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I belive we are in Week 18 now!!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

So my body has slowed down to 2lbs per week? I cant be upset because that was the original goal anyways and at least I havent platued yet right? I think I just liked the rush of losing 3lbs a week it just made me want to jump right on my tredmill and when other people were snacking I was like NO thankyou but, now I'm like HELLO are you eating in front of me?????

Anyways good Week down 2lbs for a total of 56.5 lbs in 18 weeks!!

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FARRAHNICOLE 3/25/2007 11:17AM

    I've slowed further down. In the beginning it ws 3-4 lbs per wk. Now it's a little over a pound if I'm lucky. Think I should get back on the nutrition track though! I think 2lbs a week is wonderful! I'd kill for that now, haha. Congrats on everything you are doing awesome!

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NORTHERNGIRL40 3/25/2007 10:18AM

    As I said before, you are such an inspiration to me. Congrats on the weight loss. "You've come a long way baby!"

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Spring Fever

Monday, March 19, 2007

I'm down another 2.5lbs this week for a total of 54.5lbs however.........I have changed my weigh in day to Monday's because on April 2nd I will be starting the Sparks Biggest Loser Challange and that is the Official weigh in day, it was perfect timing because yesterday I weighed my self just out of curiosity and the scale said I had lost 1 mabey 1.5 lbs? I didnt freak out but, my attitude was definatly different then the weeks before instead of coming out and logging my daily food and exersizing I opened the fridge and ate the left over chinese food wich I have no way off tracking and the crust of my daughters Pizza? Not sure why I did this but, lucky for me there was not a lot of chinese left I then got on my treadmill and worked out but, I couldnt run because my tummy was too full and I kept getting a side cramp?????????? Why do we do this too ourselves anyways for lunch I still had my one peice of planned pizza but, I drank green juice with it and then I had BBQ chicken (bonless Skinless) and fruit to make up for my Breakfeast I also made sure that I still got in all my water so lucky me that I made my bad judgement at the first of the day and not the last and was able to save myself.

See ya next week

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FARRAHNICOLE 3/21/2007 6:30PM

    I think was the day I also hogged out on chinese (although doesn't sound like your's could be termed a hog-out). You are doing awesome and last week's lost must've really got your engine revving! Good luck on the challenge!

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NORTHERNGIRL40 3/20/2007 10:39AM

    Oh, I found it. Thanks.

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NORTHERNGIRL40 3/20/2007 10:38AM

    I know exactly what you mean. I don't do this very often to myself, but yesterday I couldn't seem to stop myself. Oh well, today is a new day and I am planning my food for the day and am determined to achieve my goal.

Here's what I do when I really want pizza: I use pita bread and then put on the tomato sauce, veggies and a little meat if you want. I add about a tablespoon of cheese and throw it in the over. It is really quick and you feel like you have had a great treat.

Good luck today. You are already doing so well - oh yeah, congrats on the lost weight. Where did you find the biggest loser forum?

Have a great day.

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JOYELYSE 3/20/2007 8:38AM

    Good recovery! I've been able to do things liek this a lot less, but I guess it's just going to happen sometimes. I think the key is to let it go and not beat yourself up over it.

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Best Week Ever

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Ok so I'm doing better this week it was not as hard as the last 2 weeks and I am down another -4lbs this week YEA ME, that is a total of 52lbs in 4 mo. I've got another 78lbs to go until I reach my goal. 9lbs until I'm under 200, 13lbs until I hit my 1/2 way point 35lbs until I am no longer obease and 63lbs until I am not longer over weight. And my new Goal reached date is December 9th. So as you can see I have a lot of numbers and goals I will be hitting and completing in the next month or two I am so EXCITED!!! This week I ate at the top of my Calorie ranges but, I'm not sure if that's what did it or if it is because aunt flo left town? At the starting of the month I added back 5 cups to my water intake per day (in the 2nd mo. I was drinking 20 cups of water per day) in the 3rd mo. I cut it back to 15 (this mo. I took it back up to 20 per day) and I lost 12lbs this month v. 10lbs last mo. who knows.

I will be posting new photo's sometime tommorrow so dont forget to check them out.
Thanks for reading my posting and see you next week!


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MARMIZC 3/18/2007 9:56PM

    Well, well, well...

52 huh? And me with my measly 46...I'll get up there to you yet!
Have a good week!

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POETANDMORE 3/12/2007 6:13AM

    Welcome to the SP Community Team! You are doing great! You motivate me to reach my goal, too. Have a good day!

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NORTHERNGIRL40 3/11/2007 11:38AM

    Congrats on the weight loss. That's so exciting.

I have been wondering about the water issue. I started out drinking about 14-16 glasses a day. Then someone said don't drink too much, so I cut back to 10-12. However, the weight loss also slowed down. I have been debating upping my water intake again. I think you have just convinced me.

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Just kidding last week "this was the hardest week"

Sunday, March 04, 2007

When I woke up this morning Aunt Flo was on my doorsteep but, I still managed to weigh in at a -2 loss yea!!! That is a total of 48lb I still have 82lbs to go.

I knew that as soon as I missed one workout that It would make it that much easier to miss another! I am proud to say that I did not miss any workouts this week but, I have to be honest I had to make myself everyday and everyday it was tough. Running on my treadmill has gotten harder because my sports bra is not supporting me so I went to the store to buy a new one and had a really hard time finding one I finally did and when I got home it was a little better but, still not good enough, finally last night I tried something ridiculous and I put on both sports bras and HOLLY CRAP it worked so that problem is solved hopefully working out this week will be better!!!

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MARMIZC 3/4/2007 4:20PM

Two away from 50: awesome job kiddo: boy am I proud of YOU. I just got back in from giving Zush a good long hike in the woods with my nephew( we were out for 2hrs)so needless to say we are gonna sleep good tonite!!!

Keep up the good work. I wish I had a tradmill, because the trail can be so cold sometimes, but hey, fresh air- as "Martha" would say- " It's a good thing."

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NORTHERNGIRL40 3/4/2007 11:44AM

    LOL! The bra thing is too funny. Congrats on the weight loss. I always figure if I can get through the visit with Aunt flo without gaining anything I have done great. Yesterday I couldn't exercise because she was being such a pain. Hopefully today I will be back to normal (whatever that may be).

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Hardest Week so far!!

Sunday, February 25, 2007

This week was the hardest week so far but, I managed to still loss another -3lbs for a total of 46lbs that means I have 84lbs to go.

My dog dislocated his eye Monday afternoon luckly after my workout other wise I know there is no way I would have done it! And then Thurday morning I did not get up and do my workout when I normally do it and so I decided that I would do it when I got back from my sisters ultra sound. That was a mistake on the way to her ulta sound I pulled off the side of the road to make my dog more comfortable and another car hit my door (no I was not still in my car) I was standing right inside the door! I have no idea how he did not hit me and I was grateful to be alive however when I got home the last thing I wanted was an adrenalin rush from a workout.
I finished the week out good and was still down 3lbs so Yeah me I even ate at the top of my calories one day this week.

See you next week!

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SHEY03 3/1/2007 1:42PM

  a dislocated eye....whats that all about?
congrats on the weight loss and we are all glad you are still alive!!

I wanted to ask you something, the whole time you have been losing consistently right? no plateus?

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MARMIZC 2/25/2007 10:13PM

Congrats on the 3 lbs, but kiddo, you have to be careful and take care of yourself. Hope your doggie is feeling better.

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