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Found a walkin' buddy!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Ran into an old friend last night on my walk. We walked the two blocks to her house so she could change shoes (she was biking with her son at the time) and then we walked the mile back to my house. It is amazing how much faster the time went and our paces seemed pretty compatible, so I think we'll try it again soon. She walks nearly every day. I try to walk a couple of miles every day, but was concerned that my pace is kind of slow so I resisted walking with anyone else. I dont want to get those darn shin splints again! But maybe this will work? I think I'll call her tomorrow evening and see if she wants to go on a longer walk with me. She said she didn't really like walking alone.

Ate a nice light supper last night. Split a huge baked potato with E and then made a "clean out the refrigerator" salad. We can eat like that with K. at camp. She hates salad and baked potatoes. She's a "meat and potato" girl all the way. Now, I just hope she stays at camp until the end of the week and isn't terribly homesick! Another worry for me.


Anyone around?

Monday, July 23, 2007

Looks like my SparkTeam has dwindled down to me, myself and I. Is anybody out there?

I had a hard day yesterday. Kate and her friend went to camp yesterday. Her friend was finishing up at the county fair and couldn't leave until later in the afternoon, so we were stuck at home waiting for call, all packed up to go. I don't know why this drove me crazy, but it did. I ate a few brownies and finished a box of crackers and then started in on a bag of pretzels before we finally got the call. I guess I was kind of nervous for Kate, but she was much more patient that I was myself.

We got them there at the tail-end of registration, got them to their cabin where their counselor whisked them off to supper, so no time for long tearful goodbyes. Kate seemed fine, but her friend was a little tearful when we left. Her mom was pretty matter-of-fact about it. I didn't know the mom well, but she kept up a lively conversation there and back.

We did take a short bike ride when we got home, but also had Subway for supper. By the time we got home at 7:30 I was starving even though I'd binged on brownies and pretzels.

The house sure is quiet with K gone!


Conversation with my hair stylist

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Got my usual trim the other day. My stylist and I were discussing our vacations. Mine had just been cancelled since the friend we were planning to go visit is now not available on the dates we were coming. So now I've got a long weekend in August planned with nowhere to go. My hair stylist said something to the effect of, "Oh, that's too bad. You need to get away and have fun," and I replied, "Well, vacationing with your kids isn't really a vacation the way you are thinking of a vacation--its work! You make sure everyone else is having fun, but your own wants, needs, and desires are way down the list of priorities." At least that's the way it works in my family. At this point, I really could care less if we go on vacation or not.

Suddenly Kim asks, "Are you dating anyone?" Nope, I don't even know WHO I COULD date. She said, "I'm surprised. You need a partner to share your life with." Wow! Someone is *surprised* that I'm single? That is a first. No one has ever hinted that they thought it was even a possibility that I might even consider dating since Ben died.

After she thought about it for a bit she said the only single man she knew anywhere close to my age she wouldn't inflict on me. And its such a small town I know who she was talking about even though no names were mentioned. That's how slim pickings are around here.

We discussed the pros and cons of internet dating. Maybe a possibility, but I just don't see me packing up my whole life right now to join some man somewhere else. How can I move one teenager and one pre-teen from the only home and school and friends they have ever known? Yeah, people do it all the time, but I don't want to. What? Me fear change?!

So this has done my self-esteem worlds of good. Someone else in the world thinks a man could be interested in me. ME?! I've about given up hope. Losing 55+ pounds hasn't helped. I feel great, but men still ignore me. I don't know what to do. Personality transplant, perhaps? It would help if I were more outgoing, but that just ain't me.

So, the search continues. Kim has been put in charge of it and is to report back to me.


New goal

Thursday, July 19, 2007

I've decided that a new goal of mine should be to burn 500 calories a day. If I exercise in the morning for 40-50 minutes and then walk for at least 30 minutes in the evening, it is doable. I don't know if I can do this EVERY day, but at least in the summer it is something I can strive for. I've done it at least two days so far this week. It will be interesting to see what my daily average is over the course of a week.

Yesterday E and I biked out to the end of the Lake Trail. I've been wanting to try that for a long time and we did it! OK, its only just over 2 miles one-way and its pretty flat, but considering I couldn't bicycle 5 blocks last summer this is big stuff! The only thing that really bothered me was my wrists. Putting on my weight on my hands and gripping the handlebars really makes my carpel tunnel thing flare. But the good news is that I'm not stiff at all today, although my "sitting bones" are a little tender. This should be a good activity for me, not daily activity, but a variation on the walking.


Early Saturday morning

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Is 6:30 on a Saturday morning. I've been up for nearly an hour. Already got my exercise in and now I'm cooling off by checking my computer messages. SP rewarded me by giving m 25 log in points! That's never happened before.

The house is quiet. It's just me and the birds outside. I love this time of day.


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