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still here

Monday, August 18, 2008

going to the gym right now even though i absolutely don't feel like it and i haven't been in at least a week. i am afraid the owner of the gym is going to corner me and ask me where i've been. i am hungry and tired from a long day. i know i'll feel better after i go but i feel like such a baby sometimes i just want to go to bed instead of putting in my time at the gym.


donated the first of my old 'fat clothes'

Sunday, June 22, 2008

took a huge bag of clothes to the donation bin today: size 18 jeans that were sagging, too-wide sweaters that were out of season but also just looked frumpy on me now, some dress shirts that were too wide and short, and some huge sweatpants that were always too big for me.

i think that purging these things helps you to know that you really are a smaller size now.

i put the clothes aside for a few weeks to see if i could live without them before giving them away.

it felt really good to do this today.

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IRNWKRSWIFE 6/22/2008 8:41PM

  emoticon Feels great don't it!!!! I remember the first time i dug into the back of my closet and pulled out a pair of jeans i had not wore in a while, putting them on and laughing cause they fell back down, it feels great!

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new routine

Sunday, June 22, 2008

I have pretty consistently been working out on the treadmill for an hour when I go to the gym. I usually go 3 miles and burn 500 calories. I am very proud of myself, and excited that I am comfortable doing this on my own.

I need to now make sure I am getting to the gym more than twice a week. I think that will really help me to see more changes in my body.

However, I am still very proud even if I only get there once or twice a week.

I am hoping things are going to calm down a bit at work and so I will be able to focus more on myself for the rest of the summer.

Omega 3's have really be awesome. They have helped with anxiety, mood stability, and my hair and skin. I take them three times a day, and they are a combination of Omega 3, 6, and 9. I also take a multivitamin that I like to get from Trader Joe's. The fact that its chewable helps me to be consistent in taking it. I also like that this vitamin does not upset my stomach.


back from ireland: new goals

Saturday, June 07, 2008

So, I lost twenty pounds before we left for Ireland and I'm so glad I met that goal. Now I'm trying to decide what my next goal should be. I have my birthday in August. Maybe I should shoot for another fifteen pounds by then. I have all of June and July, which would be about two pounds a week. Things are a little stressful lately, but I am going to try by getting myself to the gym, drinking all my water, and making my lunches with lots of fruits and veggies.

I am so glad that I have been going to the gym, because when I was in Ireland I was able to bike faster and longer than two other people in the group, including high hills and long stretches of hard work. I was so proud of myself. I would love to continue with more biking exercise in the future. I discussed buying myself a bike for my birthday with Rory, and he said he'd get me one on his trip to Singapore ;) (he was just kidding). I would also like to get a new pair of Sauconys, because mine are wearing out a bit and I love them so so so much. The toes are wearing through and the heel cup has seen much better days. These will be easier to plan for after I finish paying off my credit card (a joint promise I made to myself this year was to pay off the credit cards, and my car, and lose weight at the same time so that when all is said and done, I am in a happier place). I'll be financially free in September, and hopefully about forty pounds lighter than when i started!!

Bought myself some new Omega supplements (3, 6, and 9 in a mix of about 1000 mg). This is supposed to help with bipolar mood stabilization, and also is good for your heart, skin, and hair. I noticed that my multivitamin from Trader Joe's is really helping my nails to grow stronger, despite the fact that I still play guitar without a pick. I just hope I can keep up taking the pills three times a day. I know they will help me, but only if I take them!!


I'm in the twenties.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

229 baby. I am so happy. Keep going.

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BLESSEDWIT4 5/26/2008 11:11PM

    Good for you! Celebrate each decade!

From a fellow Tall ladies member! :)

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