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Damn you, Sara Lee

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Silly me. I found a new kind of bread that I really like and that the kid's seem to like, too. It's Sara Lee whole grain oat bread. It's got enough body for me to enjoy, yet it doesn't have the obvious bits of grains and "seeds" that the kids disapprove of. Today, I casually took a look at the calorie content on the plastic wrapper before I threw it in the trash.

120 calories. Per SLICE!

Now, how is this fair, I ask you? Naturally, I've already gobbled down multiple slices of this wonderful stuff this week and was stuffing two more slices in my face at the time. I reluctantly peeled off the top piece of bread and threw it in the trash. Sigh. So there's 180 calories for lunch wrapped up in 1.5 slices of bread.

The bread wars continue. Back to pita bread for me I guess.

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JENN53888 10/11/2007 2:14PM


That's the highest I've seen yet!
Bread is a toughy. I've got some 100% whole wheat that doesn't have the seeds and grains, and it's 80 calories a slice.
But I figured it's the same as the white I had, but atleast it's got Fiber and stuff. lol

I buy WAY too much bread to have it be too Expendsive. LOL
Hope you can find some Good bread that isn't horrible with the calories.

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BAYCORNER 10/11/2007 2:02PM

    COngratulations on learning from that experience. Next is learning to read in the store before you put it in your cart. Small, well-chosen steps will bring yu success.

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Blood pressure down

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Just came from the eye doctor for my annual check-up. The good news is that I can probably avoid bifocals for another year, although I'm just on the cusp of needing them.

The really good news is that I rocked my blood pressure. 115/65 baby. I don't think my bp has ever been that low while I've been conscious and up-right. Last January, I got dinged on my physical for being borderline high at 140/80. It helps that I was caught unaware and didn't have time to stress about it.


Five pounds to GOAL!

Friday, October 05, 2007

I've had a really good week. I stopped the slow upward creep I've been experiencing the last two weeks and I'm now two pounds lower than I ever was before. I set my goal almost a year ago at 175 and now I'm within 5 pounds of that. That weight is still plenty heavy for someone who is 5'4", though. I'll consider lowering the goal weight if and when I get to that first goal!

I can say now officially that I've lost 65 pounds. I'm very pleased with my progress.

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JAVAMAMA 10/10/2007 1:37PM

    You're gonna do it, you're gonna do it, you're gonna do it. (Of course, you can't see me, but I'm doing some kind of rhythmic booty-shaking dance right now.)

What an accomplishment! You are an absolute inspiration, and the best example of "slow and steady wins the race". You did your exercise regularly, didn't throw yourself on the tracks when you had set-backs and LONG stretches of not losing - you didn't give up.

What a marvelous example you are. Thanks, J!

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HEALTHYWRITER 10/5/2007 10:23AM

    I am so proud of you!! Who's the inspiration around here, now?

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PITTIELOVER 10/5/2007 9:43AM

    How exciting that you're 5 lbs from your goal!! Congrats on your weight loss - you must feel very accomplished!!! Way to go!!

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stress eating

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Yesterday was an anxiety-ridden day, but I think I did OK. I had a kid home sick which always worries me. I was unable to make a doctor's appointment for that day so we just winged it. She is better today--throat is less sore and no headache--so back to school she went. But yesterday I was thinking strep or a sinus infection.

Then in the middle of the day the plumber appears. He was supposed to be there yesterday. Sick child was not comfortable with a man in the house so called me to come home immediately. Sigh. He was to replace the kitchen faucet. K. called again before I could leave and said plumber could not find the water shut-off! WTF??!! I went home loaded for bear, prepared to fire this incompentent plumber. Walked in to find the owner of the plumbing business in my kitchen and I basically tore him a new butt-hole. He was looking at me like I was mentally unbalanced. When I finished my tirade, he said, in the tone one would use with a rabid dog, "It's not that I can't do this. The problem is I am unable to shut off your water because the main water valve is frozen open. I will need to call the city water department and shut off your water outside, if we can find the valve AND if it still turns. I just want you to know that you could be looking at fairly major repairs before I proceed."

The pipes are 97 years old, circa 1910. My nephew, who is a plumber, told me he wouldn't touch the pipes in my house because they are so bad. So I was aware we had some issues. Oops! Sorry for the new sphincter, Eldon. I apologize.

So now I have a new kitchen faucet, new water supply lines under the sink, new shut-off valves under the sink, and a new main shut-off inside the house. And I thought a $105 kitchen faucet was expensive! Yikes. I was so naive about plumbing only a few short days ago.

Anyway, I was stuck in the house with a sick kid and a disgruntled plumber most of the afternoon. I ate a lot of pretzels. Would have liked chocolate or ice cream, but those weren't available. I think I accounted for everything on my tracker. Skipped the donut at coffee today, although they smelled heavenly. Still hoping to be down this week, even with plumbing issues.

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KIPRUSS3 10/3/2007 11:24AM

    You are an inspiration, i must say.

not only did you do well in what i assure you would be my "let loose the dogs" moments aginst child and plumber and my choice for a 100 buck sink... you didn't turn to food.

I turn to food. bad me, GREAT YOU !!!!!!

thanks for the fun story, though i know you won't think it was fun. but it was, mostly cause you got your act together and kept it cool !!!!

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Smaller pants

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I bought these pants nearly 10 days ago, but was afraid to wear them. Today, they are on my body. Yippee! I am in public with size 14 pants and I started at a size 22, 63 pounds ago. I am very pleased.

I caught a glimpse of myself yesterday in a full-length mirror at home, from the rear. I couldn't BELIEVE I had worn those clown pants all day long! They looked terrible! The butt was actually sagging down. Geez--those pants legs used to be full of ME! If I look that bad to me.....shudder! Time to do some clothes shopping again. I did buy a new belt a couple of weeks ago to keep my pants UP, but that only goes so far.

That's my happy post for the day. Celebrate with me!

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JARLYNN 9/26/2007 10:52AM

    That's great! You've had some fantastic weight loss. Have fun shopping!

And thanks for the comment on my page!

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