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A yummy breakfast or snack

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

If you like parfaits, then this is for you! I make this for my kids too, and they love it. You can use any kind of cereal, fruit or yogurt you want, this is just what I think is yummy! It makes a big bowl, so if you are having it as a snack you might want to decrease the amounts of cereal and fruit to 1/4 cup and the yogurt to 1/2 cup. When I logged each thing individually in my tracker it came up as having 286 calories. It's a healthy and filling breakfast!


1/2 Cup Kashi Go Lean Crunch Cereal (Special K is good too!)
1/2 Cup Blueberries
1/2 Cup Strawberries
3/4 Cup Stonyfield Farms French Vanilla Yogurt (lowfat)

Layer or mix together however you want. It's sooo good. Sometimes I'll put a little drizzle of honey on top. :D

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    Sound goo! Will have to try this.

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

This probably sounds crazy coming from someone my size, but I love doing yoga! Sure, there are poses I can't physically do because I am too large, but I am getting better and better at them, and that makes me feel proud of myself! The ones I can't do, I will at least attempt or modify in some way. So far I've attempted the half moon pose, the tree, sun salutation, downward facing dog, the warrior, the dancer, and several others I can't remember right now.

I can tell just over the last month that I am getting more flexible, and I was already pretty flexible (even for a big girl!). I can now do the standing stretch where you grab one foot behind you, which a month ago I could not do. No matter how hard I tried to grab my foot I couldn't, but now I can, although it's harder to get my left one for some reason. Even shaving my legs seems easier!

So, a goal of mine is to get super bad ass at yoga. :) Upon doing a search for overweight yoga tips, I came across a video of some really thin girl on you tube who was basically making fun of fat people. Nice, huh? Apparently she's never heard of the word Karma. emoticon

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BECKYB73 5/25/2010 6:22PM

    Moonie- My skinny @ss brother is a yoga master, he specializes in Hot Yoga...which you wouldn't catch me doing EVER. If you have some specific questions or anything, shoot 'em to me and I'll ask him. I'm considering trying Yoga too, but definitely not the Hot/sweaty stuff. Unlike you, I've never been flexible, even when I was a "smaller" girl.

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I want a treadmill

Sunday, May 23, 2010

I so wish I could get a treadmill. We can't afford one right now, but oh, if we could I would love to have one. It would make working out easier, since I most of the time I am limited to working out when my daughter takes her nap. I'd like to try different things, and I was thinking once I lost a few more pounds I might try the couch to 5k challenge. What an accomplishment that would be. At this point, I don't know if I am ready for running. I'd definitely like to try though.

Last week I got some dumbbells, a stretchy cord and a ball (which I am currently not using because I am scared I'll break it). I'm also doing Walk Away the Pounds, Wii Fit and the videos on Sparkpeople. I feel myself getting fitter and I'm even able to do some yoga poses. I'd also like to do more yoga. It's so funny how into working out I am now. I'm loving trying different things and challenging myself, and even surprising myself along the way.

Now, if only my fairy godmother would buy me a treadmill. LOL emoticon

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MOONBIRD 5/24/2010 5:06PM

    Thanks for the suggestions. I have never tried Craig's list or anything like that, but it's worth a shot.

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NEWMOON 5/23/2010 8:13PM

    Great suggestion about checking Craigslist.

Do you have FreeCycle in your area? Here's the link to it:

People are ALWAYS getting rid of exercise equipment. You can post a "Want" for it, or just check the listings every day. I would be willing to bet that within a max of 2 weeks you'll see one on there.

Depending on the rules of your local group, you might have to list something to give away first...if you're like me, you have something around (it doesn't have to be big or expensive) that you've been wanting to get rid of, anyway.

I love FreeCycle.

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SUSIEMT 5/23/2010 5:34PM

    Be careful! You may get what you wish for. My niece wanted to get rid of her treadmill because she was upgrading. She gave it to her mom and me. Now it sits in our basement. A testament to who wants to walk in a dungeon. We finally were able to get a gym membership at our local hospital gym. It's nice and bright and real people work out there. LOL Good luck. The graig's list suggestion was a good one. emoticon

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BECKYB73 5/23/2010 4:33PM

    Have you checked out Craigslist? I know, having purchased brand new, spendy exercise equipment in the past (which remained UNused and took up space) that there's lots of people who get rid of that stuff, for a song, usually on craigslist and usually in perfect condition. Just a thought, you may just find one that does fit in your budget...or save for it and make it a goal reward!

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I never thought I'd ever say...

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

that I am enjoying exercising! I don't think I have felt this way since I was in high school and lost weight (and gained it back over time because I went back to my old ways). Certain days I find myself feeling more tired and not feeling like I can do it, but I push myself and then I feel great once it's over.

It hasn't even been that long, but I know it's making a difference. Not only have I lost close to 15 pounds, I can walk farther and faster when I walk outside. My body feels stronger. Each time my work out is done, I feel such an accomplishment. For so long I have neglected myself, and now I feel so good about the changes I am making and just knowing I am going to be healthier.

This is going to take time and I have finally accepted that. In the past, I've always wanted fast results, and would deprive myself to the point I was miserable and would end up caving and eating junk. Now I feel at peace knowing that day by day I am getting stronger and closer to my goal. There are so many different things I'm looking forward to trying as I make more progress. It will be my own little adventure.


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DARKTHOR 5/24/2010 4:18AM

    It will take time. But, you get to feel great about yourself just like this many, many, many times along the way. Know how wonderful a change you are making for yourself and keep on going. You can do anything.

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MONIQUE138 5/19/2010 9:19AM

    You're way of thinking is fantastic! Keep it up and you will successfully meet your goals. I routing for you YAH!!


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DRAGONDEE80 5/19/2010 12:55AM

    YAY!! I love my exercise, too!

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BECKYB73 5/18/2010 10:49PM

    This is awesome! I'm finding the same thing, if I miss a day at the pool I really feel deprived in a about a total 180! emoticon

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Good start to the day

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


After dropping my son off at the bus stop, my little daughter and I went for a walk. It was her suggestion, and I thought why not? I was planning to do my walk away the pounds 2 mile video today, but I can do a walk outside as well. It didn't seem as though we went very far, but when I got home I tracked it and it was a mile! We enjoyed the walk and saw several birds: mockingbirds, robins, bluebirds, brown thrashers, mourning doves, cardinals, and house finches. There was a nice breeze and it felt good.

Many things were accomplished around the house, and that makes me feel good to get them out of the way and start the day off right. Lunchtime soon (tuna on whole grain and fruit!) and then workout and shower time. I think it's going to be a beautiful day. My husband comes home from being out of town for a couple days, so that's always a plus, too. emoticon

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DARKTHOR 5/24/2010 4:16AM

    How awesome! It's so great that your daughter wants to go out and walk, great exercise for you both and quality family time. I hope you have lots of walks together in the near future.

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MONIQUE138 5/12/2010 1:21PM

    Getting outside is always fun especially when the day is nice out. I'm glad to hear that you are tracking your progress. Do you have some type of tracking device that monitors your walks while your outside? If not it would be a good idea to purchase one. I have one that is programmed into my Itouch. It's great and having something like that will boost your motivation as well. Enjoy your day!!

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DRAGONDEE80 5/12/2010 12:52PM

    My day has started out good, too! Now its off to the gym! I'm going to set my appointment for my next weigh and measure- I can't believe its been a month already! Let's all hope my scale is on par with hers, cause that means I'll have lost at least 8 pounds so far this month!

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