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Dealt with the challenges

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Last week was not a stellar one for me. I gained a pound a half and that was before the weekend. Yeesh! I was able to do some shopping over the weekend, though and I am happy to report that every pair of size 14 dress pants I tried on fit me! Now, if I were just four inches taller I could buy them without having to hem the darn things. Ah well. I did buy three pairs of pants because my collection of bigger size pants was just getting ridiculous. Hopefully smaller pants will get me back on a downward trajectory again.

I also tried on my daughter's size 14 jeans on a whim. To her dismay, they fit me, too! Those are her "big" jeans and she doesn't wear them often. She told me she MIGHT pass them on to me, but she also directed me to dry them in the dryer to shrink them up a bit for her, so I'm not holding my breath or anything.

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JARLYNN 11/4/2007 1:42AM

    Glad to hear that you had a good shopping adventure!

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Challenges this week

Monday, October 22, 2007

I've got a number of challenges ahead of me this week.

Staff birthday today. Cheesecake! I brought lunch with me today, so I'll attempt to accomodate my chunk o' cheesecake with a smaller lunch and supper.

Bunco. I started playing with a bunco group last month, which is something fun to do. I don't know many of the players yet, but it seems like a fun group. Anyway, wine and snacks will be around. If I skip supper, or maybe just eat a piece of fruit I might be OK.

Weekend at the in-laws. No one is a better cook than my MIL. And then we have a dinner at my goddaughter's house with the required cake and goodies.

Tryin' to stay strong this week!

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JARLYNN 10/22/2007 4:18PM

    That will be a tough week. Just do your best to plan out each event day and go from there.

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A night at home--FINALLY!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

I can be a terribly introverted soul and I'm really feeling it this week. I haven't had an evening at home since Saturday night. Hmm, that's about the last time I also had a decent meal. I worked Sunday and Wednesday nights, attended daughter's volleyball tournament Monday evening (in which she did not play one moment), and then Tuesday evening I did both--attended a vb game (she did get to play in that one), and cut out of there and went to work for a little while to meet with a night class and show them the wonders of the library. I didn't even really realize what kind of personal hell I had set myself up for until it occurred to me last night that I'd been at work three out of the last four nights.

Next week is looking downright boring compared to this week! No nights to work, no volleyball games to attend. Hey, I think I even get a day off next week! Whoo-hoo!


One year on SP

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I missed the one year anniversary--it was four days ago already! In my year here I've lost over 30 pounds. I'm not setting any speed records, but I am making progress.

Life has just been a blur lately. I've been at work three out of the last four nights and the other night I was at a volleyball tournament. I haven't had anything like a "meal" in several days, except for a lunch at the cafeteria yesterday. I have been exercising, although I took Sunday off. I did buy groceries today so some meal preparation is in my future.

I've also been fighting off a bit of a cold--a scratchy throat and the odd runny nose. Already today I feel better than I felt yesterday, but all the presentations I've been doing (three in the last 24 hours) aren't doing my throat any favors.

So tomorrow should be a bit of a down day--no evening commitments, no classes to meet with. All I have to do is make a pie for church. If they knew what a poor pie baker I was they never would have asked!

I got two compliments today. My coworker who is quite a snappy dresser herself, told me this morning that I looked "HOT"! And the checker at the grocery store asked me if I had lost weight. Yes, it does help to wear clothes that actually fit for a change. Even I was rather surprised how good this black pencil skirt and gray turtleneck sweater when together with the black hose and heels. I thought I was looking good--"hot" may be a bit of an exaggeration.

And another unintended consequence of losing weight--I can wear heels again without pain. I used to think something was wrong with my feet--I didn't think the problem was all the extra weight those feet were carrying around! Now, problem solved!

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THELLAMAMA 10/17/2007 8:02PM

  Of course you looked hot, but heels? Wow. My feet may be the only true librarian part of me left. They hurt when I'm wearing my orthopedic flats...
I'm proud of you. Thanks for the intro to the Spark.


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October 12

Friday, October 12, 2007

It's shaping up to be one of those days. It's my wedding anniversary--this would have been #22--AND I'm PMS'ing. The last couple of years the anniversary really hasn't bothered me, but the combo of the date and the heightened emotional response I'm feeling about everything is going to make it a tough day. So I'm just gonna suck it up and deal.

Ha! I say that like I have an actual choice in the matter?

I was up almost a pound this week. I'm hoping this is due to water weight and pre-menstrual bloating, although I did eat partake of that high calorie bread on several occasions this past week. And there is another loaf in the freezer!

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THELLAMAMA 10/12/2007 11:38AM

  I've been thinking about you all morning, MacKenzie. And what a doofus I was for visiting you guys on your one year anniversary...clueless, clueless, clueless.
Take care, dear friend. You are a strong and amazing woman. Ain't nobody, certainly not Sara Lee gonna get you down.

Signed with love,
Clueless, still, in Indy

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