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Renewing my efforts, day 2

Thursday, July 24, 2008

What is it with the food tracker and steak? Ribeye steaks were on sale so I bought two and grilled them last night. They were delectable. When I went to track what I had eaten, the food tracker only listed restaurant-style steaks all in the 1,100 to 1,200 calorie range. How huge are those steaks, or what are they doing to them? I cannot imagine. So I did a little research and came up with a more believeable calorie range. I figure I ate half a ribeye, so that's about 6 or 7 ounces cooked, so around 350 calories. Much more reasonable, yes? With my calorie count I came up to exactly my minimum calorie intake.

Now, I just scarfed grapes for lunch. It's not like gobbling up fudge (that was last week!), but that's a fair number of calories, too. So far, I haven't been horribly hungry and I'm staying busy enough to keep my mind off of my stomach. My shorts feel less uncomfortable today.


Good day yesterday

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I'm post-vacation, and boy am I feelin' it! How did these clothes get so tight? I'm back to being serious about logging food. I'm home this week, so its easier to jump on the computer every little bit without distractions. I did very well yesterday and stayed BELOW my calorie range. In fact, after supper I realized I'd better eat some more so I wouldn't get too hungry and binge. I messed around with my tracker and added half a serving of triscuits, a serving of milk and a piece of string cheese since I was pretty low on calcium. I went to bed satisfied, woke up and exercised so I'm off to a good start again today. Breakfast is below 300 calories and I didn't even miss the margarine on my English muffin. Lots of appointments this morning, so I'm off and hopefully I'll be away from food temptations!


In the right direction--at last

Friday, July 04, 2008

I was down a pound this week, so I'm at least headed in the right direction again. Why is it such a revelation to me that I need to be track my food (be conscious of my food intake) to lose weight? Even when I only track haphazardly, as I did this past week, I do so much better.

So I'm still 2.5 pounds over the weight I swore I would never see again, but I'll make that my immediate goal: to get below 185 again.

Have a happy 4th!

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LIONSIMA 7/4/2008 8:47PM

    Yay, J!

I often feel like Alice - I give myself very good advice, but I very seldom follow it.


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Thursday, July 03, 2008

I've been slightly more disciplined the last couple of days. My pants didn't hurt this morning when I put them on, but maybe I just really stretched them out last time I wore them? I've been trying to cut down on the snacking and keep the temptations out of sight or throw 'em away. I hate logging my food because its difficult to be accountable for everything that goes in my mouth and its hard to face those numbers, but its so good for me when I do!



Wednesday, July 02, 2008

I've been tracking my food intake for the last few days because I've been gaining weight. Guess what I've discovered?

I eat too damn much! I eat stuff that is high calorie! I eat when I'm not hungry! I graze and snack a LOT!

It's a small wonder I'm only gaining a pound a week! Time to rein in the eating machine that I have become. I'll need help with the 4th of July weekend, my birthday and then vacation. Man, July is about shot already and its only the 2nd!

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LIONSIMA 7/2/2008 2:34PM

    Hugs! And kudos for doing the detective work and looking your habits in the face. I am still majorly in denial.

July is NOT shot. Tomorrow is another day. You can always make better choices, even if they aren't ideal.

I asked Healthywriter to put a link on our team page to a post called "If you forgot to brush your teeth last night", at least, I think I did. If I didn't I can send it to you. It is a GREAT motivator.

More hugs!

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