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Wednesday was better

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

By a little bit, anyway.

A conference call ran into the lunch hour, so I missed running and even a gym visit. I did get a half hour of walking in, so the 10K steps weren't an issue.

I held myself to the planned 3 pieces of free pizza. At the crucial moment of temptation, I broke out the bag of almonds I had brought with me. It was enough.

I'm missing my bedtime goal today, so I'll take an extra couple minutes and post this blog. Now I *have* to get a run in tomorrow. If it doesn't fit in at lunch, at least I have the evening.

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HEALTHIERKEN 1/19/2012 11:58AM

    Way go facing down that pizza! Yay! for almonds : )

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KRISZTA11 1/19/2012 11:54AM

    Well done!
The mental image of you breaking out the bag of almonds made my day : )

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BOBCATGIRL76 1/19/2012 10:21AM

    Pizza is a huge weakness of mine! Congrats on your will power. I haven't allowed myself to be faced with that challenge because I'm too afraid I'd eat the whole pizza like I used to.

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RG_DFW 1/19/2012 9:46AM

    Way to show restraint in the face of beckoning pizza pie! It used to be one of my weaknesses but I don't believe I've had any for at least three months or so.

Good luck with the run today.

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ONEKIDSMOM 1/19/2012 7:26AM

    emoticon Good for you on the food success. And good luck with the schedule for a run Thursday!

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Tough Day

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Yesterday I overate. I was not only over my current calorie limit, I was over my calorie limit from when I was running 5 days a week. Yes, I succumbed to the evil free pizza in the evening.

The plan today was to eat to the low end of the calorie range. I ended up kind of in the middle. Exercise was slight, just a 20 minute walk. Work featured a 6 hour meeting. I didn't have to be there for all six hours, but it was politic to put in an appearance for the lunch. The lunch wasn't bad, though it would have been better if I'd left the Doritos alone; but being there meant not enough of a break at lunch for a gym visit or even a proper walk.

Then this evening I had bell choir, so I spent the reasonably good running weather inside. A few minutes ago I paced up and down my hall to get my pedometer to turn over 10K steps for the day; this is as late in the day as I've got the 10K steps in months.

This is kind of fascinating, in a morbid detached observer sort of way. I see how I gained weight in the past: Work or something about my life shifted, and I ate more while simultaneously exercising less. Is this time different? It's too early to tell. The major difference so far is that I'm recognizing it in real time from the behavior, instead of realizing later that I'm 5 or 10 pounds heavier.

Tomorrow will be another evening of free pizza. I'll have to think about how to play mind games so as not to overdo it. The good news is, tomorrow will be the last evening of free pizza this tax season. If I'm lucky, I'll get to the gym tomorrow at lunch; if I'm extremely lucky, we won't have so much snow between now and then that I can't run on my lunch tomorrow.

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HEALTHIER_K 1/18/2012 7:45AM

    That's great that you can realize this early and make changes now! What if you bring a huge thermos of water tomorrow night and keep on chugging that after you eat your pre-planned number of slices? That might work.

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KRISZTA11 1/18/2012 7:34AM

    Your attitude and attention makes the difference this time!

In theory our body should recognize how much we exercise and decrease hunger and desire to eat.
But in practice it doesn't work...
I tend to eat well when I exercise regularly, and tend to overeat when I don't exercise and I have all the day : (
Maybe body needs pleasure, and if it does not get it from exercise, it tries to supplement with food?
Or it is just inertia of old bad habits creeping back?
I don't know but it is really annoying.

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FROGGGY13 1/18/2012 12:44AM

    I made the same realization as you. The truth is, our modern lifestyle simply is not conducive to activity and leanness. Eating the way I do now, I avoid our work dining hall except when I have an appointment with someone, so miss out on some of the social interactions. Overtime frequently eats into my exercise time, so I feel rushed in the evening. I have been making good eating and activity a priority, but I can absolutely see how life, and work especially, will continue to try to encroach on those.
I hope you feel better today! One way does not make a difference, as long as you don't make it a trend.

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MSLZZY 1/17/2012 9:34PM

    I think the key word that would trigger
my appetite is,"free". Hate to say this, but
there is nothing free about it if it is such a
temptation. What also hurts is the lack
of enough activity. Do the best you can.

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ONEKIDSMOM 1/17/2012 9:28PM

    Maybe it's the "feed a cold" talking, but pizza sounds awfully good to me right now. Germaine to NOTHING in your blog entry.

However, I have observed the same behavior in myself... less active, if I'm not being really conscious about it, I will tend to eat more.

Thus the tracking. For the rest of my life. Even when I overdo.

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Holiday gym visit

Monday, January 16, 2012

Today is a non-running day, and also a company holiday. It was a good day to get to the gym to lift weights, for the first time since October. While it's true that I've been concentrating on running to the point that I haven't been to the weight room in three months, it's not all bad. I have been doing Turkish Get-up/Windmill combos and Kettlebell snatches every morning with a 45 lb. (20 kilo) kettlebell. That gives a little bit of work to a lot of different muscles.

I can't expect to lift like I did when I was a regular, and I have that bothersome thigh to be concerned with. I did my squats at a significantly lower weight than I had been using, and concentrated on form. Squats with good form didn't bother the thigh. :) Once past the squats, the rest of the lifts went pretty routinely.

I was pleased that I managed 3 partial pullups with neutral hand grip - start at the top, go halfway down, pull back up. I've never managed 3 of these before. Of course, I still can't pull up from fully extended; but it's progress.

The other spot of progress was on renegade rows. I cautiously went with 20 lb. dumbbells, and completed 3 sets of 10. The progress part is that even though I could tell my arms were fatigued, I wasn't breathing hard or dripping with sweat. That's a cardio benefit from the running.

Since I wasn't wiped out by the strength training, I decided to try out an elliptical machine. This is the first time I've used one for more than two test paces. I set the timer for 30 minutes, but bailed out after 15. One reason I bailed is that the elliptical, like the treadmill and the exercycle, is incredibly boring. The other reason is that the motion isn't like walking or running. It's more similar to a stair step machine than anything else I've done. I became concerned that 30 minutes the first time might give me more soreness than I want tomorrow in muscles I'm not used to using that way.

The interesting thing is, after doing the elliptical my thigh felt totally normal walking. That lasted until I got out into the cold wind, but I already knew about cold and the thigh.

The bummer of today's trip is that I looked around at the sidewalks near the gym. They generally were not cleared before foot traffic compacted the snow, and now there's a lot of ice. It looks like I won't be running on my lunch hour until this stuff melts. That probably means no lunch hour run tomorrow, and maybe not on Wednesday. Bummer.

Oh, well. If I can't run tomorrow, maybe I'll do some elliptical work at lunch. I'm paying for that gym, so I may as well get some benefit from it.

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CEHALLA 1/16/2012 11:11PM

    I really like the elliptical, I usually use level 12, which is definately more like a stepper machine. But it gives me variety, since I'm not currently training for anything. So somedays I run on the treadmill flat, sometimes walk briskly with hills, sometimes run/walk outside on the flat or small hills near my house.
I keep thinking about signing up for another 5K, but procrastinate that it won't work with my work schedule. You are certainly setting a good example for me!

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WATERMELLEN 1/16/2012 6:18PM

    I read in my morning paper that lower back injury in runners is related to lack of glutes strength training . . . news to me.


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ONEKIDSMOM 1/16/2012 6:01PM

    Depending on the brand of elliptical you're using at your gym, you may be able to adjust it so that it is more like running on flat than stair stepping... a lot of that is incline. The Precor adjustable ones I use at my gym give you a readout of which muscles you're working at each incline.

You'll find some way to keep active, elliptical and getting your money's worth works when you don't like the footing.

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RG_DFW 1/16/2012 4:52PM


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Sunday run and small adjustments

Sunday, January 15, 2012

In the heat of the afternoon today it was 17 F (-8 C) and sunny, with winds at 8 mph from the NNW. I considered making today a non-running day, since I have tomorrow off as a holiday and it's supposed to be warmer; but that would disrupt the weekday running schedule. Also, without a run it's hard to get my 10K steps in on a Sunday.

So on my way home from church, I took a detour to look at the shoulders around the section to the west of my house. They were partly clear, and it looked like I could run with my usual running shoes. I dressed as I had yesterday for a run at a similar temperature, other than the shoes.

I had planned out a potential 9 mile running route for a long run, with several opportunities to cut the run short if it turned out I wasn't up to running that far today. I ended up taking the first such opportunity, sigh.

The run started well. After about a half mile, the thigh wasn't noticeable. I was able to run normally for the most part, pulling my face cover over my nose for a few breaths once when headed into the wind. There was more traffic than I'd hoped for on a Sunday afternoon, but not so much as to force me onto the packed snow for very much of the route.

At 19 minutes and change, I really wanted to slow to a walk. I made myself go to the first mappable point after 20 minutes, and noted the split. That point mapped out to 2.71 miles in 20:13, for a 7:27 pace per mile. Really? And I had to slow down because of cardio?

Walked for 50 seconds, ran for 5 minutes, walked for another 50 seconds, ran 4 minutes, walked 40 seconds starting when traffic forced me onto the packed snow on the shoulder, ran the rest of the route. Total route including walking, 4.64 miles in 35:47 for an average pace of 7:42 per mile including the walking segments. Not bad, give the need to walk; but needing to walk was a surprise.

I don't know whether I'm in worse shape than I was, or 17 is cold enough that I just can't run a seven and a half minute mile for that long, or if I just hit the wrong time of day for my nutrition.

All is not lost. The bothersome thigh is still there, but acting like I can work wiht it. I think I will give up on training for the half marathon and just run as much as feels good. When a long run feels good, I'll do a long run again.

I also found the right way to deal with my toes. I think it was on the Half Marathon team that someone mentioned using Aquaphor. I saw that product in Walmart this week. Active ingredient is white petrolatum, 41%. Heh. I have petroleum jelly, active ingredient white petrolatum, 100%. This cynical cheapskate assumes the other 59% of Aquaphor is marketing. So I put petroleum jelly on the tops of my toes before the run, and they didn't get sore in the places they have before. I think I have a winner there. (An earlier run with petroleum jelly also on the bottom of my forefeet didn't work out as well; I need to limit it to the toes.)

Go to thinking about limiting the running. The past two weeks, I've run about 15 miles per week, with some minor fluctuations. I've also gone from a weight fluctuating between 165 and 166 to fluctuating between 166 and 167. Hmm. The last time I increased my calories, I was running over 20 miles per week. Time to cut the calories back. A pound in two weeks is 3500/14 = 250 calories per day. I'll trim my limits by 200 calories and work with that until I'm running more.

I've mentioned several times that I think I'll need to track calories for life, and the open question is whether I'll recognize a need to cut them in a timely fashion. I think I just recognized the first such need. It's possible that I'm mistaken; but I can always add the calories back if that turns out to be the case.

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KRISZTA11 1/16/2012 1:41PM

    I'm glad you feel better. : )
Your scientific approach is great!

Once I read members of expeditions to the Southern Pole who pulled their provisions themselves on sleighs 8 hours a day in the cold and wind chills needed 8000 calories per day.

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RG_DFW 1/16/2012 9:17AM

    Sounds like a reasonable plan and a good example for others.

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FROGGGY13 1/16/2012 1:36AM

    I like your reasoning above. Glad to hear the thigh is doing better! Also, 17 degrees really is quite cold and I am not surprised your training runs are more exhausting overall.

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ONEKIDSMOM 1/15/2012 9:17PM

    I have discovered more uses for petroleum jelly... works better than lotions for dealing with dry skin, and better than chapstick for the lips. No flavor, and if you read the label, it's a cut/burn treatment!

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Saturday: Disrupted routine and snowy run

Saturday, January 14, 2012

I've read in other folks' blogs that disruptions in routine are tough. Today I found out that this is true for me as well.

I have my Saturday morning routine. Get up early, run, meet daughter at McDonald's at 9, pick up whatever groceries I need, go home for lunch. Today was a disruption in that routine. I wasn't meeting daughter at McD at 9, I was going downtown to help with tax training at 8:30.

I got up early, and didn't even think about running. Cleared the overnight snow from the driveway, got through a morning routine much like a work day, and headed off to tax training.

Tax training comes with free food. On Saturday mornings, that means bagels and donuts. I sampled a bit more than I should. When I got home and made my entries to the food tracker, it turned out to be about 900 calories. Even on 3000 calories per day, 900 calories of bagel and donuts affects the rest of the day.

If I'm going to continue to be able to eat 3000 calories per day, I'd better get my running in consistently. It was hard to get myself moving in that direction, with my Saturday routine disrupted. My natural inclination was to do stuff around the house and play on the internet, which would be the normal Saturday afternoon activities. But I didn't have my normal Saturday morning, so doing that would just barely get my 10K steps in.

What with one thing and another, it was past 3 by the time I hit the road for a run. It was 15 F (-9 C), but that's not a new temperature. The only question was what shoes to wear. I chose to wear the screw shoes and set out to run 5K or so around the neighborhood while checking out the condition of the roads.

There was packed snow and crunchy ice on the shoulders of my street. The roads I run on varied from ice to paced snow to wet pavement to a bit of dry pavement. I could have got by with my normal running shoes and being careful; since I was wearing the screws, I tried to keep to the packed snow to minimize wear on the screws.

I could feel myself running slower due to the surface conditions. At times, it hardly felt like running at all. Few of the sidwalks were totally clear. Some had been cleared yesterday and only had today's snow on them; that was fine. Some had been walked on yesterday and had a path broken; that was fine. Some had the full amount of snow from this storm still; those were tough, and got me to run in the street.

Takeaway: With snow on the ground, my normal sidewalk routes are out. I will need to run in the streets. Probably the shoulders going around the sections to the east or west of home would be best.

I did add one segment of up and down a small hill, partly to see what the hill was like and partly to get off the erratically cleared sidewalk. After adding that segment, I didn't know in real time what distance I was running. I also managed to run most of the route without looking at my watch.

It would have been a very nice run if I'd been 100%. As it was, the cold made my weak thigh ache, and the thigh never warmed up enough to stop bothering me. Got back to my driveway in 29:47. I did my walking cooldown along the shoulders of my street, and I could see my footprints from the start and end of the run.

My stride was shorter than normal, due to the surface conditions. At the end of the run, my stride was uneven, longer when stepping forward onto my right foot than onto my left. That's the bum thigh. Hmm. Have to think about that.

Got inside, and my hat and gloves weren't as sweat-soaked as I would have expected. Maybe it's really cold out there? Then I mapped out the run, to 3.45 miles. That's an average pace of 8:38 per mile. Heh. Part of the lack of sweat would be that I wasn't working very hard. My leg may have bothered me for the whole run, but I certainly didn't stretch the limits of my cardiovascular system.

I lost four screws off the right shoe. Three of them were from the same locations I lost screws last time, and the fourth was the extra screw I added after the first test. I now consider the initial screw shoe effort a failure; replacing screws every time they're used isn't terribly practical. I may try again with a different pair of shoes; I have an idea of doing something a little differently, but I think I need to start fresh to try it out properly.

The weather forecast is calling for a cold overnight, with a high of 20 F (-7 C) tomorrow. That means most of the snow on the roads will still be there tomorrow. I'll have to think about how I want to deal with running in these road conditions, given the situation with the shoes and my thigh.

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RG_DFW 1/15/2012 8:15AM

    I'm amazed at your tenacity but it's no wonder I live in the south :)

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ONEKIDSMOM 1/15/2012 6:30AM

    What a difference in running conditions from our unusual ones here. You would have had a dry run in shorts here, likely yesterday. The sun was warm. We had to seek indoor ice!

Good luck with round 2 of make 'em yourself snow running footwear. emoticon

That's interesting about the effects of the thigh on your stride... Kriszta has a good suggestion there about maybe seeing someone who understands sports injuries about the thigh. Remember goal #1? First, don't get injured.

Today will be my last planned jog with your nephew, as his schedule is about to become quite erratic, terminating in final goodbyes for the rest of the year sometime in March.

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KRISZTA11 1/15/2012 5:17AM

    Sorry about your thigh still hurting!
Maybe you should see a physician who has experience with runner's injuries.
There are so many possible causes.

Uneven snowy surface must be annoying...
No wonder screws couldn't stand it.

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