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H.O.W. Food Plan

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Finding this idea interesting. I think I might meet with my doctor and talk about a diet plan before considering this kind of an option for myself.

The H.O.W. Food Plan
Honesty ~ Openness ~ Willingness

Taken from:

Menu outline used for the first 30 days.


1 protein
1 fruit
1 tsp. butter, margarine or oil


1 protein
1 vegetable
3 pieces of raw vegetables or 1 cup of salad/vegetable
1 tsp. butter, margarine or oil


1 protein
1 vegetable
2 cups salad
2 Tablespoons of salad dressing
1 tsp. butter, margarine or oil

Menu outline for continued weight loss after first 30 days.


1 protein
1 grain (optional)
1 fruit
1 tsp. butter, margarine or oil


1 protein
1 vegetable
1 cup of salad/vegetable
1 grain (only if not eaten at breakfast)
1 tsp. butter, margarine or oil


1 protein
2 cups salad or 1 cup salad and
1 cup cooked vegetable
2 Tablespoons of salad dressing
1 grain
1 tsp. butter, margarine or oil



4 oz. tempeh, beef, pork, lamb, poultry, fish, veal, hot dogs, cold cuts, ricotta cheese,
2 eggs, 4 slices bacon, 16 oz. skim milk, 16 oz. buttermilk, 8 oz. yogurt, 8 oz. tofu,
2 oz. cheese, 4 oz. cottage cheese, 1 c. legumes


1 tsp. butter, 1 T. cream, 1 T. sour cream, 1 T. mayonnaise, 1 T. oil, 2 T. salad dressing

1 Cup Veggies

alfalfa sprouts, artichokes, asparagus, bean sprouts, bok choy, broccoli, bamboo shoots,
brussel sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, celery, chard, cucumbers, eggplant, greens,
dill pickle, lettuce, kohlrabi, mushrooms, okra, pea pods, parsley, peppers, radishes,
red or green chilies, sauerkraut, spinach, string beans, summer, crook neck or spaghetti
squash, tomatoes, turnips, zucchini

1/2 Cup Veggies

beets, carrots, onions, pumpkin, rutabaga, Jerusalem artichoke, water chestnuts,
winter squash, jicama, leeks, parsnips


1 apple, 3 apricots, 1/2 c. black & blueberries, 1 c. boysenberries, 1/2 cantaloupe,
1 c. casaba, cranshaw or honeydew melons, 2 figs, 3/4 c. cherries, 1 c. gooseberries,
1/2 grapefruit, 1 guava, 2 kiwi, 2 lemons or limes, 1/2 mango, 1 nectarine, 1 orange,
1 c. papaya, 1 peach, 1 pear, 1/2 c. canned or 1/8 whole pineapple, 2 plums,
1/2 c. raspberries, 1 c. rhubarb, 1 c. strawberries, 2 tangerines, 1/2 c. unsweetened juice,
1 c. watermelon

Whole Grains

1 oz. bread, 1 oz. dry cereal, 2 rye crackers ( 3 1/2 x 2), 1/2 c. cooked cereal, cooked pasta,
brown rice, kasha, millet, barley, bulgar

(Unbleached flour, wheat flour or enriched flour means it is not whole grain. All grain choices must have sugar, honey, etc. and white or enriched flour listed 5th or lower on the ingredient list. Rye bread is a good choice.)


all spices, onion soup mix, 1/2 c. tomatoe sauce, 1/2 c. sugar free jello, soy & worcestershire sauce, salsa, 1/2 c. defatted broth.

Links to helpful sites:

The Home Recovery Group - H.O.W.--Click here for home page.

Suggestions for Implementing H.O.W.

See your doctor. Have him completely review this program of eating. Follow all of his suggestions concerning this plan. Take a multivitamin every day.

All food must be weighed and measured. Use a postal or kitchen scale, a measuring cup and measuring spoons.

Meats may be baked, boiled, roasted, pan-broiled, grilled or oven-broiled. Use a non-stick pan for frying eggs. Salad dressing is only alloted in the evening and must have sugar listed 5th or less on the label.

Food should be written down and committed on a daily basis for at least a month. Successful members continue to write their food down even after they have stopped committing it to a sponsor.

Do not skip meals, and do not combine two meals for example breakfast and lunch (brunch).

Do not weigh yourself (except once a month).

If something listed in this food plan becomes a problem, avoid it. Avoid all individual binge foods.

Sit down for meals. Eat slowly. Never have a second helping.

Food we absolutely avoid are: alcohol, sweets of any kind, nuts, fried foods, sugared soft drinks, cream cheeses, specialty cheeses, honey, anything containing sugar or white flour.

When in doubt, leave it out.

At the end of the first thirty days, continue to call your sponsor while adjusting to grains.

Guidelines for H.O.W. abstainers:

Proteins may be mixed. For example: 8 oz. milk + 1 oz. cheese

In the first 30 days, wheat germ may be used at lunch or dinner, but not a breakfast.

Sugar must be listed 5th or lower on salad dressings and should not be in seasonings or soft drinks. Dextrose, fructose, lactose and sucrose are, in fact, sugar.

Soy flour or sugar should be listed fifth or lower in soy products.

If fresh fruit is not available, used canned or frozen fruit that is packed in water or its own juice. When mixing fruits, be mindful that if the mixture contains a 1/2 cup fruit, then the total mixture must equal 1/2 cup.

Use mayonnaise rather than whipped dressings; diet, sugar-free catsup and regular mustard are acceptable; use tomato sauce for cooking or up to 3 tsp. of lemon juice for food preparation.

Some artificial sweeteners contain large amounts of sugar...beware.

If you want milk in your coffee, subtract 1/2 protein from your morning meal. This will give you 1 cup of milk all day for coffee.

Onion soup mix may be used as a seasoning but not as a soup.

When a 1/2 cup vegetable selection is mixed with a 1 cup vegetable selection, it can be counted as a 1 cup vegetable.

Salad should be measured at all times. A salad can be a combination of any listed vegetables.

Two pieces of chicken or 4 oz. (i.e. thigh & leg) is a portion.

No deep fried or breaded foods.

Up to 3 Tbsp. of bran per day may be used if needed.

Check any recipe with a Sponsor before you eat it. All recipes may not be within food plan quidelines.

No alcoholic beverages.

8 glasses of water are suggested daily.

To create a complete protein when using legumes, combine with grain or animal protein. (example--1/2 cup beans with 1 oz. cheese.)

Abstinence is a commitment to recovery: Of course, to the new person this appears as another diet. But we who have walked this path before you know that this program of eating is unique.

First, you may not modify to suit yourself. Any additions or subractions you make must be with a physicains' advice.

Commit yourself to a black and white abstinence so you may deal with the grey areas of living.


OA Questionaire -- is OA for you?

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

1. Do you eat when you’re not hungry?
2. Do you go on eating binges for no apparent reason?
3. Do you have feelings of guilt and remorse after overeating?
4. Do you give too much time and thought to food?
5. Do you look forward with pleasure and anticipation to the time when you can eat alone?
6. Do you plan these secret binges ahead of time?
7. Do you eat sensibly before others and make up for it alone?
8. Is your weight affecting the way you live your life?
9. Have you tried to diet for a week (or longer), only to fall short of your goal?
10. Do you resent others telling you to “use a little willpower” to stop overeating?
11. Despite evidence to the contrary, have you continued to assert that you can diet “on your own” whenever you wish?
12. Do you crave to eat at a definite time, day or night, other than mealtime?
13. Do you eat to escape from worries or trouble?
14. Have you ever been treated for obesity or a food-related condition?
15. Does your eating behavior make you or others unhappy?



Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I've received a lot of compliments lately. These are pretty motivating to me in one sense but they can also cause me to sort of relax and stop working so hard. In that way, I think I can be a little self-destructive when things are going well. I feel out of control sometimes when things are going well and I want to keep going. I wonder where that fear comes from. Why am I so afraid of succeeding at weight loss?


tips tips and more tips

Monday, August 02, 2010

Drink lots and lots and lots of water.
Minimize the caffeine you drink – it’s a quick fix that ultimately drains you .
Explore an array of vegetables and find out what you love.
Eat organic - it’s higher quality and more nutritious
Take rest before you reach the point of crashing
Move your body in ways you enjoy
Continually diversify the foods you eat
Learn to listen to and understand your body’s signals
Get a really good health coach
Find a creative outlet that inspires you
Eat plenty of green vegetables
Get really clear on what you’d like your health to look like.
Hang out with friends that energize you
Get out of the office at a decent hour
Eat a proportion of your food raw
Undertake the journey to lasting weight loss with a friend
Drink smoothies instead of sodas
Get out in the sunshine and fresh air during the day
Walk or bike to work
Take as much vacation as you can
Play with children or at least the child within
Quit the gym if you hate it and find other ways of exercising
Focus on what you want - this creates an entirely different future
Drop friends that drain you
Eat plenty of root vegetables
Upgrade your chocolate to dark and organic
Improve your communication skills to conserve energy
Use technology to automate as much of our life as possible (bill paying etc)
Get a personal assistant to help decrease your workload and chores
Ask your friends to write a few paragraphs about what they appreciate about you
Ditch artificial sweeteners
Raise your voice – or lower it
Reflect upon and write a list of what you really desire in life and go for it
Eat whole grains
Cook some of your own food
Practice yoga
Learn how to have healthy boundaries
Immerse yourself in like-minded community
Avoid or reduce white flour
Meditate frequently
Make friends with your kitchen and fridge
Experiment with eating less meat
Explore Indian spices
Believe in yourself – become very clear what your strengths are
Write a journal tracking what energizes you and drains you
Eat more beans and legumes
Eat seasonally
Allow yourself downtime to recharge and do nothing
Take hot baths
Cultivate self-love
Spend time in nature
Wind down effectively at night in order to get a good night’s sleep
Eat regularly – don’t skip meals
Reduce your dairy intake
Upgrade the quality of your food across the board
Throw out any hydrogenated oils in your pantry
Grow fresh herbs in your window and add them to your food
Drink herbal teas
Allow yourself enough time to sleep
Observe your breath and strive to breathe deeply
Maintain a high level of oral hygiene, especially include flossing
Get and give massage or bodywork
Be bad once in a while
Eat a wholesome breakfast
Eat slowly and chew well
Eat even more vegetables
Consider getting your groceries delivered
Avoid MSG and other food additives
Take responsibility for your own happiness
Eat lightly in the evening
Enjoy soups frequently – learn how easy it is to make your own
Do a cleanse once or twice a year
Write gratitude lists periodically
Eat a range of seaweeds
Skip the elevator, take the stairs.
Explore your sexuality
Use extra virgin olive oil, sesame oil, coconut oil, flax seed oil and organic butter
Take a walk after dinner
Don’t take all the fat out of your diet
Love your body however it is
Drink freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices
Incorporate sprouts into your salads
Reduce white sugar by adding in less refined natural sweeteners
Know your body’s needs for rest
Eat a variety of different colored fruits and vegetables daily
Create a good support network
Include a variety of flavors in your diet not forgetting bitter, astringent and pungent tastes
Set aside one night a week all for yourself
Foster a sense of humor – laugh a lot
Experiment with green superfoods like spirulina and wheat grass
Discard your table salt and go for high quality sea salt
Learn to cook quick, easy and delicious meals
Sing or hum to yourself on the street
Face your fears – where there is fear there is energy and power
Eat fat dissolving vegetables daily
Eat your main meal at lunch time
Go out dancing without drugs or alcohol and/or take dance classes
Have openness, curiosity and endless appreciation for all life
Make pleasure a priority in your life
Most of all cultivate a positive attitude and an inspired environment around you and enjoy the process of becoming healthier every step of the way

Downloaded from Jena Wellness Center.


Getting Sick

Monday, May 03, 2010

Trying to remember the time in college and afterward when I was more active: I got sick less often.


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