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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Well now is the time to shape up. I was doing so good because I gave up a lot of food that I knew was not good for me to help me loose the weight. It worked. But Now I need to get back to that of really watching what goes in my mouth. I can do it I just need to get my mind focused of loosing weight and knowing that I can do it. I did it before and I can do it again because so many people are behind me Watching how I am doing. I have only gained 2 pounds but now is the time to shape up.

This is my NUMBER ONE JOB right now and I am not about to fail. Next week I expect to loose some weight. I have been way too easy on myself. I am going to prove to myself I am as tough as I want to be for me and get this ball rolling again. I am tired of being at a standstill. I got to get moving and now. This summer I was able to walk the School Track. I was so proud of myself because the first time I got around the track two times which surprised me didn't think I would make it around once. I even had my ladyfriend call Don my husband to tell him what I did. I didn't think he would believe me. Don is by biggest supporter. We have had a lot of practice supporting each other because we have been married 40 years. It is nice to have him on this lifestyle change together. We even discuss what we think we should eat. Silly me. The next two times my friends and I were at the track I made it around three times each. Now the weather in Iowa is to cold to walk the track but I think we are going to find other places to walk maybe in the school gym or church gym.
As everyone knows the holidays are here and that usually means making the goodies for the year. Well this year I am making very little. I always make Fudge and Thumbprints, carmels, Rice Kristie Balls and Turtles. This year no carmels, Rice Krispie Balls or Turtles. My freezer is a great place to store my goodies I always say "
Out of Sight Out of Mind" . Since we have been on this lifestyle I have been freezing more baked goods and goodies if I happen to make them. A little treat once in a great while is nice. But you know "Nothing Tastes As Good As Being Thin Feels. So far I have lost 28.5 pounds since June 29th when I started with SP. It feels so good to be able to walk with out getting out of breath, sitting better on chairs, wearing 2 sizes smaller and most of all keeping up with Don when we do go shopping. He is so happy I am doing this for me but he is also benefiting from my weight loss. We even danced a little and my hips and knees didn't complain. First time in years and it was fun. When we used to go shopping he would let me out at the door not anymore I want to walk with him and we park a long ways away because we both want the exercise and neither of us are out of breath. It is such a good feeling. In June we went to out favorite casino. Just walking into the building to our room I was out of breath. And I was embarrassed because I wanted to show my sister in law our Motel room which is beautiful. But by the time I got to our room I had to sit down and get back to normal breathing. In August we went to the same hotel at the casino. I was in the casino went to our room and tried our hotel card to get in and it didn't work so I walked up the the hotel lobby to get my key worked on then walked back to my room and I was not out of breath. I was so thrilled with myself. Because I lost some weight and my knees didn't hurt from walking and my hips didn't hurt either. I was so proud and so very surprised. What a great surprise. Things like these are adding up to me wanting to loose more weight. I can zip up my coats from last year which I had not done for years. Don says some of the coats I am not allowed to wear anymore. What a nice compliment. We can do this but first we have to convience ourselves in our minds this is so important and worthwhile. We are the oncs responsible for what we put in our mouth , Starting today I am going back to how I began on Sparks People by giving up my potatoes, bread, pasta and keep trying to give up my favorite Pepsi. I am doing much better. Usually only have Pepsi when we eat Pizza out. I am drinking a lot more water, I found a favorite brand of water which makes it so much easier to drink I like the Ice Mountain it is a 100% Natural Spring Water. Sometimes a use a Crystal Lite Raspberry Ice packet which is 5 calories to flavor my water to give me a boost. I also like coffee and ice tea.
Since I have been with Sparks People I have learned to enjoy water. Before I hardly ever drank water. Now I make myself drink one water with my pills in the morning before I eat and that really helps start my day.
Just knowing there are people everywhere needing a pat on the back for loosing a pound or two makes me feel good that I am a part of this community.

Lets all put our minds to weight loss, doing what we can with the winter months, I enjoy walking around stores and also walking into stores with Don instead of being let out at the door. He is my best friend helping me each day so we can have a great new lifeistyle together. He is also trying to loose a couple of pounds. Thanks you Don and all my friends at SP and especially my family for all your great support. I will not let you down. I am determined to get this weight off. Don has promised me if I get to a certain weight next year he will take me to Vegas. Not a bad goal to try to accomplish. Thirty some pounds to go I can do it.

Will you help me because I will help anyone asking for my help? I am on the computer alot and love to visit with each of you. Let me know what I can do for you.
Remember mind first action second third results with a smile. Everyone best wishes on you new lifestyle journey. We are in this together and we will do it. Let's not go backwards but see that scale go down and down every week. Lets not make it a dream but nice goal to feeling better each day seeing the differences a few less pounds can make. I see the changes 28.5 pounds have done for me can you figure out what 30 or more less pounds would do for all of us. The things we will be able to do that we can't do now or before. Wow I am keeping this lifestyle going because I love it. Are you with me???????????

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CAROLYNINJOY1 12/3/2011 9:05AM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticonReading of your success helped keep ME motivated today. Thanks! Way to go!

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JILL313 11/30/2011 10:44PM

    I love your enthusiasm and the fact that you and your DH are making this Healthy Journey Together!! It really does make a difference when we lose weight as to how we feel. . .I also have less kneee pain myself since I've lost over 30#s. My goal is to get to Onederland sometime next year. Exercise, as you've proved, is really important in losing weight and feeling better. I'm so happy for you and Don and I'm right with you as I want to keep feeling and looking better for myself and my loved ones.



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CHARLOTTE1947 11/30/2011 8:44PM

    I'm glad my freezer is small. I don't have much room for treats. If I did, I would put my whole face in it and eat every single cookie hidden in there, frost and all.
I'm not very good at self control.

I am proud of your weight loss. Isn't it wonderful to feel good again? It really is possible. Keep up the good work!

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LINDA! 11/30/2011 3:17PM


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GAILRUU 11/30/2011 2:35PM

    I love to bake Christmas cookies. I make several kinds and divide them into boxes and deliver them to several neighbors who do not bake. It lets me indulge my urge to bake and removes the temptation so I don't eat them!

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GENEALOGYGAL 11/30/2011 12:14PM

    I am with you 100 percent! I added you as a SparkFriend...hope that's ok! emoticon

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My Lifestyle is great.

Monday, September 19, 2011

These past couple of weeks Don and I have been really busy in fact we went to the County Fair 3 times this last week. Our granddaughter Morgan showed her calf on Saturday and we were there to see most of her activities. As I was walking around the fair grounds I was noticing people. Everybody was eating. Some of them shouldn't have been eating especially all that greasy food. I laughed to myself because I was complaining to myself these people should not be eating all those calories. I said to myself Marilyn it must be your new lifestyle or it wouldn't bother you that so many heavier people are eating all those calories. I was good. -The only thing I did bad was have two ice cream nutty bars. But I trully believe I have change with my new lifestyle. Don is my husband of 40 years and we are both on this lifestyle together. We said this was the first year we never had any Tom Thumb Donuts or Funnel Cakes. We are definitely loving our new lifestyle. Don is also watching my weight and his weight. He is a good husband and it is fun making these changes together. A lot of time we will discuss what we think we should be eating when we are away from home. I was kind of proud to be buying a bottle of water instead of pepsi. I can do this but I also need your support which I am very happy to have so many nice friends on Sparks People. Best wishes to everyone on their new lifestyle journey. We can do this. For me this is my number 1 job. I am retired so that helps alot. Next week Don will be combining Soybeans and our running for the fall is almost over. We should be home most of the time starting next week.
Hopefully I will see a lighter scale. I am at my lowest weight in a very long time. I am trying to hold on to that right now. Even that is a job. LOL

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JILL313 11/29/2011 1:19PM

    When I used to go to the County Fair it was so much fun and eating unhealthy food seemed to be one of my main activities--LOL! Now, I would be like you looking at all the overweight people eating greasy food so Spark has really changed me into a health minded person. So glad your on our Team and looking forward to getting to know you. I added you as a friend as we can't have enough. Enjoy your day and keep up the great work!!



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COLEOPTERRA 9/22/2011 9:25PM

    Awesomeness!!! Congrats!! I know how it feels to avoid fair food too as I faced that this summer! Not always easy but so worth it in the long run.

I think it is wonderful to have your husband along with you on this journey to health who better to cheer you on ! emoticon

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GODDESS181 9/21/2011 1:29AM

    Love this blog post Marilyn! These are the types of changes that stick! Glad to hear Don is on board. Hi Don, Keep up the good work. I look forward to sharing this journey.
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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WINDANCER99 9/19/2011 7:44PM

    Congratulations on the changes you've made and for avoiding all the food at the County Fair you usually eat!

emoticon emoticon

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SUEO451 9/19/2011 6:06PM

    Sounds like you have made some great lifestyle changes. emoticon on avoiding all that tempting food!

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GRATEFULADY 9/19/2011 4:02PM

    Congrats on the new lifestyle changes. Spark is a great place to be to get the support you need. It is good that hubby is sharing this journey as well. Good luck!!

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My Support

Monday, July 04, 2011

Right now I am feeling very happy because I have a great husband (Don) who is supporting me on this new journey and this week I have met some very special people who are becoming my friends here on Spark People. Having been on another weight lose program I know how important it is to talk to someone about how you are doing and what others are doing that might help you. I am really looking forward to loosing hopefully 50 pounds before the summer is over. I know it might be impossible but right now we have very little plans since we have had our vacation and only have one wedding to go to next week. This should make it easier for me to stick to my plans without temptation. Right now I am using a lot of Special K Products to jump start my journey. I have packaged a lot of foods in zip lock bags with the name of the product, the amount and the total calories in the bag. I definitely write everything down in an old 3 month journal from Weight Watchers.
I haven't been on the Spark People a week yet but I can see and feel the care of others on the program. Everyone has made me very welcome. I will be more than willing to support anyone who needs it. I know it is not an easy road to loose weight they are temptation along the way but I will try to pick up myself and keep the road open for more success. Right now I am trying to drink more water by adding a little Special K protein Mix with my water. I just kind of color the water and make it last a long time fewer calories that way. LOL And counting calories in a full time job. That is the only way I can loose weight. I am open to more suggestions. This week I am going to try to get on the Treadmill more and move around more not sit so long at a time. My wheels are turning and I am going to try to get my feet moving also. Come with me on my journey and we can travel together. Marilyn

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SUSIEMT 7/25/2011 10:38PM

    Good for you Marilyn! I am so happy you found sparkpeople! Keep up the good work!

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SUPREME5 7/25/2011 3:21PM


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GRATEFULADY 7/11/2011 11:16AM

    Love your determination and attitude. We just have to remember this is a lifestyle change. That is what I love about WW. It doesn't restrict me from eating what I like. We just have to be mindful of portion control. That is with any weight loss method. Did you know there is a WW team on Sparkpeople? Check out my Sparkpage and you will find it. I find it very supportive. I too need to write things down. Have not been good about adding in attending meetings, since I do use Sparkpeople more.

Hang in there and keep Sparking. Blessings emoticon emoticon emoticon

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NANABE 7/7/2011 11:09PM

    You can do it! I love your attitude! That is a large part of the battle. I plan on loosing a lot during my summer break as well. I have 10 more work days then I'll be on break, I can't wait!

Right now the heat and humidity is really high, it makes working out difficult. The best time to work out when it's like this is at 5:30 a.m. but that's when I leave for work, So looking forward to working out during vacation. For now, I'm trying to move as much as possible, get up from my desk at least once an hour etc.

Together we can accomplish all our goals. You are a great asset to this team!

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COLEOPTERRA 7/6/2011 1:46AM

    emoticon and remember you have lots of friends and support as close as your computer screen!

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MPICKHINKE 7/5/2011 8:33AM

    Thank you ladies for reading my blog and all the support which I really need. I have been on this for one week today and I have high hopes of reaching my goal. Prayers, support and determination is going to help make my journey happen. Hope to hear from you again. Marilyn

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KATHYS1944 7/5/2011 7:37AM

    Good luck with your weight loss journey!


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ANNROMINES 7/4/2011 11:45PM

  I love to use the "recipe" section on the nutrition tracker. I do a lot of home cooking and this feature has come in very handy for me. Good Luck!

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