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Meals that heal inflammation book

Monday, September 02, 2013

I'm reading this book by Julie Daniluk. Really I've been pouring over it.

I want to go through the 5 steps the author outlines in the book toward healing from inflammation, which are:

Step 1, lasts 2 weeks: Purge your home of all unhealthy foods.

Begin by eliminating the unhealthy foods you find most easy to part with.

Step 2, lasts 2 weeks: Eliminate specific foods from your diet.

Step 3, lasts 8-10 weeks: Stay the course: Eat three meals and two snacks daily. Carry healthy snacks around with you such as fresh fruit, raw vegetables, almonds and homemade trail mix.

Step 4, not sure how long this takes, need to look up: Reintroduce one new test food at a time. This will teach you which foods make you feel unwell and help you know your body better.

Step 5, lifetime, hopefully: Make this plan a way of life.

So, I'm on step 1. I got rid of some canned stuff I have that I didn't realize contains MSG; also, I'm not bringing in cookies, etc.

My biggest challenge is that my family, while emotionally supportive and willing to up their fruit and veggie intake, aren't willing to give up their sugary cereals, English muffins, and cereal bars, stuff like that. Nothing as tawdry as Ho-hos and Oreos, but still a temptation for me.

I just keep telling myself to do the next right thing.

Step 1 lasts from today, 9-2, to 9-13.

I'll check in again when I start Step 2 on 9-16.


Delayed start to my new Spark Streak

Friday, November 02, 2012

Ugh, sorry guys, but I decided to delay the start to this new Spark Streak.

I live in an area affected by Hurricane Sandy and have had unexpected house guests, kids home from school, and been telecommuting from home, so at least for right now, I can't really focus on this.

I'm hoping to start it for sure this coming Monday November 5.

Hope you're all well and if at all affected by this hurricane, that you're hanging in there.

Have a good day!!


New Spark streak starting tomorrow

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Tomorrow, November 1, I'll be starting a new streak that will last straight through December 21. I'm doing it because I need something to keep me focused as the holiday season approaches.

I'm calling it the 37-Day PwP Streak because it focuses on the 3 areas of Pilates (P), water (w), and portions (P).

Area #1:
Pilates DVD in the morning every *weekday*; on weekends, I'll visit the gym; here is my Pilates DVD schedule:
From November 1 to 9, I'll be using "Pilates for Beginners with Jillian Hessel" DVD
From November 12 to 16, "10 Minute Solution--Rapid Results Pilates" DVD
From November 19 to 23, "Crunch Pick Your Spot Pilates" DVD
From November 26 to 30, "10 Minute Solution--Pilates Perfect Body" DVD
From December 3 to 7, "Rael Pilates System 17" DVD
From December 10 to 14, "10 Minute Solution--Rapid Results Pilates" DVD
From December 17 to 21, "Crunch Pick Your Spot Pilates" DVD

Area #2: 48 oz of water (16 oz before each main meal). I'm not shooting for a higher amount of water per day because, simply, I hate drinking water and I am choosing a way to get my water intake in a way that's relatively painless. It's still more than what I'm drinking now, which is very little.

Area #3: having *one* portion for each meal and snack (I'll be using various Sparkpeople portion tools including Sparkpeople's Portion Distortion Guide to help me)

I really hope this streak makes this holiday pre-season a lot less stressful for me!

I'll check in Nov 2 with my first update.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

MOM2KATNISS 10/31/2012 1:49PM

    thank you, Parker and Amandacera!! I need a "refresh" button and I hope this will do it. Amandacera, of course I don't mind if you customize this for yourself. It'll be nice to have company. Here's to a healthy holiday season!!

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AMANDACERA 10/31/2012 9:58AM

  This is such a great idea to keep on track during the holidays. I always struggle trying to navigate all of the tasty treats and comfort foods as well as attempting to keep my exercise schedule while traveling. Maybe I will customise your plan to fit my needs if you don't mind :) It would be kind of like supporting each other's efforts:)

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PARKERB2 10/31/2012 9:54AM

    This sounds obtainable. I wish you good luck as well as the other Spark members. Together we can keep from gaining all that Holiday weight. Spark On.

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MOM2KATNISS 10/31/2012 9:54AM

    Thanks, DARJR50. I appreciate it. I hope I can stick to it! Best wishes to you, too. This time of year can be the roughest for keeping fitness goals.

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DARJR50 10/31/2012 9:52AM

  Good luck with your program. Short term goals can help keep us focused during difficult times. I am going to need a similar plan to get through the holidays as well. My family loves to push food at me during holiday meals.

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I'M DONE!! / 100-Day streak / 5 things I learned

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Today is Day 100 of my 100-Day Exercise and no junk streak.

It's so nice to have arrived here. I wasn't sure many days that I'd make it.

Before anything else, I want to sincerely thank those of you who cheered me on, with or without leaving a comment. It was very encouraging and a good reminder to me that I needed to stay on course.

So, here's what I've learned in the last 100 days:

1) * Food doesn't need to entertain me.* My tendency all of my life has been that, unless a food is fried or swimming in cheese or cream or accompanied by a pile of french fries, it couldn't interest me. I've learned in this streak that "naked" food is actually very delicious. This is a huge lesson for me. Food has been my buddy all of my years, the one I would turn to no matter what I was feeling. I feel like I've allowed myself to experience my feelings and let reality in more. It hasn't been pretty but it also has been much better than I thought.

2) * Nourishing whole food makes me very happy.* I feel fuller. I don't feel numb and sleepy. (For my next statement, I'll thank Dr. Oz for making the elimination process part of our national dialogue…) I'm more regular and that particular bathroom activity is more…satisfying. Sorry...hope you weren't eating.

3) *I don't feel bloated anymore.* I used to have a bagel with 2 pats of butter every morning. Every. Morning. It made me irregular (there I go again) and very bloated. Uggh. I don't miss that. Then I would have a sandwich with more bread. I still love bread and will have it likely on the weekends, but it can't be part of my regular eating world.

4) *I feel lighter on my feet.* (see bloated above) And I like to exercise!

5) *I'm experiencing much less pain.* Pain was the main reason I started this streak. I was sick and tired of being in pain all the time. Pain in my joints. The costochondritis. The sluggishness. I haven't felt that kind of pain in quite a while, thank the Lord! I'm really seeing a big difference and am thinking about (at some point) exploring eating raw or at least, vegan.

I'm going to miss doing this streak! As I said yesterday, I do intend to keep eating well, but there's something about the accountability to this blog that has worked for me. I remember when I read The Spark by "SparkGuy" Chris Downie and he talked about how good it felt to keep a streak going. That inspired me and I see what he means now!

I plan on starting a new streak next week, November 1. It will take me up to Christmas Eve and I plan on making it about portion size control, Pilates, and water. Dunno how I'm going to fit all that in my subject line! I'll have to think of something.

Here's to keeping the spark going in all of us!!

Have a Sparky day!!


Day 99 / 100-Day Exercise and no junk food streak

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Wow, I am actually going to miss this streak. I mean, I plan on continuing to eat well, but I'll miss writing about it....

....SOOO, I'm starting another streak next week to take me up to Christmas...more on that tomorrow.

For now, kept on track yesterday. Today is same menu and walking...

Have a brilliant day!!


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