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"You gotta have you have goals??" Well, I do this week!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

After 7 weeks with barely losing 4 pounds, I decided it was time to take a close look at what I was doing, or not doing. This past week I have worked out everyday, watched what I was eating, especially after a not so good eating weekend last weekend. ...and for the first time in 5.5 months, I feel bad. I just don't feel good and I should feel great! I am on summer break for goodness sakes!

So I decided to actually write out my goals for the week, to help push me to a new level, to challenge myself, and hopefully help me bust out of the 160s.

Goal #1 - Cardio- 30 minutes everyday this week. I know that this will be pretty easy since I go to a 45 min TurboKick class at 6 a.m. MWF and *try* to run TRS. ...which brings me to my next goal...

Goal #2 - Run - 3 times this week. My hubby and I will run our 3rd 5K on July 9th while we are visiting his family in Baltimore. I set a goal to beat the time of my first 5K in April, 40:56, and try to actually do it in under 38:00. Didn't really get the running in this week...and it has been hard to get back into it after running my first race in April. So I haven't progressed over the last couple of months as much as I originally thought I would here is the running plan for this week...

Tuesday - Walk 2 min Jog 3, repeat 5 times, total 30 min

Thursday - Walk 2 min Jog 3, repeat 6 times, total 35 min

Saturday - Walk 1 min, Jog 4, repeat 5 times, total 30 min

TMR for the week = 63 minutes

Goal #3 - Strength Training - 3 times a week for 20 minutes. I def see where this has been lacking for the last few weeks and I know that it will really help to melt the fat like butter! Here's my plan.

Tuesday - BL Last Chance Workout Upper and Lower Body Sculpt

Thursday - Same as Tues

Saturday - Denise Austin's Burn Fat Fast - Strength section

Goal #4 - Ab work - each evening this week. The workout:

2 sets crunches
2 sets reverse crunches
2 sets side twist crunches
2 sets bridges
2 sets bicycle crunches
2 sets mod. push ups (ok, not necessarily abs but they do work the core)
2 mod plank hold 30 seconds each

Goal #5 - 5 Fruits/Veggies a Day. I certainly see where I have went astray on this one!

Goal #6 - WATER! Drink 4 "big cups" of ice water each day. Supposedly drinking ice water speeds up your metabolism...I just really like cold water!

Oh yeah... Goal #7 - NO CHOCOLATE! After my cousins bridal shower on the 21st of May, I ended up with all the leftover chocolates and nuts. Go figure! I have been eating chocolate everyday for the last few weeks, just a piece or two each, ...well, uhm,...maybe a bit more...but now I ate it all. So much for all my fitness minutes I accumulated each day.

So here's to an amazing, awesome, active week!!!


2nd 5K down!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

We decided to run another 5K as soon as we finished our first about a month ago. I worked really hard training for the that first 5K and was I at all surprised when I tried to run last week with my sister's (one of which is a marathoner) that I could not keep up at all, let alone really run??? Nope! I had not been out running since that first 5K on the 29th of April, the one that I was completely jazzed about and proud of completing. Last week I was just happy to be outside, walking along the beach up in Michigan, truly enjoying the morning.

Today was the day of our 2nd 5K and this time our 8 year old daughter wanted to run with us so we let her, knowing there wouldn't be many other runners. She was really excited and ready to go Thursday night and then yesterday morning I got a call from her school letting me know that she just got sick and that we had to come and get her. She was still feeling icky this morning but was very insistent upon doing it.

This 5K was MUCH smaller than our first. Not near as many people but I still felt quite intimidated by what looked like many seasoned runners. I didn't feel that way the first time. Maybe because I did train for the other and felt more in control of things.

My husband, who also has not done any training, took off from the start and we didn't see him again until the finish line. Katelynn and I did start off running
but I think that may have only lasted about 4 minutes. We walked for a while then jogged a bit more, and then walked some more. I could tell she wasn't feeling well but I kept asking her if she wanted to try to jog. It got to the point where I was even walking to fast for her but she kept up with me. Even when we started to see the finish line, she refused to run it in...until we got pretty close, and she started sprinting and kept right on going, throwing down her Powerade bottle and jacket and headed right for the port-o-potties!! No wonder she didn't want to jog, but didn't want to tell me how bad she felt either. She ended up winning a gift card to Buffalo Wild Wings so she was happy!

I am so proud of her for finishing!!! We finish around 47 minutes, about 7 minutes more than my last time, but I am not upset about that in the least bit. My husband shaved off a few seconds maybe even a minute from his PR but we will see when they post the chip times.

We will be running another 5K on the 9th of July in Maryland when we are out visiting family. It will be hot but I am determined to train again for it and set a new PR. Not sure if I will have my daughter run this one or not, but she reminded me again that when you truly set your mind on doing something, you will!

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CHERWHOAH 5/28/2011 11:46PM

    great job! Oh man, i hope your daughter is feeling better now. You guys did awesome considering she wasn't feeling well! Keep up the great work. I do my 3rd 5K next weekend.

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ANNISSAT 5/28/2011 4:49PM


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100th day, 25 pounds lost, 1st Blog!

Saturday, April 09, 2011

So I made it to day 100. For me this is huge! ...and I've lost 25 pounds, another big deal! I am finally feeling great instead of sick all the time. I am so thankful that I have found SparkPeople to help me get here and continue to be overwhelmed with just how supportive my husband and family has been! So here's my story!

It's funny how when you are "normal" size for most of your life and you start gaining weight slowly but consistently over multiple years you don't necessarily realize you're overweight or think of yourself as obese. For me, I realized this after traveling in Europe this past summer with a group of grade school students. I was miserable most of the trip, tired, had horrible pain in the sides of my legs after walking for only a short time, and there was also this ridiculous heartburn/indigestion that would not go away no matter how much pepcid or tums I took. I felt old...and I'm only 35! What the heck!

After returning home, the heartburn became more severe and I finally figured out after a horrible bout of it that there might be something wrong with my gall bladder. After visiting the doctor and having tests done, I was right. It was only functioning at 7% so needless to say, it was coming out. At my pre-op appt. I had to get weighed as I was called back and smacked me in the face...194 pounds...that was only 10 less than the day I gave birth to daughter number 2 three years ago!! And in this doctor's visit it was the first time the word obesity had been used as an adjective to describe me!! Whoa! This was huge.

After the gall-bladder came out I thought I would feel great. I still had bouts of heartburn but I was getting "sick" often and at the most inopportune times, like in the middle of teaching Pre-Algebra to 7th graders. Not cool. I was fed up with feeling rotten all the time.

I knew about SparkPeople because my husband signed me up back in 2008. I was too overwhelmed back then to try to navigate through the site and I think in the back of my mind, I thought the weight was going to miraculously disappear. In December I decided to check out the site again and saw an ad for "The Spark". I went to Amazon and started to read the introduction. Within those first few pages, I knew that I could start to change my physical well being. I decided to start a streak, 10 minutes of activity a day, goal #1 annndd goal #2, NO Wild-Cherry Pepsi - What?? I was addicted and I knew this was the cause of my esophagus starting to be eaten away (one of the numerous tests I had before the surgery showed the start of this).

To help me reach these small goals I made a calendar that I posted for my whole family to see. I also made a goal of losing 5 pounds in the month of January after seeing the challenge on one of my spark teams. I had no idea how this would help hold me accountable. I looked forward to writing on my calendar each day and after losing 4 pound the first week, I was really excited to write my weight by my goal weight for the week and see the difference.

Well, 10 minutes has turned into 30 or 40, sometimes more depending on the day. Getting up at 5 a.m. instead of 6 a.m. hasn't been as awful as I always thought it would be. An extra pick-me-up, 15 minute, walk during the day is something I look forward to. I've started to run, if you can really call it that, and had no idea that this was something I would ever be able to do. As far as the Pepsi, I am totally fine with the huge glasses of ice water that I consume everyday (although I did steal a sip of my daughters one night and it tasted awful). I have felt so much better and have had far fewer incidences of getting sick. The best part is that when I attempt to do something that I wouldn't have been able to do last summer, I know that I can and I will! I Can't wait to see what the next 100 days bring!!

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JANDLP 4/10/2011 9:13AM

    What a wonderful blog! Best of luck to you on your next goal......


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FITTIFF2B 4/10/2011 1:00AM

    What a great 1st blog. I wish my story was as successful as yours! I related to many things you said. Not realizing you have put on so much wieght, The stomach problems, soda, (My vice was Dr. Pepper). Teaching and feeling sick.
I have been with spark before but I have just recently restarted. I hope my 100 days could be even half as good as yours.
I am starting to exercise 10 minutes at a time. but I am only at about 4 out of 7 days. But it is a start and I gave up soda for lent and I hope to keep that going even after Easter!
Can not wait to hear about your next 100 days. Best of luck to you!

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PVILLAGO 4/9/2011 10:22PM

    Congratulations on your success.. You have done well. I know it sucks to walk around and feel like we have anchors on us.
I continue to amaze myself at the progress I've made this far. I am on day 240 and I have lost over 75lbs and still have 40 left to go. Right now I am struggling with a plateau... but hopefully, this too shall pass. I just bought the DVD Jillian's 30day shred in hopes it will jump start my fat burning metabolism... I go to the gym 3 days a week so you would think there would be no problem... What a wonderful blog you have posted.. Again, congratulations you are doing great...peggy

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