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monday, monday

Monday, October 27, 2014

well here is another week. lets see what this one will bring. the last few I was helping a friend though some ruff times and things are looking up. our prays are with them and we are only thinking good thoughts. now I am waiting on what could be the worst news about my adopted daughter( best Friend). I can only pray her news will only be good news for she has spent her life doing nothing but good for others. now its her turn to have some good news.
today I am of course here alone. going to do my exercise after this and clean house. by then it will be lunch time. not sure what I will have. I still need to work on evening snacking time. even though I stick to good snacks. I think I eat too much . last night I went on pogo and played canasta with my sister and a friend that lives in pa. played an hour and a half. during that time I stayed away from munching. I need something to keep me busy during this time that I wont want to have tea and eat.
well I am trying to find things to do. also still working on portion control. I really don't think I do that bad. when I have dinner, I try to load up on the veg. the most and smaller size meat and carbs. last night had haddock square, sweet potato, and lots of cauliflower. I was full.
well I hope everyone is working hard to reach their goals in their venture to a healthier life. wish you all luck. have a good week.

pushing on

Thursday, October 23, 2014

well they say bad things come in threes. I have been helping a sp friend get through some hard times, then found out my sister had a hysterectomy this pass Monday, and my best friend is having a problem. I sure hope this is the end of bad news. praying for all to get 100% better because I need them in my life. they are my lifeline right now as I go through this process of trying to make myself be healthier. they have all become motivation for me to help me succeed.
I have been working on my portions and reading up on it, too. I am trying my best to keep moving as much as possible between 6pm and 11pm. this is my down time at night alone and its my hardest part of the day. I try to do leg lifts while I am sitting or I will get up do some band exercises that wont wake anyone but I still stay on this plateau. two months now. only good thing is I am not gaining. I will work on this one day at a time and keep pushing on. good luck to all of you and your goals you want to reach.

a disappointing moment

Monday, October 20, 2014

today I had to head into town for some meds my husband needed refilled, when I decided to go talk to my old boss about working over the holiday as a cashier. he asks me every time I go in if I want to come back and help him put the store back together. as I entered the store he was coming out of the office. oh, I asked michelle ( the district manager) about you coming back. she said no. I told him she would say that because she always hated that I did a great job at keeping the store full. oh well there lost because every aisle is empty. they aren't doing a good job at all at keeping it stocked. plus I probably wont shop there any more. I always cared about my job and doing the best I could. I could put out 500 boxes a week, that's pretty good for a 64 year old person.
well I am over it, and no it didn't cause me to mess up on my healthy eating. lol. I will continue working on me and helping others if I can.


Sunday, October 19, 2014

right now I am concentrating on helping a spark friend though some ruff times. by helping her I can help myself. concentrating on my friend lets me not concentrate so much on foods, fitness or nutrition. meaning I don't think about eating all the time.
here at spark people I have learned that there are so many of us in the same boat, health wise, our lives and all the hard times we all go through at one time or another. if we are their for others then we will have others around to help us , too.
my friend could use your prayers this next couple of weeks. please say a prayer and I know things will work out just fine.
we are all here for each other, in the venture of a healthier life. best of luck to all. emoticon are watching over you.

venturing on.

Monday, October 13, 2014

well i guess you could say I am giving it all my attention and doing the best I can. I have made two spark friends that email me. we help each other by letting the other know they are not alone in the ups and downs of trying to lose weight. its hard doing it the right way because we all want it to be off, now!! but being able to communicate with someone else working hard at it helps to let me know I am not alone. just want to thank you for helping me and remember I am always there to help anyway I can. good luck everyone and venture on to your dream weight


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