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In the deep midwinter

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I have gained over 15 pounds since stopping WW last spring. Most of that has been in the last few months. And now its Christmas, which is usually good for several pounds of weight gain. I'm still exercising each morning, but food intake is more difficult right now. Put my old reliable black pants on this morning and boy! Did they ever shrink up in the dryer! Not. Time to try and reverse the trend before it gets any worse.

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TAIATURTLE 12/25/2010 12:21PM

    I'm there with you, Jodie. Trying to turn the Titanic around in time. :-) Since Paul and I got married, I've gained 20 lbs.

Keeping up with the daily exercise is HUGE! Try to keep one eye on the foods you eat, but don't let that ruin your holidays. Just only eat ONE cookie.

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COUNTERENTROPY 12/22/2010 11:09PM

    Good work on the daily exercise! Just keeping the habit is sometimes all one can do.

My big challenge is food, too. I hope that as I start to log my intake, I'll embarrass myself into not eating quite so much. Today I way overate when we went out to dinner (Chinese food). So even though I'm burning twice the calories I am "supposed to" every day, I'm still not going to lose if I keep eating like a teenager.

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Knee improves--she walks!

Thursday, April 01, 2010

After the initial morning stiffness yesterday, my knee felt pretty good all day. I slept wonderfully and went for a long walk this morning. I'm definitely better. I wish I knew what caused this issue in the first place, though, so I could avoid it in the future! Of course, periodic episodes of knee pain will motivate me to keep the weight down, but I hate having to hobble around like an elderly person.

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LIONSIMA 4/1/2010 10:17PM

    So sorry about the knee, honey! DH has issues with inflammatory arthritis, you might want to get that checked out ... emoticon

Yay on losing weight anyway, though!

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WW Weigh-in

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I was down almost a pound this week and I haven't exercised since last Thursday. Friday I was getting over the UTI, Saturday and Sunday we had company, and every morning since then I've been dealing with a bum knee which is especially stiff and painful in the mornings. Good thing there is nothing much in the house good to eat!

The knee is slowly getting better, I think. Now, I'm only awake with it once or twice in the night instead of hourly. But when I want to exercise at 5:30 a.m. is when it is at its least cooperative. I tried walking this morning--it was so warm out! But after a couple of blocks I decided to forego my normal route and stay a few blocks from home. I didn't want to get a mile away and have my knee give out on me and then have to hobble home on it. I just don't feel like I can totally trust it yet. After a few minutes of activity it does loosen up and feel better, but if I step down on it wrong--zing! Major pain. So I walked circles in our neighborhood for about 25 minutes, and then came in and did sit ups, leg lifts, and some weights.

Yesterday, my daughter and I toured a college campus. It was 5 hours from home, giving my knee plenty of time to stiffen up in the car and the campus was hilly. Walking down hill was particularly painful. I felt so OLD limping into the auditorium for the presentation. I got some mobility back by moving my knee while seated and downing a couple of ibuprofen with my free coffee. Fortunately, the rest of the walking went just fine, but I was worried. I've got more of the same coming up next week--lots of driving and then lots of walking picturesque college campuses. Remind me to buy some ibuprofen, please?


Annoying health issues

Monday, March 29, 2010

The exercise has been a problem lately. Late last week I developed a UTI and decided not to work out because I still felt a little punky and feverish. Then over the weekend I did something to my knee. It was fine when I went to bed Friday night and Saturday all day long is got progressively more achy. I was limping by bed time and had trouble sleeping Saturday night. It stiffened up in the night and as I got myself out of bed at about 1 a.m. to take some ibuprofen, I found myself taking that characteristic stiff-kneed lurch that I've seen my mother do so many times after getting up. OMG! Is genetics destiny?! I just lost 90 pounds to avoid just this issue! I want to be able to walk when I'm 60!

So although it was a beautiful day yesterday, I didn't go for the long walk that I normally would have taken. I didn't "baby" my knee too much, because inactivity causes it to stiffen up, but I didn't try to test its limits, either. Last night, it kept me awake again, but I finally got enough ibuprofen on board so that I could put together some solid hours of sleep. I did try to exercise this morning, but shut the video off after 5 minutes before I really did some damage and did some knee-friendly exercises instead (leg lifts, sit ups, wall push-ups, and some gentle indoor walking). Bleah. Not exactly heart-pumpin' stuff, but slightly better than nothing.

So, this morning after this regime it feels pretty good, although still kind of weak and wobbly. I feel like I'm limping, but no one has noticed or asked me about it. I hope this isn't the beginning of a larger problem because its going to be nearly impossible to keep my weight down if I can't exercise fairly vigorously. And the really strange thing is I have no idea what the heck caused this! Appreciate those knees!



Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Work has been pretty busy so I haven't had time to post much. Now that I have a few minutes, here's what has been on my mind...

The glacier finally retreated and I started my morning walks again this week. I missed being outside! I jog for a while and walk for a while, to keep my heart rate up. Surprisingly, my distance and stamina isn't too bad and not that far off from where I was last fall. It probably helps that I'm 8-10 pounds lighter now, too. But oh, my achin' legs! The muscle soreness really set in with a vengence yesterday evening on an hour-long car trip. When we arrived at our destination I had to hobble in. Going up and down stairs and sitting on the toilet are tasks that are a little slice of hell today.

A coworker joined Weight Watchers. She has a little weight to lose and has never really had an issue with her weight her whole life. Her approach to dieting is....unique. Last week I heard her say the following about the lunch she had at the uni. cafeteria.

"I told the server to just give me a small serving of macaroni and cheese, but I could hardly finish it, it was so much! And then I wasn't able to eat all of my chicken nuggets!"

Uh, you are doing WW by eating mac and cheese and fried chicken nuggets? If I ate that I'd be gaining weight like nobody's business! It will be interesting to hear how her weigh-in goes today.

I had a pretty good week, except for the Easter candy I bought to fill up the cute Easter Bunny candy dish I have displayed on my dining room table. I think I did some serious damage with the jelly beans.


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