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Someone Noticed!

Friday, August 06, 2010

I worked another extra shift yesterday. It hasn't been too bad lately. One of the techs came up to me whispering, "Can I ask you a question? How much weight have you lost?"
I calmly explained that I don't get on the scale a lot, but my last measurement was 20 pounds. She was excited for me and congratulated me.
That sure made my day. I know I'm thinner since my clothes are baggy. My hubby and kids are great at cheering me on. I love when someone else notices, however. That's not the reason I'm doing this, for others to notice. It's just a nice "pat on the back" when they do. My father-in-law recently asked also, and we know how often they notice things. emoticon

So, today I'm feeling pretty good as I get ready for work. Now, if I can just figure out which baggy clothes to wear...

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ALLISON145 8/9/2010 10:53PM

    Very exciting! I need nicer coworkers - the guys are great, but the girls (the heavy ones anyway) was starting to get catty. Instead of "You look great!" it's "You're clothes are hanging off you, it looks awful." LOL. Oh well.


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DJ4HEALTH 8/6/2010 9:18PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon

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TLROYER 8/6/2010 8:28PM

    That is exciting! Congrats on your 20. It's nice when people start noticing and saying something. It's great you have such a supportive family too. Have a great weekend. Terry

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THEQUEENBEE333 8/6/2010 6:55PM

    AWESOME! That had to be great! Keep up the great work - but I think it could be time for some new clothes...

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JOYFULMOMTO5 8/6/2010 2:21PM

    emoticonNothing like that to put a little more 'spark' in your step! Keep up the great work!! emoticonHope your migraine is gone today!

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MUSICMOMOF2 8/6/2010 1:31PM

    That is awesome!! It is amazing how great it makes you feel when someone other than family notices. Have an awesome Friday!!

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SUZIAND 8/6/2010 12:27PM


That is an excellent feeling!!! I'm so proud of ya!!!

Suz :)

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AMORRISON19 8/6/2010 11:54AM

    Congrats!! That is always a good feeling when someone mentions your progress :) Keep it up, and you'll be needing new clothes soon! emoticon

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STACYSMILES 8/6/2010 11:49AM

    Good for you!! emoticon Keep on Sparking!

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Heat Wave

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

I've looked at the forecast for the coming week, and I am NOT looking forward to the impending heat. I guess it will inspire me to start getting up earlier to get outside for my jogs before the heat sets in. I'll have to do that anyway as the school year starts. I really don't want to push the stroller with my twins while I jog, although that will add some great resistance to the routine.

Today I did C25K week 6 day 2. I did two 11 minute jogs. The humidity slows me down, but there was a nice breeze while I was out. I found out that my friend can't make the 5K on Labor Day, so I won't be signing up for that one. I work the night before, so it would have been difficult to get enough sleep and get to Omaha in time for an 8am start. There are a couple of possible 5K events in October on weekends that I don't work. Much better set-up and more time to train.

Hubby is still healing, but doing great. We've accepted that we probably can't get another camping trip in because of his hernia repair. We may be able to do a few bike rides in the area. Mikey (my 14 y/o), and I pull the twins behind our bikes already, so Brian won't have that stress. I'll have him check in with his doc to see when we can start bicycling again.

Oh well, I'm procrastinating. I have four kids to register for school today and I'm not looking forward to the paperwork or writing the checks. Good news is that I've got all the school shopping done, clothes and supplies!!
emoticon emoticon emoticon

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ALLISON145 8/5/2010 11:18AM

    Oddly enough our school system here had us register at the tail end of last year, so we don't have any extra paperwork... just open house 2 days before school starts. Oh, and a home visit by the teacher for our 3 year old. Fun fun! We don't have supplies yet though, and I'm guessing the 8 year old needs new clothes again...she's growing like a weed!!


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THEQUEENBEE333 8/4/2010 10:27PM

    I registered my kids online today too - so I can relate. Great job on the running. I hate this heat too - I am SOOOO looking forward to the Fall! Have a great rest of the week - its already 1/2 over! Woo hoo.

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MUSICMOMOF2 8/4/2010 4:11PM

    You are doing great on the running! Keep up the great work! And it's great to hear that Brian is healing well. Enjoy the rest of your day!

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STACYSMILES 8/4/2010 2:56PM

    Way to be organized for school! emoticon It's hard to believe that summer is coming to an end, but the heat wave still takes over. Great job on staying focused on the exercise even in the heat!! emoticon emoticon

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  School registration - add one more thing to the "not looking forward to that someday" list emoticon emoticon

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TLROYER 8/4/2010 2:06PM

    Wow, you are ahead of the game. We haven't gotten a thing for school yet. We did get them registered yesterday. For some reason, I thought it cost less than last year. That can't be! It looks like we will have a couple good days before the heat and humidity hit again. I'm about sick of this humidity. I went for a bike ride yesterday morning and I noticed that last year I rode 200 miles and so far this year, I've only ridden about 55. I was hoping to get in a bunch of riding this fall. I sure hope it cools down soon. Have a good day. Terry

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Back On Track

Monday, August 02, 2010

Well, I definitely need to get back on track with my food. July seems to have been a bad month for motivation for me to eat properly. With the Fourth of July and three birthdays, I found it necessary to eat the food I baked. Then I felt physically and emotionally weak. I also have a laid up hubby right now. He had a hernia above his belly button and it got repaired Tuesday last week. He's doing well, but really shouldn't lift anything or strain himself for a few weeks. I've also been running around getting ready for the school year, so maybe I should cut myself some slack. It has been pretty busy around here lately, even without swim team.

Although my eating hasn't been great, it hasn't been completely horrible either. I've just had more bad days than I really want. I have kept up with my exercise, at least three times a week with C25k and I've restarted lifting weights. I skipped a whole week the beginning of July. I'm thinking of rearranging my weight workouts. I'm pretty bored with what I'm doing. C25K is going great! I finished week 5 last week with a 22 minute jog on day 3. I've decided to try to follow the schedule "as is" with C25k instead of taking two weeks for each week. I've got endurance and walk to finish my 3 miles and extra every day I work out. I jog slowly for the long stretches, and need to extend my jogging times to get up to a full 2 miles of jogging first, then three. I may even sign up for a 5K on Labor Day. I'm still waiting to hear back from a friend who suggested it. I probably wouldn't jog the whole way, but we'll see. I still have four weeks to prepare.

Just thought I'd check in. Keep Sparking everyone!

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STACYSMILES 8/2/2010 1:10PM

    It seems that the days just fly by. I'm not sure where the summer has gone. Keep your head up and keep exercising!! Today is a new day, MAKE THINGS HAPPEN!! emoticon Take care of your husband and soon the kids will be back to school with a new schedule for you. emoticon

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AKELAZ 8/2/2010 12:56PM

    Sorry to hear about your hubbie but glad he's on the mend. You seem to have found some positive points about July - good for you. Hang in there and make August a better month emoticon

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MUSICMOMOF2 8/2/2010 12:36PM

    Glad to hear your hubby's doing well. I think we all lost some motivation in July. I was the same with the 4th, my birthday and anniversary, it made for a lot of over-indulging. Gladly I basically maintained my weight though. That's one thing - even when my eating isn't the best, I'm still working out every day! Here's to a great new month!!

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Week 5, Day 2, C2-5K, WooHoo!

Monday, July 26, 2010

I love my neighborhood
Where I walk and run.
Interesting people and sites
To make every day fun.

Teen girls run by
Prepping for the school year.
Truck and cars, big and small,
Whiz by, a little too near.

Older ladies, paired off
For their morning walk.
Getting in shape and catching up
With each other as they talk.

Trying to get rid of "spare tires,"
Middle-aged dads with ipods.
Moms with strollers walk by.
I give them a wave and a nod.

A ninety-year-old, with his walker
Is on the go.
I pass by carefully, wave,
And say, "Hello.

There are butterfies, dragonflies,
Many birds, a rooster crowing.
A hill with dozens of horses,
Lots to see as I'm going.

Lots of turns, lots of hills,
Beautiful views to see.
Living in the Loess Hills,
I am so lucky.

Small houses, large new ones,
Flowers and pristine yards.
As I near the end, I think,
"This isn't too hard."

My small town neighbors
All trying to make their mark.
I'm right along with them
Trying to spread the Spark.

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MUSICMOMOF2 7/26/2010 8:50PM

    Love it! Thanks for sharing!

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STACYSMILES 7/26/2010 2:39PM

    How wonderful! Makes me miss the small town life. emoticon

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TLROYER 7/26/2010 2:28PM

    You are talented! Love your poem. It so wonderfully expresses small town life. Terry

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10,000 Spark Points! WooHoo!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I gathered my kids around me today as I was about to answer a poll question. My points were at 9,999. We all let out a big "WooHoo" as we saw my number go over the 10,000 mark. It's been almost six months since I joined Spark People and what a difference it has made in my life. I still have ups and downs with working out and eating. Everyone does. The biggest difference is that I am not alone in this quest. Spark friends and motivators have helped me pick myself up and keep at it when I've been down and frustrated. Being a healthcare worker I've read time and again how weight loss programs with support groups are the only ones that have long term success. Spark People provides all of that and more!

So here's an update on me since I started Spark People:

I've gone from 200 lbs down to 179.4 lbs. My 2x clothes are fitting pretty loosely and my 1xs are fitting again. My waist has gone down 2 inches, my hips 2.5 inches, and my thighs 1.5 inches. I usually work out 3-5 times a week with cardio, stretching and weights. I used to skip stretching a lot, but now am pretty routine about it. I've moved up from walking, which didn't seem to get my heartrate up anymore, to jogging/walking intervals with "Couch to 5k". I never would have tried that without Spark People. I'm up to week 5 now, and jogged a 7 minute stretch today! The weights I use are heavier too. We have a weight machine and some free weights. I've improved my machine chest press from 25 lbs, to 35 lbs. Free weight bicep curls from 5 lbs to 12.5 lbs each hand. I do a lot of different weight exercises thanks to Spark People's exercise demos. I've even exercised at work a few times in 10-15 minute busts, another Spark People suggestion.

So, Thank You!! Thank you Spark People for providing the tools for my success! Thank you Spark Friends for keeping me motivated and cheering me on!!! Thank you Hubby and Kids for helping me through all this so I can be a healthier wife and mother!!!

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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ALLISON145 7/23/2010 4:12PM

    So proud of you!!!



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THEQUEENBEE333 7/22/2010 8:51AM

    WOO HOO. You inspire me! Keep up the great work - you are doing it! Have a great Thursday!

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TLROYER 7/21/2010 5:08PM

    Congrats! You are doing great! Keep up the good work. Terry

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TUBLADY 7/21/2010 3:00PM

    Awesome result, way to go. All those points means you have been a avid Spark member.
I will never get to 10,000 points, I am always using them to give Goodies. Which I love to do. emoticon emoticon emoticon

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STACYSMILES 7/21/2010 2:46PM

    That's Fantastic!! Great Measurements!! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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TMCK-40 7/21/2010 2:39PM

  You did it! I love the fact that you gathered your kids around.....after all, they are such a huge part of success in our lives. Thank you for sharing and keep it up! You deserve it.

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SHERICAN 7/21/2010 1:34PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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MUSICMOMOF2 7/21/2010 1:31PM

    Keep up the great work!! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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KOOCH4 7/21/2010 1:19PM


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JENNC34 7/21/2010 1:18PM

    emoticon emoticon

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ROSE5328 7/21/2010 1:08PM

    emoticon emoticon

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