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How to Lose Weight in 30 Days-7 Diet Rules That Are Meant to Be Broken

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Most people who are looking to lose weight in 30 days know they must have a weight loss diet plan. However, some people may not realize that sticking to a certain diet "must-do's", may be sabotaging their skinny jeans goal.

Says Judith Beck, PH.D and author of "The Beck Diet Solution"" With one minor dietary infraction, the mind-set become "I've blown it, so I may as well keep going."

Over my next few blog posts, I will be sharing with you how to break seven hard-and-fast diet rules which are meant to be broken, which in turn will get you ready to drop a size in no time!

-Diet "Must-Do" Rule Fallacy #1: Don't Eat After Dinner

Your body doesn't all of a sudden magically store more fat and calories after a certain hour. So, if you are hungry after working out in the evening, there's no need to go to be hungry.

Instead, what you need to focus on is choosing a healthy snack such as whole-wheat pita chips with hummus, three cups of air-popped popcorn with string cheese, a protein shake with a banana, etc.

A good tip to remember is to plan ahead of time what you will eat. This will help you avoid eating junk food like cookies, chips, and ice cream plus keep you in your caloric range for the day.

-Diet "Must-Do" Rule Fallacy #2: Hold Your Ground Against Cravings

The smarter strategy is to indulge yourself in moderation. Kara Mohr, Ph.D and owner of the fitness and nutrition company, "Mohr Results", INC. says "Psychologically, we're tempted by what we can't have, which is why deprivation makes us desire 'forbidden foods'. When you give in, odds are you will devour more than you should."

The best weight loss strategy to use is not only eat 'forbidden foods' in moderation, but also, don't keep too much of those foods in your home. This way when a craving hits, you will have to inconvience yourself by running to a store. After all, who wants to do that in the middle of the night!

-Diet"Must-Do" Rule Fallacy #3: Bread is the Enemy

Everybody knows that the right kinds of bread can actually be good for you and help you drop the fat plus lose a few pounds. For bread, the 100% whole wheat kind, is actually in ally in your weight loss efforts because it contains complex carbohydrates and lots of fiber which will fill you up.

What will keep the weight and body fat on is the easily digested refined carbs which are found in things like white bread, crackers, and pastries. They don't fill you up so you end up eating more calories which will cause you to gain weight.

If the thought of bread still freaks you out, you have great options such as Arnold 100% Whole Wheat Sandwich or Flatout Flatbreads's Healthy Grain Honey Wheat.

In the next post, I will be sharing with you from the 7 diet rules that are meant to be broken.

Train Hard! Drop the Pounds! emoticon

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

KKKAREN 3/11/2013 10:45AM

    It looks like I measure up to the first three can't wait to hear what the other rules are.

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DALID414 3/10/2013 9:15PM

    So true!

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HEALTH4LYFE 3/10/2013 6:28PM

    Appreciated the info and am looking forward to the next one. Thanks!

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RENATARUNS 3/10/2013 12:57PM

    I like this. Regarding the rules --

#1 -- I don't usually eat after dinner, but if I'm hungry enough, you better believe I do! Close to bedtime usually just a yogurt or a handful of nuts gets me by.

#2 -- I actually do mostly follow this "rule", but I do it in a weird way. I use visualization for the occasional intense, specific cravings I get. I find that if I imagine eating the "forbidden" food, with all the sensory detail I can summon up, then the craving usually lessens or goes away entirely. A placebo effect, but an effective one, at least for me. I also -- and this is TOTALLY just a mental trick -- refuse to actually consider any food forbidden. I just don't have certain things as part of my life on any regular basis. So it's a bit of a razor's edge I'm walking, but I'm staying up there. (And I should add that the reason I do not work some of the usual forbidden things into my daily schedule is more a personal quirk than anything I consider a general rule: I aspire to be very fit one day, and the really fit people I know don't eat these things more than once a month or so. So that's what I want for myself. Not everyone needs to do this.)

#3 -- OMG the carbs are evil thing drives me crazy. I eat sandwiches and/or tortillas most days of the week. I've cut portions down, is all. I do, however, think that 99% of grocery store bread, even the stuff labeled whole wheat, is over-processed crap. Those ingredient lists, ugh! Bread is one of a handful of food items I almost always splurge for at the health food store. I want real food (well, most of the time), dangit!

Looking forward to your coming blogs.

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JLEMUS1 3/10/2013 12:03PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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TIME2BLOOM4ME 3/10/2013 11:57AM


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Get Skinny Quick-How to Lose Weight Boxing

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

I have to admit that I'm not a boxer though I have taken a class at my local gym called Body Combat. At home, I also have some kickboxing workouts! However, in comparison to these, boxing is a different animal!

For those who are open to fun and unique ways to get skinny quick, boxing might be just for you!

Out of all the ways to use your hands for combat applications, boxing remains one of the very best. Boxing provides a brilliant way to move your body in order to hit without being hit. In recent years, however, boxing has moved out of competitive environments and into health clubs. The reason for this is boxing provides a tremendous means in which one can burn fat and develop lean muscle mass. There are those, however, who do not see such value in boxing as a form of exercise. This is only because they do not understand the metabolic effect that boxing has on the body. Of course, "proving" that such an effect exits is not exactly difficult, let me explain further.

Your body needs calories in order to use energy. Even when your body is sitting still your body burns calories in order to function. Of course the less your physical activity, the less calories your body will need. When a person overeats then there will be an excess amount of calories that will be stored as fat. In order to get at this stored fat and convert it to energy, one needs to increase their physical activity level. (Adjusting one's diet certainly would not hurt either.) Boxing provides an excellent means in which to expand physical activity and it is way more fun than long boring jogs.

A boxing workout usually lasts an hour and involves mostly equipment training. For exercise and weight loss purposes, sparring is not necessary but it is advised if you want to get the most out of your training. Equipment training often includes hitting the speed bag, focus mitts, heavy bag and other impact items. Ancillary exercises common to a boxing class often include jumping rope, shadow boxing and the underrated program of medicine ball training.

Now, some may wonder how often one needs to train in order to drop weight. Honestly, it is best to avoid placing a time limit for a weight loss goal when boxing or performing any other training program. After all, once you reach your goal you do not want to discard your exercise program and proclaim "finito". This is a bad attitude and should be avoided. Instead, one should start to make boxing a regular part of their training program and then stick with it. Weight will come has to!

In terms of the number of days a week needed for training, two or three days would be optimum. Anything more than that runs the risk of sending the body into an over trained state. One hour a week will deliver limited results, but if that is all you can squeeze go for it and then try and find a supplemental training program you can do in the comfort of your home. Really, there is very little complexity associated with using boxing as your road to weight loss. All that is required is time, dedication and personal desire. Results will then be practically guaranteed.

This sounds like a cool way to get skinny quick!

Train hard and expect success!

Monique Hawkins

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

TIME2BLOOM4ME 3/10/2013 11:57AM


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The Secret Behind the 100 Calorie Snacks

Monday, February 25, 2013

I'm sure you have been to the supermarket and seem the large amount of 100 calorie foods available now. The variety which one can choose from is truly amazing! But, there are some things you need to know about all those 100 calorie foods. Knowing the truth can help you keep on track with your weight loss efforts.

In the ongoing 'battle of the bulge' era, company after company has profited from those who have bought into their sales pitch for one product or another.

A creative marketing strategy of late is the number of food products released, packaged to contain only 100 calories - that's only '100 measly calories' to allow you to feel self-righteous even while indulging. But have you ever taken time to do the math?

What math you may ask? Well before we talk about that, let's review a few of the basics of weight gain and weight loss.

The amount of energy contained within food is reported in a unit of measure called the 'calorie'. Many governments require food manufacturers to include nutritional labels on their products reporting the energy value of the food. This allows you to know how many calories a serving of that food would contribute to your intake for the day.

With respect to calories, scientific studies have found that one pound of weight is equated to 3500 calories. Therefore if you want to gain one pound you need to take in an extra 3500 calories or create a deficit of 3500 to lose one.

So now back to the question about whether you've done the math. In case you haven't, let's do it together.

If you take the delightful 'only 100 calories' snack companies are enticing you to consume and multiply those 100 calories by 365 (i.e., the number of days in the year, assuming that because the snack contains only 100 calories, people will feel free to eat one every day) you get 36500 calories.

Now if you divide those 36500 calories consumed in the year by 3500, the number of calories in one pound, you get 10.43. So what you ask?

Well, if you change nothing else in your daily routine for the year, except for adding that 100 calorie snack into your diet, at the end of the year you will have gained 10.43 pounds. Now how appealing does the snack look?

Calorie burning charts report that a 155 pound person only burns just under 250 calories when walking for one hour at a 3.0 mph pace. That means they would basically need to go for a half-hour walk just to walk off the calories consumed in their snack that probably took them only moments to ingest.

Now the purpose of this article is not to say you should never consume the 'only 100 calories' snack, but rather to insure you are aware that what companies are selling to add to their 'bottom' line could just be adding to yours as well!

Train hard! Expect Success!

Monique Hawkins

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

RENATARUNS 2/25/2013 11:32AM

    I have more of an issue with the fact that these snacks are the same exact junk food (sometimes even worse) that comes in the bigger packages, just smaller. It's not so much that you would necessarily eat those snack packets in addition to your normal calories for the day, it's that a healthy diet only has so much space in it for crap at all and who wants to fill it up with crud cookies when you could be eating real food?

Well, that plus 100 calories of sugar and fat does nada for hunger and you probably will overeat after all, so yeah.

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PRETTYPITHY 2/25/2013 9:33AM

    Not to mention those things are generally full of additives and fillers. Thanks for the tip!

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DASHER68 2/25/2013 9:21AM

    emoticon Advertising has become so crafty....Its good to be reminded about what is really behind all the "glitz and glamour"

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KKKAREN 2/25/2013 9:20AM

    Good blog, I never buy those 100 calorie snacks. I snack on fruit.

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How To Get Thin In A Timely Manner

Sunday, February 24, 2013

How to get thin quickly is a goal especially for women in our society. Yes, getting thin is the desire of eight among ten women. Maybe itís second only to having a credit card with unlimited credit.

But jokes aside, obesity has become an epidemic disease in modern times, due to our lifestyle and lack of time.

Some years ago, we had a life that allowed walking, resting and playing sports, and enough safety to jog in a park.

Today we have more workload, student responsibilities and family affairs, all competing for our time. This produces an entire generation that doesnít have time to exercise or eat properly and "suddenly" notice we became FAT.

Now, thereís a difficult one.

Losing weight and getting thin to your liking and is a process that demands time, determination and planning, and the change of habits is the most important - and difficult - to achieve.

To reduce weight, one has to THINK differently. This really is the secret to how to get thin.

-Stop eating automatically and plan your meal. If you cannot plan, observe and pay attention to choose foods that help in your goals, not prevent them.

-Have five or six meals a day, in small portions, even if you have little time. If you really want, you will MAKE time.

-Learn about healthy foods and get the right portions. Yes, some self-service restaurants have dishes the size of a tray! Donít fall into this plot!

As always, itís easier said than done. You know what to do but at the very moment of execution, you procrastinate to next Monday.

Itís important to first find the MOTIVATION and then the RIGHT ORIENTATION to start an effective weight loss program.

Motivation comes first because it gives you the strength to say NO to some pernicious habits that hinders your diet program.

Orientation will be the difference between another failed diet and a permanent weight loss. You have to find a good doctor and nutritionist.

Motivation can be internal or external.

Internal motivation is your perception of a heavier body, increased chances to have metabolic and heart diseases, and the desire of wearing a bikini without feeling uneasy. This is the most difficult but the most powerful one. Look around yourself and notice: Everybody that loses weights (and kept it off afterwards) HAD to find internal motivation. They HAD TO FIND this strength inside them. If you hear something different, about some miracle remedy, ITīS A LIE.

External motivation is also well known. All the humiliation and prejudice that obese people suffer, from getting a job to finding a significant other, is reflected in todayís society. Everybody seems to think that overweight people are lazy and self-indulgent. They have increased chances of diseases and may be a problem in the future, if hired.

Unfortunately, the same society that produces obesity, demands you to be HEALTHY AND THIN.

Itís up to you, to start a healthy diet program or keep "trying" all the fad diets on the Internet. So, if you really want to learn how to get thin, follow this advice!

Train hard! Expect Success!

Monique Hawkins

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-Tom Venuto's "Burn The Fat Blog"

-Dr. Oz Blog

The metabolism myth almost no one wants to believe:

All Diets Are Useless without This!


How to Get Thin-Simple Weight Loss Tips

Friday, February 22, 2013

Being overweight can become a terrible burden on your body. Unfortunately, for a lot of people, this is their reality. Obesity has become somewhat of an epidemic in the United States today. Sedentary lifestyles and the ease of obtaining high fat foods make it easy for Americans to gain weight. But the weight goes on a lot easier than it comes off. That is why many so people are looking for a weight loss diet that they can stick to. Many desire to know how to get thin quickly. But is there really any diet that will make you lose weight and keep it off? Read on to discover the answer to this question and more.

So how many times have you tried to diet? How many times has that diet been successful? This is a major problem with diets. You can stick to it for a little while, lose some weight and then once you go off of your diet, you will gain the weight right back.
So what is the solution to losing weight and keeping it off?

The solution to weight loss is very simple. You need to take in fewer calories than you burn up. Yes, I know counting calories and portions is very difficult and time consuming. You are right, calories can be confusing and very hard to keep track of. So is there a simple solution to the problem?

First of all, take an honest look at what you eat each day. Do you eat fast food for one or more meals a day or how about in a week? Do you snack on candy bars and other sugary foods in between meals? Are you drinking several sugary sodas a week? If you are able to answer yes to any of these questions, then you have a great starting point.

Simply changing the way you eat can help you to lose weight. Cut out the fast foods and take healthy snacks, such as fresh fruits or vegetables, to work. Try your best to eat five to six small meals per day instead of three large meals. Eating small meals has been proven to increase your metabolism which will help you burn more calories during the day.

If you must drink any soda, drink low calorie or no calorie soda. If possible, replace at least one soda with a bottle of water each day - better yet, try to replace all your soda with water.
To help save the environment try to drink your water out of a reusable bottle when ever possible. If your tap water isn't the best, purchase a water filter and drink filtered water. Water will help your body function properly and help you to burn more calories.

A dehydrated body can slow down your metabolism by 6%. Water also helps to flush dangerous toxins from your body and help you to feel better.

Just making these few, simple changes can help you to lose weight. Sure it's a small amount of weight but then once you add in about 30 minutes of exercise, three times a week, you'll have a fat burning machine. This is how to get thin fast!

When you make small changes your more likely to stick with them long term.
The longer you can stick with a simple diet plan the more weight you will lose and your less apt to regain any of your lost weight.

Train Hard! Expect Success!


P.S. Have you heard about that crazy wrap thing? If not, inbox me!

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

EG8383 2/22/2013 4:27PM

  all you have mentioned are simple things, now people just have to do it continuously not just for one day. =) Thanks for your support.

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MM1655921 2/22/2013 4:19PM


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