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Friday the 13th

Friday, July 13, 2007

It's been a good day for me, even if it is Friday the 13th. Had a good workout this a.m., a bowl of cereal with strawberries AND blueberries both, heard one of my favorite songs on the radio which reminded me of my misspent youth. We even have plans for the weekend which involve going out of town. OK, it just to my inlaws, but our weekends have been very long and boring lately so its good to have a PLAN. The girls are so pumped about it they even agreed to clean up the house a bit today so we can leave tomorrow morning.

And the best part? I lost over a pound this week. Yippee! Too soon to say the plateau is defeated, but it is progress and a new number to think about.


Officially middle aged

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Today is my 45th birthday. If I live to be 90 (an admirable goal, I think, and genetics is on my side) I am now technically middle aged. I can no longer say I am in my "early 40s." I've stretched that one way too far already! This is definitely feeling sort of milestone-ish.

The real kicker is that I feel more like 27. I was a bit of an old soul in my 20s so in some ways I'm just now catching up to myself. I hope I am a younger 45 than what I envision 45 to be like in my mind.

No big plans for the day. I am planning one of my favorite meals for supper in lieu of going to a restaurant. The steaks are thawing, I'll go buy some fresh sweet corn later today. E. is in charge of baking the carrot cake (her choice, not mine, but whatever) from a mix. I think there is a cold beer in the fridge to enjoy while the steaks grill. It will be nice so we can eat on the porch and perhaps I can guilt the girls into cleaning up?


Premature maintenance

Friday, July 06, 2007

I'm pretty sure I misspelled maintenance...never could spell that word.

I've been stalled at the same weight for quite a while now. At least I'm not gaining appreciably. I nosed over into the 190's this morning, but I'm chalking that up to the stir-fry I fixed last night that was loaded with soy sauce. I know from experience that eating that much salt can easily add at least a pound to my weight.

The good news is that I've been exercising pretty faithfully. When I pig out it is usually either grapes or cherries--both are so good right now. Overall, things are going pretty well.


Change in the routine

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I've had to change my exercise routine a bit. I feel just vile when I wake up in the morning. My throat is sore and my head is congested. It takes me awhile to get moving--plus some water and a cup of hot coffee to get the throat working. So until I finally kick this bug I've decided to exercise half an hour in the morning and then make sure I walk at least 2 miles in the evening. That should just about cover the exercise I need--I'm just delaying part of it for later in the day. Hopefully my mornings will be better in a day or two.

I was doing well today until someone brought CAKE to work today. I had a little-ish piece, but damn! It was good. Tried to go with lower calorie things at lunch to compensate, but I'm still a bit high for the day so far. Treats at work should be outlawed!



Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I've bee feeling kind of crummy with a sore throat, so I haven't been exercising much. We were out of town as well so even if I had been feeling great I was seriously out of my routine for a couple of days. My doctor wanted to rule out mono before he prescribed a second antibiotic for me. My brother had mono at age 37 and it laid him up for nearly six months. Blah! Not an option for a single mom. The symptoms I described over the phone DID sound eerily like mono: sore throat, swollen glands, lethargy, no fever.

Blood was drawn, tests were run and thank God I am negative for mono. I believe I am positive for a sinus infection that was misdiagnosed originally. Never mind that I told the doctor I thought it was a sinus infection! When I have strep throat I get really sick. I wasn't really sick this time--this is how I feel when I have a sinus infection. Don't listen to me, I am only the frickin' patient!

So one dose is on board. I was feeling better today anyway. I exercised a bit this morning, but didn't do the whole routine. Just had to convince myself I didn't have mono!


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