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day 4 of plan

Saturday, November 15, 2014

so far I have done very well on my plan. I am feeling full and dont crave more to eat. I am hoping it will show on the scale after a week. even one pound would be nice. haven't been doing exercise for a week now. I did something to irritate a nerve or something in my hip and it is really painful. I did try a half hour on the gazelle today, went easy, because I am getting flabby just from a week of no exercise. lets say I don't like the look. lol./
well hope everyone is doing well and keep up the good work and we will achieve our goal.

14 day plan

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

today i am starting a plan to jump start my plateau that I have been on.


I will start my day with 1 serving of protein- say scrambled egg,
I will have1 serving of high fiber cereal (like fiber one or kasha go lean)
I will have 1 cup low fat or skim milk
and 1 fruit and a cup of green tea, plus a glass of water.

snack fruit


1 protein serving, tuna
2 non-starchy vegetables- lettuce, chopped gr. peppers, radishes, and other salad vegetables
2 tble. low calorie itailian dressing

snack- 1c. low fat plain yogurt mixed with one tble spoon of sugar free jam


1 protein- roasted chicken breast
2 non starchy veg. summer squash, green beans
1 fat- olive oil, trans fat free margarine
1 no- calorie drink-water

I will follow a similar meal plan for 14 days then I will add things to it. see ya after 14 days to up date added foods.
my 14 day get started again day. want to move off this plateau. having trouble, join me lets do this together. your spark friend, mary.


Lifes curves

Thursday, November 06, 2014

Well another curve in my life. it always seems to be something that throws a wrench into lifes path. my adopted daughter (best friend) was told she has stage 3 and some stage 4 cancer. we are hoping its something that can be removed easily and everything will be ok.
I am sure there is going to be a lot of worrying for the next month or so. and at Christmas time. well maybe that's good, its suppose to be a time of miracles so hope she gets one for Christmas.
I guess I have to keep busy to keep myself from breaking down and giving up on my battle with healthy eating. I need to work hard on me so I can be there for her and for me. she has always been there for me and I will be there for her.
well better get to doing my exercise and getting though this day. hope everyone has great day and is successful in their venture. keep up the good work and forgive yourself for any small slips. just get up and move on. we will do this no matter what opticals get in our way.


Friday, October 31, 2014

today I went on one of my teams and I was a little disappointed and it got me thinking I should share with everyone. on this sight no one seems to post anything. I post something everyday. I feel if I say how my day is or what troubles I may be having with getting to a healthier place then maybe someone out there will know they too are not alone in this.

maybe someone else is on long plateau and is getting discouraged too. maybe I can help them know we can work though it no matter how long it takes because we are worth the effort. we need to be there for each other. give each other ideas that may have worked or not worked for us. we need to be there for each other.

I have made a true spark friend and we email everyday helping each other , sometimes its about our healthy or not so healthy ways . sometimes its about life . which sometimes throws us a curve and we forget we are important . we can work through things but need to keep yourselves in the mix, too.

well I guess I spouted enough. hope everyone will think about what I said and know that helping others through these times will also help yourselves. everyone have a great day and find someone you think can you can help or maybe they can help you. become friends. we need each other to be successful. good luck on your venture .

monday, monday

Monday, October 27, 2014

well here is another week. lets see what this one will bring. the last few I was helping a friend though some ruff times and things are looking up. our prays are with them and we are only thinking good thoughts. now I am waiting on what could be the worst news about my adopted daughter( best Friend). I can only pray her news will only be good news for she has spent her life doing nothing but good for others. now its her turn to have some good news.
today I am of course here alone. going to do my exercise after this and clean house. by then it will be lunch time. not sure what I will have. I still need to work on evening snacking time. even though I stick to good snacks. I think I eat too much . last night I went on pogo and played canasta with my sister and a friend that lives in pa. played an hour and a half. during that time I stayed away from munching. I need something to keep me busy during this time that I wont want to have tea and eat.
well I am trying to find things to do. also still working on portion control. I really don't think I do that bad. when I have dinner, I try to load up on the veg. the most and smaller size meat and carbs. last night had haddock square, sweet potato, and lots of cauliflower. I was full.
well I hope everyone is working hard to reach their goals in their venture to a healthier life. wish you all luck. have a good week.

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