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Bikini Body Mommy challenge

Saturday, January 04, 2014

Just so I remember.

Day 1 -
Speed Squats - 50 seconds - 29
High Knees - 50 seconds - 79 (didn't jog after 20)
Push Ups 50 seconds - 16 (knees)
Squat Jumps 50 seconds - 14 (wimpy jumps)
Tricep Dips 50 seconds - 15
Burpees 50 seconds - 6 (beginner)
Lunges 50 seconds - 15
Elbow Plank - 38 seconds

Day 2 -

Required to do 3 sets of these. 10 seconds between exercises, and then 2 minutes between sets

Speed Squats 20 reps (20/20/20)
Elbow plank 30 seconds (30/30/18)
Pushups 20 (modified) (20/17/14)
Burpees 10 (modified) (10/10/0)
Elbow plank 30 seconds (30/22/0)
Tricep Dip 20 (20/16/0)
Squat Jump 20 (modified) (20/15/0)

Day 3 - SUNDAY
I gave myself this as a rest day. One rest day in 7 and I want it to be on Sundays.

Day 4 (3 part 2)
45 minutes of aerobic exercise.
Pushed both babies in the stroller to the park, walked around it and walked back, with a rest in the middle so Iris could slide.

total - about 35 minutes, but pushing a heavy weight and walking hills!

Day 4, I don"t remember what I did!

Day 5 - horrors! So hard! First day of 3 sets. Emma was home sick, so she held jack while I did the sets and urged me on between sets. I can't believe I got through them. BONUS: Had to hold a 60 second plank 3 times, and I made it every time!

Day 6 - 45 minutes of cardio.
I didn't do this one, because Iris was so sick, Emma was still sick, Kevin was kind of sick. Bad day. Just have to skip. But I am eating better still.

Day 7 - Sunday, rest day. Everyone is still sick. I'm taking airborne and vitamins and drinking lots to try and stave off the sickies from myself!

Day 8 - 10 minutes of pushup/rows/hop ups, with weights.
No weights first day... did 24

Day 9 - Cardio
Did 25 minutes of Cardio Blast videos with Coach Nicole

Day 10 - Repeat of day 8, but add 1 minute of plank "bottle touches"
Did 33 pushup row hop up things. Did 55 touches.

Day 11 - Cardio day. Either 45 minutes of lower intensity or 20 minute HIIT. Did 10 minutes HIIT, but no more. kids too sick.

Day 12 - retest from day 1. Posting old/new scores
Speed Squats - 50 seconds - 29/36
High Knees - 50 seconds - 79 (didn't jog after 20)/104 (jogged until about 60!)
Push Ups 50 seconds - 16/27 (both modified)
Squat Jumps 50 seconds - 14 (wimpy jumps)/31 (still pretty wimpy)
Tricep Dips 50 seconds - 15/32
Burpees 50 seconds - 6 (beginner)/11 (still beginner, but a little better)
Lunges 50 seconds - 15/18 (trying for better form)
Elbow Plank - 38 seconds/48 seconds

Day 45 retest!
Day 1/Day12/Day45
Speed Squats - 50 seconds - 29/36/38
High Knees - 50 seconds - 79 (didn't jog after 20)/104 (jogged until about 60!)/118 (jogged to 88!)
Push Ups 50 seconds - 16/27 (both modified)/28(7 regular!)
Squat Jumps 50 seconds - 14 (wimpy jumps)/31 (still pretty wimpy)/17 good+15 modified=32!
Tricep Dips 50 seconds - 15/32/56
Burpees 50 seconds - 6 (beginner)/11 (still beginner, but a little better)/10 mod
Lunges 50 seconds - 15/18 (trying for better form)/20
Elbow Plank - 38 seconds/48 seconds/50!

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68ANNE 1/4/2014 6:47PM

Way to go workout

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Thank you letter

Monday, September 24, 2012

I just sent a good friend of mine this letter on FB, thanking her for talking with me about her weight loss journey. She worked 35 lbs off her small frame, but it took her a while.

Hey K

I just wanted to reiterate how pleased I am that we chatted about your weight loss. It's helping me a TON to know that you lost 35 lbs in 18 months - which is actually just 2 lbs a month or a half pound a week. Persepctive is awesome.

I saw a link today to a female photographer's site where she took pictures of herself in dressing rooms over a year of weight loss. She lost 160 lbs in a year! First I thought "wow! Why can't I get rid of my weight in 3 months then!?" But then, in another NSFW section, there were all these pictures she'd taken of herself in the nude. Personally, I find them in no way pornographic, 1. because of the way she photographed herself and 2. because she has SO MUCH SKIN hanging off her frame. She of course looks much better in her clothes, and feels better about herself, but her pounds and pounds of excess skin could have been lessened if she'd lost the weight over a couple of years. I commend her for her hard work, however.

Personally, I know that for my body and my health (and my skin) it's much better to train and be strong and take a bit longer, than dumping the weight drastically.

18 months is going to come and go whether I'm careful and determined or I give up. But how I feel at the end of it is something else, right?

Thanks again,

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68ANNE 9/25/2012 7:16PM

    That is a nice letter and the perspective thing hits home!

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Sunday dinner overboard, but that's ok.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

I made some of my favorite things for dinner tonight. Spaghetti and garlic rolls. I weighed myself BEFORE dinner, deciding that Sunday afternoon is a better place for me to weigh in than Monday morning. I'd lost 3 lbs my second week (woo!) so I decided to eat the spaghetti dinner and enjoy myself.

So, yeah, I went overboard.

However... I ate my salad first, and my mixed veggies. When I made the garlic rolls, I substituted wheat flour for about a third of the flour. I did have 2 helpings of spaghetti, 2 rolls and a cupcake, but I DIDN'T have the four or 5 servings that I'd normally have.

I went over my daily calories by about 300. I actually didn't figure that was too bad. I feel good and satisfied instead of guilty. I've done great for 2 weeks, I took a little break, and now I'm back on.


Feeling a difference already

Thursday, January 12, 2012

I'm proud to say that I now have 6 small rocks lined up on my windowsill in the kitchen. I got back from workout number 6 tired, but feeling peppy (can you have both of those things at the same time? I can!)

I've gone to a new, farther park for the past 2 days that's more 'hilly'. With 20-odd pound baby on my back, it makes for a more intense walk. Too bad it was so cold! Did 35 instead of 45 minutes just so I could get the baby back into the car. Even bundled the poor girl had icy hands.

As I was walking I remembered talking with my husband a couple of years ago (when I was exercising regularly) and he complimented me on my body's ability to gain muscle quickly and change shape into what I wanted. I remembered that today when I was huffing and puffing up a hill... but thinking that it was slightly easier today than it was yesterday.

I believe in a God who knows and loves me. I know that he has given me this body and it's abilities for a reason. If I keep my end of the bargain, by making good food choices and exercising - He will keep his through this gift of this wonderful, useful body. Not only that, but I'm a better wife and mom and friend when I do these things. My mind is clearer, I'm happier.

All good, valid reasons to keep going.


This feels different

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

It really does. It feels different this time.

I saw a picture taken in the Spark offices the other day that said Moderation Not Deprivation and it really struck home. Normally when I try to change how I eat, I'm just stuck in that same DIET mentality that I seem to always get stuck in. I become afraid of food and don't eat for fear I'll go over my calories. This time I'm doing things differently.

I'm eating more often, and just when I'm hungry. Twice in the past two weeks I've found myself at a restaurant. When I started to freak out, I just made a better choice. My turkey burger was actually BETTER than the hamburger I regularly get at The Pit Stop (nice name, eh?) and I didn't mind not having the big pile of fries. I stole a couple from my husband, but that was it. Lunch at Chevy's seemed like it would be a disaster, but I had a salad first and tried the low-cal raspberry salsa dressing and found it was great! I even took half of my chicken fajitas home and had them for dinner. Kept within my calorie range for the day and didn't feel deprived at all. I even had some flan :)

Today, I didn't have lunch planned and started to stress thinking about the pringles in the closet. Instead I thought outside of my normal eating pattern and threw together some tuna, a tomato, black beans, corn, and a Tbs of olive oil mayonnaise and some herbs. It was really good, filling and tasted great. I'll have it again!

Yep, going to do things right this time. You'll see.

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MRS.DR.SHOT 1/12/2012 1:18PM

    Thanks Katrina for the nice comment. I hope your book club went well with good discussions, good friends and delicious moderation!

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KATRINAKRAUT 1/10/2012 8:55PM

    I really like the moderation not deprivation concept. I am going to take it with me tonight when I head out to book club and will be presented with all kinds of treats and wine etc.. And yes, I want to join in....I will just try to be reasonable. god luck on your journey!( sounds like younhave good support)

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