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last week of august

Friday, August 29, 2014

well I thought this was going to be a weekend without the 2 grandsons because it was their moms weekend. but right after school yesterday we ended up with the boys again after having them from tues to Monday night last week. they were in school tue. wed. and thur. gee their mom had them 2 nights. I did not shop for extra people in the house and I never get told or asked about it. my husband and I had plans sat. that now we cant do because my son has to work. fri. sat. sun. and mon. they go back to school on tues. Really. I cant seem to get my ADD son to understand this is my house and he should at least see if we have any plans before he takes the kids on times when we are not suppose to have them. I don't have the extra money to feed them and he doesn't make much and has to send part of his to her to support those boys plus she gets 700 dollars in food stamps to feed them. we get nothing. really love my grandsons but I need some time of my own. plus she has never worked a job more than a couple of weeks and now she doesn't work at all.

she knows I retired so she thinks she can just send them whenever she don't want them and that is most of the time because she has a boy friend now. I wish she would just give them to my least I would know when they are here.

sorry, I just get upset and have to talk to someone. I left work to get away from stress and here I am stressing again because there is no me time at all. its hard to work on yourself when you have to work on everyone else first.

well good news I hope. this morning my scale read 200. that means I have lost 32 pounds. an average of 1 pound a month. I have to weigh on the wellness clinics scale first because I don't know if my scale is the same as theirs. wish me luck. that means I have 63 more pounds to lose to get to my goal of 135. wow that sounds so good. hope it happens. look forward to my clothes fitting and not being to big. actually fit into an 18 jeans yesterday. that was a good feeling. even though I hate wearing jeans. I hate that tight, cant move pair of pants. I like to breathe. lol. take care everyone and good luck on your venture and I hope it is going smoothly.

hard week

Monday, August 25, 2014

well I am still going to be good as far as my calories and exercise but I cant afford to shop for more salad things I need for supper this week. had my grandson all week and had to buy things for them to have. tonight I had coleslaw and haddock for supper. it was good but not as filling as my salads. now I just have to behave tonight when I will want to snack. that's usually my hardest time. wish me luck.

sticking with this routine

Friday, August 22, 2014

good morning, I am sticking to the current plan of eating. even though I was on vacation, I stayed the same weight as last week, no gain, woohoo. so back in the game I am sticking to the plan I have been on for several weeks. I am eating breakfast consisting of eggbeaters, broccoli, birdseye pepper stirfry, sergento reduced fat cheese( sometimes) . lunch I am having fruit protein shake with banana and blueberries with added protein and greenie to get 5 serving of vegetables and 2 serving of fruit. then supper I make a large salad out of lettuce, cherrie tomatoes, broccoli, carrots, celery, and a type of protein. mostly chicken breast . sometimes I add sergento cheese, too. I use wishbone dressing, low fat for topping. everyone makes fun of me because the salad is huge. lol. snack has consisted of natural turkey, chicken or ham with swiss reduced fat cheese, cottage cheese with peaches in it or pineapple. a peach or blueberries with lowfat whip cream. so far I have lost 6 pounds in the last three weeks. after long journey of a plateau of about 3 months. I even lost 4 inches this last week that I was on vacation. well this is my plan until my body says it wants change then I will shift to another plan. I am trying to do 45 to 60 minutes on the gazelle with weights in hand. wish me continued luck and I hope your plans are working for you. good luck in your venture.

vacation results

Monday, August 18, 2014

well went on my 4 day vacation to a car show in maine. got up, eat good breakfast. made a protein blueberry shake to take for the ride up because I knew my husband hates to stop. its a 3 to 4 hour ride. drank it slow so it lasted a long time, really helped from being hungry and gave me protein for energy. we got there about 3 o'clock so we cooked a couple of hot dogs on the grill so my husband could have something to eat. I had 2 also. around 4 o'clock my friend called said they we on their way and was going to spend time with us. they knew we were suppose to go to fish shack and have dinner that 1st night. so around 530 or 6 we went out to eat. dad and I were still kinda full so we order a kids size fish plate. it was plenty. left 1/2 the fries. next day we got up, very cool morning. made coffee and tea for me and I had grits for breakfast with atkins oatmeal bar. I snacked on apple chips and sweet potato chips, I walked a 1/2 mile in the morning and 1/2 mile later with my friend that came back that morning around 11:30. went shopping walked the mall in town looking for shoes for her and we had protein shake at her hotel for lunch. that night dad and I cooked the rest of the hot dogs( all beef). then I walked around the campground again another 1/2 mile. sat was the actual car show. we packed up the tent and things early morning after tea and grits. parked the truck in the show. I walked around the grounds and I walked my 1/2 mile around the campground too. we hung out , taking pictures and talking to different car owners. dad did balancing act on tether totter for cars and tried to not knock the ball off the pole. he accomplished both. good job. awards at 3pm after we decided to go home. stopped and had fish sandwich and small amount of onion rings( not very good ones, lol) and continued home. dad wanted to cook on the grill so I had one hamburger with lettuce, tomato, onion and dill pickles on it. so good. well that was my venture. had good time , didn't think I did too bad with my eats. back to the plans this morning. eat good breakfast, had a low sodium v8 and had string cheese snack. also did 30 minutes on gazelle with weights in hand. good start. well hope everyone had good weekend and did their best to stay true to themselves. if not just get back on the horse its okay. take care all


Monday, August 11, 2014

going to the mountains to camp and there is a car show on sat. not sure what I will have to eat. not any stores too close. lost 3 pounds last week so I am hoping I don't mess that up because the scale hadn't moved in quite a while. wish me luck with that and I hope everyone is doing good on their venture.

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