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Halfway there!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

I did it! I made the halfway mark!

Most people start their body image adjustments (formerly known as ďdietsĒ) in January. I had to delay mine a month after being diagnosed with mono on Jan. 5 and then taking virtually all of January to recover. No working out, not eating properly (it was mostly soup and small things that ended up being very high in sodium).

When February got here I made a commitment: I was going to drop two sizes by my sonís graduation party on May 15. And because Iím a big believer in taking big goals and chopping them up into bite-size pieces, I set a smaller half-way goal of dropping one size by St. Patrickís Day.

Today was the day. St. Patrickís Day. I found my one-size-smaller denim capris (when I was in college St. Patrickís Day was when my roommates and I traditionally broke out the shorts but Iím a little older and a little wiser now, so itís capris) and oh-so-hesitantly pulled them on.

I put one hand on the button, the other on the button hole and moved to bring them together.


What a great feeling this is, seeing the results in a more physical way. Iíve seen some small changes on the scale, and a few of my shirts have started to fit a lot better, but the jeans Ė oh, the jeans!

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MOLLYR618 3/18/2010 8:46AM

  Thanks! This is my "short-term" goal - the overall goal is 50 pounds by January. But still, knowing I hit the halfway mark to the short-term goal by the time I wanted to is wonderful! :)

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REDHEAD582 3/18/2010 8:37AM

    Way to go! Smaller size and not tight fitting clothes feels great!

Keep it up, you can do it! emoticon emoticon

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What's in that package?

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

(Celebrate the little victories moment: Iíve lost 2.6 pounds! Woohoo!)

One of my favorite sayings this past year has been ďItís just packaging. Whatís inside hasnít changed.Ē

Usually when Iím saying that, though, Iím talking about my dating woes and the fact that most men enjoy talking with me on the phone, but when they discover that Iím not a Barbie they back off.

The phrase is starting to take on new meaning for me now, though. Now ďpackagingĒ is about presentation. Iíve lost just under three pounds and while itís not much, itís still a loss. I walk a little taller, I feel a little thinner.

And thatís where it shows.

When weíre not happy with how we look we tend to slouch, even if just a bit, and actually make ourselves look bigger. Each little victory Ė each pound lost, each inch dropped Ė makes us stand just a little taller and when we do that, we look just a little thinner.

My daughter told me the other day I looked like I was losing weight, that she could really tell Iíd been working at it. Suddenly I found myself walking a little taller yet.

It really is all in the packaging. How will you package yourself?

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KO1215 2/24/2010 3:59PM


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Mind over matter

Friday, February 19, 2010

Iím no longer on a diet.

I donít want to use the word ďdiet,Ē I wonít think of myself as being on a diet and I donít want anyone to ask how my diet is going.

This is a mindset Ė not a diet.

As a two-time former smoker ó I quit once when I met my now ex-husband, and again three years ago when I broke up with a smoking ex-boyfriend ó I can tell you how difficult it is to change a habit if your mind isnít set. Both times I quit smoking it came only after my mind told me I didnít want to do this anymore. The first time I was 20 years old and bartending one summer between semesters; the second time I was 39 and was just driving around Cedar Rapids.

Both times I had an epiphany: I donít want to do this anymore.

This is the same thing. Iíve been fighting my weight for years, since I was in college. Did you catch that? Iíve been fighting my weight Ė and thatís why I havenít been winning. This isnít a fight, itís not a struggle. Itís a matter of changing my mind, setting my sights on something new.

Does that mean that all I have to do is change my mind, decide I donít want to be heavy and poof! Iím going to lose weight? Of course not. But one thing Iíve discovered in the last three weeks Ė since I changed my mind and decided I didnít want to be heavy any longer Ė is that when I take the negativity out of the effort, it not only becomes easier, it becomes fun.

I enjoy trying new leaner recipes, working out and finding new ways to get fit. Itís a challenge, but itís no longer a fight.

So Iím not on a diet. Iím just making myself two sizes smaller so I can look good in any pictures that are taken at my sonís graduation.

Whoís with me?

Oh Ė and feel free to ask how the challenge is going.


Time for a change

Monday, February 15, 2010

Itís been said that the definition of insanity is always doing the same thing in the same way and expecting different results.

Thatís why, for many of us, dieting drives us crazy. We keep doing the same thing exactly the same way Ė then scratch our heads when it doesnít work.


This time around is different: Iím doing different things, doing some things in a different way and actually AM seeing different results.

The first step was to embrace the little victories. You donít win the race just by showing up Ė you move closer and closer to the finish line, passing each obstacle with a smile and determination.

Weight loss is the same way: each pound or inch lost is a pound or inch closer to my goal. I used to keep my eyes focused on the bigger prize, the number at the end of the tunnel, without paying attention to the smaller numbers that lined the tunnel walls. Now I smile with each number I pass.

Iím also working at eliminating the word ďdietĒ from my vocabulary. Yes, my immediate goal here is to lose weight, but the ultimate goal is to keep it off and stay healthy. I think many of us set goals for our ďdietsĒ and when we reach them we stop, breathe a little and then begin to celebrate our victory, not paying attention to the fact that this little backslide and that little backslide could soon have us back at the starting gate.

For me, the key is changing things a little at a time. I know what some of my triggers are, but I also know that hitting them all at once would be catastrophic. The big ones Ė portions, fiber, protein, calories Ė all came at the same time but the little ones need to be addressed at different intervals.

This week my change takes place at the coffee pot: Iíve learned that if I make a full pot of coffee in the morning, I will drink a full pot of coffee in the morning Ė with creamer. So this week Iím making a half-pot of coffee. Today was Day One and there was actually a little bit of coffee left in the pot when I left this morning (although not a whole heck of a lot!).

Other changes have been increased walking, cutting out breads and standing when I donít need to be sitting.

What are some of the little victories youíve celebrated lately?


Losing it

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Weight loss is really a Rubik's cube:


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