this blog, I LOVE IT! That's a great attitude Kristi, and it's the same way I feel. I am working on being positive, even when I don't do well. We should treat ourselves the way we would treat each other when we screw up. I wouldn't be mad at you and criticize you, I would be supportive and offer words of encouragement. That's what we should do for ourselves.

Keep up the good work and I'll be working right along with you!


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