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Exercise routine

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

The best thing I've done for myself is to get in the habit of exercise. Then just over a week ago, Lifetime Network quit carrying Denise Austin. Bah! I really depended on that 6 o'clock program and when it went away, I suffered. I think I gained two pounds last week because even though I was trying to keep up my exercise routine I wasn't being as intense as I should have.

Necessity is the mother of invention, though. I discovered Denise Austin has workouts on her website, but exercising in my dining room where I have an internet connection was a bit clumsy. Ditto with the SP workouts. Yesterday I discovered Public Television has an exercise show at 6 a.m. Yesterday it was yoga, today it was more strength exercise. I really need the cardio, but this is better than nothin' at all. It's kind of refreshing to exercise with someone different and I'm definitely feelin' it this morning!

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JARLYNN 4/8/2008 2:35PM

    It's cool that they have that changing program. You might end up trying things that you wouldn't have before.
You might try to find a cardio dvd that you would like to do. That would help you keep up on the cardio front...

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No more Denise Austin

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

As of Monday, Denise Austin is no longer on Lifetime TV. This was a huge surprise to me. I've been exercising with Denise for 5 years now. Time to get creative! I have a few episodes on tape and it looks like I still tape some more episodes on later in the day on ESPN. It's on too late in the morning for me to exercise with when it is on...wish I had TIVO or something like that. I did find a short work-out DA had posted on her own website, with promises of a new show starting in the fall--there is hope! I also did one of the SP workouts, which was pretty good. It's going to be harder to stay disciplined during this break in the routine. I'm pretty good about doing strength training on my own, but cardio? Nope!

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LIONSIMA 4/2/2008 3:10PM

    And here I was so jealous of you for having this perfect setup to keep you exercising very day! So sorry about this. I guess all good things must come to an end ... but a bit more notice would have been good, I'm sure. I wonder what happened?

Anyway, I love the SP workouts - I not only do them at home, but also print them out and take them to the gym with me. Today I did the 15 minute ball exercise and loved it.

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Post-Easter week

Friday, March 28, 2008

It looks like a gain, but since I haven't updated my weight ticker in about 3 weeks (ahem), it's actually a loss from last week, down just over a pound.

After poisoning myself with sugar and chocolate over the Easter weekend to the point where I was sick on Sunday night, I decided to do myself a favor and swear off sugar for awhile. Tuesday, I had the worst headache all day! By Wednesday, though, I was feeling much better and its easier every day that I stay away from it. I know exactly where the Easter baskets are, though! I hope the kids get it eaten up soon or I will just throw it all out. So far, the way I felt Sunday night is a fresh enough memory to keep me away.

Following up on last week's health blog entry, I went back for my follow-up mammogram and I have entered the land of, "Let's wait 6 months and check again." I was really hoping for something along the lines of , "Oh,no problem, see you next year!" So I'm now on six-month follow-ups on my thyroid AND for mammograms. I guess I am truly middle-aged. The good news is that I don't have any more medical appointments until JUNE! I've had such a rash of them this month and last.


Health is a many-splendored thing

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

That Spark email yesterday about emotional eating hit me right between the eyes--zing! I've been a bit on edge about my health lately and in the wake of those worries I've eaten jellybeans without number and lots of other sweets. I was eating because I was worried and all that sugar helped me feel better--temporarily. Now, I've gained weight and irritated my sensitive teeth from all the sugar.

First I have this thyroid testing going on. It started as an innocent annual physical exam (which I had postponed once and that the doctor had postponed once, so it was a month late already.) I have a lump on my thyroid. Lumps are not good, although lumps on the thyroid are not generally life-threatening. They even have special names, "nodules." My nodule/s has been felt, ultrasounded, soaked up radioactive isotopes, and yesterday it had four needles poked in it. I'm waiting for results now, but most of the time these nodules just "are." I reserve the right to freak out later if it turns out my nodule/s are the small percentage of nodule/s gone bad.

Shortly after this diagnosis, I get back the results of my wellness blood draw at work. By belonging to the wellness program I save $ on the medical insurance and it is really is pretty easy to fulfill the requirements. I'm cheap, what the hey? The email says my results cannot be displayed until a nurse speaks to me. I just figured that was the case with everybody this year and didn't worry about it. About four days later I get a call saying my results were "locked" because of an abnormally low white blood cell count. Like half what it should be. So then I was worrying that I'd catch every cold I was exposed to, every nick and cut would become infected, etc. Oddly, I hadn't been sick in years, but last year's results showed WBC within normal ranges. Sure enough, last week I came down with a terrible sore throat. So was this my low WBC or my thyroid causing this? After 1.5 days of gradually worsening pain I went to the doctor who thought it was viral (ah, the low WBC!) and patted me on the head and sent me home.

Today, the wellness nurse calls and said, "We think there was an equipment error. We had several people test with abnormally low WBC. To make it up to you we are sending you a $10 Visa gift card." Well, that's nice, but it doesn't cover my jelly bean bill from the last couple of weeks! I can supposedly cross that worry off my list now. My sore throat did clear up and now I have a bit of cold, but I am functioning quite well this week due in no small part to the sugar high I've been experiencing.


Feeling better today

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Thanks to Lionsima and Jarlynn for the nice responses after yesterday's blog posting. I got in to see the doctor bright and early yesterday a.m. and since I had no fever he is thinking this is a virus that I'll have to wear out on my own. By Friday evening, my throat was beginning to feel a little better and this morning it is much better than yesterday a.m. I spent the day totally vegging out. Eating and drinking makes my throat feel better, so I've been drinking hot tea and lemonade and trying to find lower calorie things to snack on, not too successfully however.

Today is a volleyball tournament and I cannot yell 8-(. That will be difficult for me. I've got to go as I'm already filling in for another mom who is out of town and its up to the parents to provide transporatation. This meet is one that is far away--probably 1.5 hours? Better go Mapquest so I know where the heck I am going!

Thanks again for the kind thoughts.

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JARLYNN 3/10/2008 10:53AM

    Glad to hear you are feeling better. You seem to be kicking the virus fairly well. I had one earlier this year that tried to do me in as well!
Hope you had fun at the meet!

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JARLYNN 3/10/2008 10:52AM

    Glad to hear you are feeling better. You seem to be kicking the virus fairly well. I had one earlier this year that tried to do me in as well!
Hope you had fun at the meet!

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