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Having a hard time

Friday, November 24, 2006

well everyone it has been a while since i have posted anything. well as you can tell by the title i have been having a hard time. i have slacked off big time over the past few weeks and can not seem to get back on track. i have not gained any weight back but i am still having trouble with what i eat and the exercise. i seem to eat what my children eat expecially when we go out to eat. i also can not seem to get modivated in exercising anymore i think i burned myself out trying to walk 2 hrs a day. i know i need to get back into the rutine but it is hard. i know that is no excuse. i am thinking of buying me an exercise bike or threadmill for xmas only if i have the extra money. well that is all for now and i will keep u updated


Having more entergy to do more things with my children

Friday, September 08, 2006

hi everyone after losing some weight and inches i have more entergy than ever. i can now go and bring my children out to places and beable to enjoy having fun. this comming week we plan to do alot of things with the children. on tuesday we are going to a zoo near our home and stay for about 6 hrs. on wendsday we are going to a different zoo close to our familys house and we are all going to that zoo with my family and his family and we plan to stay from the time it open to the time it closes. also if we have the money we plan to go back to the zoo near our house with just me hubby and kids and stay from open to close with them. they way i look at it it is alot of cardio exercise for me and alot of cals burned while having fun with the kids and that is the main reason i started to lose weight so i can enjoy my kids and beable to go out and do things with them like go to the zoo and park and aquareium.